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My journey part V.

My journey part V.

Both Matt and me looked at each other with me saying no and Matt just smiled before he said come on lets go as he opened up the bit of paper Dave had given him with the phone number and as he opened it I saw there was money in it two ten pound notes in fact so Matt gave me one and put the number and his ten quid back in his pocket and I did the same with mine as we walked out of the park.

Matt began to really piss me off by keeping on about David, I was not keen on involving anyone else in our fun and games but I knew that Matt would not let it drop so reluctantly agre... Continue»
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Down on the Farm

I had driven out to the country and decided to sunbathe nude with nothing on but a visor, women's sunglasses and a pair of high heel sandals. I oiled my hairless body and sat in a beach chair where I drifted off while sitting in a small field not far from a tree line between me and the road.

I woke up moments later to see a farm hand stroking a nice meaty cock near the tree line, as if he was hiding from my view.

I repositioned my chair slightly, so as to part my legs to show him my small, but clean shaven man-clit. I still acted like I had not seen him, even as I applied a coat of lip g... Continue»
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the quarterback and the janitor

it was a typical day in Tommy's world he had everything at least he thought he did life can be very funny it can go from being on your side for one minute then deadset against you the next. In Tommy's case he would be getting the change of a lifetime he would go from dating the beautiful head cheerleader Lola to the life he must become accustomed to, it was just a blur but it goes back a few weeks ago. This was a normal day for Tommy he was in the bathroom stall with a joint having his usual puffs to get him through the day when all of a sudden he heard the bathroom door open he didn't think t... Continue»
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The Truckstop Visit

The Truckstop visit

By papercup69

It was a long drive. I was on my way back to my third year of college after spending the summer with my f****y. The drive was 8 hours across mostly flat prairie land with few opportunities for stops.

Traffic was light as most people took the newer highway. I opted to go this way because it was more direct. The new highway was an extra hour but it passed through more cities. This way had two stops. One was a gas station with restaurant, which I usually stopped at for lunch, and the other was only a washroom facility and stop where truckers usually parked o... Continue»
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When the Straight Guy Came to Stay

Marco mounted Stephan and eased his cock into his virgin asshole, burying it up to the hilt. Stephan moaned “fuck me” louder and louder, he felt like he wanted Marco to climb inside is soaking wet fuckhole.
Marco pounded away dutifully as he broke in his new cum whore slut, Stephan begged for him to cream pie his wet hole... It was exactly how Stephan imagined his first time would be, no it was better. Marco was finally having his way with his straight friend, they had known each other for nearly 20 years, however more than 15 years had passed since last seeing each other.

In that time, his s... Continue»
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making a cum eater part 3

'Dave as a treat i'm going to take you out for a meal i bet you would like that wouldn't you ?'
'yes miss that would be nice but am i to go nude miss ?'
'don't be silly of course not you may put on your black suit but no underwear go get ready '
'yes miss'

we arrive at the restraunt
'my husband booked us a table'
'name please'
'mr cum eater'
'right this way please , may i just say what a weird name that is '
'its not his name its what he does isn't it dave ?'
'yes miss'
laughing she shows us to a table in the corner
'may i get you anything'
'yes please i'll have a glass of wine... Continue»
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Recent history and old tales

With some of the things I’ve posted I’ve chatted with a few likeminded sissies and TS; we all share a lot of the same likes and dislikes in sex. We all seemed to start young, some even as young as ten, we all seemed to ease into it then suddenly go out of control so to speak. When I post some things it stirs up more thoughts and memories, starts me thinking back.

My mom helped me in some things without even knowing it or, she was subtly helping me because she knew/suspected something. I mean she did almost know exactly the date that I lost my virginity, she knew when the black boy fucked ... Continue»
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First Taste of Black Cock Pt1

That was the first time in my life that I had any interactions at all with black people in either my workplace or in our everyday lives. We bought a nice home in the northeast suburbs of Jackson, where the black population is less concentrated, but we still encountered many black people there. I have always tried to take care of myself and stay fit, although at five feet and nine inches tall and weighing one hundred and fifty-five pounds I am definitely not heavily muscled. I joined an athletic club not too far from my home and worked out three nights a week, with longer sessions on the weeke... Continue»
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Fun in the Hay Loft

By Tuggatom

It had been one of those long, hot days on the combine and, as the light began to fade, we decided to call the teams in for the night and start again in the morning. I had two trailers collecting and taking grain to the store and when the message went out I notices Dave and Tony head off the field quickly and back towards the yard. I jumped down out of the cab, locked up, got into my pick-up and headed for home.

It was a good 10 minutes drive along the tracks to get back to the yard and as I approached I notices Dave and Tony heading into the hay loft. Curious, I stopped about 10... Continue»
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Surprice in the sauna

Surprice in the sauna !

I am a happely married man and I have with the knowlige of my wife
also a male friend with whom I have sexual relations.

We meet each other about once every twoo weeks.
He is a tall , very gentile lover and very good friend.

We tell each other our dreems , the things that make us happy and things
that turn us on .

On wendsday last week I had my birthday and Alex invitet me to a sauna were he would give me a full body massage .Something I just can not say no to !

This sauna I did not now, so we went together one evening.

It was soon clear to me ,i... Continue»
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My black roommate

I had started collage back up. I had packed my panties and leggings with my clothes thinking i was going to have a room by myself. When i got to the dorm i found my room and once i enter i picked a bed and unpacked everything. Shortly after unpacking this younger tall black k** walks into my room and says “oh you are my roommate this year” I responded with a nod. He then went on to say “im Dev and you are” i responded “i am Mel” after he was setteled in he asked “do you mind if i used the shower first. I replied “I don’t mind at all.” I sat there looking on my computer and i heared the shower ... Continue»
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When Master Leo Took Me To The Forest

We'd been riding in the car for what seemed like an hour. I was in the back seat with a bag over my head and my hands tied behind my back. Master Leo was driving. We rode in silence. The car stopped, and I heard a door open. Then my own door was opened and I was pulled from the car. The bag was removed from my head and I could see we were in a forest. Standing there by the side of the woodland road, Master Leo took a pair of scissors from his pocket and began to cut my shirt off of my body. He ordered me to kick off my shoes and to remove my socks. It was a bit of a struggle, but I was able to... Continue»
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19 and ready

Who'd have thought it? I was laying on a bed in just my under briefs watching Mr.Brayfield my next door neighbor undress. Through countless suggestive conversations with the sixty year old I'd finally plucked up the courage to accept his invitation for a 'right seeing to' as he had put it. I was just a shy nineteen-year-old who was coming to terms with my sexuality and was as nervous as hell.
Mr.Brayfield was tall and thin and quite conservative in his dress. He wore glasses too which did nothing to enhance his features, in fact, he was a pretty ordinary looking man to be truthful. Now here he... Continue»
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I had recently turned 21 and was back in my hometown for the summer break after my sophomore year of college. While by no means a ladies man, I had been with several girls to that point and there was never a question of my desire of the female body or a lack of a craving to bury my head between the thighs and eat the pussy of about every hot girl/woman that gave me an opportunity.

I had been hanging out with my friend Nicole for the day, tanning by her parent's pool. She was very hot, but my league, but she liked hanging out with me as a friend. She was telling me how she was having an affair... Continue»
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Italy Sexcapade

i went to Italy for a week. the three places i visited were Rome, Venice, and Florence. There was a lot of first's happening on this trip, but i enjoyed it.

It was the last day in rome, i wanted to enjoy the night life. To no end, I didn't find anywhere to go. I had made plans with four different guys this guys this night. Franco was the only one to follow through. Franco was an older gentlemen: 56, 5'10, 175lbs, italian. I admit, i was nervous. First time with a man, in my book, everything can go wrong.

I took a shower before he arrived at my hotel. I sat on the bed to talki... Continue»
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My first glory hole

This is a true story of my first glory hole. I worked as a CEO for a large company and had to travel across the country for meetings and presentations ect. I am also a straight and married man, however the thought of experimenting with another man is something that had always entrigued me. I'm not sure what it was on that perticular Tuesday, but I was a lot hornier then normal. On the train journey up to my meeting the cabin was full of slim and attractive woman mostly uni students wearing low cut tops and see through leggings my cock was throbbing in my pants.

I arrived to my meeting and ... Continue»
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Звонок на мой сотовый застал меня на кухне, за поглощением мороженого.
-Танюш, мне сегодня придется уехать. Срочная командировка. Хочешь со мной?
Если он надеялся что я откажусь, то сильно ошибался.
-Конечно, любимый!
Андрей хмыкнул.
-Я пошутил. Еду в город N. Если сегодня всё пройдёт удачно, завтра же буду дома.
-Когда едешь?
-Сразу после обеда. Я заскочу домой, а ты, милая, собери мне сумку в дорогу. Провожать не надо, за мной заедет служебная машина.
-А почему не хочешь взять меня с собой?
-Да ладно, Тань, перестань! Завтра утром уже буду в твоих объятьях, не успеешь соскучиться.
... Continue»
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The beginning of my ordealThe beginning of my orde

The beginning of my ordealThe beginning of my ordeal and my love for the Air - Part 2 of Chapter (1)

I'm from Amman, Jordan I was born in 1960, we were means and my father was in the army and as I remember that my f****y was moving from house to house many times, in 1967 as I remember there was a man took me to a abandoned house it was close to our house as I usually play near it, that man undressed me and start kissing me all over my cheeks& lips, my body down to my ass then he rub his dick up my ass, I've given up and I do not know what he is doing to me, after a while I heard a sigh co... Continue»
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Stepdaddy’s Filthy f****y 3


My stepson Jacob and I were about to go for round two when we heard the door open and my wife call out, “Hey, guys!”

Jacob and I only had seconds. “I’ll put my office back together, and you get dressed,” I whispered to my stepson.

Jacob nodded and started throwing on his clothes. Grabbing my own shirt and jeans, first things first. I switched off the speakers, turned the monitor, and then got my shirt on.

“Where are you guys?” Melissa asked.

“In here!” Jacob said.

I guess he had to say it, only it was like he was wanting to get us caught.

He was fully dressed. But my ... Continue»
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Stepdaddy’s Filthy f****y, 4


I couldn’t believe what I was seeing through the sliding patio door.

My mom was on her knees in front of my stepdad, completely naked, with her robe hanging off her chair behind her. Cum covered her face, shined on her little tits, and coated her swollen pink nipples. Her hand was rubbing her clit like it was itching her bad.

And I was in front of the glass doors, jerking off. My stepdad first frowned then smiled at the sight of me. I came before the third stroke, a powerful sphincter-clutching orgasm that left me spent. And then my stepdad gave me the sign and I took off.

Ha... Continue»
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