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Bridesmaid in a wedding

Bridesmaid in a wedding.

I wasn't looking forward to the wedding. It was going to be held way out of the city at some ranch.
I agreed to be in the wedding because in one way it'sis an honor to be asked to participate in someones special day. Other then that it'sis kind of a pain.

I was really horny that day thinking about the bride and groom certainly will be fucking tonight. I hadn't fucked a guy in weeks, maybe a month. Taking matters into my own hands and masturbating helps take the edge off but there'sis nothing like a cock. Sucking a cock makes me wet, not to mention fucking him an... Continue»
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A Night I Still Remember.

It was a night I still think about.

I was staying at the same hotel where the convention was held. It had been a whole day of seminars and quite frankly I was sick to death of listening to tech talk. I was scheduled to leave the next morning, but wasn't ready to pack just yet. So I decided to go to the hotel bar and have a couple of drinks before I figured out what to do for dinner.

The bar was situated in the middle of first floor of the hotel, with a water fountain on one side, I guess to provide some ambiance. The hotel itself was constructed such that the rooms went up 14 floors and ... Continue»
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Emmy, The BBW Slut

Hi Please Comment On My Stories, Whether Good or Bad.

I met Emmy back when I was a teenager, before my senior year of high school. I'm talking about 25 years ago. Life was good, I had an old car, a girlfriend with big tits who let me take her virginity, and I was going to get to spend the summer with my older cousin John, who lived in Los Angeles, which was like 50 miles away. John had always been like a brother to me, so I was really looking forward to having some good times together.

John had a tiny studio apartment in Van Nuys, but it was cool, there was a bed in the corner and he sai... Continue»
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BBW Emmy, My Cocksucking Queen

Please Comment On My Stories, Whether Good Or Bad. Especially Like Comments On Emmy.

Emmy, my girlfriend, is a very gifted cocksucker. In my story BBW blowjob queen, I mentioned that I met Emmy years ago when she was young, that she was a fat little slut even back then, and that some guys had convinced her to take blowjob lessons from them to increase her popularity. Emmy was a chubby thing without the tits to balance out her big ass, she desperately wanted to be popular and so she practiced a lot. And it worked, she can deep throat like crazy and swallow every drop. This is all true.

Em... Continue»
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Bumping on my former black trainer

That Wednesday early morning I woke up feeling my black lover’s seed flooding out from my stretched anus. I had a warm shower and I felt horny again, recalling the wild good sex session I had with Jimmy the day before.

At midday I went to the gym for a rather good workout. On my way out to the parking lot I bumped in to David, my former black trainer, who had given me some wild sex moments in the past.
We chatted for a while and I got wet as he said I looked gorgeous as ever.
After some flirty comments from David, I decided to invite him over for lunch. He accepted the offer, saying he w... Continue»
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Another day in a hotel room

My younger slut Krystal and I exchanged a number of messages as we made plans to meet up again for some good sex. We planned it for a Saturday at a hotel once again as I was more than willing to spend some cash to fucked her. Plans where set and on this occasion on the Friday night while we messaged each other we agreed to not to do any anal sex but lots of pleasuring. As we messaged each other our chat got rather steamy and we eventually agreed that we both must come up with one or two sexual thing that we haven't done with each other yet. We said we'd think about it and then discuss it once ... Continue»
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Am I a whore now?

It was a hot summer day in Budapest. I was working in a coffee shop which was my summer job, because I am trying to collect money for collage. I am a fairly good looking 19 years old brunette. I got used to getting hit on by guys at my job and I learned how to deal with it and how to ignore them.

One day, a really hot man in his late 20s (he could be even 30 or more I am not sure) came in. He ordered coffee, sat down, pulled out some papers from his suitcase and started to write something. Few minutes later, I was bringing him his coffee, and he asked me:

" May I buy you a cup of cof... Continue»
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Brian – My First Boyfriend and Wet Humping

First Meeting

I met Brian when I was at University. I had just turned 19. I was studying accountancy and he was studying arts. We had little in common apart from our social ineptitude which was what brought us together in the first place. He was incredibly good looking but had the most appalling social skills, even worse then mine. I had never been a social person and kept to myself at Uni. I had no friends there and had no time for social activities anyway. I was living in a flat on my own, stacking supermarket shelves at night and doing book keeping work for some local businesses to sup... Continue»
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From Swingers to Hot Wife to Cuckold

So we started this lifestyle meeting couples and that didn't work out too well, I enjoyed the male partner but the female was never into hubby. So we moved on to meeting just a male. That was great for a while, hubby is bi so that was fun for him for a while. He became bored when the guy wasn't bi or they mainly just focused more on me. So after a while I started inviting this one guy, Dale, to our house for some one on one time in my bedroom. These fuck dates would last for a couple of hours and hubby was always at home. One weekend hubby had to travel so I asked if I could have Dale over fo... Continue»
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The Truckstop Visit

The Truckstop visit

By papercup69

It was a long drive. I was on my way back to my third year of college after spending the summer with my family. The drive was 8 hours across mostly flat prairie land with few opportunities for stops.

Traffic was light as most people took the newer highway. I opted to go this way because it was more direct. The new highway was an extra hour but it passed through more cities. This way had two stops. One was a gas station with restaurant, which I usually stopped at for lunch, and the other was only a washroom facility and stop where truckers usually parked o... Continue»
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I Get Mom

My Dad is such a fucking horn dog that it isn’t funny. I cannot believe the bimbos that he brings home to fuck.

Well, I sure couldn’t believe it. I certainly never thought of my father as attractive.

He and Mom had serious marital problems and when I turned twelve she called him a sex-maniac and refused to put out.

I had to give him credit though…he sure had balls.

Dad would bring a different girl home on Friday and Saturday nights and take her into his bedroom. It was clear that they were always d***k.

Shortly after them going in, Mom would come out and crawl into my bed with... Continue»
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Saving My sis*sis

I never thought I would be going back home for a reason like this. I had walked out of my parent’sis house when I was 17 and never looked back. Now, seven years later, I had received a phone call at my duty station in North Carolina that my younger sisister had tried to commit suicide by cutting both her wrists. Carol is five years younger than I and looked up to me as more of a hero than a brother. I had protected her and stood up for her for years from my no good parents. If I could have taken her with me when I walked out I would have.

Through out my whole life till I left, my parent... Continue»
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Our secret

Todd stood in between Jessi and the door, she was a hot teenage piece of ass and he had decided he wanted her. He had planned it all along. She had been crashing at his place for a month. At 17 she had gotten away from her abusive dad and was staying at his place. He was 37 tall with a l an muscular body, he was a country boy all his life and years of farm work and construction, plus regular exercise gave him a nice body. He also had a thick long 8 inch cock which stood fully erect as he stood there in his robe with nothing on underneath. He was an ex boyfriend of her friend's mom, that's how ... Continue»
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Mom thank you

My mom and I live together in upper Westchester, New York. My name is John and this is my story.

A few years ago, my dad was killed in an automobile accident. It was then that mom decided to move to northern Westchester. She bought a nice, old colonial house that was set in from the road and private, The house had an inground pool and a hot tub.

Mom worked from home and I attended the local high school and would be graduating in a couple of months.

I had made several friends, including my girl friend, Vicky. She was eighteen and always k**ded me about being older than me, even if it w... Continue»
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Mom thank you again

Do read the previous part of this story



The day was finally here, the three of us were going to Hawaii.

Mom made all the arrangements. The limo would be here in a couple of hours and Vicky, my mom and me would be flying to the Aloha state.

We were going to stay on the big island of Hawaii, the one with the volcano and black sand and endless possibilities.

Vicky had stayed over last night so we did not have to concern ourselves with getting her here in time.

Of course there was another benefit of her staying over, which we made good use of.

... Continue»
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The family noise

This story took place in the summer of 1999, when my cousin Haley and I were both nineteen and were on holiday together, along with our parents. You see, her dad and my dad were brothers and had always been close; they had even moved to the same town. As a result, they saw each other frequently and made sure our families got together at least twice a month, usually during the weekends, for a cozy dinner, some wine, talking, laughing, you know.

For as long as I can remember, we had also gone on holiday together, renting a big place and splitting the costs. It was always a fun time. As Haley... Continue»
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Retard Wants To Get Pregnant Pt 4

Retard Wants To Get Pregnant Pt 4

Cherri discovers the men using Yolanda for a sex toy, using her for a movie. The older woman finds out more about the girl and decides to have Yolanda live with her to teach the immature girl more about sex and life after making the gullible youngster cum. Cherri tells Jim about a Thai movie on Xhamster with a girl she knows.

Retard Wants To Get Pregnant Pt 1

Retard Wants To Get Pregnant Pt 2

Retard W... Continue»
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Stepdaughter p7

I was a bad man, I had fucked my stepdaughter Kim a young ebony eighteen year old several times now and even though I knew I shouldn't I just couldn't help myself when she teased and begged for my cock.
It was early evening and I was watching TV with Trish my loving wife and Kim'sis mother, when Kim came strolling into the room, she was wearing another short skirt that showed off her long toned legs and a small t-shirt that barely covered her small pert tits and quickly she announced she had a friend coming over to study with her.
"We'll be in my room, so don't disturb us" she said before gi... Continue»
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A New Home.

In the early morning hour, Dalu sips his coffee. He looks out his new window that he just finished installing the day before. It was the last thing done in completing the new kitchen. Dalu and his family had moved into the house in the summer. The stone home is over 100 years old and was in rough shape. Dalu convinced his wife it was a good deal. The large size of the house was key and it had the acreage to go along with it. Dalu and his wife Jidechi struck a deal. Dalu had to rebuild the kitchen first before he did anything else. The anything else was the barn he wants to rebuild so he can wo... Continue»
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Vicky, the Sexy, Blonde, Mature BBW - Part 2

This is the second part in a story about Vicky, the sexy, blonde, mature BBW. This is a true story that took place several years ago.

Here's part 1 if you missed it: http://xhamster.com/stories/vicky-the-sexy-blond-mature-bbw-part-1-704380

After our initial meeting where we fooled around in the car, I was counting the hours till the following Thursday, when Vicky and I would go to to Bob's for a MMF threesome. The day finally arrived! I showered well, spending extra time lathering my cock, balls and ass, then I dressed in my normal work clothes, slacks, dress shirt and tie. Off I went... Continue»
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