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Slut: Queen of cheating part 2

Slut: Queen of cheating! Part 2

The time was now 6:30 and even though I’d jerked off all over my wife’s breasts, I was still in a state of constant arousal, watching her dry herself, then rub body lotion into her awesomely sexy body.
The lotion glistening on her soft feminine skin, gleaming with a perfect glossy layer, painting her flesh in the most sexual way. I followed her into the bedroom, where she carefully and seductively chose her outfit to snare her next cock.
She’d chosen a very tight, clinging fake leather waspie with six garter straps attached. To accompany this garment of ero... Continue»
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Now a CockSucker PT3

I walked into the house and saw my wife at the kitchen table checking her small duffel bag. She was wearing a short, tight one-piece green dress that showed off her figure perfectly. I could see the hard nipples on her large breasts through the dress. I could tell she wasn't wearing a bra. As she bent over to check her bag, her tight dress raised up and I could see the bottom of her round, supple bare ass. She wasn't wearing panties either. I smiled.

"The car's warming up, dear," I said.

"Good, it looks like I'm ready to go," she said as she zipped her little bag shut.

As we walked ou... Continue»
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Submissive girl I met outside a bar in Chiswick ar

Sorry its abit long but read this

Here is a what happened to me with a girl that I met at a bar.
I met this girl outside of a bar in Chiswick with her friend and she started to talk to me and asked me and my friend if we wanted to go to a party, my friend said know because he had work in the morning, so I said yes and her friend said no, I a some money and wanted to get d***k so I thought fuck it why not, as we got into a cab she said to me that no matter what nothing is going to happen between us tonight so I thought fuck it,

ok there are bound to be more girls at this party, ... Continue»
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Slut: Queen of cheating! Part 1

Slut: Queen of cheating!

My wife is the epitome of a slut and it’s something I’m very happy to comply with. If you look up the word in the dictionary, you will find a picture of her, d****d in the most outrageous lingerie, in all of her slut glory.
An avid exhibitionist who lives to tease, has found her life’s vocation.
She’s been working as a Stripper at a local strip joint, for about six months now. She currently does five spots a night, which guarantees her dozens of lap dances, where she performs her sexual magic, teasing and tormenting the guys with her exceptional body and sensual... Continue»
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Kay's Surprise

Kay lay down in the bed, only a satin babydoll to cover her body and spread her legs as she blindfolded herself and put her hands to her side. Her cousin mentioned he'd have a surprise for her but that she'd have to be good and obey his instructions. Kay, having been recently fucked and hungry for more sex, would have said yes to anything that came out of his lips. He said that they'd go without sex for a few days, but her reward would be certainly worth it. Those few days were torture for Kay as she wanted very desperately to touch herself and give herself the pleasure she needed, but sh... Continue»
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Good times

Originally written by Blondey95, reposted here with her permission.

This is my first post so I'm not really sure where to start. I think I'll start from when we got to my bedroom, having been fooling around on the sofa (much to my flatmates disgust :P)

As I close the door behind us and turn around he picks me up. I wrap my legs around him as he kisses me softly and gradually works his way down my neck. He lowers me onto the bed and I pull him closer with my legs. I can feel him so close to me, just a few layers of fabric between us. We push closer together as our lips and tongues slide acro... Continue»
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My first teaching job was in a council estate school in London
The girls all wore short mini skirts or tight little shorts
The boys mainly jeans
My first class was a class of 16 to 17 year old's
The girls sat upfront and the boys at the back
When I sat at my desk I could see up all the girls skirts
The array of skimpy panty's were a joy to see The little sluts used to finger their cunts though their panty's
A couple would use their pens to wank their little cunts while I was trying to teach
They were delighted when they saw my cock harden in my jeans
At the end of the day my headmistr... Continue»
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Part 6

My Husbands overseas business trip.

Once in bed Sunday night and my daughter was fast asl**p after a good day at Jen and Rodger I was laying in bed when I received a message from Nick asking, when can we meet up again if I'm keen to see him.
I replied saying I'm definitely keen to see you babe, you must let me know when you able to.
He replied, maybe Tuesday night once your daughter is asl**p.
That's risky, I replied.
And he replied back you just won't be able to moan to loud while I punish you.
I laughed as I replied saying, so what time do you plan on coming past as my daughter no... Continue»
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Confession of a housewife

This is a true story of my. Let me introduce myself I am Geetika from New Delhi. I am staying with my husband (Sishir) and two k**s in four rooms flat somewhere in South Delhi. I am 31 year old when I got married then I was 23 year old. And first of all my English is not so good, if any mistake in any sentence please forgive me

because I am here to describe my feelings in past and present and get some encouragement through comments. Before marriage I was leaving in Jaipur and this is my love marriage. My husband's business in both the states. He never stays in home more then fifteen day. On... Continue»
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Sexy Indian aunty sex story with horny neighbor gu

Let me introduce myself first my name is Kumar, I am 29 years old now. I am an Engineer and have also done my MBA. This is about the desi sex sexual relationship that I had with my neighbor aunty. I am married now (to another woman) but my sexual relationship with Shama was very exciting. This incident happened a year before. During graduation along with my friends, I used to enjoy a lot of porn movies and masturbate. Once my graduation completed I moved to Bangalore for my job. I got a rented home in Koramangala.

I was staying at the top floor, ground floor people used to come to dry their... Continue»
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White girl worships black.

Story is credited to whitegirlworshopsblack on tumblr.

"How I got into IR sex"

A few years back i was just becoming interested in sex, using the internet to learn more about my new found interest. One day i retreated to my bedroom to “indulge” myself. i watched a few videos, well more like i scanned through them to see if they were worth watching when i clicked on one (on xvideos i think) that i thought was interesting cause it had a pretty girl in it. So i clicked on it, slid my hand down my panties and started to rub myself (good times :P).
What happened, i didn’t expect. ... Continue»
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211 A young Soldier returns

211 A young Soldier returns
At eight the next day he was feeding calves, pigs and hens, collecting eggs and finally fetching the dog, a border colley named ‘Eric.’
Together they walked the old familiar fields, where he had played as a young boy, the sun shone, the birds sang, he had achieved some of the fantasies of his adolescent years, had a good leave so far and all was right in the world.
Eric, having a right old time chasing rabbits, butterflies and any other creature that dared to move, by eleven they returned to the house, Ellie greeted the dog as an old friend, he sniffed at he... Continue»
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A Night Out with Mom

The last month has been a whirlwind of activity. First my graduation from high school, then my eighteenth birthday and now my parents anniversary. Unfortunately, dad received a call and had to go out of town on business, so it would just be Mom and I celebrating all three occasions. I'm standing in front of the mirror looking at myself as I try to tie my tie. I am wearing the suit I wore to my graduation. I never was able to tie a tie and I am struggling.

Mom walks in just then and I freeze. She looks stunning in the little black dress she saves for special occasions. Low cut on top, the hem... Continue»
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The Widow (Part 3).

My third date with Dozie had been quite exciting, as we both had performed oral sex on the other. That was the first sex I had with another person since my husband had passed away more than two years before, but I was ready for more.

Dozie knew I was ready for more. Well, I had told him. Before we had oral sex I had surprised myself by telling him that I wanted him inside me, but without a condom I wouldn't do it. I was afraid of disease. Pregnancy didn't bother me. I had learned long ago that I was unable to have c***dren. But disease is always a possibility.

So it was that on our next ... Continue»
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Held Together with Siste

Most younger b*****rs often make the mistake of leaving their porn habits uncovered. That was how Emma knew about Sam's preferences. Sam was careful, but not careful enough it seemed.

Apparently her b*****r had an interest in older women, teacher/student scenarios, and the occasional i****t story.

Naturally, Emma was shocked by the i****t part. She had discovered Sam's Literotica profile when he forgot to clear his history, and she learned of all his favorite stories. It was extremely cringe-worthy at first. But as she read along, being an avid reader herself, she actually found the stor... Continue»
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Working Out With My Stepmom

A few years ago I was 18, and like many 18 year old guys I wanted to "get big" so I went to the gym pretty often to work out. My Stepmom was married to my dad not long before my 18th birthday, and recently she had been coming to the gym with me. She liked to stay in shape. She was more than 10 years younger than my dad; she was forty years old and my dad was in his early fifties.

She was an attractive woman with a great smile. She had a surprisingly nice figure for her age, her boobs were large and perky, her butt was muscular and curvy. It was a shock to me that at forty years old, she ac... Continue»
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Brazilian Stepmom

Jen Roza awoke one Friday morning feeling the best she had in days. She felt up to anything, and she felt like she could look even more perfect than she felt then. She was right, and even right out of bed was an exquisite beauty. Confirming this by getting up out of bed and walking with her regular slightly swaying gait over to her full-body mirror, Jen did as she always did after waking up.

She put herself in her most seductive pose and raked herself up and down with critical eyes. She always started at the top and worked her way down to the bottom, pointing out every error she could find... Continue»
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Carli's Ordeal

So is it nice where we're going? Carli for the last time gurl it's exactly like you asked.

We're on our way to upscale resort to cross off a bucket list item for you. For weeks I had been looking at big cocks for you. Nothing under 10 inches were your instructions. Knowing I couldn't show you all of them, or you'd want them all, I took the six best looking 10 inch plus cocks and put them the counter and had you toss a penny. The one the penny landed on or closest to was the winner. I made the arrangement with the resort and the cock. David, not Dave. He was very clear about that. Looking ... Continue»
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Prostitute Stories: No Black Men Supplemental

I wasn’t sure where to fit this in the “No Black Men” story (Which you should read first BTW).
So here’s my favorite date that happened as a result of that whole thing.

I can’t remember if I’ve mentioned this previously but I love tits. Don’t get me wrong a look at my profile and you can see I love women of all shapes, shades, ages, and sizes but god motherfucking dammit I LOVE TITS! The bigger the better. I mean you may think of a pair of double D’s as huge but I’m talking about girls who can’t find their bra sizes in s... Continue»
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[CM/CF] How my beautiful first cousin seduced me.


Her ruse was obvious at this point, the only thing I was struggling with was the aftermath. What if she got pregnant, what if our f****y found out? Maybe she was seeing how far she had to go to push me over the edge & then yell "PSYCH! You fucking i****tuous pervert!"

We finished the rest of the wine, despite knowing it would only make choosing poor decisions that much easier. I let her win at MK3 and some racing game, all the while my brain was spinning, wondering if I was imagining things & reading too far into it.

We put on a movie and watched from bed. I brought some sh... Continue»
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