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My Creative Writing Journal - “xHamster sex conte


xHamster was throwing a contest for all the young women who had impregnation blogs. The object of this contest was to find three (3) men who would be willing to have unprotected sex with the risk of impregnating her. The rules were extensive. 1) All three men had to live in another state. Which means I had to find three men who were NOT in the state of California. 2) One of the men had to married. Another man had to be Divorced. And another had to be widowed. 3) They all had to have had sex with the female contestant wi… Read more

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Okay. 1961 was a much better year for me. I had grown a bit to five feet five, weighed 125 and had stopped being bullied at school and home as my parents needed a live in baby sitter for my younger brother. With Mom and Dad at War Mom had turned to me for sex. Now where a year earlier she,d thrown out any sexy magazines I,d spent money from my supermarket carry out wages she was eager to try the positions mentioned in the stories or ridiculous readers letters. In those days of really early porn the pictures were silly with women’s nipples or pussies air brushed out and the rare occasion a Male… Read more

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Sleep over ( re vetted


Lying on the sofa after everyone had gone to bed, Adam was glad that he had decided to offer to let them stay the night. Yes they had had a drink or two but he had been fascinated with Marianne. He could not believe that she was with Nigel. Marianne obviously cared for him and they must have been a real item once but Nigel had let himself go badly. Goes to show what 20 years will do to a guy if he doesn't make an effort he thought. Nigel just about fell asleep on the lounge after dinner and seemed almost cranky to be kept up. Whilst he and Marianne had talked. They seemed like they didn’t real… Read more

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My Wifes First Black Experience Chapter 11

HardcoreInterracial Sex

Chapter 11 The guys started to leave and all that was left was Ty, and Tam down stairs guessing Simon up stairs was getting his birthday present ! I poured the guys a whiskey from my stash and we said cheers as Julia walked in the snug looking abit worse for wear . I said ok honey? She said yeah but i think i need to give my pussy a rest for a bit ... I said come here lets have a look and i slid a finger in and got a nice glob of spunk on it and i licked it clean. I said babe your fiilled with cum still ! The boys said Julia you been amazing all the guys are talking about you being so hot a… Read more

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Making up for not answering calls or text messages


I arrived home a bit later than usual, and was surprised to find he was already there. I grabbed my bags, covered them with my jacket, and headed in. "Hey, I'm home!" I called out, not stopping to even look to see where he was. I put my bags into the closet, hung my jacket, removed my shoes and went to the kitchen to pour a glass of wine. "Where've you been?" You asked me casually, but in a tone I didn't quite recognize. I put the stopper back into the bottle, put it into the fridge and took a deep breathe. "Well, I got off work early. Sent you a text that Donna and I were going shopping. I as… Read more

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Ms Peaches...I eat her pussy

First TimeHardcoreInterracial Sex

I met Mistress Peaches after she saw my profile online, and responded with the simple message: "I've always wanted a pussy slave " We chatted by email for the next week or so, gradually getting to know each other, as much as is possible by writing. I was writing down an experience I'd recently had at the time, so I sent her that story in instalments as I wrote it, reasoning that it would either frighten her off, or intrigue and excite her.. She seemed to like it, and the tone of her replies became gradually more assertive and domineering. Finally, towards the end of last week, she instructed… Read more

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Hotel Paradise.

HardcoreMatureSex Humor

I arrived at the Hotel Paradise on a warm summer morning, the place was well known as one of the best resorts in town and I had an interview here, to hopefully get a job. After strolling in the front grand entrance, and reporting to one of the receptionist, I was shown through a staff only door, and then guided through a labyrinth of corridors until I reached an office area where a hot blonde woman in her early twenties sat at a desk doing some paper work. "Hi, i'm Sally" she said smiling at me. "I'm Toby Harris, i'm here for an interview" I replied back. "Oh good, Ms Porter has been waiting f… Read more

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Best Fuck of My Life


This is a 100% true story of the best fuck of my life. It happened almost 2 years ago. I had gotten back into dressing after a very long time. I work very hard at being as passable as possible and it really seemed to work on this particular night. Here's the story. I got all dolled up in one of my new dresses and headed up to VIP Nightclub north of here. It had been a great night for me getting a lot of attention from both men and girls. One super cute Asian girl even came up to me and said I reminded her of Jennifer Aniston. I smiled and said, "well, maybe her mother". Time flew by and it wa… Read more

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Par-5 on hooking up with the girl from the earlier


We finally got to the strip club and while we were standing in line she talked to me about how she used to be a stripper but not at this club but she knew some stuff about the amateur night and told me that it sounds like a lot of fun! We went in and sat down in order a couple of beers and sat there watching the girls that work there start the show and start stripping, which was very hot sitting there watching that with her! Eventually the DJ started talking about how it was amateur night and explaining the rules, any girl that wants to participate has to come up and give their name, which sh… Read more

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Sam part Two


Sam Part Two Yesterday was a busy day at our nursing home, a pipe burst,so plumbers called, and a couple of new staff nurses to interview. I was wearing my usual care home uniform, a nice light blue one, no stocking or suspenders, just some comfortable white panties and a white bra underneath my blouse, nothing suggestive in the least, for a change lol. In the staff room, the talk was of Sam being a naughty boy again,telling the young girls what he would like to do to them given half a chance. Now no doubt some of these girls could handle him, no pun intended, but then it may well be worryin… Read more

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My Wifes First Black Experience Chapter 10

Interracial SexHardcore

Chapter 10 The guy licking her pussy and ass stood up and pulled out his hard cock which looked around 7 inches and stuck it in Julias pussy and started to fuck her. She could handle him no problem at all and as she took it another guy moved in front of her and stuck his cock in her face and she began to suck him. I sat on the sofa as this was happening and Simon sat next to me and said u ok Jon you dont mind my friends having some fun with Julia ? I said no its cool no one will beat you i dont think!. He put his hand on my leg and agreed. More of the guys moved in the room Tam and 3 others c… Read more

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My Wifes First Black Exerience Chapter 9

Interracial SexHardcore

Chapter 9 I finished in the garden and headed into the house to go get a shower and there were about 5 guys there with Tam and Simon Ty was arriving later on that day. The 5 guys were all white and i whispered to Julia look at all this young meat for you ! She whispered back i bet you hope they like guys you mean ! I laughed it off and went for a shower. As i came out Tam was hovering around my room with a friend of his a white guy called Paul he introduced him as i had a towel around me and Tam said this is Jon he makes me very happy if you know what i mean and Paul said what you mean he l… Read more

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Shopping for Antiques


I was shopping for an antique cabinet on Saturday; I'd already been to three different Antique stores but found nothing. Fortunately, I had put a bit of thought into the process and had driven to the furthest store first and progressively made my way back home visiting the other stores. So far I'd found nothing that was vaguely suitable. As I wandered into the final antique shop, I saw a cabinet that was perfect for what I wanted. So much for all that planning I thought, if only I'd come here in the first place I could have saved half a day. I pulled out my tape-measure and noted down all the… Read more

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A Night To Remember


So I come over to stay the weekend. Your husband took the k**s on a weekend vacation. We hang out with some of your friends and have some drinks and laughs. It’s getting late and I’m exhausted from a long day at work followed by a few hour drive to your house. So I go upstairs and climb into your bed. After about an hour all of your friends are gone. You make your way upstairs and carefully tie me to your bed post. I don’t wake up. Next you take a ball gag that has a fat dildo on it and attach it to my head/mouth. This is when I wake up. It takes me a second to realize that I’m anchored to t… Read more

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Gay Husband - A Divorce Revenge Story

Gay MaleTabooHardcore

Getting a divorce is normally quite hard... especially if you want out and she doesn’t. Most people pick fights (precursors) to make life so miserable, that you’ll each want out. However, it can take months or even years... and it’s incredibly painful! The technique I used with Olga (Russian hottie) was to pretend to “become gay”. I’m bisexual so it wasn’t too much of a stretch. Once I decided that I was done, I developed and implemented “Operation Gay Husband”. It was purposefully mean but with a twist... she didn’t know I was getting even for all the crapp she put me through with her chur… Read more

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The First Time is Always the Best

First TimeHardcoreMasturbation

Like many guys, I "discovered" my orgasm by mistake while privately touching and watching myself when I was about 12 years old. Through a series of random strokes I somehow made it to the point of no return. I vividly remember the intense feeling gradually building within my loins and the profuse precum, having no idea how it was going to end! I recall both the physical euphoria and the guilt of seeing hot cum gush for the first time from the tip of my cock, shooting across my abdomen and chest. In spite of the guilt, I never looked back. Since that first time, I have masturbated at least dail… Read more

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Dream Cum True

Interracial SexHardcoreGroup Sex

My wife Barbara and I have been swinging for about 2 years. In the beginning we would be laying in bed naked and I would play with her cunt and suck her nipples and whisper in her ear. I’d ask her to think about guys with big dicks and how they would feel stretching her cunt. The thought of seeing a big cock slide into her belly and fill it with cum always turned me on. I told her I wanted her to fuck another guy while I watched. I told her how I wanted to see the big head of a cock slide past her pussy lips and fill her belly to capacity, then squirt his cum deep in her belly and watch it le… Read more

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Slut Wife Terry Webb Recognized

VoyeurGroup SexHardcore
Slut Wife Terry Webb RecognizedSlut Wife Terry Webb RecognizedSlut Wife Terry Webb RecognizedSlut Wife Terry Webb RecognizedSlut Wife Terry Webb RecognizedSlut Wife Terry Webb RecognizedSlut Wife Terry Webb RecognizedSlut Wife Terry Webb Recognized
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Slut Terry Webb Grope Her Booth 1st of 2

VoyeurHardcoreGroup Sex

Another one of our adventures that is more in line with being exposed and just being sexual. I hope my making money on my body don't cause you to think less of me. I mean I use to fulfill requests… Read more

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Slut Wife Terry Webb Artwork Displayed

VoyeurHardcoreGroup Sex
Slut Wife Terry Webb Artwork DisplayedSlut Wife Terry Webb Artwork DisplayedSlut Wife Terry Webb Artwork DisplayedSlut Wife Terry Webb Artwork DisplayedSlut Wife Terry Webb Artwork DisplayedSlut Wife Terry Webb Artwork DisplayedSlut Wife Terry Webb Artwork DisplayedSlut Wife Terry Webb Artwork Displayed
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