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Being a birthday present!

Hello stranger,
let me share you the story that happened to me few years back. It's a true story; you might even get the pass to the gallery with some of the pics that were taken that night … of course if u ask … and if your profile is real … and if u are a girl … or a couple … ;)

English is not my native language so sorry for all strange words put together!

It was cold December, the nights were running long, temperatures close to zero and the snow was just preparing to make us happy. It was the part of a year where people are starting to get new year’s fever, everyone wants to meet so... Continue»
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The first time I got fucked.

I wrote this story a while ago and saved it. It isnt tranny related at all, it is just a short story about when i lost my anal virginity. If it isnt very relevant to this site, tell me, and ill remove it. It is entitled 'Giving my anal cherry away'.

I am no stranger to gay sex. I have sucked a hell of a lot of cocks. Saunas,dogging spots, toilet gloryholes, you name it. But I have always been scared of being fucked for the first time. Scared but intrigued..
I remember being fingered properly for the first time and it hurt. Then once at the cruising spot I go to in the forest, a nice old ... Continue»
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There I was, leaning back on a picnic table watching him pull my underwear and shorts down my legs. My little cock was swaying around out in the cool air as the rain storm hammered down on the small shelter. He threw my soakened clothes down onto the wet concrete. I remember the slapping sound they made. I stared intently as he removed his shirt. I was in a trance, I struggled getting my wet t-shirt off me....I gave up and froze my gaze on his enormous meat stick emerge from his shorts. It bounced up out, looking straight at me. He moved in between my open legs. He gripped my shirt at the coll... Continue»
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Cum In

I’m always going to the same gym 1-2 time a week, and have to say there was almost always the same crowd, cannot recall seeing any new people for long time, hence all seen everyone naked, including me with my huge asslips, initally i had the weired looks, but later no one was bothered. Unfortunately due to renovation work in my regular gym, last week i gone to another place near by.

After the training i came to the changing room to jump into the shower and of course when i took my underwear off, my ass lips where very open from the recent fisting i had.

I slightly bended to pick-up my unde... Continue»
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Tiffy Through the Ages

Tiffy Smith walked out of his bathroom. He was freshly showered. The forty-eight-year-old faggot was getting ready for his sexy, younger Nigga to come over. Tiffy had taught history for twenty years in Louisiana. He took the early retirement date because his grandparents had left him a sweet trust fund. Also, his parents had died in a flight his father was piloting. Altogether Tiffy’s inheritance was just a bit north of eleven-million-dollars.

The educator, originally known as Timothy Smith, was the only c***d of the only daughter of Robert Edwards . His grand-pops had founded a local bank ... Continue»
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She Gets Him Bi - Part 1

She Gets Him Bi
Part 1

John, 30, couldn't believe his luck. Just two weeks ago, he thought his wife, Tiffany, was going to murder him. Fortunately, her love and support was more than he could've imagined, and now he was so excited he could barely stand his nerves.

Two weeks ago, Tiffany had gone out with some of her girlfriends. John found himself getting aroused, and decided to check out some porn online. For the most part, John had always considered himself to be straight. But ever since he graduated college, his porn addiction had grown, as had his boundaries. J... Continue»
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Old Friends - Part 3

Part 3
I arrived back at Phil's about 6 o'clock, the day went well, not too many issues, but I was rather tired. I kept getting erections during the day as I remembered the escapades of the previous evening!
Was I gay? I had sucked cock and loved it, but I didn't fancy Phil unless he was in Lingerie. A very confused day!

As he opened the door, my jaw dropped to the floor! He stood there in a Lovely summer dress, button-through with a hint of a white lacy slip at the hem. The look was completed by a wig and subtle make-up.
'Wow!', was all I could say!

'I think I need a shower, been a ... Continue»
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SHORT PIECES (Gay Tales). Volume 2

SHORT PIECES (Gay Tales) Volume 2
The Bears
It was a lovely day in the forest as Michael’s group had left the tents and continued where they had left off the day before. The purpose of the team was to cut the underbrush and assemble it in piles along the old path. This area had been saved for selective cutting by a major lumber company. Michael’s team was one of five groups of 6 men each spread over the entire forested area.
The cutters were seasoned woodsmen, their age ranging from 35 to 60 years old. Most were heavy set bearded men and had spent a good part of their life in different job... Continue»
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First Time Switch Hitting

This story is about the first time I had sex with another man. The year was 1993 and I was a very horny 24 year old living in the Mission District of San Francisco. I think I hit on practically every single woman I met with rare success in those days. I was a good looking guy, but I had not learned to talk women into digging me, so I spent a lot of time at the local video store, renting straight porn and jerking off. I must have been there favorite custormer and as I recall the gay guys who ran the store were always happy to see me.

One day another customer who I recognized as a regula... Continue»
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Son's Friend turns Me GAY

"I will not have a faggot for a son." I remember yelling. 

"No son of mine is going to be a cocksucker." 

Things of that nature, using any and all derogatory terms that I knew. I also told him that he should go live with Adam if he wanted to continue getting "fucked up the ass". Sean was left in tears and the next day he moved out. 

A few weeks went by and I was home one day while Anna was out. A phone call had interrupted my sports and when I answered no one was there. A half hour later...a knock at the door. 

When I looked out and saw Adam, I froze up. I had a desire to punch t... Continue»
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First Time Part 3b

First time part 3b

Paul looked at me. "So, you can't keep a secret huh?"

"He tricked me, he said he knew but he didn't and I said something and he found out"

"So you sucked his dick so he wouldn't tell?"

"Yeah, he was gonna tell you I told on us,so I sucked him so he wouldn't I'm sorry, I didnt mean to."

Mark spoke up. "And it was good too!"

Paul and Mark both started laughing. "Dude, I told you I had a k** that likes it, didn't i?"

"You did, yes you did, and you weren't lying, he does look like a girl."

I looked up at Paul, confused about what they were talking abou... Continue»
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Wife's webcam #2

In the days that followed, none of her coworkers said anything. My wife Marie had knowingly walked completely naked in front of her webcam and pretended to be unaware that her three fellow programmers were watching, and none of them said a word to her. I can't say that I was surprised. If it were me, I too would have kept my mouth shut in hopes of future shows. But Marie knew that she had to ease up. She couldn't give a repeat performance too often without it becoming obvious that she knew they were watching. Nevertheless, the desire for that thrill of exposure remained and continued to grow. ... Continue»
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eine sehr lange story diesmal

ALS EINER IN GAY ROYAL(Werner aus Krefeld) NE NETTE COMING-OUT-STORY AUS EINEM DUISBURGER PARK SCHRIEB......mußte ich auch was raushaun das war am 22.11.2016 DADURCH INSPIRIERT FIELEN MIR WEITERE ÄHNLICHE ERLEBNISSE EIN die Ich hier mal versuch raus zu haun.Früher passierte das im Sahnespenderforum das speziell für solche Geschichten und Storys geschaffen wurde,da müßten einige hundert meiner Storys nach zu lesen sein aber schon seit Monaten is diese Community offline und da ich bis jetzt noch keinen vergleichbaren Ersatz gefunden hab versuch ich mal hier was zu posten.
SORRY wenns noch etwas... Continue»
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by Grace Mayer(2013)

My husband and I have been married for about 10 years, together for a total of 12. We both stay fit and work out together, plus we have an amazing sex life. He (Darren) is 10 years older than me and had been married twice he has a vast wealth of sexual experience that I... Continue»
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First Time Part 3a

I went upstairs to my room after supper and laid on my bed. My butt was aching from being used by a man for the first time. I couldn't stop thinking about the sight of a gigantic hard cock and the unbelievable sensations I had felt as I was used for his sexual gratification. I listened to music on my little transistor radio as I replayed the events over and over in my head. I heard a lawn mower running, and I looked out my second floor window and saw Mr.Washington next door cutting his grass. My newly awakened sexual being now saw the world in a different way, and my gaze went immediately to h... Continue»
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my feelings

​Hey all i want to talk today about my secret life there no one from my friends and f****y know about it, It's about my thought for people men and women and how I'm interesting for it.
For me i like to talk with anyone about sex and what we like and wish kind of sex we feel good, so for me when i came to Germany i feel more freedom for all my feeling and what i believe it from beginning i start to go to sex shop and looking for sex toys for man and i asked about many things doesn't matter if I'm talking with man or girl and i asked about gay stuff this make me free to talk and all stores was ... Continue»
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My neighbors cunt wife finally left him

My neighbors 16 year marriage is coming to an end. She doesn’t know about his extra
playtime with cocks but they have been having issues for awhile and they aren’t
going to make it. Recently she informed him she was moving back to Pennsylvania to
be near f****y. It as obvious. It was over. She had no interest in fixing it. The divorce
isn’t final yet but she is gone.

My neighbor is saddened but taking it better than I thought he would. I think he was
expecting it to be honest. In my mind all I could think about was that he had that
house all to himself now and it would be easier to fuck him. ... Continue»
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Mi jefe me sedujo.

[gay] mi jefe me hizo su perra.

Se dio cuenta como le mire la pija, yo en ese tiempo era hetero

Mi nombre es Claudio, tengo 27 años y soy heterosexual, pero tuve una vez una relación con un hombre que duró unos 6 meses y les voy a contar como fue.

Tenía en ese entonces 17 años, comenzaba a trabajar en una empresa. El primer día me presentaron al Director del área en que trabajaría. Su nombre era Fernando, tenía 50 años, alto buen porte, corpulento, de 1,85 mts., un tanto excedido en kilos, digamos unos 95 o 100, era casado con 2 hijos. Además de Director, era socio de la empresa. Yo por m... Continue»
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Daddy Dearest

Daddy Dearest?

Although this never happened; it’s been suggested that I attempt to write something about it. As many will realize, from reading other things I’ve posted; had it happened for real, I would have been on cloud nine most of the time. My father hated that I was a sissy and did punish me regularly for that. When he heard a rumor of something I’d done, there would be a trip to the barn. That’s where my young backside would meet the strap or the ‘f****y’ paddle until I couldn’t sit. He never found out that my one uncle had started fucking me.
As a teen slut; this situation would ... Continue»
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Sean and Leslie the teen boy

Sean was 40 and had just gotten out of jail. He had gotten into a fight and had been on probation so he had had to do a year. He had gone with no pussy and the fag boys were isolated from him and none of the guys he was locked up with was willing to suck or be fucked. The high built up testosterone caused a lot of fights. He had gotten out and moved into a trailer park. He got a job at a factory and was your average blue collar guy. He was 6'2 185 and had a beard that made him look like a porn star. It wen down the sides of his chin and his chin was shaved. He had blond hair and a toned lean ... Continue»
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