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An Amazing Night With An Indian Trans Woman

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Now this story is a fantasy I have, maybe a little bit more than that. I see myself as a bisexual top. I’ve mostly been with women but have also experienced some guys too. I have always wanted to be with a trans woman. However, I see them as the best of both worlds. I don’t purely sexualize them though, to me this story is a fantasy. But a trans woman is just another woman, with a little bit extra. The sun shines brightly over the city of New Delhi as I walk towards the hotel reception desk. The soothing sounds of the water feature and the calming palette of colors bring me a sense of relief… Read more

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È da un po' di tempo che cerco lavoro quando su un sito specializzato leggo che una ditta di import/export ha bisogno di un autista che sappia fluentemente parlare inglese e che sia disposto a viaggiare. Essendo mia madre Scozzese sono bilingue e così per l'inglese non ci sono problemi, d'altronde adoro girare per il mondo quando posso... quindi mi sono chiesto: i requisiti ce li ho... e allora, perche' non tentare? Invio il mio curriculum via e-mail all'indirizzo di posta elettronica indicato. Passano i giorni quando ricevo una telefonata. Una voce suadente di donna mi chiede se sono ancora… Read more

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Pleasing The Black Lawn Man

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Got a new lawn man in the spring, Had been searching for one and seen a guy one day with his truck a few streets over so I stopped and asked him if he taking on any more in the area, he said yes and would pass over later and look at it .I told him it was a small yard and he said ok.... He stopped by an hour or so later and gave me a good price .I invited him in and he come inside ....Would you care for a drink I asked him yeah some water is fine and asked if he could use the bathroom sure it right down the hall there I said..... His name was Albert just call me Al he said.....He was about 6… Read more

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The Initiation part one

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Every year to get into a certain fraternity new members must go through a pledge task or week...and I was no exception. Being a freshman I wanted to get into one so I had to do a task that would gain me entrance and the one that was given to me was a daunting one. To pledge my loyalty to the fraternity I had to give a blowjob to a person of said fraternity's choice. So the fraternity found a Junior in our college to be the one. So there I was waiting in the pledge room wearing briefs and shirt waiting why everybody else left to go drinking. Then suddenly a black man wearing a pair of tight bl… Read more

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My First Time ( Mac and I )

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I had been emailing Mac for about 3 months about wanting my secret desire to be treated like a sissy with a man. Today he was going to pick me at noon. I didn't sleep the entire night nervous if i would go through with meeting him. Part of me was scared that he might be a killer while another part of me was fearful he might just hurt me. He seemed like a nice older man and said he had always been attracted to men. I didn't want to be with a man only because they couldn't get pussy. I emailed Mac at first and told him many many times I was very shy but the more we emailed the more i opened up… Read more

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Meine ersten Erfahrungen mit einem Mann

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Es fing alles so an, dass ich immer schon gerne Pornos geguckt habe und dabei viel mir auf, dass fast in jedem Porno immer der Schwanz ganz groß dabei ist. Ich fand es immer geil diese dicken Dinger anzugucken. Besonder wenn eine Frau anal genommen wurde oder mit den Füßen einen Pimmel gewixxt hat. Also hab ich aus Spaß im Suff einfach mal eine Anzeige geschaltet, dass ich einen ältern Herrn suche der mir sein Ding zeigt usw. Daraufhin meldete sich Tobi. Tobi beschrieb sich als normalo Mitte 50 und 18*4. Er schickte gleich ein Körper Bild mit. Das machte mich schon sehr an, endlich mal e… Read more

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Stranger Danger

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I had been broken up with Mac for about 7 months because he had to move a couple states away for work and I was so horny that I decided to go look for a fwb on CL. I went to place my advertisment not knowing I would instantly have my post taken down. then I was made aware 'Sex Ad's' where not allowed on CL anymore so I gave up. The next day I got to thinking about dressing up and going to the book store but am way to shy for that when I remembered that I might have some guys still on my email account that have contacted me before. I logged into my email account and had around 50 unread mess… Read more

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BASED ON TRUE STORY: From a few years back ago I was a simple Whiteboi with a girlfriend. By that time I called myself a man because i lost my virginity with a girl and braged about it to all my friends. She kept it all quiet for herself, and by then I didn't know why. As a normal Whiteboi always does, is watching porn. I watched all the Blacked clips there was on all pornsites. I loved when girls cheated on their boyfriends and sucked BBC. I only took it as a fantasy and watched the beauty of interracial porn. I saw that my girlfriend had friends who got black boyfriends and for sure probably… Read more

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Old Man Fuck.

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Another trip down memory lane. This happened a few weeks after my mam died. Dad wasn't coping well and was taking out his frustrations on me. " Your mother never used to do it like that ", or " Your mother always cooke it this way ". Basically I could never measure up. And my younger brother always took dad's side. So one evening I decided enough was enough and poisoned the fuckers ....... lol, joking, I decided to go out and have a few drinks in town, far less dramatic. I headed off to a pub I enjoyed, it had a real mix of punters. Old farts letching ater the young rent boys, mincing queens… Read more

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Surfing then Sex

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I have been thinking about going surfing just wearing speedos for years but I’ve never had the courage. On Monday I finally sacked up. The weather forecast for Monday was good and I’d go to the point at Birdie Beach, a nude beach north of where I live. It is a quiet beach, particularly during the week and I haven’t seen too many guys surfing there so chances were that I’d have the place to myself. Some peer would be nice though so, I mentioned on my blog asking if anyone would like to join me. One of my new members shot me an email saying he would love to go for a speedo surf. We shot some e… Read more

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Memory or fantasy you decide

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I was in his apartment. He was older than me by a few years and I suspected he was at least bi-sexual but he was a nice guy and it was just to watch the game on his big-screen, so no big deal. Had a few beers and the game ended. "Feel like watching a dirty movie?" "OK, sure. " I was pretty comfortable but I'd only watched a porno with other guys once, at a stag party when there loads of other people there. The conversation then was bravado and bluster. This would be different. More different than I realized when the movie turned out to be all-male. "Do you mind?" "It's not what I usually watch… Read more

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Poker Bet loses has to give the other 2 head

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A group of friends and I get together every couple of weeks to play poker. It's a fun night, usually around 10 guys show up but it whittles down to 4 or 5 by 2:00 AM or so depending on how the luck is flowing. We eat snacks and drink a little, sometimes more than a little but fun is had and it usually last into the morning hours like 3 or 4 AM and nobody gets into trouble or anything like that. A couple of weeks ago our poker game was going pretty much as usual, around 2 we are down to 3-5 people trying to be the big winner. Everyone else had had their fill and had gone. In a couple hands, two… Read more

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Poker Bet I get FUCKED! Gay

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It was our Friday poker night and we’d been playing for about 3 hours. Tonight we all seemed to be getting bored with the same old thing. When everybody got up from the table for a stretch, Mark jokingly suggested that we should play strip poker. "Sure," said Tom, even though there were only guys in the house. "You’re k**ding," I said. "What, you got something to hide?" Tom said. So all five of us sat around the kitchen table and started playing strip poker. Only the loser had to remove a piece of clothing. Before we started, everyone had removed their socks and shoes. The play was going pr… Read more

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My Bi Journey - Episode 1

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I never fully embraced my bi personality until my 40s (I am 65 now) but it all started in school many many years earlier. In the summer if you didn't want to do athletics or cricket you were allowed to go cross country running - which really meant running a short distance into the country with a few mates, find somewhere secluded and sunbath. One day when I was about f******n 4 of us went and as it was a hot day as soon as we reached our normal spot we stripped to our shorts. Like all adolescent k**s the talk soon moved onto girls and soon all our cocks were straining against our shorts, One… Read more

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Note: as much as I wish this were a true story, it is not. It is a fantasy about a massage. Enjoy I just read a hot story online in one of the Flickr groups. It inspired me to write one also. Although I have written one before and some that I have written have been integrated with a massage, I will attempt to make this story all about being rubbed the right way. So here we go! Massage Masters is the name of a business in a town in the northern US, I will not name the town, but it's fictional initials are MPLS. You figure it out. LOL I regress, lets get to the meat of the story. I was vis… Read more

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Toying Around (The Final Chapter)

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Mark was quick to return to his hotel room after his tryst with Quinton and Jim. His emotions and excitement were high as he replayed not just the events that had just happened with the two men but the totality of what has happened the last 24 hours. He had now enjoyed pleasing what was surely the most impressive male genitalia he had ever laid eyes on. Quinton’s ebony tool was the sort of physical attribute that Mark not only dreamed about for a long time but one that would haunt his memories for the rest of his life. The power his cock emitted was truly breathtaking and impressive. Using h… Read more

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You’re a Cocksucker aren’t You? Gay

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I didn’t check my email for a couple days. I didn’t intentionally avoid it, but part of me was afraid of where this was going. I couldn’t keep from looking though. Finally I logged on and saw the message that I’d both feared and craved. There were two of them actually. I opened the first: “Check out these pictures and then open the other message," the first one said. I opened each of the pictures that were attached to find the guy in the listing with another guy servicing him. There were a series of them, in each a man on his knees and sucking that beautiful cock that I’d seen in the first pi… Read more

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Wife finds Out I'm a Cocksucker! Gay

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We’d managed to get away to the Keys for a few days, just my wife and I. She was enjoying a little quiet time reading on the beach and I was getting in some much anticipated tarpon fishing. I’d spent the day on a boat with a guide and had great success, landing my first tarpon ever. My guide and I had just parted ways at the dock and I was getting ready to walk back to the hotel to meet my wife. I really had to take a leak, it’s kind of a pain in the ass to go on a small boat. There was a public bathroom right between the dock and the beach, so I decided to use it before walking back. I walk… Read more

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Par une belle journée d'automne, je décide d'aller me promener au parc du Mont St-Bruno. Après avoir payé, je me stationne et commence ma marche. Je croise des chevreuils, vraiment pas peureux et quelques personnes. J'arrive près du petit lac, je m'assieds pour savourer ce silence qui fait du bien, je me ferme les yeux et me penche par en arrière pour profiter du soleil. Au bout d'un certain temps, j'ouvre les yeux et vois un homme assis près de moi, je ne l'avais pas entendu arrivé, il me sourit, je lui répond par un sourire - bonjour, je ne voulais pas faire du bruit, vous faire sursauter… Read more

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i tough he was kidding

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I shou;d have understand he was saying the truth yet i tough only gay boys like to fuck other boys up the ass it was too late when i realized he wasn't backing up from his ''jokes'' to fuck my pretty white boy ass until i cum if we got eliminated from the tournament too soon he had me a bit drunk at the friday party at the video game event our team got eliminated first and Mat the captain was upset we made it all the way just to get owned by a team from USA. at some point in the night after drinking with our team and all of em agreeing my healing wasnt on point in the two first round Mat… Read more

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