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Geek Gets Revenge


I was cruising the slums, looking for pussy-for-hire, when I had to slam on my brakes. I almost got rear-ended by a guy in a Suburban that was obviously looking for the same sort of thing I was. I waved him around, and he sped off with a mouthed insult about my driving. I couldn't help it. I saw someone I knew. Carla Dawes. From high school. She had been a cheerleader, just seven years ago, a hot brunette with lovely tits and an ass that approached divine. She had always been on the arm of some jock, strutting around with her nose and perky tits in the air, not willing to give a geek li… Read more

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Sunday Funday


by williacj I bought a fleshlight STU (stamina training unit) sunday afternoon at an east side erotic boutique. I've owned a fleshlight crystal lady unit before, loved it, sadly it had to be retired because I didn't let it dry properly and as a result mold grew. I read the reviews about the STU and I was skeptical at first, I thought it was going to be the same as the crystal lady unit. I took it home after work and after unwrapping it I ran warm water through it let it dry a bit and then lubed it up and inserted myself into… Read more

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On the beach

Group SexHardcoreMasturbation

My boyfriend and I were relaxing on the beach that warm fall evening. The temperature was warm enough for us to lie on the beach in a bikini and trunks, but not hot enough for us to go in the water, so the beach was deserted. Plus, we had found a cozy secluded rocky spot around a bend away from the boardwalk. We were all alone. It was great! “Dear,” he said to me, “Why do… Read more

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Fucking My xhamster Friend

HardcoreGroup SexFirst Time

So, my fifth semester in college was going on and I had a boyfriend Raj. We had done everything except for fucking though I was all ready for it. We had kissed each other and he had sucked my boobs multiple times in the college bathroom. What we used to do was that I would go to the washroom and he would come after me a few minutes later and I used to enjoy getting my boobs sucked by Raj. Kabir was the best friend of Raj. Though we, me and R… Read more

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Best Wife Swapping Sex Experience – Part 1

HardcoreGroup SexInterracial Sex

At our first encounter, we saw each other naked on cam (obviously face hidden). After that, we regularly started chatting and soon we became good friends and we shared our mobile numbers. Since both of us belong to different cities, it was really difficult to meet. Finally, after months of cam and phone sex, we met in real and had passionate sex in a hotel. I just can’t forget ou… Read more

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Fun Filled Trip To Goa

HardcoreGroup SexAnal

Abhishek is a good looking guy with decent physique and is a good athlete around 5’10” around 28 years of age…. Chahat is 24 years old having a sexy figure of 34-26-34….and extremely sexy. So what we describe out here is how we met for the first time in Goa and how things happened between us….. I was staying in Goa for few days on work in a premium hotel on beach…..and Chahat was staying in a rented apartment as she was there on a study project from college. We both are fitness freaks….and one fine Sat… Read more

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Fucking Continued -1

Group SexHardcoreAnal

My figure is 34-24-34. Let me tell you a few things people asked me- pink nipples, excellent boobs etc. Anybody will love to suck my boobs. Guys please don’t ask me for my pic and figure and size of boobs etc. Being a girl, I cant disclose all this. Please understand. Please dont be lustful. I try to reply to all the emails I receive. I am glad at having received immense love from all of you. Good news for you guys. Now I am also on hangouts with the same id. I guess I am boring you. Let me come to th… Read more

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Fucking Continued – Part 2

Group SexHardcoreSex Humor

This story is about how I was double fucked. I told you about Lucky in the last story. 6 feet height, excellent physique and of course good personality. He always ****d me with his eyes. Once Rohit was not in the gym and I was doing normal exercises and all. I went to the washroom to freshen up and I had not opened the door that Lucky called me from behind and asked me to go with him. I asked him where but he told me to keep quiet and follow him. I obliged. He took me in some store room and removed his v… Read more

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Fucked My Landlady’s Hot Son

HardcoreSex HumorMature

Let me remind you of myself. Fair complexioned, Height 5’7″ and Figure 34-24-34. I believe this much information is enough to drive you crazy. I am also available on Google Hangouts for sexy chatting and long and sexy role plays. I am thankful to all the readers for taking the time to read my stories and sending me feedback. Guys, I love all of you and I love the c… Read more

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Dream Fuck Became True-1

HardcoreGroup SexSex Humor

To be honest, till date, I just had the cocks inserted into my pussy. I don’t know why but yes, I was scared to get my ass rammed. Whenever Kabir fucked me, he always used to say that I have a sexy ass and that ass fucking gives 10 times the pleasure I get with pussy fucking but the fear I had in my mind always stopped me. Though I had heard about this pleasure of ass fucking from my friends but still I was not ready for this. At times, Kabir also tried to insert his finger in my ass but I gave me immens… Read more

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Dream Fuck Came True Part -2 (Fucked John)

HardcoreAnalSex Humor

In my previous story, I told you about how John fucked me hard in the pussy in his flat and later he dropped me in my room on his bike. Since I was tired by all the fucking we had in the night and in the morning, I slept immediately. I woke up around 2 in the afternoon and all I could think about was John. Flashes of how he gave me immense pleasure by sucking my tits and pussy and by fucking my pussy with his hard cock were the only things going on in my mind. I had forgotten all about what I promised Kab… Read more

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birthday bash....

Group SexHardcoreTaboo

Mom as been in her new home,for a couple of months...its a bungalow. with a very nice front garden...but the back...is the best bit....it,s not overlooked. by other houses...not very wide,but is quite long...about 75 yards. with beautiful boarders,filled with plants and spring bulbs...there,s a small. stream,that meanders,down one side...and as you go further down...the grass just gets. a little more long....but just looks like a meadow,with wildflower....you could lose. yourself...and leave the world behind. mom was just putting the final touches to her home...she did,nt have a celler or de… Read more

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"Spankie", My First Submissive!

BDSMFirst TimeHardcore

So we are jumping back to the past again my friends! 1985……..Spankie! So to recap, over the summer I had my heart broken and was having a sexual drought. I lost confidence, I was working in a factory stacking heavy boxes for minimum wage, now nineteen years old going on my second year out of high school, a looser going nowhere. At that time, at least where I lived, the only night life for u******e adults was the video arcades and roller skating rings. Mostly populated by much younger girls, and I had an issue with dating unde… Read more

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How My Uncle Fucked Me-1


I will tell you with my story and you will come to know. We were staying in Jogeshwari E in 1 bedroom flat. Yes we were from a lower middle class family. Father burdened with loan because his partner, one of his c***dhood friend, who cheated him and took his business forcefully with the help of some local mafia and political leader. Father joined a company where he used to work in shifts. His salary was low and we had our difficulty… Read more

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My Aunt

MatureFirst TimeHardcore

My cell phone rang pulling me up out of stupor on my last day on campus as a freshman at the university. Reaching for it I reminded myself of all of the packing I needed to do before my dad showed up Sunday to haul my stuff and me back home for the summer. The caller was my mother I shook my head trying to clear up my senses before answering. "Hello Mom, I'm up I'm just not functioning real well after finals yesterday." "Uh baby, you need to get a move on, your father will be there in about 2 hours to pick you up. We need your help here as soon as he can get you home. Well we don't, but your… Read more

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Best Employee

Group SexHardcoreVoyeur

My wife, Leslie, and I have been married for over twenty years. We also have a home based internet business that has started to take off. We needed to hire someone as she and I were becoming overwhelmed. We hired Linda to help us out. Linda stepped in and had no problem taking some of the strain off the two of us. She was great and she and Leslie soon became good friends. I mean it was like they had known each other forever. We started to have "happy hour" on Friday afternoon, Linda and Leslie would make drinks and sit on the deck and talk, giggle and get drunk. I was glad they got along so we… Read more

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Friend's wife pisses herself!


This happened when we were much younger, and partying a lot harder. After a long day/night of drinking, we ended up back at my apartment. My friend's wife was beyond hammered, and went directly to the spare room and passed out. We stayed up and had another couple drinks before he headed to the spare room to join her, and I went to my room. A few minutes went by and then I heard him shouting a bunch, "Fuck, what the fuck, seriously!" So I got out of bed in my boxer shorts and went to check on him. I opened the door to my spare room and found him standing over his sleeping wife, and he was pis… Read more

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A walk around the lake


My old friend Matt had invited my wife and me to spend the weekend with him at his comfortable house in the woods. He was a widower now; since Nancy had passed away a year ago. While talking with him, he told me he was fine about his sexual arousal and he had no great expectations about having sex; but he also confessed me that he was attracted by my sensual Anita. Then I had accepted his invite to go to his home; I was hoping to see my sexy wife entangled with my old friend in his king size bed. As we arrived there in the afternoon, Matt offered us his home, his heart and everyt… Read more

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Being a Whore for a free Holiday


Again this is an entirely true story from my sex history. This one is more about how weird Clare was as a girl to fuck. Clare was 25, a shy and quiet work colleague. We had both recently become single and she was a bit flirtatious with me occasionally in work. After a few months of talking, we started occasionally messaging and there was a bit of chemistry and banter between us. Although i had learned that she had some sort of boyfriend, so i had not approached the idea of a date in case this boyfriend was a serious relationship. I knew Clare had gone on holiday to Spain and saw her empty de… Read more

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Our Date


I come over to your home to meet you , and you greet me and we kiss my hand finds it's way to your breast, slipping under your bra, your fat, hard nipples burning a spot in the palm of my hand. You undo your blouse and take off your bra, giving me free rein to bite and tug on your nipples. I say, let's pump them. We have chatted about this before and I know that you are anxious for me to give your breasts and nipples some attention. You take me to the bedroom where I use a bit of oil on your nipples and pump each one into a cylinder. we both get naked and I trace my tongue around your breas… Read more

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