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Match Up


Match Up George would not impress you as the kind of man who would be successful hooking up at cruising spots. His looks don’t exactly make him a model for Advocate or any of the other gay mags focusing on youth and looks. His look was more of what you would expect from a middle aged trucker, someone who spent hours behind the wheel and ate in the truck stops and paid the price for it. When I met him it was probably unlikely that we would have hooked up but it did happen. I am glad it did. Late one afternoon I swung by a local older truck stop to dash in for a drink and gas up. As usual the… Read more

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Linda's "Short Story" Part 2

First TimeHardcore

While Dim was one of the "shortest" partners she had been with, he was FAR from THE shortest. There were others that "surpassed Dim by quite a bit. Shortly after arriving in Vung Tau, Linda was employed as a masseuse in a "Steam and Cream" massage parlor. It DID have a steam room, although it was hardly used. Most of the patrons were there simply for a "massage" with a happy ending. Most of the girls there were either too old to get jobs elsewhere, or, like Linda, just starting in the "business," and unaware there were much better opportunities elsewhere. She would only stay there for 3 weeks… Read more

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More of cleaning lady adventures 01

First TimeGroup SexHardcore

By Dina Petro I was called by the office and informed of having a cleaning job to perform, they gave me the address and time to be there, at the exact time I was ringing the door bell, an older man who was at least in his late sixties or early seventies opened the door for me, from the first moment, he seemed to be a nice man with lots of flirting habits, he was always smiling and giggling. I greeted him smiling and saying “you have called the cleaning service requiring a maid Sir?” He nodded smiling and saying “Yes mam” I said “I am Anne, your cleaning lady Sir, and I am at your service” Wi… Read more

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Anna and Kyle Part 2 - The Next Morning


Kyle was still asleep next to me when I woke up. I slipped out of bed without waking him and went into the bathroom to brush my teeth. Looking at myself in the mirror, I had mixed emotions about the night before. On one hand the sex had been great and I felt wonderful about that, but on the other hand Kyle was so much younger than me and he was an employee of mine and my mind was racing with questions about what kinds of problems that was going to cause. Having the rest my staff find out that I had slept with one of them would be an absolute disaster. I knew I needed to sit down and talk to K… Read more

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Linda's "Short" Story

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We had been together for nearly 2 years. She was still working at the hotel, but only 3 nights a week, or when I had duty. She enjoyed the "work," and gave her a little extra spending money. She had ALWAYS enjoyed the variety. She loved the chance to have a dick that she had never seen before stuck inside of her. It was one (of many) of the thrills she got from her "job." I had been transferred to a different unit in the battalion, and been assigned the job of Dispatcher. I was on 6 days a week, with liberal time off, in case I needed to go to Saigon to take care of paperwork to bring her hom… Read more

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Getting fucked in a ridge zone

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It’s a nice morning as I took bath and breakfast before leaving for my college.for last 4 days ,I have not gone to college as my menustral cycle was in process and after losing my virginity this was the first menustral period I have faced,never got the experience that after this period my vagina will become so desperate for a fuck as itching inside it becomes regular from last evening.I rea… Read more

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Educating Stan (Judy's turn again)


Stan After the couple sessions we had with Judy, she became a bit obsessed with my Stan. I could understand because her hubby was still out at sea and would be for another six months. I loved Judy and since Stan had zero sexual contact before me, I wanted him to experience everything possible. Because she was my best and most trusted friend, I was absolutely willing to share. Besides all that, I was really turned on by watching him with her and at his age, there was plenty of Stan to go around. One night right before he got home from work, she called me. I could tell she was high the way she… Read more

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Dad’s friend: Forced sex – lost virginity


i have narrated of my physical love cum lust happened between my dad’s friend Hitesh as well as me,Dipali and as we both have enjoyed sex for first time and he have forced me to do so,i have made my mind to do so with him [read previous story ”Dad’s friend:forced sex” as well as ”Dad’s friend:love cum lust” and other ones also,so as i have a great sexual affair with him last time on V DAY,i have got strong massage from him about his inherent goal of enjoyi… Read more

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Dad’s friend : My love

HardcoreFirst TimeTaboo

, nothing seems to be a fantasy or dream if you love it and so ,a men of 37 years is just like my lover and to be true i love him now,so as our physical affairs starts with his forced sex and than it turns into my desires,now i am not thinking about his age or his friendship with my dad but as our meets are turning hot and memorable,i am in love with him and so the festival of love is on c… Read more

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Appartment’s park

HardcoreInterracial SexCelebrity

my hubby is in private job here,so as we both are enjoying our personal life without any responsibility (no k**s)till now,it’s really easy living with your hubby only but if you are not in job than you will feel bore in home alone. So as my hubby left home in the morning at 08:45 am and returns home till 07:30 pm ,there are less work in home as living in appartment’s flat never makes… Read more

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Office fuck

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I have enjoyed a lot with my hubby Ankit ,his friend Iqbal and with Rashid.so as Rima ,is a young married lady of 26 years,I have lost my virginity to my hubby on first night and than as he fucked me in a regular basis,I got addicted of it and than my mind become so dirty that one’s a stranger seduced me in a shopping mall and I got fucked in his car and lastly ,my hubby a conservative appr… Read more

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first threesome with my boyfriend

HardcoreFirst TimeGroup Sex

Me and my boyfriend first met to have threesome with a mutual friend. They had had sex a couple of times and wanted to explore more. They ask me and I joined. We did just about anything three guys can do together completely naked. A few days later he called me and invited me on a date. We did, more dates. After a few months we got together and moving together. The first year we had an incredibl… Read more

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The maid and her daughter

TabooFirst TimeHardcore

I was out driving around one day and decided to stop at my parents house , pulling up I noticed my moms car not in the driveway. I walked in the house and see my dad plowing the Asian maid. He had her up against the wall. Her hands holding her firm C cup titties as they bounced. She seen me watching her get fuck. I always liked Ming she stood 5’ even, nice firm round titts. She was Japanese. She even had a great ass for a Asian lady. I say lady cause she was 48 years old. Her face was beautiful and looked to be in her 30’s. My dad never knew I was there as his cock plunged in and out of Mi… Read more

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How I become a model and more


I never even thought of being a model, ever even with my husband saying I could be a model, I thought he was just being nice. We have been married for 4 years now, and yes I was young when we married but, I loved him with my whole being and couldn't think of being with anyone else. We met when I was in Jr. high school and started dating soon after. I was in grade 9 and he was in 11 and such a dam good looker. We married in July after I finished grade 12. He was working for his dad's trucking company so we had some money, but not a lot. I found a job at a dress shop in the mall so we could pa… Read more

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Innocence Corrupted.


“I want a baby Grandad…..l want your baby.” Jack was not completely shocked by Emma’s announcement, he had a feeling this was coming. He sat in his chair looking at the pair of them, his daughter and granddaughter seated on the sofa, both naked, sat there as if they were all having a normal family meeting. He thought to himself how this was the complete opposite to normal, how many men his age could possibly hope to have two such beautiful women eager to have sex with him, that was fantastic in itself, but when one was his daughter and the other his granddaughter the situation just turned int… Read more

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Unsatisfied Wife and Group sex

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I am a housewife. I was 21 when I was married to a 39 year old man. My parents forced me to marry this man because we where 6 sisters and we belonged to middle class family. My height is 5 2″ and my figure is 35 28 34. My husband name is Yasir. He is a rich man with cars and a big bungalow, servants. Since my wedding night I understood that he will never be able to satisfy me as it took… Read more

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swathi– wife whored in train-1

HardcoreGroup SexInterracial Sex

It was a Monday & Mohit (my hubby) & I had gone to attend a wedding. Hindi sex stories. I was dressed in a silver colored sari & a matching sleeveless blouse. My silky brown hair was tied up in French knot & only the narrow back of my low cut blouse covered my back. The front was also equally low cut but my pallu was covering my cleavage (at least at that time.) Hindi Sex St… Read more

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My StepSister

HardcoreFirst Time

Hi, i'm mark . A normal teen boy with the usual teen interests. I'm about 1,8m tall, weigh about 75kg, blue eyes, dark brown hair. I'm no superman, but keep myself in decent shape. I have a stepsister, Lisa who is 18. She is tall, slim, with long light brown hair, and beautiful C cup breasts and a nice round butt. I always sneak a peek at her whenever i can get a look at her body. But never actually thought about having sex with her, until tonight that is. We were very close, and had quickly become good friends when our parents started dating, and later married. Our parents was going away fo… Read more

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A Limo Ride to Remember

First TimeHardcore

"Oh my god, this is the biggest one I've ever seen!" Brittany gasped. She licked her cherry red lips as she gazed upon the giant hunk of meat presented in front of her. "I'm sorry, I just NEED to take a picture of this for Instagram." She reached into her purse, sifted through it for a few seconds, and took out her glittery silver cell phone. I rolled my eyes and sighed. "It's just a steak, Brittany," I said as I stabbed into a generous portion of my side caesar salad. Brittany glared at me. "It's not just a steak!" she exclaimed, "It's a filet mignon, the best portion of meat money can buy,… Read more

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The first time I got head from a guy.... loved it!

Gay MaleFirst TimeHardcore

So this was around 2007-2008 maybe, I was an underclassmen in college. I was a typical guy, played D1 football, had a 3.0 GPA, all the girls liked me and I was well known on campus overall. One day after a practice we were hitting the locker room to start heading home and whatnot. One of my boys pulled me aside and showed me a video, asking if I knew this had got out. It was a video and some pics I sent a girl that I was messing around with and when she found out I didn’t want a relationship at that time, she called herself “ruining” me by leaking that content. Coincidentally, I had nothing to… Read more

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