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MILF forced to watch young daughter get fucked.


Whore. Pain. Humiliation. Degradation. Slut. ...ist :) This tail comes from the filthy depths of my depraved, kinky, nasty, insane, mind. Which is where it stays folks!!! Know that this is fantasy only, not real, ever. Meaning please, please don’t really hurt people... In my brain is where it stays and lives forever... but pretend, let your imagination run wild... Prologue: 3 large, muscular, fit, intimidating men cruised slowly behind her, “there she is man, right on schedule” said the bulky bearded 30 something one (Beard Man) sitting in the back passenger side seat of the black Caddy,… Read more

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Degraded MILF forced to watch young daughter get f


Whore. Pain. Humiliation. Degradation. Slut. ...ist :) This tail comes from the filthy depths of my depraved, kinky, nasty, insane, mind. Which is where it stays folks!!! Know that this is fantasy only, not real, ever. Meaning please, please don’t really hurt people... In my brain is where it stays and lives forever... but pretend, let your imagination run wild... Prologue: 3 large, muscular, fit, intimidating men cruised slowly behind her, “there she is man, right on schedule” said the bulky bearded 30 something one (Beard Man) sitting in the back passenger side seat of the black Caddy,… Read more

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Katie the office slut fucked by the boss


Katie, wife, mother of three, monogamous for all my married life, well until about a year ago when I went into sexual overdrive, a mature woman who knew what she wanted - cock and the more I got the more I want. My changing sex life is there to be seen in pictures and stories. After many years of one man, one cock I have lost count of how many cocks have stuffed my holes during the last 12 months, strangers, Harry’s friends, my friends ex partners, customers, twenty truckers and counting and last Christmas I was fucked sensele… Read more

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Katie's online search for stranger cock part


Katie goes online in search of cock continued... Malc needed no permission and fingers were quickly rubbing my pussy. He pulled me up and drew my face towards his and stuck his tongue straight down my throat. I don’t usually kiss much, ‘don’t kiss me, just fuck me’ being my motto, but I liked his confidence, his control and his finger technique was spot on . I came very quickly and he held onto me, firmly, still kissing me, making me squirm as I was struggling to cope with the sensation, ‘fucking hell, fucking hell’ I cr… Read more

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Daddy and Mommy Seduce Tracy


"Fuck yes! Fuck yes! Fuck yes! You fucking bastard! Fuck me like I'm Tracy...Fuck me like I'm Tracy..." Tonya was growling into her husband's neck as his thick cock drilled in and out of her tight ass. Her pussy was done. He'd been pounding away at it off and on for a couple of hours, and it needed to rest. Todd's thick cock was hard, and abusive on her soft, fleshy, wet insides. He had left her pussy sore, red, and inflamed after so much pounding, and squirting. Her clit was on fire from the hard grinding from his pelvis. Now, her ass hole was getting to be a victim. "Yeah? You want fucked li… Read more

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HardcoreFirst Time

The fellow we chose was younger than us, not all that good looking with fit body in his tee shirt and light slacks showing off his long legs. At the resort we were staying at he began a conversation with us mainly as he heard my American accent and was planning to go to America to travel and hopefully find a job. We soon got friendly as he seemed very open and honest despite his language not always so gentlemanly. Sarah was far more tolerant of his calling someone he disliked a “cunt” or a “total arse hole!” On our third night there we decided to put our proposal to Damian and he smiled and ag… Read more

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First TimeHardcoreLesbian Sex

Amanda was a pretty girl, with almond shaped eyes, and a smile to die for. She had a head full of reddish blond curls that she wore in a french braid down her back. Which complemented her peach colored skin. and reddish brown freckles. She was tall and had big breasts and a nice curvy figure, that she kept hidden with oversized sweatshirts or baggie jeans. She was also shy and a nerd. We went to the same high school and she was never the life of the crowd. Whereas I was always everywhere. I was Ms. Popularity at school as I knew everyone and they all knew me. During lunch she would g… Read more

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bending over does not mean fuck my ass


As I waited for the front door to be answered a strange voice said "may I help you." Somewhat surprised I said, "I'm Roger I'm here for Judy." With that the door opened and a big, older woman I did not know announced "Hello. I'm Judy's mom Sylvia. Judy told me to tell you she tried to call you to tell you she had to go to work at the last minute, but your answering machine never picked up." Now I remembered Judy said her mom was coming into town. I must admit I was curious about her because Judy has said derisively her mom is way bigger and older looking. Judy thinks I like younger women and… Read more

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The biker chick

MatureHardcoreFirst Time

I’ve been selling housewares for Macy’s for 20 years now. I love using my cheerful, personality to meet and help new people. It doesn’t hurt that I’m good looking for a 50 year-old guy, kind of a poor man’s Tom Cruise. I get to meet a fair share of women and sometimes when they are my type we become close friends. They have to be my age, nice, real and fun. Most important of all they have to be big. I’ve made friends with tall women, short women, dominant women, submissive women, busty women, pear shapes, all kinds of women, just as long as they’re on the large side. Last week I was absolute… Read more

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Awaking alone, naked and sore

HardcoreInterracial SexMature

That morning I woke up and found I was alone in bed. The room was filled with a soft glow that came from the huge side window. Sitting up, I found that my cunt and ass were incredibly sore. It hurt too much; but I also felt strangely satisfied. Then I realized I was still fully naked. I found my tiny leather bag in one corner, but nothing to wear. Wandering into the bathroom, then I found that even my ripped clothes I had tossed in the trash earlier had been taken; I finally found a very tiny black gown hanging on a door. Moving silently around the apartment, I found that I was… Read more

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Birthday party ORGY

AnalGroup SexHardcore

Hi friends this story happened when i am working in Bangalore hope you like this story and comment me sumbit your feedback to btechproductions8@gmail.com. Hi friends I am Leo I am 24 years old working in a MNC at Hyderabad presently. After completing my engineering I got posted as trainee in Bangalore so I was transferred to Hyderabad recently. So this was happened when I am in Bangalore. So the characters in this story are. Myself Leo I am 5’10” height and my tool was 7” and an average sized I am a moustache and beard guy with a glass I am a little bit geek and white fair skin. Preethi My sen… Read more

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My Career as a Nude Model

VoyeurFirst TimeHardcore

OK, “career” is a bit of an exaggeration, because I never earned any money from it, but when I was in my late teens I did do some modelling work on a strictly amateur basis. Let me explain. I met Cathy on our very first day of school. She was a pretty, funny, friendly girl and we became friends, like k**s do at that age. We weren’t special friends or anything, we were just mates; chums – whatever. When we moved up into secondary school she was beginning to develop from a gawky girl into being a good-looking young lady. Her hips widened; her breasts flowered. But we were still no more than fr… Read more

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Balling Sally , my wife's grandmother


If anyone would have told me three months ago that I would be having sex with my wife's 65 year old Grandmother, Sally, I would have laughed in their face. The fact is not only am I doing it , but to be honest with you I'm enjoying the hell out of it. Simply stated the old gal is twice as good in bed as her 30 year old granddaughter. Here's the story on age: Sally married my wife's grandfather at 15 and my mother-in-law was born when she was 16. My mother-in-law married at 18 and had my wife at 19. Sally is 65, my mother-in-law is 49 and my wife is 30. I am 31 and my wife and I have been marr… Read more

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HardcoreLesbian SexVoyeur

Wife Sarah and I duly reported in to Base with me starting my final year of service in the Air Force. Not entitled to base housing we found a furnished apartment in a modern apartment block in Lakewood only a short distance from my work area. Other military couples and families lived there including Army soldiers from Ft Lewis adjacent the base. We loved the open plan style complete with small reception area, lounge, kitchen area and a hall way with the bathroom and toilet on opposite sides finally the master bedroom with king sized double bed. We spent our first day mostly food shopping, sett… Read more

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chinese escort middlesbrough

First TimeHardcoreInterracial Sex

I normally write about my adventures from many years ago but this one is from only 3 months ago. First time seeing a Chinese massage escort in Middlesbrough. I saw a few adverts for Chinese massage on a couple of different websites, plenty of photos, lady looked nice then 1 of the reviews said not the lady in photos, so I phoned and asked and was told lady only works for 2 weeks at a time then they change over, in advertisement it also said you would receive a professional massage and be completely happy at end of massage, so I thought massage with hand job. So I phoned was asked when I wan… Read more

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A Not So Prim & Proper Wife- Chapter 7 (and La

Interracial SexVoyeurHardcore

A Not So Prim & Proper Wife- Ch. 7 Our story so far: Tessa’s ordeal finally came to an end, when Ofi arrived to check on her, only to walk-in on the goings on, and witnessing Tessa’s defilement by the three black youths. Rescuing her, Ofi whisked her away to an unknown location. A place unknown to Daniel, at least, yet he knew that she was with the black man who started her fall from a prim and proper wife’s lifestyle. It now became Daniel’s ordeal to try and recover, and save their marriage… if he could. ---------------------------------------- She hadn’t said anything to her husband,… Read more

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The Rugby Club

AnalHardcoreFirst Time

It was something I, who had lived in the town for years, was completely unaware of. I knew there was a Rugby club in town of course, and that they had a club house, but I didn't know about the annual “stag” nights that took place. At least I didn't until my mate Tony invited me to one. This was a few years back now, before we were both married, and I remember Tony being a bit vague about the whole thing. He and I had visited London strip clubs and had a good time in the past,, so he knew I would like the evening, but I was shocked at how expensive it was going to be – inordinately so really ev… Read more

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My dear wife used to tell me all about her teenage years and how she had sexy fun Without getting a proper fucking till we were married though she had a few close calls. She told me about her ex boyfriend Aidan and how he treated her and if I,d ever met him I,d have been tempted to just punch him and say “That,s for how you treated my wife You Bastard!” But Of Course I never met him. I,ll carry on with what she told me “I was impressed with Aidan. We went to the same school in London, he was always popular and chose me often as a partner at dances.I went to, he was a very good dancer, too, muc… Read more

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The Couple Next Door

HardcoreFirst TimeInterracial Sex

Story 12 The Couple Next Door I am a white girl in my teens, and have nice long shapely legs, blonde hair down to my waist, a tiny bottom, and a cute little face. ( or so I'm told ) I recently moved into a rented house in town so that it would be easier for me to attend the local college, and being nosy, I was keen to meet my next door neighbours. It all started when I was hanging out some undies that had just come out of the washing machine on a hot sunny day in the middle of July, when I heard a deep voice saying “Good morning, my name is Bruno; what's yours” ? I turned around, and in th… Read more

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Already told you about Helena RIP who left this earth from stomach cancer twenty years ago. I can truthfully say she was the only true nymphomaniac I fucked in my life. Like the old Martini ad ery she,d fuck or suck Any Time Any Place Any Where. I began to see why she,d been so successful in Hollywood as she had no qualms showing me photos she,d posed for in real hardcore porn where NOTHING was left to the imagination! She continuously begged me to piss on her. So I pissed on her, was amazed she,d then suck the pee away and suck me off for my young sperm! The problem was she was actually weari… Read more

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