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Things change. Ip

It was a hot hard summer rain that day in June as I headed north. I had been alone for months on the road. I had seen civilization a few times since my journey had begun but I did not socialize. I had to keep moving. I began to feel more and more disconnected from everyone.....everything. I felt like I was becoming part of the road or scenery. There was a nagging knot in my guts and a feeling of enormous distance between myself and my destination. As if I would travel endlessly forever and would never ever reach my destination but I had no tolerance for these negative thoughts. I had to get no... Continue»
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A Good Cuckold

A Good Cuckold Story

Fuck me harder was they cry and her pussy was filled with hard juicy cock all I could do was watch in admiration as my girlfriend was fucked hard by big cock while my pathetic excuse for a cock only got as hard as it can.

I t had all started a few weeks previous when my girlfriend gave me the news I had been dreading that I could not satisfy her needs and she had been looking and getting it elsewhere. It came as no surprise to me and all I could say was I did not blame her and could only wish her all the very best. She smiled and hugged me and then I left to drown my... Continue»
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Wife Knows I get Blowjob's Gay

I had gone to see Jim at his house several times over the preceding year. I was 25 and I guess he was a little older. Each time had been the same routine. He would call and have me drive over. Park around the corner and then enter his house through the patio door in his back yard. He'd be waiting there in his living room naked and I'd drop to my knees suck him off and then get up and go. I knew he was married and we had to keep quiet because he had a c***d asl**p upstairs. His wife worked as a bartender so she was out late in the evenings giving him some freedom to indulge when he wanted a man... Continue»
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Good Sex with Fag

“Cabbage,” yelled Sirvaughn Poe as he pulled in the brown-skinned slim dude into a hug.
“Hey baby,” giggled the effeminate host. “How was your day?”
“It was good, baby! A nigga cain’t complain you know.”
“I’m glad it was good.”
“How was yours?”
“It went pretty well. Thanks!”
“I see you got dat booty out fuh ah nigga tah-night.”
“Oh yeah. Do you like this outfit,” Cabbage inquired referring to the pink lace midriff top he was wearing along with the pink and purple jockstrap.
“Hell yeah! A nigga love dat shit! Let me roll dis blunt, faggot!”
“Yes, sir,” replied the five-foot-six-inch, s... Continue»
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Sex with Hot Guys is Worth the $15 Admission

Well, I got to a gay sex club in Los Angeles again this week. They are addictive!

I am writing this to remind myself of these good experiences when I can’t have them anymore, so I try to keep them accurate. I am also writing in case readers find them erotic and educational. Hope you do!

My last experience was so great I had high hopes for this trip. It had its good points but wasn’t as great as the one before. The main difference was the injection didn’t work on my tool this time. The weather has been hot and I think the solution warmed inside the insulated cooler. Whether that was it o... Continue»
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Hot summer sun and hot summer cum

As many will know here in England, we have been going through something of a heatwave, and about time to be honest.
Last night I was taking in the early evening heat, with it still in the high-twenties at 6 O’clock, along the East Norfolk coast. The occasional cooling breeze hit me, but they were few and far between. I had enough, and decided that I had better head back to the car, and get some water in me.

I scanned the cliffs looking for a path to get up, but as this part of the British coastline was susceptible to serious coastal erosion, I had to walk a further mile or so before I cam... Continue»
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She Hire's Ted The GayMaker

To help me relax, Susan booked my massage a few nights before we left for Vegas.

"You're going to love it. Ted is a professional."

"A professional?" I asked, "What kind of professional are we talking about?"

Susan refused to give me too many details and looked at me with a smile, "The kind of professional that will help you relax and work out those tight spots. You're going to love me...have as much fun as you want and are comfortable with."

The next night I went to the address Susan provided for me. It was in an upscale apartment building downtown. I buzzed myself in an... Continue»
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Sage Brush & Lust

There was something strangely powerful, and intriguing, about all that open space. The expanse of sage brush, with it's grey-green coloring, seemed to go on and on forever. But there was something...out the midst of all that wide open sage brush and hot desert sunlight, that seemed to draw James' eyes out across the sage-scented open landscape. It was, as if, he was being called, or pulled, by something like gravity. There seemed to be one particular spot out there on the sweeping vista of sage brush that drew his attention back to it again and again. It was a small, dense collectio... Continue»
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Wife Made Me do IT! CockSucker

I have been happily married for over 10 years. My wife and I are sexually adventurous and open-minded. We have always openly shared fantasies. My wife always makes an effort to realize all of our fantasies. My wife, Anne, is a beautiful woman who takes very good care of herself. She is a natural blonde with natural 36 D tits and firm, muscular legs. Out in public with my wife loves to tease. She and I enjoy noticing most men and even some women checking out her nice figure. Most men would cum in their pants if they knew what a kinky, sexual women I am married to. She loves to dress provocative... Continue»
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Wife Sells My Ass! Gay

Over the years of our marriage, my wife and I have been very open sexually with each other. After 15 years of wedded bliss, my sexy wife and I have come to a mutually satisfying understanding. I am sexually submissive and bi-curious, while my wife is sexually dominant and loves to humiliate me like I so desire.

In the last few years, we've really enjoyed more and more experimentation. Lately, my wife loves to watch me eat my own cum. For the last year or so, whenever I orgasm, my wife is finding ways for me to eat it. It started out when she would suck me off and then kiss me and snowball i... Continue»
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Unexpected BBC

A true story:

So sometimes you never intentionally know what's going to happen between you and another guy who you didn't know had a thing for you.

One day me and an acquaintance were looking over some archival papers at a library for a project. I won't say which place, and I'm going to stop you before you start with the "public building fantasy" -- nothing happened at the library.

While we were going through things, he drew closer so that our knees touched. He kept tickling the back of my leg, and I rubbed his thigh.

We finished looking through things and headed out. I offered to... Continue»
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To bi ... part II

So James comes over to me at the library and we have a short talk. He wants to know if I'm ready to "go" again, and I have to admit to him that yes, I am, but once again I just can't do the same for him. He smiled and simply said that he was OK with it.

"I'll take what I can get" he whispered and then winked.
"I'll meet you in the parking lot" I said as I turned away and checked out another audio CD.

I waited until he came out as before and once again we went to a safe spot to park. I quickly slid my jeans to the floor and he bent over to my cock and his mouth was warm, wet ... Continue»
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Good Girl stay limp for Daddy!

Good Girl stay limp for Daddy!

Are you a Total Top, a real Daddy? Do you want your faggot to become a fully passive pussyboi, completely dependent on his fagcunt for all orgasms and sexual pleasure? You need to train him to think of his ass as a fully functional pussy, a full-time cunt. The advice below does not apply to versatile couples, only to those interested in a total-top–total-pussyboi type arrangement.

Tips for training a pussyboi –

1. Discourage the use of his cock. It is too small, anyway, to be of any use. Every time he uses his boiclit he is experiencing pleasure as a T... Continue»
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Show me your cock!

There I was standing in his doorway just staring at him in the buff. He was tan all over, in good shape for someone in their late 40's. His cock was swinging between his legs as he shifted around. I was in a daze just looking at the amount of hair that crowned his meat stick. I couldn't believe that I was there and what I was going to happen next.

Just a few hours earlier, I was delivering pizzas on a Friday night. I wasn't initially scheduled but was called in. I needed the money. I was finding out that college was more expensive than originally thought. The night was going like normal unt... Continue»
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Married Speedo Guy

Today was gorgeous and I headed to the pool around 11am. That time of day it is nice and quiet, I had a lane to myself and wore my favourite AussieBum speedos, the Portsea’s.

Married Speedo Guy

I had some phone calls to deal with so after banging out 40 minutes of freestyle laps, I jumped out of the pool to check my phone and sat on one of the chairs out in the sun. I also kinda wanted to dry off a little since I was going to the grocery store Jizzing in Speedoson the way home. Usually I don’t hang out at the pool, I’m all business, get there, get in t... Continue»
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Frat Fuckboy,

Chase had known what he was getting into from the start. The boys at the frat had been really up-front during rush week. They were looking for a gay boy to serve as the house fuckboy, someone who’d handle all his bros whenever they needed to nut and hadn’t been able to score with one of the school’s coeds.
Derek, the rush chairman, had pulled him aside his second night at the house and explained to Chase why they were interested in him and what his position as the house fuckboy entailed. “You’re gonna see a hell of a lot of cock, boy, if you agree. Definitely more than you’ve ever seen ... Continue»
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Professor Sanderson

The little bitch had started coming on to him almost from the first class. Giving him those doe-eyed looks, the sly smiles, sitting there with his legs spread wide apart so Professor Sanderson could see his hard boy-meat. And he continued do so up until mid-terms. But, even though the little bitch had been outrageously flirting with Professor Sanderson from his front row seat, he had also been careful to never actually approach the man, to give his professor any opening to act on the boy’s obvious come-ons. In short, the boy was playing the part of a calculating prick-tease.
But unfortu... Continue»
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Summer Camp

Terry was being ‘punished’ for talking back to his camp counselor Serge and was confined to his cabin while the other boys went on an overnight camping trip. The other boys had noticed that Serge seemed to have an ‘in’ for Terry since he seemed to be punishing the boy every day for truly minor infractions of the camp rules, but surprisingly Terry never complained about his treatment. Of course, the reality was that, by this point in the summer, Terry would never dream of complaining about any of Serge’s punishments because he knew he was the Man’s fuck-bitch and, as such, the Man had every r... Continue»
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Arcade Matchmaker

I was on my way home from an appointment a couple of hours away and I was getting increasingly horny the longer I drove. Since I was going right by one of my traditional bookstore stops, I decided to head in for a quick jack-off and more if anyone else was in the mood.

After purchasing my six buck entry pass (from a clerk with a tee-shirt proclaiming something like “make cock great again”) I entered the rather empty looking arcade. I selected the biggest booth and left the door unlocked to see who might happen along. I scanned through the channels to see if there might be something that ... Continue»
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Me and a daddy

This is a story about my meeting with a daddy. It was going to be two of them but sadly one didn't turn up and his cock looked so sexy.

I knocked on the door and waited for him to answer. He opened the door and ordered me in quickly, feeling my arse when I walked past him into the bedroom. He told me to get on my knees straight away and sniff his crotch, forcing my face into his hardening cock. The masculine Snell of his cock and balls already getting me horny. He then ordered me to strip whilst still smelling his crotch. Then he told me to get on the bed on my stomach in just my underwear... Continue»
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