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Gay Male Porn Stories

The first time....

First TimeGay MaleHardcore

Way back in High School my best friend,Kevin and I were in his pool one night. I sat on the steps while he swam laps.Kevin`s body was so sexy,hard and rippling with muscles. I watched him as he started to slow near me. Kevin stopped and removed his baggy swim trunks. He told me it is easier to swim nude and I bought it. Kevin stated to swim and I watched while removing my own trunks. When Kev was near the shallow end he noticed I was nude too.I could look through the water at Kevin super body and very thick penis.My cock was also hard as I looked at Kevin's sexy body,hairy and ripped.… Read more

Posted by jjesjr1 3 years ago 5 5,068 100%

Gary,Bobby and I

AnalFirst TimeGay Male

I was between his legs sucking his thick,throbbing penis.My fingers were touching his very hairy body, I touched his chest his hair was so soft.As I sucked his penis and without touching myself I shot a load over the bed. Gary though it was funny that I came without being touched. My mouth was sucking his thick cock, sliding up and down his shaft. Gary was moaning and I knew he was close. I tried to get all of his penis in my mouth when it happened. Gob's and gob's of Gary`s tangy cum filled my mouth. I swallowed all I could, watching his face as I did it. Gary was very pleased I did not loos… Read more

Posted by jjesjr1 3 years ago 2,137 100%

Suprise cocksucking in the basement

Gay MaleMatureTaboo

It was a late spring evening, I was helping an old friend that I had threesomes with him and his girlfriend long ago. I hadn't seen him in a few years but he still had my phone number. He called me to see if I could help him clear out an apartment a friend abandoned, I said sure, and arranged a time to meet him. Later on, I met him at the brick house that he needed help with. We both had gained weight since we had seen each other last. He unlocked the door and we went in. He mentioned that he managed to get all but the basement cleaned up. So we enter the basement and start moving a few remain… Read more

Posted by cumcraverbottom 3 years ago 7 5,709 90%

Fucking best mate's brother in law

Gay Male

My postman is gettin married to my best mates s****r, Karl, a 29 yr old fit scally fucker, who is always on the prowl for a hole to destroy, met Racheal through his early morning deliveries a few years back. I've always known he was a slag due to the amount of times he's been nicked on various chat sites and his stories of the women he has smashed when on his rounds. Am out to everyone as a homo and this has never bothered him. Our sessions all started when he found out I was e****ting, and when he knew the money that can be made he messaged me kne night pissed saying he would be up for it as… Read more

Posted by lvgxc10 3 years ago 3 1,335 78%

Her first big black cock!-Diary of a Public Faggy

First TimeGay MaleInterracial Sex

I am a porn artist as some of you may know, I recently found my gurl has been sucking all of his coworkers behind my back! she craved for cock so bad, she even got to get her first big black cock ='3 this is what she told me over skype,her first time, unedited, straight from her cummy paws: The guy approached to me at about 4pm or so and he said that he wanted to talk to me. Then , he winked at me and I started to waggle my tails because I knew what he wanted. The boss was out too so I could take my sweet time with him ~ nwn I followed him to the dressing room, into the usual spot. Then… Read more

Posted by glowfox 3 years ago 8 3,141 97%

Shower Room Sex...

AnalGay Male

It was in the fall of my junior year, I had made the track team and was also the favorite cum receptacle for Bruce, Charlie Daniel and a host of their friends and compatriots...I had just run three miles on the schools quarter mule track. Tired exhausted and barely able to stand, I entered the shower. It was late on a Wednesday even and no one was in the gym at this time of day. The janitors and maids were all in the other wing of the school and would only come through to lock up. I stripped out of my running attire and made my way to the shower area, as I turned on a shower head I though… Read more

Posted by d4david 3 years ago 1 2,318 100%

First time anal

AnalFirst TimeGay Male

In my last story I told of the young guy I met while walking my dog, the following week I kept an eye out for him in the hope we could repeat our fun, but to no avail. I'd given up thinking it was a one off however on the Thursday the week after I once again spotted him this time a little deeper off the track. I wasted no time heading towards him from twenty meters away I could see that beautifull rock hard cock, this time I tied my dog to a low tree branch. Unlike last time he had a travel rug spread out on the ground, I hoped that was because he was looking forward to us getting together and… Read more

Posted by petercee 3 years ago 2 2,791 92%

part two

AnalGay Male

I slide down the shower wall, not able to stand from that last orgasm that just hit me, I sat there at his feet, I couldn't even open my eyes I came so hard. I heard him say “Damn that was good” I didn't respond back I was just sitting there with my eyes close and breathing hard. Then I felt a warmth inches away from my face and I felt it getting closer. Then I heard him start to slightly moan and as I lifted my head up and slightly opened my eyes I saw his thick dick head right in my face and he stroking his dick hard. I could see right down his pee hole and I seen the precum start to buil… Read more

Posted by slamitdown 3 years ago 3 1,485 100%

Dorothy and George

Gay MaleGroup SexMasturbation

My Uncle George who was my mother’s step b*****r eventually married when he was in his 30s. His wife was called Dorothy and she was a plain jane type but pleasant enough. They bought a house in a village about 6 miles away which happened to be where the football team I had started playing for was based. When we had home matches, Uncle George would sometimes come to watch me play and always invited me back to their home for a meal afterwards. I had previously enjoyed some sexual activities with George when he lived at home and on our way back to his new house on one occasion after football,… Read more

Posted by jwseekolder 3 years ago 7 3,618 100%

The next step with John

First TimeGay Male

The Next Step With John Things have been a bit mixed up for me for a few days. I could not believe what was happening. My whole world was turned upside down. I was 100 precent straight and loved girls. I never even wondered what it would be like to touch a guy or have a guy touch me. Yet here I was loving having my buddy jack me off, and what was even more amazing to me is that I loved jacking him off. I never in my wildest imagination did I think that I would touch another guys cock. But here I was, and I was loving it. I loved how it felt as I wrapped my fingers around the shaft.… Read more

Posted by jock1982 3 years ago 14 5,532 100%

Oh God - That hurt ! Wonderful......

BDSMGay MaleMasturbation

After a long and sometimes depressing search, I've at last found a man who wants to whip me for sexual pleasure, - he masturbates in between the 20's and then fucks me in the mouth when he wants to cum. A dream complete !! I've been trolling the sites for a couple of years without success, - 99% of the "offers" I get are soon as I say "Yes, Please !!", they scamper away... They're no bl**dy good to anyone. This guy wasn't too attractive on paper, which just goes to show....he advertiesd 35 but turned out to be a very healthy 19...How does a k** like that get to whipping old… Read more

Posted by dandrew1 3 years ago 1,567 100%

First time meeting Sir

First TimeGay MaleShemales

It was the first time that I met my new master (Sir). We arrange to meet in London at a station, He told me that I had to bring with me my boots and leggings and the contract he had emailed me a week before. I was getting nerves on the day we were meeting at 2pm and when I met him at the station he had the collar with a lead hanging down so I know that was my new master, I went over to him and said hi SIR, he then took me to the café where we chatted and signed the contract so now I belong to him, I was then told to go and get changed into the boots and leggings. When I returned Sir was havin… Read more

Posted by dallasrose 3 years ago 1 1,311 100%

Showing my trust

BDSMGay MaleShemales

It was the first time that I met my new master (Sir). We arrange to meet in London at a station, He told me that I had to bring with me my boots and leggings and the contract he had emailed me a week before. I was getting nerves on the day we were meeting at 2pm and when I met him at the station he had the collar with a lead hanging down so I know that was my new master, I went over to him and said hi SIR, he then took me to the café where we chatted and signed the contract so now I belong to him, I was then told to go and get changed into the boots and leggings. When I returned Sir was havin… Read more

Posted by dallasrose 3 years ago 815 100%

My First Cock Ever: Bestfriend Jack

First TimeGay Male

My best friend Jack and I did everything together. We were together everyday and we would fish, play sports, and video games together all the time. We only lived down the road from each other so it worked out great because we could always stay the night at each others houses. Jack at the time was very tan with shaved brown hair and brown eyes. He was a little chubby as well. One day we decided to go fishing in the creek that is between my house and his so we met there. We both met and had our poles and we were dressed about the same with a t-shirt shorts and rubber boots. We both got off the… Read more

Posted by bislavebitch 3 years ago 1 2,997 100%

Bruce and His friends...

Gay MaleGroup Sex

As I left school for the day, the rains came, it was a terrific down pour. The water fell so hard and fast that I ran into the first door way I saw. The building was dark and quiet at first, I sat on the stairs and watched the rain tell it started to blow inwards. Moving back farther into the building I was startled out of my mind by hands grabbing hold of me. a familiar voice called out '...David, David it's me Bruce stop before you get hurt...' Scared witless I turned and absent mindlessly embraced him. Voice began to laugh and I looked at who I was holding, to my surprise it wasn't… Read more

Posted by d4david 3 years ago 2 2,557 100%

I Grabbed It...

Gay Male

About 8 years ago now, I reacquainted with an old friend that Had been my closest mate during our wild years. He’d returned from the UK, after being away with his fiancé for 15 years. In our heyday, we were non stop party a****ls . We would party all night, sometimes longer, and then we’d crash at some ones house for the night. It was usually mine, seeing as I had spare beds and no k**s. Nothing ever happened sexually between Andy and I, despite us being pretty open with one another. We showered together at times, just being silly buggers and it seemed strangely normal to our “care free” lif… Read more

Posted by jjj666jjj666jjj 3 years ago 3 1,528 100%

We Met

First TimeGay Male

"Do you want to do something?" "I don't really know. I've thought about it for a long time. And, it seems like this is all I can think about. But, now that we are here, .... I don't know. I am REALLY anxious and very nervous! Maybe even scared! This is a big deal for me!!" "It's a big deal for me too. You might not have noticed, but I'm even shaking a little. I'm anxious too.... What are you scared about?" "Like I said, this is a very big deal for me. I'm married with k**s. If they ever found out about this, I could lose a lot! My parents and s****rs wouldn't like it eith… Read more

Posted by edgrant 3 years ago 11 1,879 100%

Cross dressing with my sister

AnalGay MaleInterracial Sex

I turned up at my s.....s flat, ready for a Friday night out. We got the drink flowing and started to get dressed up for the night. Pru said that she was going to wear knee high leather boots, a short skirt that will show off her ass and a top to die for. I said " what the heck do I wear that will make me stand out".pru stood there in her robe and said " let's dress you as a girl, that'll make you stand out! I jumped at the chance to get dressed as a woman,. She looked into her draw and came out with a pair of stocking's, a g-string and a sexy looking bra.. I took my clothes off, standing… Read more

Posted by drew2000 3 years ago 5 2,603 92%

Introduction to all male activities

First TimeGay MaleMasturbation

My Uncle George was the youngest of my mother's step b*****rs and he lived at home for some time after returning from doing his national service. He was always a little bit on the strange side but his great passion was cycle racing and he had a little shed in my grandfather's business yard where he stored his racing bikes and all the bits that went with them. We occasionally would go to see him at the shed and he would show us how to mend punctures, tighten chains, adjust the gears etc. On one particular occasion, I went to see him about a problem with my bike. He sorted it out for me and… Read more

Posted by jwseekolder 3 years ago 12 4,593 98%

My first seed with 2 guys

AnalFirst TimeGay Male

After sinking a few pints, meeting two, horny dads could've been the best pleasure that ever happened to me. They saw potential in my smooth, virgin ass. Said "it deserves to be filled and enjoyed by the dominant males out there. I felt so unsure as I'd never thought of fucking a guy before. But just thinking about it made my heart beat harder. Should I allow these guys to take advantage? Thinking about it more, it started to make my cock grow. I couldn't deny myself the excitement. Having got back to their place, It suddenly dawned on me that I was gonna go through with it. Nervous and un… Read more

Posted by BE4RE1 3 years ago 20 3,541 100%