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Masked Sucking

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So, there I was,over at the car park at Kilbirnie Loch,on my knees,wearing my red latex head mask,black pvc mini dress and my favourite black patent knee high lace up boots,oh and my tight short black pvc gloves. The hook up guy I had arranged to meet there was in front of me with his hard cock in his hand and rubbing his cock head all over my rubber covered face,smearing his pre cum onto my mask,felt so good,feeling his hard but soft cock head rubbing on my face. It was just after midnight and it was a very dark night,he pushed his cock head into my mouth and as deep as he could get into my m… Read more

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The blind daddy

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He was my first even 5 years laters I still remember how I felt once he move to the neighbor it has been my first year of university in the big montreal city I came here for college then endup attending university after a boring internship I was in my appart smoking weed on a friday afternoon when he moved in the big truck had been parked on the street near mine all day, guys getting things in until afternoon when i walk my dog and met him , his Mira dog meeting mine i welcome him offering my hand for a hand shake , stupid enought not to undrstand he was blind, the glasses and the red scra… Read more

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A New Taste Part 7

Gay Male

The day after our epic edging session I had a bounce in my step at work. Harrison messaged me at lunch to say he had badly overslept. He thought his body was trying to replace all that lost essence. I replied that I was full of energy because I had eaten all his seed. I told him I wouldn’t mind a top up but he said he was felt he should take mine instead. “You worship my cock with such passion. It is really beautiful.” before adding “not to mention to love you give my pussy!" He loved to use feminine terms like this. It was partly humorous, partly just sexy. He was experimenting with our s… Read more

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Confessions of a Cock Slave

Gay MaleGroup Sex

I was working as a garage mechanic, and I had just finished replacing an injector in this guys Chevy. He and his friend came into my garage as I finished, and he told me he didn't have any cash on him to pay, and then unzipped his jeans and said maybe this would be OK. I'd never done this before, but, for some reason, the idea turned me on more than I ever imagined. Luckily, I still had my kneepads on, so I got down on my knees and started massaging his balls and licking and kissing his cock. He got hard as fast as I did, so I wrapped my lips around his cock and started tonging his cock and bo… Read more

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Stranger Danger

BDSMAnalGay Male

I had been broken up with Mac for about 7 months becuase he had to move a couple states away for work and I was so horny that I decided to go look for a fwb on CL. I went to place my advertisment not knowing I would instantly have my post taken down. then I was made aware 'Sex Ad's' where not alowed on CL anymore so I gave up. The next day I got to thinking about dressing up and going to the book store but am way to shy for that when I remembered that I might have some guys still on my email account that have contacted me before. I logged into my email account and had around 50 unread messa… Read more

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My older sister friend

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I was stupid to think she wont found out ive been a bad boi the last weekend, she was away and I endup trying every single one of her cute panty. Mommy upsrair sleeping, walking to my sister room horny and curious after trying one of it in the dirty basket this week feeling the soft tissus sliding over myself, tucking away my small cock , looking at myself in her mirror before eagerly trying the next one, feeling so good in her little panty , i was starting to think i shoud own some myself back i my room wearing one for the night I will always remember how she yell at me to never go ba… Read more

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Sissy Chrissie 2

Gay MaleGroup Sex

......Chrissie held out his little girly purse with trembling hands and as he did so, he heard a cheer from the others in the shop and looking around, felt his face burning with shame and his cock harden as he saw his own lovely wife Julie openly french kissing Andrew and rubbing his cock through his trousers. “Do you want a bag?” Said the shop assistant, momentarily distracting him “He’ll wear it now” he heard Andrew say and again his cock throbbed as he turned to see his wife now stood in front of everyone in the shop, her blouse open, her tits pushed over the top of her bra, a stranger evi… Read more

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Caught by friends

Gay MaleFirst Time

I've been chatting and sharing about my first time sorry for any typos but I'm going to share the whole story hope you enjoy. When I was a teenager I was supposed to be at the local pool about a block from my house. Well knowing both my parents would be at work I rode my bike back home I loved jerking off while wearing my mother's panties on this day I got a little more daring knowing I had 4 hours alone I stripped down went to her panty drawer and looked thru it I found a white lace teddy I got hard just looking at it thinking about how it would feel on my cock it had a high cut thong back I… Read more

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The Closeted Married Republican and I

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He and I had been stroke buddies for a couple years so when he called to ask if I'd like to join him for a "guys' night" at his place, I couldn't refuse. He had the night off, his wife was working and my "son" (xham.../photos/gallery/6088403/105469727) was out for the night. He picked me up about a half hour later. He pulled up to his gate and his left hand pushed the button on the remote and his right hand pawed my crotch. So much for "total discretion". Once inside, we stripped down to our socks and stiff cocks and the Johnnie Walker Black flowed like the precum from our dicks. We were on… Read more

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A New Taste Part 6

Gay Male

We arranged a weekday afternoon. I took the whole day off work but still had to wait in frustration for Harrison’s mother to leave the house. Large flakes of snow slowly blanketed my car as I sat and contemplated the treats that awaited me. The wipers swept the snow aside and my eyes fixed on the front door as I waited for the all clear. His mother opened it eventually carrying a coat and handbag and set about opening her umbrella with an endearing fuss. She was an attractive elegant woman, slim with short grey hair. In my aroused frustration my thoughts couldn’t be stopped from imagining lic… Read more

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Becoming A Cocksucker - Part 2

Gay MaleGroup Sex

After John left I took a shower and drank a few beers along with several shots of whiskey . I processed the fact that I was a cocksucker . Not only a cocksucker but a cum swallowing cocksucker . I slept pretty good and woke up with a raging hardon , doing my best not to jackoff . I did my morning routine and after taking another shower the phone rang . It was John . After asking how I was feeling he told me that he really enjoyed sucking each other off . He than told me that a couple of his friends had stopped by for coffee and would I like to join them . I told them all about last night and t… Read more

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First time I touched a cock

FetishTabooGay Male

I definitely don't consider myself gay. In fact, I wouldn't even say I am bi. So you may be wondering, then how the hell did I end up touching a cock. Let me start by explaining what gets me off. I love women, specifically I love my wife's naked body. When I jerk off, or get off, I am always thinking about a woman, or with a woman. Over time, getting off to pictures of my wife naked, and sniffing her panties, led me to think about other's enjoying her. I started to picture guys jerking to her pictures, which led to fantasizing about her fucking other guys in front of me. Again, the guy is no… Read more

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Making Of A Faggot

First TimeGay Male

Making Of A Faggot By: Londebaaz Chohan Arthur once again heard loud and clear tone of the stranger asking him to go ahead and touch his cock. He was emphasizing for Art that he may never get another chance to touch and feel such manly meat. Deep inside of his mind and body Art also knew that the stranger was right. He had to grab it, feel it, stroke it, worship it, love it! His hand reached out; knowing well that if he did not back out and did as asked, he will become a faggot for sure. The next words he heard were really disgracing and abusive, when the stranger yelled; calling Art,… Read more

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Italian daddies...

FetishGay MaleGroup Sex

It was a cool April evening. In my late teens and just ready to graduate high school, I had already made up my mind that I would be spending my life providing sexual pleasure to men rather than screwing women and having k**s. I was drawn to older, mature men since I was just about seven years old. I had this strange fascination about watching men urinate. This fascination became a pure obsession, gravitating to men's rooms in restaurants, service stations, parks and specially the nearby bowling alley. During the evening a couple times a week, the alley was filled with league bowlers who wer… Read more

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Glory Hole Fun

Gay MaleAnalMasturbation

Gloryhole fun It all started at this adult video store in my town first time ever going there though I go see what it was about. So I walk in there and go into the arcade area theres 4 booths with tvs in them to watch porn of your choice for five dollars for and hour ten dollars for two and twenty for three. I put in ten dollars and found one I liked after about five minutes I noticed a guy came in to the booth next to me. So I keep doing what I'm doing just have my pants down and my cock out I didn't notice at the time there where gloryholes in all the booths. So I turn and I see him looking… Read more

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Bestfriend part 2

Interracial SexGay MaleShemales

Its been only 1 week since Mike turn me into is secret sissy he knew how to make me be comfortable with the idea of being his secret fuck friend nothing had change beside when we where alone in his dorm room in one of his gf panty sucking him , worshipping his fat black cock like i love so much now, every load making me accept my role even more tonight we are going to the cinema Mike wanted to go see the new venom movie he arrived home as i got out of the shower , my small body all shaved smelling girly still using her gf left over shower gel he smile and kiss me getting in the room, catc… Read more

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How I became A COCKSUCKER for LIFE

First TimeGay MaleMasturbation

Spent the night at a friends house, I was 13 years old, we got some beer and proceeded to drink, him more than me. After about an hour of hanging out in his bedroom we suddenly found ourselves alone in the house. His parents went out for the evening and said they wouldn't be home until late, his sister was spending the night at a girlfriends and his older brother was out for the night. WE had the whole place to ourselves. We started wrestling around just like any 2 young boys when all of a sudden he had me pinned on the floor, I couldn't get my arms free, he was sitting on top of me his bac… Read more

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A young sissy’s first time.

First TimeGay Male

Driving by, in the back sit of my parents car, I saw it. An adult book store, and my eyes were drawn to it. I stared and studied the signs and building. “Videos” “Toys” I read and my mind raced. I had been curious about sex for along time, it’s was all I thought about anymore. I had found my fathers “girly” magazines long ago and have memorized every picture and page. The women were all so beautiful and sexy, but when there were photos of couples, I always imagined myself as being the girl. Being on my knees for the guys. I loved how lustful they looked, mouths open, about to suck cock. At ni… Read more

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My First Time ( Mac & I. )

BDSMFirst TimeGay Male

I had been emailing Mac for about 3 months about wanting my secret desire to be treated like a sissy with a man. Today he was going to pick me at noon. I didn't sleep the entire night nervous if i would go through with meeting him. Part of me was scared that he might be a killer while another part of me was fearful he might just hurt me. He seemed like a nice older man and said he had always been attracted to men. I didn't want to be with a man only because they couldn't get pussy. I emailed Mac at first and told him many many times I was very shy but the more we emailed the more i opened up… Read more

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My Unintentional Gangbang

BDSMGay MaleFirst Time

I got a five texts while at work from my fwb Mac that said he really needed to talk to me before this coming friday so at lunch I gave him a call and asked what was going on. He asked me if i was serious about having sex with him and another guy like we had talked about in bed a couple times and i replied yes I guess. He said good a friend of his from work said he wanted to meet me. I asked Mac (who was very discreet about being gay, like I was) how his friend Steve and him brought me up. Mac said at break he had his smartphone laying on the break room table and when i texted it, it popped up… Read more

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