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Jawani Ki Mastiyaan

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Jawani ki Mastiyaan By: Londebaaz Chohan Government Central High School ke kafi wide magar deserted halls mein Rashid Emanuel ke qadam dheeray dheeray usko Mr. Alavi ke office ki terf le jaa rahay thay. Koi khaas garmioun ka mosam nahi tha magar phir bhi paseenay ki wajah se ouski muthi mein voh note bheeg chuka tha jo keh ousay library ke monitor ne diya tha aur jis mein likha tha keh Headmaster Sahib ousko abhi aur forun milna chahtay thay. Rashid toh library mein baitha apni assignment ke liye metarial talash kar raha tha; ousko nahi maaloum tha keh ous se aisi kaya ghalti huie thi… Read more

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The Gay Boy

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The Gay Boy By: Londebaaz Chohan For no reason teen boy Noor’s focus of thoughts turned on to his brother and he was compelled to think if his brother was also awake and not only that but was he also having the same strange thoughts and feelings. Was that the reason that his brother sighed. These were a few questions in the gay teen Noor’s curious but not very mature mind. Bilkul u*********s movement kay saath ouska haath moved back to his rigid but still developing sized cock. Neend bhi ousko taqreeban suddenly overpower kar rahi thi; although iski koi aisi wajah nahi thi. Koi thakaw… Read more

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First time up the ass

First TimeAnalGay Male

This is my true personal account of something that happened in my early twenties. It's my story about first time anal sex so if this isn't what you want to've been warned. I was on the last part of my third year in the Army and stationed in Korea. I liked to drink and I had no On/Off switch so sometimes I drank too much. One morning I woke up with the urge to the call of nature so I made my way to the latrine. As I sat, I realized that my asshole was extremely sore as I took care of business. At first I didn’t think anything of it but there wasn’t much happening which made me wo… Read more

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Gay Trucker Bottom

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Gay Trucker Bottom By: Londebaaz Chohan Although his name was Jordan Brenner but he was always called JB. Ahhm! JB, it sounded like some very powerful senator from California; but Jordan was my driver and my home maid other than being my sex mate for the last well over 2 years by now. Since, I joined college; being the only k** of my parents; my parents decided that instead of living in some dingy creepy dungeon for a dormitory; they will let me rent a 2-bedroom house with a separate annex, or you may call it a servant’s quarters, where one person could live easily and comfortably. I… Read more

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SANDRA, part 4

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We agreed that she should continue on her way to Sacramento. I explained my wife’s situation to her and that I would eventually see her at her Uncle’s place. We agreed that under no circumstances would we let on that we previously knew each other.  I drove her to her car and she drove off.  I was at a loss about how to deal with my wife. She would be very ticked off if I took this job here. She wanted me in Sacramento.  However, now that Sandra was in the picture, I might as well be there too.  I drove across the street and parked at Earl’s.  He was in his off… Read more

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Sex at work

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Years back I was in charge of hiring the new workers. This real big strong looking black man came in and filled out an application. Taking a quick look I noticed he did not fill out the entire application. I asked him if he needed help or to bring it back filled out. He said no. So I took a closer look and noticed the work history and other parts were blank. I looked him in the eyes and asked why he had not worked for a couple of years. After more questions he informed me he had spent some time in jail. I did not have a problem with that until he informed me it was for ****. This was a pr… Read more

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Led on the path of BBC

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It was 1999, the internet was still kind of a new place to most and the rules not set very well In chat rooms. Young people and older people mingling in chatrooms with no filters or function other than “block”, “exit”, “send.” It was in this room that my young self found a friend. Melissa was, as she told me, 22 at the time and was very interested in talking with a young boy. Being on the start of puberty and scared to look up porn online for fear of viruses and other harmful thing, I was all for talking with her. Now, don’t get me wrong, I was looking at porn. Mostly guy on girl porn. Howe… Read more

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Shopping Mall

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I want to tell you the story that happened to me last week. A sunny day ending with adrenaline to the ceiling. We agreed earlier days that we will find and go to a shopping mall to buy a couple of things. Somehow we were able to get rid of the road and settle down. It was Wednesday in the week so it was not a big buzz. I will try to describe everything in detail because I'm still under the impression :) I do not have pictures or video that day, but I'm going to try it with words and pictures fro… Read more

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The business trip

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Dear readers of all my stories so far, I continue to write one evening out of surprise. Those who read one of my stories for the first time, I hope to see you in the details of my feelings that the body is going through. By nature I am a spontaneous person because most and spontaneously it is the best;) verified! It was Wednesday, almost by the end of the working week. It is up to me that he is going to a business trip to Zagreb, he will have to go back in the morning tomorrow morning and return back. Through the conversation he introduced me the idea with the question: Do you want with me? I… Read more

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I've been talking in the previous stories about everything that happened to me how I built that today. She passed through gentleness, she went through brutality. Somehow I do not think I've talked enough about a man under which I was totally mentally excluded, the humility to the end of it. A few years ago it was maybe 3-4 I was not sure, some time I had been in a couple of months I did not have a relationship with a man. I do not know why, everything was in my mind, life carried out my duties and I was simply all wounded. As long as the feeling between my legs did not come to me today, I can… Read more

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Two times and FIST

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The beginning of this story is not unusual for the old stories I told you, but I just have to get this out of myself, say the word, pass it on. Some of you have experience and know it all, some do not have and explore themselves as I've been researching for years and I have come to a part where I know who I am and what I am and what I want and how I enjoy it. Maximum relaxation and overwhelmingness in every sense of the word. Real passive houses know what I'm talking about. So let me start off as a part of my sex life was marked by me a couple of nights ago. I tried all sorts of things, with… Read more

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After a long time...

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After a long time I did not write a lot and I'm sorry about it, but I believe I will make up for it with the story today. I did not write for a long time because I got a new job and somehow I was in it. It's been enough to get psychic fatigue from me and I was not all right. Somehow I did the job and home that made me sick and I got sick for a couple of days. I said that was enough, not the first job. So I did it. There was also a recent boyfriend / fuck buddy I saw a couple of times a week. When I was hired we did not see 20 full days. So 20 days without sex, no touch, no kiss, no matter. It'… Read more

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The title of this story is entitled "Genesis". Why would I say so to you, because I have to say why I have totally changed after many years. She changed her way of thinking, changed the way she spoke, her approach, and most importantly changed her way of enjoying a man. I know it may be difficult to understand at this point, but soon you will know why I'm all talking about it. For a long time since I was 16, I slept with a boyfriend. I've never been to any partner who changes each night and sleeps with anyone I've always been hooking up with one person and nurturing it. Sometimes I did good,… Read more

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Between dreams and sleep

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Dear readers, this is the dream I dreamed of. I'll describe it as much as I can in detail, maybe I spice it up for your pleasure, and yours as well, because it's all tiring to me. By writing about it, the very thought agitates me and leads to my body getting wet. I believe it's not just me so and that is happening to you as well. The beginning of this story starts from the fact that I have had a lot of obligations for private and business days and never on the green branch. They do not sleep at all. Even though you sleep 7-8h of sleep, but you wake up tired. You feel like it's not that. It ca… Read more

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Two times are two times

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Since we are already quite often found and we are already quite used to one at d ** go. We are openly talking about everything about sex and about the details of what we love, what we do not like, what interests us, what they would like to try. I found out that even though she was sleeping with boys she never came to them either in her mouth or in her mouth. Since we have been tested together for a long time tested healthy we enjoyed sex and no protection and that's really something totally totally d ** queer feeling just that's the key to this complete connection between two people. As I talk… Read more

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First Cock in hose as a teen

Gay MaleFirst TimeTaboo

My first cock was as a teen. I had a neighbor that had a ham radio, and I was always interested in the antenna on his house and talking on a radio across the world. As my interest grew, so did his interest on me as a teen. I never really paid much attention to his "advances" until they became obvious when he would walk out with his cock hanging out and act like it was an accident. He would purposely leave out porn for me to find and when I would glance at it, he would grab it and say "lets check this out together". He had a BBW wife who as far as I was concerned, was just an older lady with bi… Read more

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Meeting another guy online

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My story starts with placing an add online years ago looking to experiment with another guy, I found myself only attracted to bigger bear men over 50. I received heaps of replies but they either fell out of the criteria or were one liner replys with little communication. My add was quite dirty and kinky, I watch alot of porn and really wanted to experience all the fun things I see women doing. I specifically asked to please a top that was into nipple play, being sucked, and due to being shy I asked if I was able to be blindfolded. I caught the interest of a 60yo top chubby bear guy, we spoke… Read more

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This is just a blog- not a story like I usually write. But today was fucking hot and I just had to share it. So here goes: Got home this morning with my dick AND my knee sore after spending the night at my new Latina Momma’s place fucking into the wee hours of the morning. The big mistake I made was trying to take Alicia from a scissor-fuck on her bed at about 2 AM and hoist her in the air, standing up. She had her fucking arms around my neck with my cock in her pussy, but my damn knee buckled. I kept my dick in her cunt, but I knew I was hurt and I had to put her back down no more than 15 mi… Read more

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my first time with a man

First TimeGay Male

I was a 20 year old college student at the time. Fit and thin. I was dating a girl but had been interested in feeling what another cock was like in my hands for a while. So I started looking at craigslist every so often. The posts made me horny and I usually ended up masturbating and logging off before doing anything. I has a few drinks one night and logged on. I thought maybe I should finally post for once. I started on my ad, mainly pointing out that I was inexperienced and looking for someone patient to let me touch their dick. I was suddenly rock hard as I typed so I went even further...… Read more

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My friends birthday present

First TimeGay Male

This is a true story and takes place a few years ago. It was my friend Ryans birthday and we had went out for a few drinks while our girlfriends had a girls night in. By the end of the night we where both quite drunk and decided to walk home and try to sober up a bit rather than take a taxi. As we where walking I made a joke about leaving with my girlfriend quickly so he could get his birthday blowjob. I was quite surprised when he replied that he wouldn't be getting one as his girlfriend didn't like doing it. Now I had fantasised often about sucking another guys cock but never had the guts… Read more

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