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My brunette curvy wife veronica, my blonde haired teen daughter Milly and myself, strolled along the road heading into the centre of the village that evening all dressed up for a night out. My wife wore a tight black dress that showed off her thick white thighs and plump cleavage, and my daughter wore her prom night dress, a pretty green number that made her look just like a princess, or so we said at the time. As we approached the local pub I asked Veronica once more "Are you sure about this?" "Yes, Peter, i'm sure" replied my wife "But it's them!" I said worriedly. "Yes, and she's going to l… Read more

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My Girl and Her Mom


I was introduced to i****t a little differently than most people. My first "i****t is best" experience was actually not i****t for me but for my girlfriend at the time. Her name was Kate and she was sexy as could be. She wasn't beautiful or elegant or anything like that, but she just had a look that was dead sexy. Kate was 5'8" with fire red hair that hung down to the middle of her back and bright green eyes that sparkled like none I have seen before or since. The only thing that kept Kate from being beautiful was her lack of curves. She was very skinny and did not have much in the way of brea… Read more

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Prostitute Stories: Short Stories


One Pump Chump This was a super easy pick up. I’m driving downtown near the government buildings, usually nobody here at night and it’s very far away from any of the regular tracks. Nonetheless there she is a young brunette, not too pretty but definitely not ugly, with a nice enough body. I stop she runs up to the window and asks for a ride, hops right in. She agrees to come to my place this is about a 15 minute drive. I put on some music, we talk and get to know each other. As soon as we get in she undresses immediately and I pay her. I can tell just by the way she’s acting this will… Read more

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Playing With Christine


After the bachelor party, all I could think about was when the next party would be. I found something that I love and could do for fun. I didn't have to separate myself from it like I did for work. Even if they were to pay me for it, I'm still the center of attention, I get all the cum and cock I want and I got to play with myself for the men. It was a perfect blend of all my wants and desires. So needless to say when Greg called me I about came out of my skin in anticipation. He told me that he and Mark were planning a get together at the gym on campus. I told him I'd definitely be there! Tha… Read more

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Ass Fuckin' Fun!


here's my reply to a message i recieved: q: does my ol man mind? a: lol i'm lucky if he does what i ask - and he rarely, if ever, responds to a command! Butt, I'm guessing you're asking if he minds about my having 2 boyfriends or the occasional 'new' sex encounter? Or me flashing and flirting around with our friends or the public? Well, for the most part, he gets a kick from my sexy antics. Ass for other parts, I don't tell him what I don't need to. For instance- let me tell you this story: Early one afternoon he and 3 buddies from his work showed up at the house, saying they'd finished t… Read more

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Destroyed: The "Legal" Version

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Friday, Jan.5, I was getting ready for a Girls' Night Out with three of my friends from the hospital when Mark, my neighbor Amanda's son, called me on the phone. "Get over here. Now." he said tersely. I immediately called my friends and canceled our plans. Then I removed all the clothing I had donned for the GNO, replacing it with just a scandalously-short red satin robe, barely concealing my cunt, no panties, leaving it defenseless against what I was certain would be a relentless pounding by the 90-year-old boy. Heart racing, breathing heavily in anticipation of what he might decide t… Read more

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Birthday Blowjob


My boyfriend is so freaking good to me. He cooks, he cleans, and his talented tongue makes me cum almost daily. But early on in our relationship, I was pretty unsure about letting him cum on my face. I consider myself a feminist and most of my friends in that circle won't let guys do it, but I knew how badly he wanted to mask my face with his hot jizz, so in the first year of our relationship, I decided to give him exactly what he wanted for his birthday. On his birthday, we went out to dinner, saw a movie, and ended up back at his place, snuggling on the couch. Greg, my bf, was in his nice t… Read more

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Camp can do

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by Williacj my female friend Nicole invited me up north one weekend, she made reservations on Friday and we drove up to Mystic Lake and we pitched a tent up on a hill overlooking the river. Nicole was wearing a lovely speckled spaghetti strap top tight blue jean short shorts and platform flip flops, I tried not to look at her chest and she eventually noticed. "earth to chris" she said waving her hand in front of my face. I leaned over and gave her a hug”you look good” I told h… Read more

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1 AM cravings

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by Williacj My co worker Kara was having a bad day at work,I tried cheering her up by giving her a rose and a warm hug,This brought tears to her eyes. I came behind the bar and took care of her bus tubs. When she came back to the dish room She tried to tip me out but I refused. I told her a kiss on the cheek would be enough. I grabbed her hand and kissed it. She smiled left the dish room and looked around. a minutes later she turned off the lights in the dish room walked up to me and kissed me. I wrapped my arms around her waist and pressed my lips against hers. I held her and kissed her… Read more

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Kristi's Dilemma, Part Nine - First Trick

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The next week, Mike scheduled Kristi to work her first Friday night. This was her prime time debut appearance on stage, although she was fairly well known among the afternoon and weeknight customers. More important to her – and to Mike – it would mark her debut as the newest prostitute at the club. Kristi detested the word, but she knew it was true. Tonight she would become a prostitute, selling her body for money to any man who wanted her and had the cash to pay. Mike had made it clear that whether the customer used a condom was entirely up to him. Kristi understood. Her body belonged excl… Read more

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Interviewing the Slut Wife of mine

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Cheryl was sitting on the couch as I began to do an interview video of her. She wore her black shelf bra, black hose, and several loads of cum on her tits and face, plus some oozing from her cunt. “How did you enjoy your afternoon, my horny little slut?” I asked as she scooped a bit of cum from her right breast and then lick it from her finger. “Oh, it was so much fun fucking and sucking four guys for an hour,” she smiled lewdly, flicking her tongue out a couple of times. “You’re happy with all of that cock them?” “Mmm, but of course, and all of that hot cum they shot in my pussy, and dow… Read more

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The little special pill 9

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My names Geoffrey and i'm a happily married man to a beautiful woman called Mary, we've been together for over thirty five years and it's been wonderful, but over the last few years as we moved into our fifties my wife has begun to loose interest in sex. I tried not to make a big thing about it, I know as women get older their needs begin to fade away, and so I turned to the comfort of porn and soon found myself browsing through all types as my eyes were open to a completely different world. Mary didn't seem to bothered by it either and sometimes sat in on my sessions as I groped myself to pic… Read more

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Black Man in the Grey Morning

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I found this story on a site a few years ago, I do not think it was copyrighted by the original writer, and so I thought I'd share it with all the other BBC parTy freaks, sit back, fire up a joint, or your pipe, kick back and stroke your cock to some wild BBC and white slut boy action ;) If this is copy protected please message me and I will immediately delete it. ************************************************************************************************************************************* As I left my apartment building to get some coffee, he was standing at the entrance. He was li… Read more

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Party Installation


Please note this is not mine, I found it online and loved the thought of it happening to myself. All credit goes to a_thing_for_rubber from fetlife. At 37 years of age Linda was not overly pleased with her sex life. Having had a few semi-serious relationships in her life none of them had ever lasted. She was not sure why, they just hadn’t. The outside observer could have guessed it had something to do with her fetish for latex and BDSM but the recent relationships had been with men very much into that scene. Thinking yet again about what she thought was something wrong with her she dismissed… Read more

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Peggy my wifes sister, road trip


So I got volunteered to drive with Peggy back upstate to her house to grab a few things and sort some shit out. We got up early, got a few bagels and hit the road. An hour into our 8 hour drive Peggy was asleep. She reclined the seat and kinda just sat there sleeping, her big titties bouncing over every bump. I figured i could have some fun. I may of fondled her boobs and rubbed her pussy through her pants while she slept. Another hour passed and Peggy woke up, needing to pee. We find a park that has a playground and a bathroom. I pull up next to door since we are the only car there. And of co… Read more

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Morning Fuck and Piss boobjob on Asian wife

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I really like when in the morning I grab my wife's tits and her big nipples are getting hard instantly, it means she is ready for a good fuck! That's what happened a few days ago when I woke up and saw my asian wife Oxana with her tits out. Sometimes her top slips during the night and her huge F cups ares so huge that they can't be contained and they escape out of her shirt. I felt that Oxana was excited when her nipples went hard really fast and she started to gri… Read more

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Fuck! 2 Negro Gun Barrels for Tracy!!!

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If you have been following the crazy world of big, fat, useless Tracy, my useless little cocked Hubbies step daughter, then you will realise why I am always so pissed off about that lazy fucking bitch! Okay so having worked hard, and with my black lover Jazz to get rid of her, she is now trying to invade my BBC worls of pleasure! The trick worked, where we got her Fiance, Mark to see her let go with a hung black lad as a voyeur, with Mick, my hubby and see her utterly blacked in all her holes, through sheer desire. Yes Mark through his anxiety told her to move in with him. At last she was no… Read more

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Carissime ragazze, se leggerete questa storia e non avete "amanti" che ve lo chiedono, ascoltatemi: NON DEPILATEVI, soprattutto le ascelle, le braccia e la bernarda! Lo scrivo nella speranza che qualche donna che incontrerò e con cui mi metterò a ciulare esaudisca il mio desiderio perché oramai la moda rende quasi impossibile incontrare una donna naturale dato che predomina l' estetica, soprattutto maschilista, del corpo femminile identico a quello delle bambole! Io non pretendo che la donna sia ricoperta di peli come certi uomini, però noi non nasciamo depilate perché i peli, anche se non a t… Read more

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Umiliata di fronte ai miei compagni di classe e no

First TimeHardcoreMature

25 Marzo. Diario di Marzia Cabelletti. Finalmente riesco a scrivere nuovamente sul mio diario. L’ultimo mio aggiornamento risale al 12 Marzo, il giorno prima di… di… ancora oggi ho difficoltà solo a ricordarlo. Devo farmi forza. Lo psicologo da cui sono andata mi ha detto che per me è molto importante che io ricordi tutto e che lo scriva. “Per esorcizzare la vergogna” dice lui. E’ facile dare consigli, vorrei vedere lui se i suoi colleghi lo prendessero e… no, così non và bene, devo seguire un ordine. Devo descrivere la brutta cosa che mi è successa dall’inizio. Come se fossi una giornalista e… Read more

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So this woman responded to my ad looking for a mature juicy white woman. She lived about a half hour away but I didn’t mind the drive. When I pulled up to the address she lived in a small duplex home. I texted her and told her I was out front and she told me to just walk in the door. I walked up to the door and walked in and she was in the living room waiting for me. She was wearing short denim shorts and a long t shirt. She had long curly brown hair a huge round ass and huge tits but her face wasn’t much to look at. She had to be around 50. We made small talk while she led me down the hall to… Read more

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