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Amulya Learns a Lesson--2

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HI MY FUCKING COCKS THIS IS U R AMULYA...READ BEFORE PART TO UNDERSTAND THE STORY..... I turned to watch as his arm rose and the belt dropped down over his back before whistling through the air and cracking into the lips of my sex. Thankfully he had wrapped the buckle end in his palm now. "One Sir." I called immediately and the arm was back up as I gasped. The second stroke made its stinging strike before I started breathing again and I breathed in sharply before I could call out, "Two Sir." The following three strok… Read more

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Begging For It

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I am AMULYA 25 year old student of an air hostess academy at Bangalore . Saturday nights were dull, they had always been dull. I wished for something to happen, to change the monotony of life. I really should have been careful what I wished for.I was 19 when it happened, working at the restaurant in sector 17 in chandigarh to earn some extra cash while I enrolled at a air hostess training academy. Every single saturday night was the… Read more

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Sex With Boyfriend In Front Of Hubby--3

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Read before parts to understand the story line guys.... Arvind’s penis was getting harder and harder and he was giving out wild noises, I knew then that he was about to release him cum. I was getting tired already and soon I felt like a jet that have been opened in my mouth with his discharge coming out with great vigor and hitting my deepest part of the throat and gulping down. My mouth was full with Arvind’s cum and it… Read more

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Amulya Falls For Money Chapter 5

HardcoreGroup SexFirst Time

Read before series to understand thiss,,,,,,,,,, "Never mind. I'm about to take a ride in the city, see an old friend. I'm sure he'd like you." Sonika smiled and touched Ramya on her arm, "You will come won't you?" "I don't know." replied Ramya. Sonika pouted her lips, then smiled again, "Please." Ramya looked around the parking area in her colony, it was fairly dusk and her parents would return, she sighed, "Ok, just for the ride." Ramya wanted to go with Sonika and ask her things, already she was treating Ramya like as… Read more

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Sex With Boyfriend In Front Of Hubby--2

HardcoreGroup SexFirst Time

This is u r Amulya read before part to understand the story line... I was hot enough and would have got myself fucked there itself but I could do nothing except responding to his kisses. I allowed him to explore my mouth with his tongue and did the same thing myself and tasted each other’s saliva. After a few minutes of hard kissing he finally released his grip and we both mo… Read more

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Amulya Falls For Money Chapter 2

HardcoreGroup SexFirst Time

Read before part--1.... This was quite a picture With Sonika in his lap Shatir was seated on the sofa, his mouth attached to the slut’s as he cupped and squeezed her ass with his hands. Just off to the side was Ripu whose hands were stroking and mauling Sonika's breasts through the dress she wore. Ripu was not able to take it anymore and leaving the french kissing couple as they were, he went to the refrigerator and pulled out the ‘Kit kat’ from there. He kept the same next to him on a table so that it… Read more

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Amulya Falls For Money Chapter 3

Group SexHardcoreBDSM

Read before 1&2 series of this stories........ Chapter 03: Sonika is fucked by Shatir's client in his own house. Sonika lay on her back, savoring the erotic moments of her orgy in Ripu's office imagining the pungent smell of Shatir's balls, his eruption and the load of cum which had gone straight down her throat. The weight of Ramya's hand on her shoulder woke her up,' Hey, take this cup of tea and let us go and watch a movie, by the way what are you day dreaming Sonu?', asked Ramya. Last Friday i… Read more

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Amulya Falls For Money Chapter 4

HardcoreInterracial SexFirst Time

Read before series to understand this........ Lee Neville, an influential Anglo-Indian from Dehradun had come in to the capital today, two days after Sonika's scorching fuck with Loria. He was a close friend of the Oil Minister and of late was busy influencing him to oppose the setting up of private 'petrol stations' by the government. Shatir was heavily dependent on that to expand his business. Shatir and Ripu were engaged with the Minister for quite some time now on this issue and had got him to visit Ripu's mall sometime back along with Mr. Lee, trying to get some mileage out of the… Read more

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Pee hole play


I was thinking about you, it was 10 PM and I got up from the sofa and began calling you. I told you I wanted to play with your pee hole, were you up to some late night fun?? You said yes, but you were needing to shower...and then 45 minutes later you call me and I come get you. The anticipation of you coming over to my house and me playing with your big fat, mature nipples before you lie on my bed....opening yourself to me and allowing me free access to your jewels. I lay you on some towels and bend over to suck those big butterfly lips, as I pull your lips wide apart seeking the tiny hole a… Read more

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Sandal shopping


We are Dan and Anne, we’d been dating for a couple of years. A while ago we were in Atlanta on a trip, a holiday and one day drove into Marietta . We lunched in a small tavern that had a intriguing menu, then went walking and looking at the few shops there. Late in the afternoon we came across a small shoe shop. Anne had been looking for some open sandals for a while. On entering the shop we were met by a gentleman of around mid-60's. My gal Anne would have been 63. Another lady of a similar age could be seen at the back of the shop. Anne was wearing a summery dress about knee length with b… Read more

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Step-mother seduces step-son


Sophie would never forget the day it started, how her step-son had caught her coming out of the shower and how it made her feel, wanted and attractive. But we are getting ahead of ourselves. Thomas was a regular nineteen year old, he was going to college but living at home with his father Paul and step-mother Sophie to save on money. His mother had died in a car accident when he was eight and his father remarried six years later having met Sophie but because he often worked out of town on constructions Sophie became the main adult in Thomas's teenage life and they grew very close. Sophie pri… Read more

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Home alone??

Group SexHardcoreLesbian Sex

Home alone?? I'm home alone as usual. I laid out several vibrators and a dildo on my bed. I took a shower and I was looking forward to an evening of self pleasure. I was getting out of the shower I hear a noise I think there's someone in the house. Holy fuck there is. I'm sure it's a burglar. I wrap a towel around me to go to my room to try and get to my phone to call the police. Before I can get to my bedroom I'm put in a headlock and an arm lock. A womans voice hollers out I caught a bitch for us. She pushes me into my bedroom. A man comes up the stairs. Good you caught a nice clean on… Read more

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Call Me Daddy, Part 9

HardcoreTabooLesbian Sex

Continuation from her perspective: I lowered myself down and with her help, guiding my face, zeroed in on her open and very wet puss. I did my best, lapping at her but t was difficult to concentrate as Daddy was finger-fucking me all the while. She seemed to be annoyed with my lack-luster performance and asked Daddy if I could roll over. "In a minute" replied Daddy. "Let me remove this tail first." With those horrifying words, I felt a steady pull on the butt-plug and I tried to relax to facilitate the removal. Relaxing my anal ring was difficult anyway, yet compounded as this woman was hol… Read more

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Call Me Daddy, Part 11


After I sucked daddy clean, instructed me to wait for His instructions about our next meeting. I was honestly in total shock! There were my wedding rings, covered in His cum and whatever juice dripped from me, and His statement that it was time to inform my husband about what was going on! 'How? What? Why?' They were all swimming around in my head. I got up and cleaned my rings. I then cleaned myself and then went to hold my baby. That night, in bed, my husband felt frisky but I remembered Daddy's instructions about my holes belonging to Him and had to make up a stupid excuse and then gave m… Read more

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You Promised


"You Promised" I walked into the kitchen with my empty water bottle and there he was, coffee cup in hand. "Busted!" I proclaimed. "What's in the mug?!" "Ice water." "Well, it better be. You promised. No coffee until you taste better." I had made him promise to be careful about his diet. Not long ago, after a blowjob, he asked me how it tasted. "I can share it with you, if you're really curious." I teased him through a still-full mouth. He emphatically declined. "Can I fix that?" he asked. "Web search" is what I answered. I peeked into his coffee cup and praised him. "Okay, time for… Read more

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Call Me Daddy, Part 10


Continuation, Written from her perspective: I felt Daddy's thick cock begin to spasm and throb and it was too much for me. This woman above me was relentless in her pulling and twisting of my nipples and it was all too much for me. I erupted in my own orgasm, screaming up into her gushing pussy. I then felt Daddy spray His hot cum DEEP into my womb about the time this woman rubbing her groin on my face ground down hard on my mouth and climaxed. Once we all calmed, I felt Daddy withdrawal and the woman above me slid off of my face. "she's adequate" said this woman, "yet needs to be taught tec… Read more

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Uncle Eddie Vol. 6

First TimeHardcoreMature

Hi, my name’s Sarah and I’m about to share with you guys what happened with me in the last week. My family left me when I was 10 years old, after that, a guy named Eddie Found me and is taking care of me ever since. He has a big round belly fat guy, 5’10’’ and he is a nice guy for most of the time, except when I get my grades down. Whenever I get bad grades in any subject I get a hard spanking from him. Normally it’s supposed to be a punishment but I think I’m starting to enjoy it now, and I have a feeling he is always just looking for a reason to get into spank mode. That might be because… Read more

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Jacking Jacky with Food Porn


Jacky was a 55 year old blond Yorkshire lassie, 5ft 8”, nice and busty 36B, I guess, a little bit of middle age spread but great legs. She was once good looking but her face was wrinkled and framed in a pair of oval glasses. She used to try and dress 20 years younger which revealed bits and pieces a little too much. She was the careers co-ordinator in our college. She was also a bit talkative and overbearing. Once she engages you, you want to run. She was not very popular with the other staff. Most of us avoided her like the plague. However, we needed to pop in to her office to check on ava… Read more

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Donna the slag

Group SexHardcoreAnal

When Donna was about 24-25 we started going to a pub in a nearby town that was a bit rough. Our reasons for that was that they usually had a decent band on and the beer was really good and cheap. We'd go over on Saturday most weeks and she'd get pissed and have a laugh with the locals which usually meant her getting her tits out which the lads there loved. I was working right by the pub one day so unusually I popped in for a quick one on that afternoon. The pub is split into 2 rooms, the bar and the lounge at the rear. I was stood in the lounge having a beer when I overheard a couple of the lo… Read more

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A brother and sister get closer.

First TimeHardcoreTaboo

Jay woke up and swung his legs over the edge of his bed. Reaching down, he picked up the blue basketball shorts off the floor and slid them over his toned, cocoa-brown legs. He stood up and shuffled the garment over his morning wood, trying to shift his cock so that it wasn't poking out too much. Looking down, he saw that his efforts were pretty futile. He left his bedroom and went down the hallway into the kitchen. As he turned into the doorway, he saw the refrigerator door open, and a woman's shapely ass poking out as she was bent over looking for something. He stopped and stared, the round… Read more

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