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Gay Male

История абсолютно реальна, имена героев изменены. Может, ты прочтёшь это, вспомнишь, как всё было, и тебе станет так же тепло, как и мне от воспоминаний, ведь я тебе желаю только самого доброго и хорошего, Хаски... Где-то на нулевом километре, в точке отсчёта, когда каждая душа выбирает себе путь, мы уже знали, что именно на этой планете мы сотворим эксперимент, продуктом которого будет бесценный опыт... Обычный апрельский день, уже практически полностью сошёл снег с промёрзшей земли, солнце грело теплее, а ночи стали короче. Мне… Read more

Posted by Dennisexi 8 hours ago 162 100%

Playing with guys pt 1.

Gay MaleFirst Time

After reading my last post about my big asian cock reactions, I totally realised I forgot to put in the two encounters I've had with men. I guess I was too focused on the reaction of ladies haha. So here's the first story where I actually fooled around with a guy - like both of our dicks out and mutual masturbation and oral. This was about the time where I started to post my nudes online. I loved the reactions and the comments I was receiving and I was desperately horny for some attention. So I turned to posting my nudes on craigslist and see what would bite so to speak. I can't quite rememb… Read more

Posted by cerealbusiness 11 hours ago 1 715 100%


Gay MaleShemalesTaboo

my I discover'd as a young teen that bois excited me more than girls I was gay and in the closet all through high school except for a few special friends who were in the closet like me , it was a small town with no openly gay men . By my senior year I was always ready to suck a cock and my small circle of friends knew it , even during school , there was always a private spot to give a nice blowjob and I use them all more than once , I love sucking a mans cock.. At home it was mom my sister and me , my sis was 2 years older and started collage so she was home 1 weekend a month at the most , m… Read more

Posted by geoff19 12 hours ago 1,135 100%

Normal boy to sissy boy part 2

First TimeGay MaleInterracial Sex

After coming in to terms with my sissy insecurities I continued to fall deeper in to the rabbit hole. After the night before where I anally ejaculated I couldn’t get black cock out of my mind. Following my usual morning routine for school I got in the shower washed my jet black shoulder length hair while afterwards I shaved whatever little body hair I had. I finished washing up and leaving the shower heading to my room where I dryed my pale thin body while staring at the closet door mirror. I couldn’t help but be amazed at the poor inferior creature looking back at me. A smile grew on my face… Read more

Posted by Fupalupa 1 day ago 2 1,195 100%

Another Sexy Chat Session

Gay MaleAnalMasturbation

I never thought I could be such a little slut, but I teased and got off with another stranger over chat. I'm becoming quite the little chat whore. I even came again when I re-read the chat a few days later. It all started with another random dirty message. Here's how it went. _____________________ Just wanted to let u know i'm wanking to ur nylon vid, so bloody hot, imagining ur on top of me with my cock firmly lodged in that tight asspussy of urs, feeling u grip and squeeze me deeper inside u, while i grab a handfull of that gorgeous belly and wank u off and make u spill all ur sissy ju… Read more

Posted by elexis69 1 day ago 578 100%

Halloween in Suburbia

ShemalesAnalGay Male

"So, the Russells are having a Halloween party. Susan and I thought it would be fun if we all went with a couples themed costume. The Russells are sending the k**s to her folks's for the weekend, so it's grown-ups only." "That sounds nice," I said, barely registering what my wife said. "We came up with pimps and ho's. What do you think?" That caught my interest. Susan was hot. I mean, my wife was wonderful, and beautiful, and I loved her, but Susan was hot. I always had a hard time not gawking at her whenever she and Stan came over. Two days later, the topic came up again. "Susan and I tho… Read more

Posted by TransContinental 1 day ago 2 1,895 100%

Brotherly discovery

Gay MaleFirst Time

I wrote this story a few years ago Michael finished his homework and was ready to relax for the night. John, his 27-year-old brother came over, to mooch dinner off their parents again. Michael didn't mind. He enjoyed having his big bro around and he wanted to ask him a few questions anyway. Questions he didn't think he'd be able to ask anyone else in the world. "Hey John, wanna come up and see my new guitar?", the 18-year-old asked. "Yeah, sure. I've heard so much about it, I can't wait to actually hear you play it." The two climbed the stairs they'd been climbing since they moved i… Read more

Posted by Ketopop 1 day ago 1 1,025 89%

Brotherly discovery

Gay MaleFirst TimeTaboo

Michael finished his homework and was ready to relax for the night. John, his 27-year-old brother came over, to mooch dinner off their parents again. Michael didn't mind. He enjoyed having his big bro around and he wanted to ask him a few questions anyway. Questions he didn't think he'd be able to ask anyone else in the world. "Hey John, wanna come up and see my new guitar?", the 18-year-old asked. "Yeah, sure. I've heard so much about it, I can't wait to actually hear you play it." The two climbed the stairs they'd been climbing since they moved into this house, when John was 11 and Mike w… Read more

Posted by Ketopop 1 day ago 1,059 80%

My journey part V1.

FetishGay MaleShemales

My journey part V1. Me and Matt just looked at each other and the wardrobe before again looking at Anne in wonder as she looked at both of us with that beautiful half smile on her face, “once you have chosen your outfits we can decide what wig and make up you want to use” she said. Anne had some beautiful clothes and as I began to go through her wardrobe I found a wonderful pink satin blouse that I put on the bed beside Anne and further exploration led me to a black knee length skirt that looked like I may have been able to fit in to. Matt had found a lovely delicate looking chiffon d… Read more

Posted by silknsatinxxxx 1 day ago 451 100%

My adventures in gay sex - part 1

Gay MaleFirst Time

Everything I write here is true. I think I've always known I was bisexual, I had a fascination with guys but the stigma of the 90's meant it you were either straight or gay, no in between, no room for experimentation. I would declare myself to be bisexual but my slightly prudish fiancee would see this as a declaration of being gay and that I didn't love/fancy/get-a-raging-boner-for her, which wouldn't be true. I secretly know myself to be bisexual in that I will have sex with men or women, but I only have love for my fiancee, as bastardly as I have been to her. I'd lost my virginity to a g… Read more

Posted by josh5800 1 day ago 2 1,457 70%

Die Antwort an: Phil! - Teil 3

HardcoreGay Male

Hier nun der dritte Teil meiner Story. Dieser Teil ist definitiv anders geworden als die ersten beiden Teile, denn es geht nicht vorrangig um Sex, kommt zwar auch vor aber nicht nur, lest selbst. Ich hoffe, dass euch der dritte Teil gefällt und wünsche viel Spaß beim Lesen. Besonders dir Phil möchte ich nochmals danken! Daher habe ich diesen Teil so geschrieben wie er nun geworden ist. Es gibt einen Satz in der Story für dich, den ich ein wenig versteckt habe und der genauso gemeint ist, wie es da steht! Zudem hoffe ich, dass dir auch dieser Teil gefällt. _____________________________________… Read more

Posted by chris8608 2 days ago 150 100%

My training as a sex slave begins at the Gloryhole

Gay MaleHardcoreAnal

My training as a sex slave begins at the Gloryhole    When Clark arrived at my house the next day he said this is your last chance to back out. I said no i want this. Clark then said ok from now on you do whatever i tell you to and whoever i tell you to. Now give me a key to your house. I gave him a key and then he ordered me to strip naked. He said from now on when you're home you must be naked at all times day and night. And from now on you will address me as master. Do you understand? I said yes. He said yes what? I said yes master. He then ordered me to suck his cock. I dropped… Read more

Posted by king_cum_eater 4 days ago 5 5,045 100%


AnalGay MaleHardcore

He had a reputation Rick had for having the biggest thickest cock around! Bitches who tried him out complained he ruined their assholes for other guys that he stretched them out so wide now other cocks feel small! Humph I thought it was a lot of B.S. myself I had been fucked by some damn big cocks and my asshole felt fine still nice and tight! I heard he hung out at a club on the other side of town a real nasty one where the fuckers and the fuckees were plenty and you could always fins some action depending on what you were looking for...I decided to try out this Thick Dick Rick… Read more

Posted by laceysgirl 4 days ago 5 5,727 88%

Bi-Asian Guys

First TimeGay Male

In my freshman year I was assigned a mentor by the Korean Students Association. The KSA paired up incoming freshman with upperclassmen or graduate students to serve as mentors. Mine was a guy named Tim who was a second year graduate student at the business school. He was very smart and had a great job lined up in Korea with a large company upon graduation. Like me, he was into sports so we played basketball together and became pretty close right away even though he was religious and a bit too proper. One afternoon, he was at my apartment to watch a game together before heading out to meet som… Read more

Posted by brianlee1969 4 days ago 2 3,011 97%

A Kid's Weekend - Bisex ass-Fucking Orgy

Gay MaleGroup SexLesbian Sex

We were in our twenties and we were d***k. Not that that makes it any better or any worse, we were pretty much always d***k or stoned at that point in our lives, but this was a special night for the crowd I hung out with. There were about five of us that always hung out, going to clubs or bars, experimenting and trying different things in order to find ourselves. There was Danceteria and Area, Nell’s and the Tunnel, and Dorian’s Red Hand uptown when we got up there. I had a pretty good sized place near the Meat Packing area that we would all meet up at before heading out clubbing or meet up a… Read more

Posted by sublimemeditations 4 days ago 2 3,455 100%

I'am Now a CockSucker

FetishGay Male

I've been divorced for almost 8 years now and while I still love women, I melt at the sight of cock.  I can't say I love men, I don't. But even twenty years ago while watching porn on VHS tapes I always wondered what it would be like to be the woman sucking that man's cock. I wanted to be that woman. About 10 years ago, when my favorite online site had chat rooms, I slowly worked into connecting with a local doctor and discovered I loved sucking cock. Not sure if I wanted to swallow his load I asked him to hold my head in place so I would, and he did and I discovered I love to swallow.… Read more

Posted by 425olds 4 days ago 1 3,627 87%

Der Bauer und der Pferdeknecht I

Gay MaleHardcoreMature

Der Bauer und der Pferdeknecht I (Diese Story ist nicht real... aber die Gedanken sind bekanntlich frei! ( .... So viele geile Erinnerungen....;) Mit meinem Pferdeknecht Leo Ich heiße Heinrich, genannt Hinnerk, bin unverheiratet, vierzig Jahre alt, Bauer und Pferdezüchter. Ich stehe auf geile Kerle und habe einige Freunde, die hier gerne mitmachen auf dem Hof. Bei mir leben mein Neffe Hubert, der mir hilft und der auch auf Kerle steht und Leo als Pferdpfleger, der hauptsächlich für die Hengste zuständig ist. Ich züchte Hannoveraner und auch Kaltblüter, wir haben jetzt fünf g… Read more

Posted by wanker5000 4 days ago 420

Duval & Big Booty Boi

AnalGay MaleShemales

Duval Gates decided that he wanted to fuck new femboi so he got on the chat line. His greeting stated, “Older dominant nigga lookin’ to fuck a phat booty faggit. I’m six-three and two-hundred-pounds. Eight inches of dick. Dark-skinned. Hit daddy up.” He browsed the messages for about five minutes before he got private one from Mouse. The soft voice said, “You can fuck my faggot ass, Daddy! I’m five-ten and weigh about one-seventy. I have a 48-inch ass, with a 32 waist. I’m brown-skinned. Horny and live alone.” Duval got hard instantly. He pressed the button to speak live with the sissy.… Read more

Posted by faggyboi 5 days ago 1 768 100%

GF turned Me into a Man Whore

FetishFirst TimeGay Male

Up until about 2 years ago I had never entertained the thought of being with another man; but after my wife, Kat, and I had joined a swingers website and had a few experiences with other couples I found myself watching her sucking on and riding another guy's cock and wishing I could do the same. I had told Kat about these fantasies and she had loved them, partly because it gave her reason to use her strap-on with me on the basis that she was 'preparing' me for the real thing. Over the following weeks Kat practically ignored my little cock when we had sex no pussy, instead she used her tongu… Read more

Posted by 425olds 5 days ago 2 2,709 81%

Theater sissy

AnalGay MaleMature

This is a true story. No exaggeration, no BS. Hope you enjoy it. My ex girlfriend Tori and I had lived together for sometime. Our schedules were such that we had one day off together and one day off alone. I loved our together days but my alone days were porn days. And I LOOOVE porn. I would grab my case of beer, pack of smokes, a towel and head for the computer room. I would look up pics, vids, hop in and out of chat rooms. The whole nine. I was really getting into crossdresser vids at this time. I loved watching nearly passable cd's. I was also watching more and more gay porn. I was no… Read more

Posted by kreacher0 5 days ago 4 2,896 88%