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CockSucker Wants Gay

FetishFirst TimeGay Male

I don't claim to speak for all cock suckers but what I'm about to reveal isn't going to come as a surprise to those who have given this subject any thought at all. Married cock suckers, in general have a guilt complex! That's right. If you think about it why would a normal, healthy, married man actively seek out men to "service"? Something is rotten in Denmark. Ok, maybe late in life they discover they are "bi"....really? How? Why? Something is not right somewhere. Wife no longer has sexual desire. Failure at work. Something makes a man get down on his knees and suck a cock. That somethi… Read more

Posted by 425olds 17 days ago 1 1,468 75%

My First time with a Man Part 2 (Fixed)

AnalFirst TimeGay Male

Again, I could not sleep all night, and barely managed to get some sleep around 4 am. 7.30am and the alarm went off, I took another shower and I left to the meeting point. He was right on time and we drove around 45 -50 minutes to his weekend house and on the way there we joked how we are going on fishing trip and to fix some stuff but again there were no sex talks in the car. When we arrived there, I saw that his house was right at the end of the road next to hill full of woods. It was an ideal place for this kind of a ‘’date’’ as it was very private. We went in, sit on the couch, he opened… Read more

Posted by joggermk1 18 days ago 1 1,651 100%

Perfect meet up with a guy

AnalGay MaleHardcore

My dream meet up with another guy would play out a little as follows. The dream guy would be around my age. In his 30's. Fairly muscled but doesn't have to be all that toned. Hair and eyes etc, doesn't matter as long as he is keen. He'd also either be married or in a long term relationship and consider himself straight but curious. His cock is what I'm interested in, the rest can be forgiven depending on how his cock is shaped and how big it is. It would start slow, some horny chat and pictures shared of our erect cocks then develop into camming. We'd message each other as we electronica… Read more

Posted by JazzSands 20 days ago 7 4,567 83%

My fist time with a man Part 1

AnalFirst TimeGay Male

Hello internet friends, this is the true story of my first time with a man. This is also my first time wiring a story so please forgive me if the writing is not the best, however having read a lot of stories and confessions here I would like to give something back as well. Also please note that it probably going to be quite a long story in few parts so bear with me please. This has happened 7 years ago, so I will write as I best recall it. Before I start going into the actual story, I would like to give a slight background story of myself first. Today as I’m writing this I’m a 32 year… Read more

Posted by joggermk1 21 days ago 1 4,026 75%

My first time with a man part 3

AnalFirst TimeGay Male

It was now around 2pm, I said I know that we said we have a full day ahead, but I really need to return back in town in a few hours to avoid any suspicion. He said, sure if you want we can go back right away, to which I replied no no, I want to do it again I said. He raised his can of beer and said cheers to that my friend as he started to touch my legs and ass. What followed next was expected but I thought it would go differently. He said, look young man, since this morning I only see your asshole in front of my face, I want to play with it, eat it and to fuck it, I want you to feel what does… Read more

Posted by joggermk1 21 days ago 11 1,943 92%

A d***k night

Gay MaleGroup SexInterracial Sex

One evening my friend took me out to a party that was near by. When we got there he gave me a cup and i started drinking from it. My head started to feel fuzzy and i felt someone pushing me upstairs. I was in a room and i found myself naked. I opened up one of the drawers and pulled out a pair of pink panties and black leggings. I found a black shirt and stubbled out of the room. I could feel someone was grabbing my ass. I found myself laying down on bed and closed my eyes for a bit. I woke to a salty taste in my mouth. I looked down to see white stains on my shirt and pants. I got up and… Read more

Posted by loveer6262 22 days ago 3 5,587 93%

My black friend

FetishGay MaleInterracial Sex

A few months ago i met this guy at the movie theater. We sat next to each other and talked before and after the movie. He gave me his number and we hung out a few times after that. His name is Rams. He a tall chubby black man. One evening i was home on my bed in my panties and leggings, i heard a knock on the door and i pulled on a pair of jeans and ran downstairs to see who it was. Rams was at the door and I opened the door to let him in. He said “hey man i wanted to come hang out and watch a movie that all right.” I replied with a nod. We went into the living room and he put on the movie.… Read more

Posted by loveer6262 22 days ago 5 4,162 86%

I lost a bet

Gay MaleHardcoreInterracial Sex

My friend rams has been coming over every week and when he is here it always ends with his black dick in my mouth. He is this tall chubby black man and a couple years younger then me. He started with giving me a bottle filled with his sperm and asking me to drink it and now we play games, sports games, and make bets on the loser having to suck the winners cock. I haven’t won a game yet and I always end up with rams cock shoved balls deep in my mouth. We once played a game were i had lost one bet and we made another where i had to beat him in a race with his dick in my mouth. I lost that one to… Read more

Posted by loveer6262 22 days ago 5 3,270 78%

my first taste of piss

First TimeGay MaleShemales

this is something that happened when i was in my early 20s. I had spent that saturday night at one of my boyfriends house, an older guy in his 50's. i met him at a porn theater a couple months earlier and he'd been fucking regularly since. sometimes we would go to the theater together. he loved watching me go wild at the theater then he would take me back to his place, shower me and fuck me hard up the ass. i got to his place around 11 and he fucked me untill about 4am. he had a strong cock and the stamina of a man half his age. we fell asleep for a little while and i woke up around 7am. i got… Read more

Posted by cxdboi 23 days ago 5 3,959 86%


AnalFirst TimeGay Male

Well this is the first time I have ever written a story. Thought I'd let you know what I like to think from time to time. I've been with a woman and enjoy it, but I have thought about what it'd be like with a man. The closest that I have come to it is stuffing my toys in me and being somewhat flexible enough to be able to taste my own dick. I am liking that. Even when I shoot my load in my mouth. Can only imagine what it'd be like if I suck another man off. The fantasy that I have always wanted to experience is me and him in our speedo and we wrestle around. The loser gets to be bottom. So I w… Read more

Posted by MetalLover09 23 days ago 1 1,768 100%

Married Guy Fucks Me.... Hard

AnalGay MaleFirst Time

I have been trying to write the second part of this for months now.  The Married Guy and I have become pretty regular fuck buddies and I have some more experience I want to share with you guys but I need to finish this first experience off. When I left you (which was in June), the Married Guy had come over to my place, we had stripped down to our speedos, he had sucked me off and I'd cum all over his chest and I had sucked him off and swallowed every last drop of his married man juice.  He was sitting on my couch and I finally took his cock out of my mouth and tucked it back into hi… Read more

Posted by daveevans 23 days ago 2 4,510 100%

Peter Envy

Gay MaleMasturbation

My first wife and I had never really had a very consistently "happy" marriage. For the seven plus years we were together, we fought more than we ever fucked; and at the end of our marriage (I remember this situation with great clarity even all these years ago) she turned to me one afternoon, after we'd had yet another argument, and looking me straight in the eye, she said: "You know why I've never been happy being your wife? Huh? IT'S BECAUSE YOU HAVE A SMALL COCK...AND, YOU DON'T SEEM TO REALLY KNOW HOW TO PLEASE A WOMAN WITH WHAT YOU DO HAVE! Okay! NOW do you understand?!" At that, she… Read more

Posted by DickLover59 24 days ago 2,633 100%

Wife now in control

Gay MaleGroup SexInterracial Sex

Linda had always been the one to be the submissive type, wanting to please me whenever she could, that didn't hold true when it came to sexual activity, she still had her boudries which were non negotiable. Some time ago Linda had agreed to breast implants, this had been bourne outof her insecurity that they were sagging and were losing volume. She had a few sizes/shapes to choose from and we had finally opted for ones which she had thought would be too big for her frame, but which to my eyes looked perfect. Over time Linda had gotten used to them and had even changed her wardrobe to show off… Read more

Posted by adventureousmale 24 days ago 5 3,203 80%

Just Because They 'Wanted' to Try it...

AnalGay MaleGroup Sex

Three young backpackers stopped at the hostel, a few days ago. It’s been a little slow so, it was nice to have them. Once they went up to the dorm, showered and changed then, relaxed a little – then someone read the underside of a bunk. They came downstairs, had a few beers and made a few remarks on the side. None of them were bad looking at all. Two were twenty-five, one was twenty-seven. Once all of the other guests had gone out; one of them approached me and we talked a little. The others joined us, it became nothing but sex talk. We arranged things for the evening; they were on the… Read more

Posted by swat412 24 days ago 7 2,893 80%

Quiet Date with in October

Gay MaleSex HumorFetish

It's October in Mississippi, it's raining today, lightning on the forecast, and an endless sea of grey clouds overhead, making the day feel dark and gloomy. They had rumors of an adult party happening in the area, not that it would be easy for me to get there, but I did so. A few trailer's have been parked all over the area leaving wide births of open area in the tall grassy fields. People setting up bonfires that glowed like eyes in the dark gloom. With a relative area to park vehicles I parked the car there. I wasn't sure what to make of it, there was no real written invitations, nor did the… Read more

Posted by QuietSoul 24 days ago 1 1,019 83%

Fantasy sissy feminization meeting with 4 male fri

First TimeFetishGay Male

One evening a couple of friends came over to watch some movies. for some reason one of the guys asks if he can use my pc to check something on internet because the wifi on his mobile dosnt want to work. Of course I help him and start up the pc, I open the internet browser and realized I have my Xhamster profile as a start page. My friend calls out all the guys to look at what he finds. when I enter the room with the drinks I see the guys checking out my profile and making jokes about how gurly I have become. I walk up to the guys full of shame feelings and with shivers in my voice I try to… Read more

Posted by princess-Daphne 24 days ago 1 1,423 80%

Watching the Boys Part 18

Gay MaleInterracial Sex

My exposed cock was painfully hard as I put my laptop away. I closed my eyes and reclined my wide, business class, leather seat back. At this point, I was so worked up I didn't bother to cover up my exposed erection as it leaked pre-cum all over my stomach while gently stroking it. My head was spinning from everything I had just experienced so far on this flight. Knowing my oldest son was being serviced in the lavatory behind me by our flight attendant. And my youngest son had just had an amazing orgasm while fucking himself on a big black cock while watching his other… Read more

Posted by bttmjerguy 24 days ago 4 2,253 60%

My roomate srikes again

AnalBDSMGay Male

Months had gone by and only my one run in with my room mate. I had lost intrest that it would happen again. I began looking else where. Nothing really cut it. My room mate. Names Travis. Had seemed to have had no intrest in me after that on night. I came home from chillin with a friend then jumped in the shower. As i dried my self off i heard travis moving around the unit. I wrapped the towel around my waist and headed to my bed room. As i was walking down yhe hallway i was violently thrown against the wall. It felt like i had a bull dozer squeezing the life out of me against the wall… Read more

Posted by Shackafoo 24 days ago 3 2,769 82%

language with old man

Gay MaleGroup Sex

Guys they are nice i really like to talk about sex with someone bisexual or gay cus you can talk about what you want and what you like and he's too feel free. And today i will talking about story happened with me in Germany. I start studying language and it's difficult and I need someone can help me to learn better, I started posting on some websites to find person and many people text me but no one was serious just one man he was interested too and he also tech people language. We talk and I meet him first time was everything fine and he's open minded, I didn't read her profile I didn't th… Read more

Posted by boy-69 24 days ago 1,263 40%

My first time with a male

Gay MaleFetish

My first time with a male I was nervous and anxious at the same time. I had never been with another male before only with ladies. I have always wondered what it would be like to have my hands bound and to service a man. I heard about a site on the internet that you can post ads on for free and respond for free. So I posted an ad in the m2m casual encounters and had a few responses but only one responded with more than lets meet now. I messaged him and we set up a time for him to come over. After about 3 emails I asked him how he wanted me to answer the door. He stated that he wanted me to answ… Read more

Posted by jdogg169 25 days ago 3,315 100%