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The Taming of Amy

“Make sure you are home on time tonight Barry! You know I have my mother coming over for dinner! And for god’s sake put on a better shirt than that old thing! I swear you are such a slob!” Amy said as I was getting dressed

I could not help but think of what a bitch she had become in the last year after I married her. She was bossy, self-centered, and worst of all frigid. I had not had sex in almost two months. She always claimed that she was on her period or that she had camps or some other female problem. Today I was going to have the pleasure of not just her but her bitch mother. Now tha... Continue»
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Mother Catches Son

Mother Catches Son

“Young man!!!… What kind of filthy movie are you watching?!?!?”

“Oh Shit… MOM!!!”

“Oh my God… Why are you naked?.. And what is that in your hand?.. Are those my panties?… WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING WITH MY PANTIES?!?!.. Good God in heaven… Did I hear what I think I just heard?… This movie is pornographic i****t… Those two boys are having sex with their mother… That is disgusting… You sick boy… Is this what turns you on? … Huh?… Is it?… Answer me you little pervert… Is this what turns you on?… Seeing two boys having sex with their mother?.. Is this what you want to... Continue»
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rock out with a rub out , my bro norwich watche

Things can happen when you least expect them. This was very unexpected.
This is a true short story, slightly altered by rose tinted glasses.
It all takes place in Rock City in Nottingham, we ( a big group of friends) had travelled to this great
venue to watch our one of our favourite bands, Megadeath, in the late 90’s. We were all excited and
full of anticipation for the show we were about to watch. We were drinking in the bus and the
atmosphere grew and grew. For most of us this was the first time watching the band and only my
second gig ever, so the whole thing was new. In our excite... Continue»
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After The Christmas Party

Dan had been at the works Christmas Party and we all had quite a bit to drink after the meal.

Having been dancing and that on the dance floor for several hours the evening was getting rather late. It was a good job we all had the day off. My name's Daniel, I'm 22 years old and been working at the office for the past 6 months. The boss was a bit of a slave driver but it all paid off with a party all laid on by him. I'm 5'8, dark haired, blue eyed and average build. We were all suited and booted as we came straight from the office to the party.

As we all started to drift off and say our ... Continue»
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Living in Cockington Christmas party.

So we were sat watching TV when Veronica my wife said to me.
"oh by the way I've signed you up for the Cockington women's Christmas ball"
"what do you mean, you've signed me up?" I asked
"They need someone to play father Christmas that night, and I said you would do it" replied my wife with a smile.
"Oh great lots of c***dren I don't know telling me what they want for Christmas" I sighed
"No there's no c***dren, it's an adult ball, you just pose with any one who wants a photo and hand out a few prizes at the charity raffle" my wife informed me.
Well that didn't seem to bad and as she was... Continue»
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Best wedding aniversary of mine

This is real story from my diary posted after alteration for your clear imagination.
I stepped out from a bus, After a frustruation of work at office. I was returning home by footpath. suddenly my legs stopped at a one point.I rememberd today morning my wife told me to get a cake when I return. she is strange. few days before she told me to get make-up set while returning & today she demands cake. cake-shop is on ahuja street so now I have to go left. I went. there was hardly any person on that street & cars were parked in between footpath & road. I was walking & thinking "she will be in g... Continue»
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Anita used by black bulls

Anita used by black bulls

I came back from a long business trip and my sweet Anita received me at home wearing just high heels and nylon hose. That night we fucked wildly and when we were recovering the breath she told me:

“I arranged a gangbang with two black studs; trusty people, friends of Jerome”.

Ana confessed me she was really horny and she needed more than one black cock to calm down. She said she had arranged everything with the black guys and she would meet them at a not so far motel down the highway.
Of course I was allowed to watch; however I was to remain hidden in the c... Continue»
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Cuckolding Katie (Part 2) The Sequel

The aftermath of a cuckolding vacation.

Life without Katie was not easy for me. As the months after our parting accumulated, my pain didn't diminish. I missed her companionship, her fine intellect and acute sense of humour. While Katie was fiercely independent, we had developed a togetherness that I had taken for granted. Like how we liked to do things together, shopping, the evening walks and the gym work outs together. Even when we were chilling out at home taking in a movie or reading a book, it was nice to have her close by. Those enjoyable days of good times and laughter now s... Continue»
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Anna Too Many 1

-- Too Many For Even Anna! 1--

My attractive daughter-in-law Anna and I were having fairly frank and open discussions about sex, but she refused to become more physically intimate with me. I suggested making out, pleasuring her with toys, bondage, and of course sex .. but she seemed disinterested. This was a disappointment to me, of course; this was one VERY attractive, sexy, exciting woman. She didn't seem offended or insulted at my suggestions, continued to share in conversations with me about sex and pleasure, my sexual experiences and hers as well .. but she seemed to be waiting or h... Continue»
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The Making of a Fuck Toy

Chapter One – The Perfect Storm

Everyone gets to a point in their life when things go out of control. Whether it was random or planned, wanted or feared, the perfect storm had occurred in Cassandra Mumford’s life. Her parents had moved to a warmer climate. The boyfriend she shared an apartment with for the past year, up and left her. The temp job that she had been working for the past 3 months ended up hiring the other temp and let her go.

Now she’s sitting on the couch in her only clean pair of yoga pants and t-shirt, eating ice cream straight out of the carton. It’s not that she was... Continue»
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mother in laws

I had been working out in the gym, trying to get myself into shape. I had a golf tournament coming up, and with all the work I was doing in the gym, and the extra time I spent hitting balls, injury was bound to happen. I was getting ready to play a practice round of golf, and was doing my stretches when it happened.

As I was stretching my legs I felt something in my groin give. It hurt like hell, taking me to my knees as I tried to catch my breath. I knew I was done for the day, but what worried me was missing the tournament. I limped my way back to my car, my golf clubs in tow hoping I co... Continue»
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Dream come true

Sooo once apon a time lol, I was dating a girl for quite some time very attractive girl with a high sexual hunger any mans dream we tried it all and took every opportunity to fiddle with one another by opportunity I mean she was 20 but studying and still in parents house (strict rules) anyways after a year of going to her place and sl**ping over I began to get a sexual lust filled hunger for her mother(40) the more I stayed there the more I saw felt and dreamed about ( ,) my I add she was what we call a crazy full of life cougar;) always flirting around wearing tight yoga pants,witch huged he... Continue»
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Nice to meet you, Veronica.

There I was, in the home one evening of a single-Mother friend named Anita, who was 36 and five years my senior.

Anita had left me in the company of her 19-year old daughter Lanisha for an hour or so to fetch her step-son from a neighbor and take him to see Daddy (Anita and her husband were divorcing.)

Lanisha had a friend over, introduced to me as Veronica. She was a light-skinned African-American, real cute in the face w/ glasses. Short hair in what k**s would call a "Dora the Explorer" trim. 5' 2" w/ a shapely little figure. Shy, but friendly.

Lanisha was taller, more animated tha... Continue»
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Wife's fist gang bang

We arrived there just before 7 (opening time) and waited outside in the car park. The wife was the only female there waiting to get in with already a small group of men also waiting.

The wife was wearing a skin tight black short sleeved dress with high heal shoes and nothing else. Freshly shaved pussy. Her dress barely long enough to cover her naked ass and as she walked would rise up exposing her ass just that little bit showing all.

We heard the doors unlock we went in. The venue has 2 bedroom down stairs with double beds. A outdoor area with social area, smokers area, spar and d... Continue»
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Groped a Stranger and Getting Fucked in the middle

I added more details of what happened, I hope you like it!

Earlier this year, I went to a party with my bf which had a lot of friends and random people. As soon as I arrived I started drinking and socializing and before I knew it, I was d***k. Well one thing about me is when I get d***k, I become incredibly horny, literally dripping wet, and need to get fucked hard. At this point I notice this one guy in the kitchen that looked cute but he had Big muscular arms which are my biggest turn on. Turns out he was a friend from the past of my bf and they were standing in the kitchen talking and c... Continue»
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My wife gives me a surprise...

My wife gives me a surprise...

Tina is my wife of over 20 years and since the k**s have grown and left the nest she has become a lot more sexually alive. Used to be if there was even a moan from either of us she was looking at the door as if expecting the morality police to come busting through at any moment. Now, she is yelling and dressing all sexy and has even been doing a little experimentation with toy. A few weeks ago we even introduced handcuffs into our realm.

So last week on Monday she brought a straight back chair from the kitchen into the be... Continue»
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Sexting: A couple of quickies

This is a quick series of texts I received from my wife TODAY:
Wife: hi babe. How is your day going?
Me: pretty good. Better since I got your text.
Wife: you're so sweet. Hey, Malcolm wants to stop by at lunch time. The class after his lunch period got cancelled.
Me: Mmmm. Remind me about Malcolm?
Wife: classical tall, dark and handsome.
Me: from the bar a couple weeks ago.
Wife: yep. From the bar and our couch and our bed, and our shower....and a quick blow job at the front door before he left!
Me: oh yeah, he's the young black college k** from ______ University.
Wife: yessir. I thin... Continue»
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Shirely's secret. (She loves young BBC!!!)

A few years back while I was still in college studying journalism, I had a classmate named Sarah Niemann who was the managing editor of our media outlet.

Her BFF Alexandra Scoville was my personal f**k toy at the time even though she had a Fat small c**k BF that spoiled her like milk, but their sex life was a dud because he couldn't fuck her right so every time we'd see each other (and I mean literally every time) I'd pound her till she didn't or couldn't take it and send her home to him with her panties soaked full of nut.

At the end of the semester Sarah through a house party of sorts... Continue»
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Married and horny

Hello everybody am back with a new experience or should I say adventure
of mine. The reason I take such a long time is coz I write only true
life incidents but yes even before I go ahead with my new adventure I
would like to thank all those lovely people who sent me mails for my
previous stories.

This is when I was in Bombay for a while staying at my friends
apartment. It was a beautiful apartment and lucky for my friend the
office was paying the rent. My friend used to leave home at about 8 in
the morning to get to work he had to travel for about an hour to get to

... Continue»
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Mini Van Suckfest

I decided to drive to this park that is frequented by bi/gay men looking to hook up to see if I could get a little action the other night. It was 7pm, cold, damp and dark. I pulled into the lower parking lot in a secluded out of the way area hoping to see another parked car. What was there was a black mini-van. The lights were off and I didn't see anyone in the front seat so I figured the dude got out of his car and walked down the path looking for some fun. It was too cold & dark for me to get out of my nice warm SUV so I backed into the parking spot a few down from the mini van. As I... Continue»
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