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Samantha's cock

Gay MaleMasturbation

I can’t really say when it started. I just know that I have been fascinated by the sight of cum shooting out of cock for as long as I can remember. My first attempts at masturbation were pleasurable enough. In the dark, under the covers. I first time I ejaculated in the daylight I was hooked. I could not get enough of that feeling and the sight of that cum!! I jacked off everywhere- home, school, woods behind my house, everywhere. I soon discovered the various magazines that my Dad had “hidden” in his room. Naked women where great to look at and jack off to. As I was able to talk that firs… Read more

Posted by umpire3 4 years ago 3 3,152 100%

Bowling Buddies-The Last Fuck

AnalGay MaleShemales

Don drove up to my house, he had just got off work and since it was a Tuesday I knew it was our night together. His wife always worked on Tuesday so he hired a sitter to watch the k**s so he could spend time with me. This was our night together; a night where my mouth would embrace his cock and my ass would be left with his sperm deep inside me. But tonight was unusual, I fixed him a drink but he appeared bored and distracted like he did not want to be there. I sensed something was wrong and undid his belt and unzipped his pants in order to “cheer up” my quiet lover. As usual, I got on my knee… Read more

Posted by jimbojim 4 years ago 4 3,608 91%

Turning my friend Bi

First TimeGay MaleHardcore

I have only been bisexual myself for some 8 months, but what happened last night turned my friend too. A few of us went out to the pub to have a few drinks. One of the lads, Paul, had come out too, someone I hadn't seen for about a year or so, which was nice. I wouldn't say he was a close friend, just someone who I had always got on with, and enjoyed being with. He was a little younger than me at about 32, and pretty fit looking. We had all had quite a few to drink by time we decided to call it a night, but Paul asked Phil and I if we would like to go back to his for a few more. Phil decli… Read more

Posted by rodrace 4 years ago 21 6,141 100%

The Lion, The Bitch, and the fucking Wardrobe.

First TimeGay MaleShemales

I guess I have always been a sissy. I started crossdressing at a young age and it gave me such a wonderful feeling that I struggle to form the correct words to describe the way it makes me feel. It just felt right, and ohh so sexy! Like I said, I have always been sort of a sissy, and my father couldn't have been less plesed. I think he had his suspicions that I might be, uhhh... different before he found my lingerie and stilleto shoes, but once he knew for sure thats the first time he hit me. He made me promise, at pain of... pain, that I would never do any of "that faggot shit" again.… Read more

Posted by redk1 4 years ago 3 1,656 100%

The first encounter

First TimeGay MaleShemales

I remember my first relationship with another man. Sixteen, still in high school in a small town and ready to go to anywhere but where i was. John was 30 and a high school teacher. We met at a summer camp. A group of us became friends and would meet on week-ends to party and generally hang out. The first time that John and I were alone came that first fall; following the end of summer camp with both of us back to school. John called me and asked if I wanted to get together with some friends. So he picked me up and off we went on a Saturday morning adventure. We started the party fairl… Read more

Posted by christoboy30 4 years ago 8 4,366 100%

My First Fuckbuddies Pt 1

First TimeGay Male

I'm Jonah, and this was freshman year of high school. I was coming into the know about my sexuality. I had really been clueless up until this point. People often treated me a little weird, but I was 6'1 & 155lbs so they often left the tall guy alone. So, second semester of gym class we have all new students, and one guy, Harry, stood out to me. He was about 6'0, and his boy was incredible. He never wore a shirt in gym class. I often would volunteer to take score on indoor game where I thought people would see my erection (It was already about 7.5" back then). This went on about four weeks,… Read more

Posted by carmine79 4 years ago 4 2,684 82%


FetishGay MaleTaboo

I sit in the chair, waiting totally blind by the hood, the smell of leather engulfing my nose, with the bite of the clamps on my nipples and the restriction of the handcuffs on my wrists. I wait for my cuckholdress and her lover to come into the room. I hear them outside, a mix of chat and moaning, they're getting ready to pleasure themselves. I can feel the steel rings around my cock as I throb with the prospect of being humiliated by her, she'll call me names as she catches her breath inbetween his thrusts. The thought of his cock deep inside her cunt makes me throb in anticipation; I swallo… Read more

Posted by malesub01 4 years ago 2,678 100%

my transformation... 101

First TimeGay MaleShemales

I was at a very tender age of 10 years when my story begins. I was born male. With all physical parts in tact. But there was something deeper which was unfathomable. I was a very lovable sweet k** just entering fourth grade. I studied in an all boys school. On the out set I knew I was a bit different from the others. I had to much love and care than what a similar aged young boy would do. People thought I was to mature for my s****r age. Least did they know how I felt within. Let alone others I too didn't know how I felt until I grew up. An incident changed my life at this tender age. I sh… Read more

Posted by tran4mate 4 years ago 2 2,311 44%

Sports bar quicky

FetishGay MaleTaboo

I was taking a road trip and stop for the night in a little town in California, I saw there was a sports bar down the road from the hotel. I decided to walk down and grab a burger and beer. I sat towards the end bar where there was an older man drinking a beer by himself. We started talking about baseball and before long we were talking about all sorts of stuff. I told him that I was surprised that a gay athlete came out. I normally don't let many people know Im bi, but I guess the beer and the fact that I was out of town I let my guard down and said there is no way I could do that if I was p… Read more

Posted by thetodd83 4 years ago 2 3,266 100%

"A Night At My friends...

AnalGay MaleGroup Sex

It was a Friday afternoon and my classmate Larry G. had ask if I could spend the night at his house. My folks reluctantly gave their permission and talked with Larry G.'s mother, having her assurance that I would be treated well I was giving the go ahead. The even passed well we all sat down to dinner, Larry G., his mother Mrs. G. and his father Mr. G. and myself... After dinner Mr. G. left and Mrs. g went to her room, Larry G. and I cleaned up the kitchen and took turns showering for the night. In Larry G.'s room was two beds, one by the window and the other against the wall, Larry G… Read more

Posted by d4david 4 years ago 6 5,211 92%

Movin in

FetishGay MaleTaboo

I walked up the stairs to the small studio we were going to move in to, two stacked boxes in my arms. My wife was still in the car, getting some smaller things. I tried to peek around my heavy load, and saw that the door was slightly ajar. The landlord had insisted on helping us, and it seemed he had already arrived. I walked in, and set the boxes down, wiping my brow. This was looking up to be one of those hot and dry afternoons, the clouds having dissipated after the morning rain. The landlord was already naked from the waist up, trying to cool off in the heat. Some of the windows were op… Read more

Posted by malesub01 4 years ago 5 4,091 100%

Coke Cock Dilemma #4 Ghost writer

Gay MaleInterracial SexLesbian Sex

He was right, to my own shock I loved the taste of their cum and her pussy was filled to the brim with it. The taste was intoxicating and I dug my tongue in as deep as I could to get it as Mike began to caress the back of my head. “Yea, that’s it,” he says, “Get in there and get it all out. It looks like you might be running out.” He then grabs me by the hair and pulls me out of my wife’s gloriously used snatch and turns my head toward him. “I’ve got plenty more where that came from.” He slowly brings my head toward his leaking cock that still smelled of a mixture of my wife’s pussy and his… Read more

Posted by kcfan 4 years ago 3 1,164 100%

The first cock I sucked

First TimeGay Male

Ever since a guy sucked my dick a long-time ago, I’ve always fantasized about what it would be like to take a dick in my own mouth. And like any fantasy, it turned into an urge I couldn’t resist any longer. For as long as I’ve lived in this area, I’ve had a favorite fishing spot. It’s got a small picnic area and public bathroom. The first time I took my boys there, one of them had to piss real bad and wouldn’t do it out where we were fishing so I had to take both of them up there. As soon as we got inside, I could see that the place was pretty smelly. I saw what looked like fresh cum on sev… Read more

Posted by napoleon21 4 years ago 23 6,574 100%

UK Uni Freshers Week - Popping my Cherry

AnalFirst TimeGay Male

They always say that new experiences happen on Freshers week. When I left my rural town to go to Manchester Uni I knew I was in for a life changing experience, just not the path it took me. My names Ashleigh and I went off to Manchester to study Maths. It was daunting going in on the first day not really knowing anyone. Plucking up the courage I chatted to a few people on the bus in, in the halls and in my first lecture. I really began to settle. I settled so much that in my first week I ventured out for Freshers week. Now I am quite a shy guy, but once I come out of my shell I make friends… Read more

Posted by lush2222 4 years ago 1,497 88%

Turned by Alan and Amy

AnalGay MaleMature

This is a harrowing tale for me but one I need to set down for my own sanity. It is a true account of how I switched from being a hetro male to a lustful bisexual. I started to use Cam Zap and Omegle a few months ago and was astonished at some of the poor experiences on there. I started to weary of the routines of it all and there was never any sign of women on there. I don’t know how it happened but one day I started texting a guy on there and next thing my shorts were down and he was dominating me through his lewd suggestions. I admit i was turned on. I ended up 'displaying' myself a… Read more

Posted by stinger61 4 years ago 2 2,499 100%

The Boat Yard

AnalGay MaleMature

Where i live on the coast we have a abundance of boat yards and jetty's and these are situated along foot paths that people walk along and exercise their dogs, this happened to me just before my seventieth birthday and remember it like it was yesterday. One of our neighbours was a gentleman in his sixty,s and was at some stage a master boat-builder in the dockyard and had retired a couple boat to take cruises with his wife and foster daughter who was 21 at the time, however a few months into his retirement his wife suddenly passed away leaving him very upset and angry, but after a short wh… Read more

Posted by squirt66 4 years ago 4 3,893 90%

Fantasy Fulfilled - Part 2

BDSMGay Male

For various reasons it was nine months before my second visit to Matt. I booked a lunchtime appointment over a week in advance and was in turmoil the whole time. What was wrong with me? I'd done the hard part nine months earlier so couldn't understand my nerves. Maybe it was what else I wanted to do this time..... I'd decided to try and knock two more items off my fantasy list - being handcuffed and being filmed. Matt's profile stated he liked, amongst lots of other things, both "being filmed" and "role play" and in an e-mail conversation, following our initial meeting, he'd seemed intrigu… Read more

Posted by harperv 4 years ago 983 50%

Helping him out helped me out

AnalGay MaleHardcore

So I was walking to the comic book store that I have mentioned in my other stories when I noticed a neighbor a few houses down from mine was working on his back fence. (I was walking behind the houses) We said hello to each other but that was about it. He was maybe mid thirties but I didn't know for sure since we had never really talked. Anyway, I went on to the comic book store. I did my usual up there. Shopped a bit and waited for everyone but myself and the shop owner to leave. At which point I sucked his cock and took a load as far as his cock could get up there. I liked earning… Read more

Posted by Pennis17 4 years ago 6 6,177 100%

daves younger b*****r ken, and my wife

Gay MaleGroup SexMature

After Peggy started fucking Ken, She couldn't get enough of him and he couldn't get enough of her. We were supposed to go out of town to her aunts for a party at their cottage and had shipped the k**s off to her mom's in Florida. We got a call that the well broke and they were going to have to get a new well dug. We sat down and said well there goes the weekend. I said maybe not. Call Ken and invite him over. She called and I listened to her talk to him as she said she was dying to suck his big cock and feel him fill he belly full of cum. She said yes, he is home. Then she said hold on he want… Read more

Posted by dusty48180 4 years ago 3 4,658 100%

My first Drag Queen

AnalGay MaleInterracial Sex

Ever since I can remember I had my hand down my pants, by the time I was in 3rd grade I was playing with my dick at all times of the day I'd just stick my hand in my pocket and whack away I didn't know why I did it I just did. By twelve I was wearing my moms lingerie while she was working,Grandma, my aunts and Mom owned and worked in a bordello it was the f****y business, I was use to women running around in various form of undressing and the usual noises of sex. We lived up in the mountains and when I showed no interest in women or girls Grandma asked If I was a "Nancy Boy" looking at her… Read more

Posted by sissytimmy 4 years ago 1 2,341 94%