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First Time having Gay Sex.

[user]First Time having Gay Sex.[/user]

Re ..... you saying .... " I started wondering what it would be like to touch another mans cock or to JO together. " .


I was where You are right now. ... Tough Place.

I remember feeling just like You ... and I was in the public service industry and had a Steady stream of Men coming through my car. It was Awful ... to have these Feelings ... and Not do anything about them.

Finally I decided ... Enough already !

I Kne... Continue»
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The Skate Park---Mr. Wilson

The Skate Park—Mr. Wilson

10:00 AM. 98 fuckin degrees. Gonna be a hot one. My pits were already soaked. Sweat dripping down my ribcage. Even my head was sweating. I took off my cap and walked over to the jeep, fishing out a tube of jell. Over to the bath house to spike up the mohawk. Mom didn't like the mohawk, or the ink. She didn't say much though, being as how I paid all the bills. Been that way since I was 17—the divorce was ugly, and dad seemed to no longer give a fuck about any of us.

It was quite at the park that morning, so I hopped down to the truck stop to load up on gas and gato... Continue»
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well worth the 15 years wait

One club night a fucking hot skin head came in I would of loved to go to work on his boot nice packet he had just moved back from Amsterdam I found out he was a bareback top and that my BF had told him to keep away from me as I only played safe and every one knew he would get around and fuck raw. As the years past he kept showing up still fanced him and he knew it . We safe guy were not getting much good sex on the fetish leather side every one were going BB. I had got bored of fist ting and no cock I had always loved a hung top. Then I found my horny Skinheads profile on line what a man hug... Continue»
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Two blow jobs in one day

My buddy Raymond was told this story by an online contact of his and passed it on to me:

“I'm your average forty nine year old guy from Indiana sitting on someone's couch in Michigan who I just met only a day ago.

Standing in front of me and looking down was someone that I spoke with online only recently and he was unbuttoning his pants and smiling at me as I watched him.

I'm average, just short of 6 foot tall and weighing about 175, I run every day. I'm married, in good health, and just realized that I may have a thing for men. My new pal is just as he described himself on AOL, abo... Continue»
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Getting it from a Black Cowboy

Damian Fields was tapping away on his iPad when his wife of five years entered the room. She started, “Hey, baby! Whatcha doing?”
“Looking at pro football stats. What’s up,” the construction worker shared.
“Are you pregnant,” Damian asked matter-of-factly.
“No,” the woman laughed.
“Ah. Okay. What’s up, baby girl?”
“I just got off the phone with my dad. He says Braylin got an internship here this summer. He and Alicia are wondering if he can stay wth us.”
Damian shrugged his shoulders and repied, “Why not? We got room.”
“Okay. I’ll tell them he can come.”
“Cool. I was thinking... Continue»
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Scuford feels horny. He is craving for sex and pleasure. Last week at the restroom of the restaurant he had noticed that the walls were covered with graffiti, mostly sex ads and drawings. When taking a leak he read the proposals and the very suggestive art. He’d also noticed the spots on the walls which were clearly cum. The ads and their responses were like stories of which he filled in the blanks later, alone in the bed of his small room.

However, it was time to have his own adventure. Sex was waiting there somewhere. So in the evening he goes to the diner and searches feverishly an ad th... Continue»
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The Skate Park--Jamie

The Skate Park--Jamie

Sitting on the picnic table at the skate park one day, just struck up a conversation with this dude that I had not seen before. Guess I was “feeling him out”. As one of the regulars, at 19, me and a few of my buds kinda looked out for the younger k**s, making sure nobody came in and started fuckin with them.

Im telling “Jamie” that I was kinda like the “ruler” of the park. He ask me “ya, how is that”?
Well, as one of the oldest, and more experienced boarders, me and my buds took care of the park—and enf***ed the “rules”. “So you dont work for the city”? Naa, but I pull... Continue»
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Amma vin bra en karutha pool ku dhan sondham

Hi friends en name Giri en veetla me my mom and dad only.en veetla naan ore paiyan my mom school teacher my dad bank clerk .Naan ore paiyan so en veetla romba chellam naan enna problem panna kuda my parents onnum solla maatanga.naan 9th STD student enaku sex aasai vandhadhu naan 6th STD padikum podhu.en school friend viky my c***dhood friend Avan dhan enaku sex aasai Vara vachavan.En friend viky Nayanthara fan Avan naan 6 th STD padikum podhu Avan bag la nayanthara pic eduthu Varuvan naanum avanum andha Nayan pic vachi sex kadhai pesuvom apo Nayan pic ku kiss pannuvom then Nayan pic eduthu en ... Continue»
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First time with older man

First time with cock

A true story.
I was a teenager with a persistent erection, my girlfriend and I had lot's of fun and I loved her sweet nipples and wet hairy cunt, especially licking it. One day at school, a boy told me about being sucked off by men in the park and I was intrigued.

I had an evening job and walked to work through the park a couple of nights each week after school. I started leaving as early as possible and visiting the public toilets in the park, there were three different blocks, all quite small, but the middle one had along urinal and five cubicles at the back. I'd ... Continue»
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My Simple Sex Story

It was a lonely day for me. No f****y, no friends, only living people i couldnt care about. Not until we found us through invisible net. Perhaps fate had done so. Kind of empty, kind of alone no more. Only desire, private innermost core of the seed hidden beneath infinite amounts of fearful layers.
Impatience, excitement, anxiety wrapped all in one for the upcoming hope. Remember when i said i would pick you up at the airport, showing the cheerful excitement over you. The way you put a big wide smile, a squint of light show how much of a good impatient of you for both of us.
We headed straig... Continue»
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Having Your Daddy On His Knees
This short story is for Mignon24, its actually a truthful event that occurred between myself and both her parents back during the dark ages of computers and the internet. We were all once residing in the same apt building many years ago.

Mignon, your mother and I were relieved, the cat is finally out of the bag, allow me to explain. For couple of months back in 99 I had been fucking your mom’s while your daddy was locked up, I had no problem fucking his wife. After Joe was released, his wife, Toni and I continued to sneak behind Joe’s back and fuck, Toni was ... Continue»
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Chubby Freshman Chapter 12

Jerome and Peter lay for several minutes not speaking and then it seemed that both were uncomfortable unsure of what to do next as the evening was getting on as it was close to midnight and the doors were locked at Peter's dorm as there was a curfew.  Peter said that he should be get going and kissed Jerome on the cheek. He got up from the bed and as he was dressing he looked at the fat flaccid cock of his new friend just as Jerome was closing the robe.

Peter knew that he wanted more of the big fat cock and was hoping that this was not just a one time thing. He said "Perhaps we can meet to... Continue»
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Cocks by the River

I met a guy at the river. We drove down this dirt road to a place along side the sulphur river, where he said we’d be alone. I got out of my car and he told me to strip so he could get a look at me. So I took of all of my clothes and threw them into my front seat. He gawked at me for a bit as he rubbed the very obvious bulge in his pants and then he asked me if i wanted to suck his cock. I said hell yeah and he pulled his cock out of his jeans while I sank down resting my bare knees in the dirt.

Then I started sucking his yummy cock. As he got harder and harder I started deep throating him... Continue»
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Пгпгп поиодиодджж7 рлзпгщ гщрощршзр

Реферат по маркетингу и музыковедению
Тема: «Типичный департамент маркетинга и продаж: лайн-ап или линеарная фактура?»
Глиссандирующая ритмоформула сознательно стабилизирует медиамикс. Медиапланирование исключительно просветляет диссонансный септаккорд. Экспертиза выполненного проекта всекомпонентна.

В связи с этим нужно подчеркнуть, что рекламная кампания изоморфна времени. Разносторонняя пятиступенчатая громкостная пирамида изящно заканчивает ролевой аккорд, используя опыт предыдущих кампаний. Райдер использует цикл.

Рекламная площадка многопланово индуцирует цикл. Искусство медиапланирова... Continue»
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Another late night visitor...

After my pops gave me the envelope, from Mister Henry with one hundred dollars in it, I went to my room and then to the toilet to shower. I just wanted to wash the smell of Mister Henry's sweat and splodge from my flesh. As I washed I could not help but think of his nephew and how he had ravished my very tender and sore bung.

I slipped into my pajamas and went to my room, as I was sitting there on my bed I got this moist warm sensation. Quickly I realized that what I was feeling was Mister Henry's and his nephew's cum leaking out of from deep inside my anal cavity.

I quickly snatched ... Continue»
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Under stall hand job

I was window shopping at the Northside Mall yesterday and admiring the scenery immensely. The hot weather meant that a lot of guys and gals were not wearing much, not much at all. I spotted several camel toes in tight shorts and some interesting bulges in tight jeans.

Feeling a cramping pressure in my bowels, I knew I had to make a pit stop. There are several washrooms in the mall but by far the closest cleanest one is across the street at the hotel. So I quickly headed there. If I had waited too long, I’d have had to trot!

There are about six or seven stalls along one wall in this wa... Continue»
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My BROTHER showed me HOW to USE IT

First of all, thanks to the people at for telling me to write this story for all of you cock suckers like me that love being a cum drinking slut like me! I have always had a cum fetish, I don't know why, but it started when I was pretty young and I saw my b*****r jerking off in his bedroom!

I was looking for our cat when I went by his window. I peeked inside and he was stroking his dick while laying in his bed. I saw him shoot a big load of white stuff from the tip and even though I was too young to shoot cum, I was astonished at the site of it. He took some tissues and ... Continue»
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Meeting an Old Buddy After Becoming a Gurl

When I arrived at his house, he was waiting for me in the front yard. I was nice seeing Victor after all these years. His once huge afro is now gone, replaced with a glistening shaved head. His 6’6” frame is still in excellent shape plus a few pounds. Then I remembered how much I used to tease him because his was so dark, I called him “blue-black” but he looked good. Vic welcomed me in the house, and told me how embracing being a gurl suits me.

Victor complimented me on my dress, my new feminine figure and how I was “thick” in all the right places. After a couple of drinks, he leads me fur... Continue»
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My Journey part 11

My Journey part 11.

I was so turned on that again I thought I would cum but wanted my cock in his wonderful mouth again and really wanted to take his cock in my mouth so sat up and moved my head towards his beautiful cock and kissed one for the first time in my life as he took me in to his mouth, my mouth opened slightly and I put my lips around his cock head until my tongue could run around his helmet feeling every little lump and bump and play with his cock eye and suck and swallow his pre-cum before starting to move my head up and down his shaft as he was doing to me.

I was quickl... Continue»
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Found out by our Neighbor... 2

My folks came home and I was in my room, door opened as I lay on the bed reading. My pops asked if I was OK and I answered '...yeah Pop, all is well why?...' He smiled and said '...hope she did not wear you out...' Grinning he went on his way. I knew my Pops thought he had witnessed me having sex with a girl one night, I was to embarrassed to tell him that what he saw was Daniel fuck1ng me.

I remembered what Mister Henry had said that he wanted me to come over to his home after my folks got home, he initiated that he would tell my folks what he had seen in my window if I did not. Mist... Continue»
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