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My sisters

It was midnight and I was up looking through some i****t porn and masturbating with a used condom for easy clean up. Without a lock on my door I have to try to be vigilant to be sure someone doesn’t walk in on me. I had been jerking off for about 30 minutes and even had tabs of my sisters Facebook’s open which turned me on even more. All of a sudden Rebekah walks into my room abruptly and I had no time to close any of the tabs or to put my junk away. Immediately she’s intrigued and the following ensued.

“Are you doing what I think you’re doing?” Rebekah asked

“Kinda hard to pretend I’... Continue»
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my boss fucked me at the sauna

I came out in Los Angeles… well actually, my suitemate mixed up a strong vodka screwdriver and we were watching a swimming movie and he started talking about the guys in the movie. After 30 minutes of this i was rock hard and he popped up to get my opinion on his new suit, which was a swim suit. He stuffed his uncut cock to the side and showed off,, then came over and fed me his cock and fucked me in the shower. Hot times.

He took me to my first gay bar and we were young. I was 20 and dressed like a frat boy and was given a few double takes when i went into the dive bar. The following weekend... Continue»
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I spotted her again through my telescope, in her little bikini, lying on a recliner in her tiny back yard, she was almost all legs. She lived with her mother and step-father in a trailer park, on the very edge of the woods. Her name was Jenni Lane, she was eighteen. From more than three thousand yards away, I admired her tan body, as she began to oil herself. My plan was coming along well.

As I stood away from my telescope, I ran the plan through my mind one more time. The contractor had finally finished my ‘darkroom’ deep in the basement of my large house. My hired private-detective had tap... Continue»
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The Photographer

Dillon was learning to speak Russian a little better after a week in Kiev, Ukraine. He found the people friendly and helpful, and a larger percentage of them spoke a bit of English than he had expected. Dillon took every opportunity to practice his Russian, freely starting conversations with the accommodating Ukrainians. He focused his efforts on the beautiful young women of the city when possible. They seemed to find the tall and lean American with a camera slung over his shoulder interesting.

He found the large city to be beautiful with its century’s old architecture and plentiful parks. He... Continue»
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Tracy the Crack Whore (part ll)

Sean wrapped up at work early. It was a blistering hot and sunny spring day and he couldn’t concentrate, all he thought about was Tracy. He was a small-town boy from the mountains in the Southwest and had never been exposed to anyone like her. On the way home, he stopped at Walgreen’s to pick up some bathroom supplies and beer and found some other cool stuff, too. Getting back into his truck, he cracked open a beer and pulled out of the parking lot, his mind on Tracy again, the blow job she had given him. She was so sexy, so. . . What was she? Why was he fascinated with her?

His house was dar... Continue»
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My wife, The perfect hostess

I awoke slowly, lying on one of the living room sofas. Still dressed, still quite d***k, the room was stuffy and hot. There were low moans. Wet sounds belonging in a porn flick, people groaning, hips smacking against one another. Some male voices and one female. The male voices were vaguely familiar, the female… Nina? My wife! Suddenly it all came back to me, the party and the packed apartment, how people had started to leave in the small hours. I remembered how my timid little Nina had played the hostess, for once the centre of attention. She had put her best dress on, a low-cut black summer ... Continue»
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My Son's Tribute to Me

Ever since I was a little boy I was afraid of thunderstorms, and whenever there was a particularly violent one at night, I would run to my parents bedroom and climb into their big king size bed, where my mother would hold me until the storm abated. I literally shook with fear, and only the warmth of her body holding me close, and her soothing voice could calm me down. One such occasion when I was twelve took a different twist, we were experiencing the worst storm I had ever witnessed, the thunderclaps were so loud the house literally shook on its foundations.

The lightning bolts were ... Continue»
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my first cuck experience

I became a hot wife years into my marriage after my hubby proposed the idea. Our sex life was always good but he always wanted to take it to the next level. When he suggested that i have sex with a random guy i was surprised and hesitant. I did not feel comfortable with the idea. My hubby insisted and asked that i film it. I finally agreed after some deliberation. Who would i have sex with? i thought. I thought of a guy at work that I talked to on a regular basis. I always had a feeling he was attracted to me but never made the move mainly due to my marital status and my age. He was in his 40'... Continue»
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Un etrange couple de culs terreux

Sam regarde cette photo que ce type lui tend, dessus, une grosse fille dans les 25 ans, regard vide, un peu rougeaude, la peau grasse. On ne voit pas le cul, mais vu comment les épaules et le cou sont épais de graisse il doit être balaize.
- Alors tu serais d’accord ! Combien tu demandes pour ça ?
- La baiser en te laissant me filmer ? Je prends mille.
- Moi c’est ok, mais tu te tiens au scénario hein ? Tu la baise comme une pute, tu lui casse la bouche et le cul, pas de quartier !
- Si ça peut te faire plaisir, moi ça me va.
- Cool ! Je te laisse mon numéro de téléphone pour le RDV, moi le 2... Continue»
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How I paid for my car repairs.

After what could only be termed a terrible divorce, I decided I needed a road trip. I hadn't been anywhere in a long time and before I was married I would often take off for weekend jaunts. It was a way for me to clear my head.

Packing a bag I threw it in the back seat of my vintage Mustang Convertible and headed off. I loved this car, I had bought when I was in college and the thrill of driving it still hadn't worn off. Sure it had it's problems but it was still a great car.

I had gotten about 400 miles from home when my classic Stang started making a terrible noise and started to spit ... Continue»
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I dared my wife

One night after dinner my and I were talking on our back deck. The subject of sex and crazy things we had done in the past came up. She said you remember when we were only dating and we went to the air show ? I said you wore that white tennis skirt and no panties. She laughed, and said you fucked me standing up and your cum ran down my thigh. I asked why we don't do crazy stuff like that anymore? She said we are an old married couple now. I said we are thirty four, that's not old. Let's do something wild I said. Like what she said.

Well just off the top of my head why don't you ride over to... Continue»
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A Different Kind Of Costume Party...

A friend of mine from work had asked me to go to a masquerade party for Halloween this year. I wish I could say I had better plans, but I didn't; So I thought, What the hell? Might as well give it a shot. I dug out an old Zorro costume I'd worn a few years before; And at 7:30 on Halloween night, I hailed a cab and gave instructions to get to the condominium my friend invited me to. The scene was what one might expect - Mostly well to do types and heavy drinking. I didn't mind the drinking; but I was not exactly the kind of social butterfly that stood out in such circles. I had only been there... Continue»
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Pacific Whim

Pacific Whim

NOTE:for those of you who didn't like my last story "nic at nite" love it or leave it alone to someone else. we all have different story ideas and abilities. my plot lines story ideas and characters are sometimes unusual, there's no right way or wrong way to do it.

this story was based on a fantasy I had, feel free to love or hate on it, but I would truly appreciate some consistency from you story readers.

by williacj

I was hanging out on the pacific coast when I saw this lo... Continue»
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My Wild Wild Sister

* A younger brother finds himself involved with his older sister. In dad’s old RV out back, she felt free to do as she damn well pleased…*

__Conley is my name. I have one older sister named Roxie. My dad just shakes his head and says she is a ’wild one’. She has long black hair and big titties. I’ve seen her naked before, and she liked me looking at her. She never told on me…. but this time…she made me come in her bedroom and then she shut the door. She stood with her back to the door and just smiled at me.

She then pushed me down on her bed and laid on top of me. She asked me very qu... Continue»
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One man's shemale adventures: part 2

I had gone round to Kami’s as we had planned a dinner date, but she was nowhere to be seen. Amy let me in, having just returned from the gym. “Yeah, she said sorry but she’ll be a few more minutes.” Amy said, and I couldn’t help but eye her up and down in her sexy gym gear as I followed her into Kami’s bedroom. “While you wait, why don’t you suck on my clit?” she said, as she pulled down her lycra shorts and spread in front of me on the bed. Underneath, her white panties were soaked through with sweat, and I peeled them down and rubbed them over my face before diving into her lovely cunt tongu... Continue»
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Mom Cums

…I had planned this out for a while. My husband would be gone as usual, and my 3 boys off camping for the weekend. I would have the weekend all to myself. My oldest boy privately told me my husband had a girl on the side, that was why he was hardly ever home.

…This is when everything changed….

…I felt free now to get some good sex I had missed out on for a long time.

…My first goal was to get that handsome and sexy washer repairman to get here on a Friday afternoon. He said he would be here at 3pm. I put on my shortest black shorts, a baggy sweater and no panties or bra on. He was ... Continue»
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Baby maker 4

I stepped into the office and closed the door behind me, Mrs Preston had called me in to discuss something important, and so i stood in front of her desk waiting for her to begin.
"Steve" she said looking up at me "I'm going to get right to it, in the last few weeks you've been caught twice on the security cameras screwing other members of staff"
I stood looking very shocked, mainly because I wasn't aware there was security cameras in the offices, and that my boss now knew what I had been doing.
"Now i'm a little annoyed you think fucking married members of staff is more important than your... Continue»
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Large Insertion

Tim watched Lora while she was on hands and knees planting flowers. She was so proud of their little rental in the suburbs. They had settled there, after both had meet during their homeless period. Tim was 20 years old now and Lora 45. The neighbors assumed they were family. Her boy style shorts had crawled high bearing her ass cheeks as she worked. He gave her a shout, “hey ole girl, the school will let out soon and Coach Hines will surely stop by. You may want to dust o... Continue»
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Perfect meet up with a guy

My dream meet up with another guy would play out a little as follows.

The dream guy would be around my age. In his 30's. Fairly muscled but doesn't have to be all that toned. Hair and eyes etc, doesn't matter as long as he is keen. He'd also either be married or in a long term relationship and consider himself straight but curious. His cock is what I'm interested in, the rest can be forgiven depending on how his cock is shaped and how big it is.

It would start slow, some horny chat and pictures shared of our erect cocks then develop into camming. We'd message each other as we electronica... Continue»
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Carols Adventure 5

It was Sunday morning at around 11 am that Carol left Rose's house after spending the night there making lesbian love with Rose from yesterday evening until around midnight. Carol had turned up on Rose's doorstep upset and confused and with the love, kindness and understanding of Rose. Carol had being given some good advice as well as good talking to. So this morning she was going to start rebuilding friendships that she had neglected for too long.

Carol went along the road and then turned. A few minutes later she was standing at the garden gate of the Henderson's sisters house and pluckin... Continue»
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