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Caught by Dads new Girlfriend

Everything about my life was normal until I reached 12. I had a normal f****y and I thought everything was great. Then the unthinkable happened and my parents split up. As a young boy I didn't understand it all so I just stayed in my room as it all happened. After a few weeks my dad had moved out and I was then brought up by my mum with my b*****r and older s****r. Several months later both my parents were dating again. Most weekends my mum was out and occasional she would bring a man back and I would her them fuck in the room next door. It was at this stage in my life that I noticed my cock ... Continue»
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No longer driving by......

I remember back to my teen years I would help my dad with a garbage route he would do on Saturdays to earn extra income. I wasn't really fond of the work but it was the drive to the landfill I would look forward to because it would take us past an adult bookstore. There was just something about the lingerie in the windows and the neon lights that just screamed out at you and you knew you just had to stop and explore. Well the day came I passed my drivers test and with it the freedom to just drive to wherever I chose and in the back of my mind I could hear the bookstore calling me. The on... Continue»
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Friendship with an older man (Continued)

After enjoying a shared experience with Tom I felt even more excited about what we could do together. It felt amazing being masturbated by him and I loved the feeling of pumping out my semen all over his hands or into tissues or whatever else we did but it was even more of a turn on seeing his erection and watching him ejaculate for the first time made me come instantly. I played over in my mind the sound of him groaning and then the white liquid streaming out of his engorged penis and running down his fingers and into his pubic hair. I thought about it every night when I was wanking myself sl... Continue»
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Normal boy to sissy boy pt1

Hi I’m Joey this is my first story I would love some feedback and let me know if you want a part 2
True story and feelings
From having a normal sexual appetite for girls it evolved in to BBC problem. Starting when I was a freshman year I was very white almost even pale my short dark brown hair my 5'8 height never grew much taller I was one slim looking guy. It was weird my whole upper body was very slim especially my arms to the point where I was very self conscious that I always wore long sleeves my chest back very under developed. Then there was my legs and butt for some reason I had a n... Continue»
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Beyong the point of no Return

I can't believe I walked through the door.
I told myself over and over that it would never happen, that it would always remain a fantasy.
Here I am on my knees and the the most perfect specimen is mere inches from my face.
It is cut, long, smooth, and capped with a large mushroom head.
I know I want to taste it, to run my tongue up an down it, to take it inside my salivating mouth.
I can't, I can't go beyond the point of no return.
But I can grab it, I can stroke it, and so I do.
I feel it throbbing in my hand, it is smooth.
It is thrusting in from that hole and it feels good in my h... Continue»
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When I look at you I see him.

Mad Hog Mc Ham had been in a foul mood, blaming Blake Lotus and his second in command Two Ton for a crooked deal gone wrong. As a punishment he had them train nine hours in a row without a break, after which Mad Hog let them clean up the training facilities with nothing more than a toothbrush.

As always Blake had stayed completely stoic under it all, placing himself and his mind elsewhere, following Mad Hog’s orders as a robot and shutting off all his feelings. But Two Ton had been more than pissed, bad tempered cussing and swearing the whole day through. Blake felt sorry for him and propos... Continue»
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Showering at the Gym

A while ago, I joined a gym to play racquetball. I am not that good, but I love to play. A few times a week, I would meet my friend there and we would play a few games. I never used the other facilities and would always wait to get home to shower. One day, shortly after I arrived, my friend texted me to cancel. I had a few hours to kill before my plans for the evening, so I went exploring. I went around trying a lot of machines until I was thoroughly tired and sweaty. I didn't want my car's seat soaking up my sweat, so I figured I'd take a quick shower.

I went in the locker room and ... Continue»
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The Prom II

“Let me help you.” I lifted my bra up a little and he began rubbing my nipples. I had a lacey top on that was tuff to get off. And it was 2 pieces kind of like a double camisole. I stopped him again then lifted my blouse which delighted him. He got right to it and suckled my little boobies. Meanwhile I was looking at his pants and he was bumping forward. I wanted to rub his cock butt I rubbed his thigh near his groin. I was a cock teaser and not giving it up so easily. {I still had some masculine thoughts in my mind.}. He was pantin... Continue»
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You want my Cock Bitch Pt 3 Gay

Ever since the last two meetings with Paul, I had not been able to get the thought of his amazing cock out of my mind. It would just pop into my head and I would find myself thinking about sucking it, licking every vein and feeling the texture of his foreskin on my tongue. It was such a nice, hard specimen of the perfect male organ that many other encounters with other men would always leave me wanting more and feeling less than satisfied. Knowing that he was intent on fucking me had also increased my need to submit to him and bring him pleasure in anyway possible. 

Not too many days passed... Continue»
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My first work trip wasn't all work - Part 2

The next day on the job went by in a blur. I was very self-conscious, wondering if anyone could tell that I'd been fucked the night before. I felt like I was walking differently, as my asshole felt very sore and stretched. Mingled feelings of shame and desire kept me distracted throughout the day, and it was relief and anticipation that I went back to the room I shared with Mike. The others were going out to a bar, but I wasn't old enough so I just said I was going back to watch some tv and go to bed early. Mike said he was going for a beer but would be back early.

In the room where I ... Continue»
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You want my Cock Bitch Gay

Ever since meeting the my lust for cock had become insatiable. I think back on that meeting with him and know that something in me had forever changed. No longer did I have the occasional thought about sucking a cock or maybe taking it in the ass. Cock, and the thought of serving powerful men was, and continues to be, on my mind most of the time. The memories of that day, how I became such a hungry slut, moaning like some whore and begging to be fucked, puts me into a constant state of arousal. 

As the months went by, my cravings remained and I satisfied them from time to time by finding g... Continue»
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You want my Cock Bitch PT 2 Gay

I had a free day and the house to myself when my phone buzzed with an email from Paul. "Are you free slut?" Is all it said. Yes I responded, saying I could be ready in a hour or so. I wanted to get my ass nice and clean for a serious fucking and needed some time to do it, already my cock was growing hard with anticipation. He informed me that he didn't have too much time and could only come over right away. I told him I didn't have time to get cleaned up but we could do another quick blow job. He agreed to that and said he would be over in ten minuets. 

Before long I saw him parking a... Continue»
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The Cell Phone and the Pager

The Cell Phone and the Pager
…and why I switched to a panty girdle rather than panties…

When I was on the road, doing troubleshooting for a large company, there was a lot of driving involved. Getting there then, driving around to company reps. in the area I was working. Other than the nights, it could be pretty boring.
I carried a company pager then, because cell phone coverage wasn’t anything like it is today. Since I have a pretty perverted mind I was thinking about things one day and started to play. At that point I’d found a non-slip butt plug that hit me just the right way. As I sai... Continue»
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Math teacher fucks my ass day 4

Sorry for being away for so long! It's been forever since I wrote a story about my high school math teacher fucking my ass but the wait has been worth it cuz I've got a great story for you. To catch you up, earlier in August of that year I fucked my two best friends because of a stupid bet I made about a video game. I didn't like sucking my first dick at first but I slowly learned to love it. I fucked them for awhile and then decided to use my sexuality to actually get ahead in life and started fucking my math teacher to help my grades (at least that's why we started, but after he fucked me th... Continue»
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The ride

I didn't have anything but a motorcycle for years, and in Hawaii, that wasn't a big deal. The bummer was that I often road alone, because my buddies didn't have motorcycles, which often meant if I couldn't find a girl to ride with me, I would head out alone.
All that changed, when my friend (I'll call him James) bought a new motorcycle. James is a well built, slim, muscular black man, (we were both in tip top shape, due to youth and military service), and had been a good friend for several years.
When he got his bike, he told me he would ride with me anytime. We road tog... Continue»
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The Flatwarming (GAY)

Daz was settling into his new flat with his fiancée. He had been there a week and that sunday would be the highlight, He had organised for his fiancée, Stacey, aged 36 to have a BBQ cooked by him and served in the company of her best friend Tanya, also aged 36.

That Sunday Daz was at the BBQ and dressed to impress in white shorts, white cap and white flip-flops. He did the manly thing of setting up the BBQ and getting the food prepared and ready to go. The Ladies did as they do best. They could be found on their facebook, checking their phones tanning themselves in their bikinis and shades... Continue»
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Best friend makes me a sissy

I waited nervously at arrivals. His flight had landed 20 minutes ago so I guessed he would be through quite soon. He wasn't expecting me, but I wanted to catch him by surprise, and also thought if I relied on a normal venue I would back out………. let me explain.

My life had fallen apart over the past two weeks. I had always hidden my perversions from my wife (her description, not mine). However once too often I had decided not to go on a night out with her which had raised her suspicion. I left work early, knowing that I had up to 4 hours to myself to wank and goon over my favourite pornography... Continue»
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A Dominating Fuck Fight!

Whether it was legend of the incredible power of Chris Walker that set of an evil plan in Mad Hog's mind, or his will to find out who was the strongest top, who the devil can tell and what does it matter? Some way or other their paths were bound to cross, drawn as they were like iron shavings to a magnet. Drawn by lust and a craving for power on the part of Mad Hog Mc Ham.

Chris Walker – so you know – was big and monstrous, a giant with a c***d-like mind, possessing superhuman strength, able to tear someone's head from his body. He had flesh ripped from his forehead, allowing for a truer vi... Continue»
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Wanting Love and Kink

Hey guys, I'm Denny, a masculine soft-hearted Outed Gay,
with a Homoflexable twist looking for my Soul-Mate. Am a retired professional looking to find a REAL LifeTime romantic love n friendship with a Versatile Outed Gay man, LadyBoy or T-Gurl. I'm a loyal, calm, very horny ole boy n enjoy guys whose sexuality radiates from within n are comfortable with who they are. It's important to talk, get to know one another n share our stories as I do enjoy hearing about your life's n your sexual experiences. I'm hygienic, DD free, Vers [you be also], 8 1/2 inch part-cut, on PrEP n will not ware... Continue»
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Exploring our bodies - Chap 2

If you have read the first part of my story you know I had just becum John Boys cum drinking on demand cocksucker. We absolutely spent a lot of time swimming, it had know just become my time to suck his cock, and swallow his sweet cum. I would always try and see how many time he could shoot his seed down my throat. If I remember right 5 times in just over an hour was my best. The time we spent together laying on the bank of the creek, his cock was rarely out of my mouth. I can honestly say this is when I feel in luv with sucking cock, and where I developed a lot of my skill at it. I lea... Continue»
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