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Serendipity Fun Out of Town

Years ago I was on the road over the weekend. I started talking to a guy during college basketball. He asked if I wanted to watch the game, I said yes and invited him up to my room. We were watching the game on my bed. I don't know why, I was getting kind of turned on and was wondering if he was as well. I got up to pee in the bathroom and decided to strip naked and surprise my guest. I was so excited naked in the bathroom my cock hardened and pre-cum was oozing out. Should I stroke one off and forget it or should I take the chance and walk out into the room and show him how turned on I was. I... Continue»
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Camper Van BBC & His Sissies

“What did you do today, sweetie,” inquired the concerned father.
“I went to school and went to the book fair,” answered the man’s eleven-year-old daughter.
“Did anything interesting happen at school?”
“Oh, I got a gold star for my math homework.”
“That’s fantastic, Alexa! You’re so smart!”
“Thank you!”
“Anything else?”
“I caught three outs in the P.E. kickball game.”
“You’re a rock star, sweetie.”
“Thank you!”
“Alright, I’ll let you get back to your homework. Give mom the phone.”
“Bye, Dad!”

“Hey,” the thirty-seven-year-old, single mother said.
“Sounds like Alexa is doing well,”... Continue»
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daddies little fuck toy, forever

Turned Into a Slut Boy Gay
Dear slut boy,

Missed you last night, stop being such a bad boy and come to visit your dear old daddy tonight. You're already in debt to me you little tease, skipping out is only going to make it worse. As I'm sure you remember by now, I know where you live, you have a very pretty girlfriend, would be a shame for her to find one of my letters, wouldn't want her to ruin our fun, I have big plans for you slut. I'll be waiting for you in the sauna tonight, don't disappoint me again or you'll regret it, as you can see.

I looked to the bottom of the letter, there w... Continue»
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Manhandled in London

My name is Chris and I'm sitting on the edge of a 6-foot-wide bed in a comfortable four-star hotel in London. I am naked except for a tight black thong. My hard cock is making a firm and very noticeable bulge in this sexy underwear. I am nervous but excited and my balls are aching with anticipation. I arrived in this room about an hour ago with a small overnight bag which contained only minimal clothing, I won't be wearing much in the hours to come, but it did contain the essential toys that this night is going to be all about. Those toys are now laid out on the desk in one corner of the room.... Continue»
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my wife turned me into a sluty cock loving tranny

Wife Helps Me to Suck Cocks and to be a sluty gurl
My wife, Sherie, went out of town and I had two days to dress and play and play with myself. After she left, I went to my hiding spot to get my clothes. I have several pair of panties, stockings, garter belt, bras, heels and some slips but only one regular outfit. I slid on the black lacy thong panty and matching bra and then my black garter-belt holding up my black stockings. I love the feeling of my stockings on my legs and my cock in my panties. After slipping on my 4" heels and enjoying the sound as I walked around, I went to my wives mak... Continue»
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little faggot slut for cock

Neighbor Turns Me into a Faggot Gay
There I was, one week before the end of high school. Going to college in the fall. Nice car, good friends. I had it all. So, what was I doing on my hands and knees in a video booth on the wrong side of town, dressed as a cheap tart with a cock in each hand, one in my ass and one buried in my throat?

It had all started a few months ago. I was locked out of my house in the pouring rain, and I went over to our neighbor’s to see if I could hang out with him until my parents got home. He was a cool guy, single, mid 30’s, worked for a software company, and dr... Continue»
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e****ting is the Answer: Chap 1.

Vincent Dae gets back into e****ting but his first client changes the game on him. . . things get real for Dae.

‘Why would you even say something like that?’ I said into the cell phone as I unlocked the door to my apartment. I was speaking to my boyfriend who had been having some trust issues since he found out I had been a male e****t during my senior year in college. ‘I’m sooo sorry baby’ he replied ‘I didn’t know what I was saying I was d***k!’. ‘. . . . bullshit, you weren’t that d***k, your using that as an excuse for saying dumb shit and being jealous of something that I did w... Continue»
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The Castrati Life

His Eminence Cardinal Mathias von Rohr was a former Bishop of Vienna. Because of his prior office, he was quite familiar with many of the royal and noble families of Germany, Austria, and Hungary. Tonight, he was hosting His Highness the Hereditary Prince of Bruck-Furstenfeld. They were having an evening of entertainment and dinner at the clergyman’s beautifully appointed palazzo in the center of Rome. The cardinal had a small chamber choir perform. It was 1497 and women were not permitted to sing in churches. This led to the practice of castrating young boys to retain their high-pitched voice... Continue»
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Daddy at the Truckstop pt 1-5

Hi all, this was a story I'd written in 5 parts on here before, but never continued as intended. I'm coming up with part 6, and other stories now. Enjoy!

Daddy at the Truckstop


--This was an encounter that almost happened with a Daddy a while back. We talked about doing this for a first meet to make up for other times that didn't work out, and while talking about it with him was undeniably hot, it ended up not happening for a few reasons, chief among them safety. I think about how hot it would have been to smash a lot of my boundaries this way, though. Enjoy, and comments welcum :... Continue»
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BBC in the alleyway

Recently I moved to downtown long beach so I could be closer to work in LA but also because there's a group of about 25 black guys I have gotten on a pretty consistent fucking schedule. My job just moved me to a different division so I also have a lot of time to work from home, so I only go into the office 2 days a week, which leaves me plenty of time to have the black guys up in my guts. Most of the time I take them 2-4 at a time but every now and then we'll do a gangbang. Well this past weekend was just such a time and there were 12 guys I was blowing and having pound my ass. So yesterday I'... Continue»
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V.I.P. Trap House

The Adamses. The Roosevelts. The Kennedys. The Lodges. The Daleys. The Bushes.

Most of you have heard of these American political dynasties. But my city has been run by another dynasty – an African-American f****y by the name of Wright. It started with b*****rs, David and Joseph. The elder one, David, was elected to the city council and ultimately served twelve years as mayor. Joseph served on the city council concurrently with his b*****r and eventually became the director of public works.

It did not stop with them. Their c***dren mostly went to law school and migrated back here. David... Continue»
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Goldilocks And The 3 Bears

Once upon a time in the town of Winter Rock; a small but charming little community full of honest hard working people, lived a young man with pale white skin and the most lovely shoulder length curly blonde hair, he stood at about 5’7, had a slender build and an amazing round bubble ass that seemed to call out to all the men and some of the women in the town. His name was John, but because of his hair everyone in town called him “Goldie”.
Goldie spent his days working as a courier, running messages through the town, usually invitations, hand written notes and small sealed packages, passed bet... Continue»
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My Sexuality and Lust After Divorce

Life After Divorce
I endured through a grueling separation and divorce during the beginning of July 2010. I emerged victorious on all mitigation aspects in alimony, custody, c***d support with all the nasty legalities and hearings. When everything was settled, my parents insisted in leaving my reservation for solitude and rest. I settled into a nice motel in Albuquerque’s mid-town area and I made the personal decision to recover, regroup and begin my journey of self-acceptance in being a closeted bisexual and a discrete nudist during my vacation. It was the first time I was alone without my ... Continue»
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Visit from the Pastor

“Wake up, guys,” barked Russell Mack, Sr. as he opened the door to the bedroom his sons shared.
“Unnnnh,” whined the younger.
“Come on! Five minutes.”
“Dad,” groaned the older one. “Can we stay home.”
“Fine,” the funeral employee and pastor hissed walking away leaving the door open.

The husband and father of three walked downstairs and into the kitchen. He heated up a microwavable breakfast sandwich consisting of an English muffin, American cheese, egg, and turkey sausage. He poured a glass of orange juice and spent less than six minutes scarfing it down. He put his dishes in the sink, ... Continue»
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A slave fantasy

Here is a fantasy i wrote years ago. It's further than i've ever gone but fantasy is often a signpost to where this slave might go if the right Master were to come along...

a slave fantasy

my past has been wiped out and there is only the present. The future is something i never think about - it is enough that i am alive in the here and now. And that present has a purity and a simplicity that my past never had. i am a slave. i do what i am told. i accept what happens to me. i am content.

i don't know where i am, whether in a city or in the country as it was part of t... Continue»
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My Kind of Charter

This is one of the memories, from St. Croix, that I started but never finished.

I was waiting for the girls one morning as usual – on the veranda of the good old King Christian Hotel, in St. Croix – there was a charter boat captain having coffee. I wasn’t really at my best or, looking my best. It was the off season and I’d been lucky enough to turn three tricks the night before. The last one was still in the room relaxing; he’d spent an hour working off his morning wood in me and I was still tingling and glowing all over. It was one of those mornings that a tampon was a much better choice tha... Continue»
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My school bully

I am a young white curvy boy who likes to wear panties and leggings and my bully is this tall skinny black man named Lamar and recently I became his bitch.
The next day we were in school and we have some classes together and in class he sits next to me in the back of class. Lamer unzipped his jeans and whispered "bitch grab my cock" My hand reached over and through the unzipped jeans. I could feel his warm black cock. He reached over and stuck his hand down the back of my pants and said I see you are wearing the right underwear bitch. I started jerking him off in the middle of class. His dic... Continue»
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Puddin Always Gets Lucky

It was just after 4:00 p.m. on an early Autumn Saturday afternoon. A silver 20165 Toyota Camry darted into the parking lot of the parking lot of the Lampshade Inn. The driver brought the car to rest under the portico covering the front entrance. Patrick ‘Puddin’ Glover stepped out of the vehicle and walked into the hotel lobby.

“May I help you,” inquired an aging Pakistani man.
“I have a reservation for Glover,” replied Puddin producing his license and credit card.

The clerk scanned the items Puddin handed to him. He typed feverishly on his keyboard. He swiped the VISA for payment and t... Continue»
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OTK rambling and analyzing.

OTK thoughts…those nasty old spankings…

I was chatting with someone the other night and we were discussing spanking. Not game playing but real life, old fashioned, punishment. I grew up being punished, the k**s around me were punished and some housewives were too. Hell, my first actual boyfriend gave me my first two or three spankings; outside of the f****y. I remember my mother getting a few trips to the ‘woodshed’. I’m well aware that I can be a brat and a bitch; it’s in the genes, that and not always paying attention to life around me. Some of my lovers put up with me – some put me over th... Continue»
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Getting Bi with Mom 2

Getting Bi with My Mom 2

"Oh, yes, thank you mom," I sighed as I licked her cheek free of a big load of white juices, "It was soooo amazing watching you give yourself up to those lovely hard cocks, seeing them penetrating deep into your pretty pussy, mom, it was such a turn-on," I sucked a drop off her chin, "And thank you sooooo much for having them soak you in tasty cum, this is the best a son could ask from his mother, I love you so much and I love cum and more than anything I love eating cum off your gorgeous body," her face mostly clean I had now switched to suckling on her s... Continue»
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