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Sou proprietária de uma Sex shop e vendo muitos comprimidos potenciadores sexuais. Naquela manhã tinha recebido uns Cialis e uns Vigour azuis que eram muito bons, Passado algumas horas recebi um telefonema de um homem que queria saber se podia passar por lá porque queria comprar umas coisas. Dei-lhe a morada e passado uma hora ele apareceu.
Era um cinquentão com ar de trolha, que me olhou com ar de comilão. - Gostava de saber o que tens aí para ter mais tesão e foder durante mais tempo. - declarou - Tenho Cialis e Vigou azul. - Redargui, exibindo os frascos. - levo os dois. Registei os frasco ... Continue»
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Carols Adventure 2

Linda Campbell was getting ready for a bath after a long days work at the supermarket stacking shelves and serving customers. She dropped her uniform and other clothes onto the bedroom floor and pulled on her dressing gown and went across the hallway to the bathroom and turned on the taps. Water both hot and cold mixed and filled the bath.

Downstairs her mother, Carol, was cooking dinner. The TV was on and talking to no one in particular in the living room and the clock on the wall was telling the time at a little after 8 PM. On a Tuesday. Neighbours up and down the street were doing the s... Continue»
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Carols Adventure 3

It was on a Tuesday afternoon that Carol had made one of her secret plans for having the house completely to herself. She was now just waiting for her special guest to arrive. She had nervous butterflies in her stomach and her head was spinning with, what if's, maybe's and should she's, Carol was in a very personal turmoil. The more she thought about it, the more uncertain and confused she became about it. Then the door bell rang.

Carol answered the door and there he was standing there with a tool box and a big grin all over his handsome young face.
'Service Madam?' He said 'I believe you... Continue»
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“Interested,” I asked via chat after laying out my idea.

“Uh… You're sure it's safe,” she replied.

“Absolutely. Everyone around here is either asleep or at work and even if the noticed, the wouldn't care a bit,” I replied.


After giving her directions and my cell number I began to make preparations.

I grabbed a camping lantern, sleeping bag and a towel.

Twenty minutes later I was waiting outside for her to arrive.

A car turned onto my road.

I was fairly sure it was her.

The car crept along, it's tires crunching in the gravel.

It slowly turned into my driv... Continue»
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Die geile Mittagspause

Sylvia arbeitete in einem Fotofachgeschäft in einer münsterländischen Kleinstadt und dort schließen die Läden über Mittag. Ich wusste, dass sie an diesem Tag vor- und nachmittags arbeiten würde und beschloss, sie daher zu besuchen. Natürlich war ich schon wieder mal mächtig geil. Als ich in den Laden kam, bediente sie gerade eine Kundin und ich versteckte mich hinter einem Ständer mit Postern. Als ich zu ihr rüber sah, lächelte sie mir entgegen und als die Kundin gegangen war, sagte sie, Warte mal kurz. Ich mach gerad den Laden zu. Ist jetzt eh Mittagspause. Sie drehte den Schüssel um und sagt... Continue»
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Carols Adventures

They say that every story that you ever hear or read about at one time or another actually happened. With that in mind it is well worth remembering that sometimes the story gets told so many times that the original story gets lost in the many telling and re-telling's. However always there is a core of truth at the centre of it all...

So it was a Saturday afternoon about 3 o'clock when Carol went quietly up the stairs and listened to the sounds of sex coming from her daughter's Linda's bedroom and when she carefully reach the door peeked inside to see what was happening on the bed. There wa... Continue»
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Sean and the Bunny (just a fuzzy thing)

Sean grew excited, hearing the knocking at his front door. The escort agency had dispatched a new girl to answer his call tonight, and he eagerly looked forward to meeting her. Imagine his disappointed when he opened his front door and saw a bunny rabbit standing there.

Had the agency that had been so reliable made some sort of mistake, sending him a bunny rabbit? She was very cute, he supposed; she had large brown eyes and smiled at him sweetly, innocently. She was a grey rabbit, with long white ears and a fuzzy white tail.

“You’re a bunny rabbit,” Sean said, pointing out the obvious. She n... Continue»
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Our first and only Swing/MM(MM)/F

This happened around 5 years ago, my wife was 39 years old and I 42. We had been together as a couple for 16 years, and married for one year....yeah yeah...I was a bit slow to go on my knees and ask her.... We have a nice life, both sexual, comunical and emotional and we love each other deeply, but as every others. We have our ups and downs. And this was a down period. So, back to the story. I give her a calendar each 1.december..small gift, small surprises....one every day till Christmas eve. This year, a Saturday morning, she found a note: Today I want you to dress classyslutty, we are going... Continue»
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My best friend mom

I met Brian Carmichael in early July. I remember this because it was almost a week after my fifth birthday. I was in the driveway of our yard, playing with a Tonka dump truck and bulldozer that my Uncle Jake had bought me for my birthday. I looked up and saw a small black dog (a Labrador retriever, I later found out) run across our lawn. The dog wandered over to me, his tongue hanging out and his tail wagging. A minute or so later I noticed a boy of about my age walking towards me. He was holding onto the hand of a slender young woman with shoulder length black hair, wearing jeans and a beige ... Continue»
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Tracy the Crack whore

Sean watched out his kitchen window as the scene unfolded in his backyard. The girl, a young teen, led a strange man toward the rear of Sean’s property, to the rickety old shed. He watched her grow frustrated, and then mad, when she found the shed padlocked.

Sean grinned, in his kitchen, as he reached into his pocket, removing his key-ring and examining the two shiny new Master-Lock keys. As he watched, the teen seemed to make a decision, and she led her man around to the side of the shed. She knelt in front of him and unzipped his pants with her frantic hands. Soon, she had his pants around ... Continue»
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Wife's Massage Becomes A Threesome

Lisa had decided months in advance of our wedding anniversary that we should celebrate the event in style. Her plan was that we should organise a relative, who was staying with us on holidays, to look after the c***dren while we went off to an up market hotel for the night. When she told me to make sure that the vibrators had new batteries and that our bondage gear was in good order I knew that she really did have some great plans in place for us.

Given I had I had so much notice of Lisa’s intentions I decided to put on a surprise of my own for her. First I booked a suite with a s... Continue»
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My choice

For my wife's birthday I surprised her with a new car, I knew that would be hold stars in my favor. So when my birthday rolled around this pasted June my lovely little bride Leann asked me what I wanted. I said can I have anything I want ? She said just name it. I told her I'd think about it and let her know.

Well Thursday was my birthday and on Monday Leann asked me if I had made up my mind what I wanted? I said yes but she may not want to give it to me. She said I owe you and you can have whatever you want. I told her I wanted to go to Ruth's Chris for dinner then to a club for a little ... Continue»
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Fucking my friends BBW Wife -Part 2 The Weekend -

Linda's husband Joe had booked an early morning flight to Florida for Friday so Linda suggested that I stop by the house on my way to work Friday morning so that we could figure out what we wanted to do for the weekend.

Friday morning I left my place around 7:30, picked up 2 coffees from Dunkin and parked in Linda's driveway. I only had less than hour before I needed to leave for work so I figured we'd just figure out our plans. Linda had something slightly different in mind...

She answered the door wearing a frilly red one piece nighty that barely held her tits in and left her ass cheek... Continue»
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Chat Friend ANU - The Birth of Our Intimacy

Hi Readers.. Im Aathi.. 25 male from Chennai (India).. I have been a regular reader of SexStories for past five years and now i would like to share my real experience here..

I am a single goodlooking jovial kind of person.. I love sex like anything.. i can say sex is my passion.. I love the longlasting foreplays too.. I had sex with few girls occasionally.. But there is a girl who became so special to me that i really felt like sharing it to the world..

She was my Anu.. Just like every other day i was on the online chat site trying to find some horny women.. I was texting randomly and s... Continue»
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Dan the fucking man

Dan was 37 divorced and lived alone. He was tall and muscular, kept in shape and had dark hair that had a grey streak on his right temple and a well groomed beard. His apartment was on the 6th floor and it was the only one on that floor. It was Saturday morning and he was currently sliding his big 9 inch dick inside the teen whore who lived two doors down. Her name was Mindy and she was a petite hot little piece off ass. She had brown hair that she wore in two long braids and her tits were the size of g****fruits and firm. Her mom was always away to busy spending time with her various boyfrien... Continue»
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Wife's Sister

My Wife’s Sister

(Only the first part of this story is true, The rest is made up.)

(Oct 14, 2017)

My wife and I took a trip to Boston with her sister. We got there around 5 pm. And decided to eat at a sea food restaurant. As we were leaving in the car, my wife spotted a small row of shops and asked if we could stop and look. I told her I was tired and wanted to get back to the motel and rest. Emma, my sister-in-law also said she was tired. So we decided to go back to the motel and my wife would come back and shop.

We get to the motel and my wife ... Continue»
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Letting my wife fill her fantasy fills mine and i

When my new wife and i got together we were sitting around having a few drinks and just talking. i was playing with her pussy while we were sitting on the couch and i ask her do you have a fantasy that you would like to try. She was shy telling me and then she said i have always wanted to try a black man. She had very little experience with men anyway as far as numbers go. I told her that would be cool but i would love to watch him do you. At this time she had no idea that i loved cock too. Well i went to work and online i went searching for a hot black cock for my wife. About two weeks aft... Continue»
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I lost a bet

My friend rams has been coming over every week and when he is here it always ends with his black dick in my mouth. He is this tall chubby black man and a couple years younger then me. He started with giving me a bottle filled with his sperm and asking me to drink it and now we play games, sports games, and make bets on the loser having to suck the winners cock. I haven’t won a game yet and I always end up with rams cock shoved balls deep in my mouth. We once played a game were i had lost one bet and we made another where i had to beat him in a race with his dick in my mouth. I lost that one to... Continue»
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Sisters intention

My name is Johnny, I'm 19 years old, i stand 5'6, with a slender body but with enough muscle that it shows. I've never thought of me being hot or even a guy that a girl would be attracted too. My sister is Sara she is 18 years old with blond hair, 5'2 with a curvy but slender body, she has a nice pair of 36C breasts. Now I never though about my Sister in sexual way. But that all changed one day when... Well lets back up about 3 days before this to set up a backstory.

It started one day when I was think of what it would be like to be a webcam model, one of the people who do live solo shows.... Continue»
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My sister

I’m sure that everyone in the whole world has heard about “Wife-Swapping.” I’m sure that very few have actually done it. Well I’m here to tell you about “Sister-Swapping.” Very few even know about it and even fewer do it. I don’t know if I actually invented it or not but I sure started it in my area.

It all started a couple of years back when both of my parents were killed in a freak accident. I was nineteen years old and in charge of my four younger sisters. I had a banker, a lawyer, a doctor, and a schoolteacher on my advisory board, however I made all the final decisions. The five of... Continue»
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