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Whipped into submission


A woman stood in the centre of the room, her hands clasped together and tears rolling softly down her face as she waited, her bare feet shuffling nervously on the cold tile floor. In front of her, two palace guards eyed her appreciatively, the elder of the pair already imagining what she would look like naked and picturing how her buttocks would redden under the lash and anticipating the noises she would make as the oiled leather connected with her flesh. This was the best part of his job. Others went out into the towns and countryside to source these women for the Premier’s enjoyment, but it… Read more

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The Teacher - Part 02 - The Party -

HardcoreTabooGroup Sex

After a week or two the teacher invited me to a party at her house. i was the youngest in the party. there were other teachers at the school. at once i wanted to have a drink. i went to get a drink. i watched the party from a corner. i saw the teacher who had sex with me is going to the bathroom with another teacher of our school.the other teacher is a bit taller than the teacher who had sex with me. and had a round ass. her tits were about to jump out of the dress. they are bouncing when she walks. i wanted to know what is going in there. i walked slowly towards the bathroom door and looked… Read more

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Huge Milk Maid Part 1


When I was about 13 years old, and entering the raging hormonal phase of my life, my parents hired a woman named Trisha. My family was wealthy, and employed many housekeepers. Trisha was hired as the fifth housekeeper at our house/mansion. Like the other four housekeepers, Trisha was a “live-in” maid. She had her own room in a particular wing of the house that facilitated the “help” regarding our house. There was, however, something that was much different about Trisha from the other four housekeepers. Although all five of them were about the same age, (almost 30 or so) Trisha was the only on… Read more

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My hot busty neighbor is a real nympho !

HardcoreTabooFirst Time

I always wondered what my neighbor would be like if her husband wasn't around and I finally found out ! I was just sitting on my patio on a hot summer day when I heard the neighbors come out the door of their apartment next door to sit on their patio and I could tell by the conversation that they didn't realize I was sitting within earshot and could hear every word that was said. I had loved the awesome busty body of the wife from the first time I saw her sunbathing a few years ago but we have not really met officially . So I heard her saying to her husband that she was planning to get caught… Read more

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Taking what i want 6

Lesbian SexHardcoreMature

Mr Dorking, 50 years old, dean of the year 12 students, stood watching two of the schools most notorious students smoking cigarettes, sunbathing in their underwear on a grass bank down the far end of the sports field. Alicia and Danielle had known that Mr Dorking followed them , pretending to watch the senior boys play football in the hot sun, as he walked around. The two girls were 18 years old, 5' 4" tall brunettes athletic tanned bodies from the rugby , cross fit training , swimming, and touch rugby had removed their bras now lying prone ,on their stomachs, wiggling their g string clad bot… Read more

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Second Honeymoon Ch. 04

AnalGroup SexHardcore

This story is fiction and all the characters are fictitious in the story. Please read the previous chapters to enjoy this story. Hope you will love the story. The trip reaches a wild end. As much as neither wanted to admit it, both couples knew their vacation was nearing its end and they would be flying home the day after next. Part of Jon wanted to stay in the room all day and do nothing more than fuck, but he knew that as willing as the mind might be the body needed to rest. They spent all day Friday shopping and touring the island. They stayed there all day and didn't return to the… Read more

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The Wedding Day 14 - 15 pm

MatureSex HumorHardcore

As we stood outside the church posing for photos in the various family groups that Abigail sister wanted us in, I tried my best to smile and look loving towards my girlfriend when really all I could think about was the two hot women I had fucked in quick succession. Then as we stood for another group photo I suddenly noticed a young petite brunette standing beside me in a little red flowery dress, and as I glanced at her she smiled back at me. "Hi" she said "Hi" I replied back, before trying to put on my best smile for the photographer. "So do you always fuck other women at weddings?" she then… Read more

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True story: married Mormon fucked in mattress stor

AnalFirst TimeHardcore

I recently got divorced having had to move out I was looking for a mattress. I went to one of our local mattress stores in the store clerk there was with someone. I was forced to look around the store for a while without help. The girl there noticed me and said she would help me when she was finished up with this customer. So I’m going bed to bed laying on them trying to figure out what I liked while I waited for her. The whole time that she was helping that person I noticed that she was watching me. Finally when she came to me she was all smiles and seemed excited to talk to me. She had… Read more

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The night my wife was bred by her ex


At some level I always knew it would happen, from the first time she cheated on me. But I must admit he was the one person I never wanted her to sleep with. Whilst Beth openly admits that Rick was the shallowest most self-centered person she had ever dated and that she had known she could never marry him, I still felt uneasy whenever we bumped into him. Despite them having broken up over 15 years ago, I could see that my wife still had some feelings for him. After all he had dated her through University and had taken her virginity! Coupled with this thought was the fact that Rick was, by an… Read more

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My boyfriend should have stayed home today

HardcoreLesbian Sex

My roommate from college,Sabrina was coming to visit me, she’s a flight attendant now and she’s stunning. Her long blonde hair flows down to her hips, just above her perfect apple shaped ass at the top of her long muscular legs. She’s always been the girl that every guy wants and every girl wants to be. On top of all that she’s bisexual, and her and I used to take care of each other whenever we didn’t have dates back in college. The three of us went out to dinner and her and I had a secret plan to fuck him until he couldn’t take it anymore. Unfortunately, we all drank a little too much… Read more

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Annette- First one

First TimeMatureHardcore

After 21 years of nearly non existent sex life ( maybe 4-5 times a year) with my wife ... I decided i needed to explore and finally enjoy sex as much as I love sex. in 1999, i decided to check out the singles, sex to meet sites. I created a profile and posted on a couple and one was -here- AdultFriendFinder. After I say about 2-3 months I got a response and we began to talk back and forth on AdultFriendFinder chat and then by emails. In our conversation - I could tell she wanted sex and that sex was not a lot in her life. Annette advised she was on the pill. Her name was Annette and she was… Read more

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Easter with Peggy ( my wifes sister) part 2


So me and Peggy finished showering and grabbed something to eat. We were going through Easter decorations while sitting on the couch. Peggy was complaining about her ass not feeling right. I offered to take a look. Since i was kinda joking, I didnt expect Peggy to drop her shorts and bend over and spread em!! Peggys ass and pussy just inches from my face. So I grabbed her cheeks and spread them, looking for anything odd. Nothing seemed off, so i poked and pushed around seeing if anything was sore. Peggy just assumed the position while I played. After a few minutes she asked if i had seen any… Read more

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The Bach


Sitting at home , redundant to my ex employers needs, divorced from my fist punching husband , and alone as my c***d has grown up and left home , I read an article about a massage parlour that has not been allowed to advertise on their websites for a mature female sex worker. I enjoy sex , giving blow jobs , butt fucking, and getting my pussy fucked by energetic men and I am often found at local bars picking up men to scratch my itch. I google the website . Find the phone number and make the call. Hello Hi I am calling about the job that was in the news Yes $120 per hour is that after all ex… Read more

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Second Honeymoon Ch. 03

Group SexHardcore

This story is fiction and all the characters are fictitious in the story. Hope you will love the story. Wives live out their double penetration fantasies. It was probably mid-morning when the loud knock woke all four of them from their sound sleep. The knock repeated itself soon after and Jon eventually staggered out of bed and wrapped a sheet around himself before opening the door. He immediately recognized the man who had checked them into the hotel a few nights earlier. "Buenos dias," the man happily said before switching over to his choppy English. "I wanted to let you know that w… Read more

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How to Tell a True Female Orgasm from a Fake Orgas


A Guide with Tips for How to Tell a True Female Orgasm from a Fake Orgasm A story of a typical female orgasm: I’m lying on top of my girlfriend, our love making and foreplay has advanced to where we are now, my hard shaft deep in her wet love tunnel. Our naked bodies are sweating together, moving together, joined as one both physically, emotionally and mentally as we share kisses while my I pump into and out of her. I’m connected to her through our genitals and through our feelings as my desire to be one with her,… Read more

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Laura's morning sexercise


At the moment Laura is very happy with her life now. Happily married ten years to her c***dhood sweetheart Clive where they have three young sons. Clive works as a solicitor while Laura herself is a very strong minded career woman working as chief executive for a big finance company. Her daily morning routine before she starts work is always the same. Before the sons wake up she drives herself to the local park where she does her morning jog before driving back home where the boys are usually up by then with Clive preparing their breakfast before setting off for school. During that time she s… Read more

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AnalFirst TimeHardcore

He was eighteen and I had been tutoring him for the past three months. I caught him many times staring at my tits beneath my tight top. One day I took off my top and pulled his mouth to a tit and told him "Suck that nipple. It is yours to enjoy. Now suck it hard and feel it get hard with your tongue. Yes, you like a big tit don't you?" As he sucked my nipple I took his other hand and put it in my other tit and rubbed it over it before I again told him "Now play with that tit. Rib it, pinch it, pull on it and slap it. It is yours so have some fun." As he sucked one tit and played with the… Read more

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Linda's First Black Cock

Interracial SexHardcoreVoyeur

I had been visiting Linda as much as possible over the past three weeks. She had been hinting that she would like for me to move in with her, but, so far, I hadn't. The present arrangement was good enough. I would come down after eating breakfast, and a bit of rest, and it would give her time to finish off her dates from the previous night, if she had one. Usually she did. A couple of the men I worked with had come over a few times with me. Dave, from Florida, had been visiting Linda's Aunt, Hung, almost as much as I had been visiting Linda. The other man, Shakey Cave, had met Mai, and had hi… Read more

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Daddy takes his daughter for the first time.

First TimeHardcoreTaboo

It was a crisp fall night and he stood watching as his baby girl snuggled into her soft blanket as the cool air streamed in through the window above her bed. Her plump warm thighs lay open, uncovered by the blanket giving her daddy a mouthwatering view of what he craved nightly. This was going to be the night...it was just the two of them in the house alone, and he was going to finally taste the sweetness of those thighs and relish what lies between them. He would have one month off from work...one entire undisturbed month to taste every sweet morsel of his baby girl's body, his daughter, the… Read more

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Mom Pegs Son with Pet's Help


"Babe c'mon, what are you doing?" Jake's voice was shaking. He had never seen this side of his girlfriend before. The blonde bombshell straddled his torso, her bosom still restrained by her ice blue bra, hovering above his chin. "Relax sweetie, you're gonna love it I promise," she cooed softly as she affixed Jake's wrists to the bedposts, having already done the same with his ankles. "Brooke, my mom can come home any minute now, she never calls when she leaves work," Jake pleaded. "Don't worry Jake, you can untie these yourself but ya gotta know how," Brookes golden hair formed a cur… Read more

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