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A true story: me and a transvestite man - part 1

* This is transferred across from my old profile (LookingForSomething) *

This isn't a 'story' at all, because it really happened. I just thought I'd share my experience with you; perhaps you'd care to comment if you enjoyed it, found it sexy, or want to know more.

There isn't a 'transvestite' niche on xHamster, so this is filed rather awkwardly under 'Shemales' 'Gay male', and 'First Time'.

OK, about 15 years ago I discovered that I got turned-on by 'shemales'. Let's be clear about that: shemale is a casual term for transsexual men, that is, they were born with a male body, male genit... Continue»
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Black Man's White Pussyboy

Story from the perspective of a white pussyboy who gets fucked and dominated by a couple of nigger bucks. He also meets another pussyboy but ends up getting fucked by everyone. Good dialog.

I let Jay into the apartment. He was looking for a one bedroom,
furnished place and had called about my ad in the newspaper. I hoped to
rent this place quickly, then I would be full and could devote my time to
some maintenance and repairs rather than showing places. I looked at the
rental application he had filled out just a minute earlier. From the date
listed as his birth date, he was 22 years old... Continue»
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Adult Theater Activities

I love being watched. Here is a story of how I found out I'd like being

I was a 30 in good shape and horny. I wanted to get my nut off from some
anonymous guy so, I hit a local adult theater. The operator knew men were
hooking up in his cinema, there were several rows of seats, but there were
also open spaces to allow better access for the patrons to mess around.

So, I paid my entry fee and entered the theater. There had to been about
half a dozen guys varying in ages. Couple guys in their 40s, few others in
who were middle aged and one who was the same age as me. I sat ne... Continue»
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My hairy bear,
Derek is 45, solid, hairy all over I mean hairy.
He has his hair short, his facial hair is shaved with a #1.
He has full lips that can make you cum as soon as he starts sucking, nibbling and chewing.
His physic is solid due to his trade
my fingers encircle his 8 inch cock

We meet for a drink, I luv his scent, we peck each other with a slight hug and order our drinks, His a whiskey and mine a rosay.
We catch up on our day, finish our drinks and move next door for a meal. He orders fish n chips with side salad I order seafood combo with chips & side salad.
We head hom... Continue»
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A few weeks later...........
Me & the BF cum home for a quick play between classes and discover some different cars parked on the street. We sneak into the house and there in the dining room are 3 guys fucking & sucking each other and another group of guys in a circle blowing each other then we crept downstairs and there was my b*****r with his Silvia friends one with his huge cock up my b*****rs boy pussy & the other one with his big cock down my b*****rs throat. By this time I am playing with my pussy & the BF is rubbing his cock through his trousers. The smell of sex is in ... Continue»
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JUAN [pronouced JON]

My name is Juan, I’m 32 single. I have been sex mad since I discovered one of my mother’s boyfriends fucking our neighbor’s son.
It all happened one day when school finished early, some friends and I decided to go back to my place to play on my play station. I went ahead while they brought supplies. Our back door is left unlocked so I ducked down the side of the house quietly went in the back door noticing clothes strewn on the floor so decided to follow the trail. I stopped in my tracks outside our spare room, on the bed was our neighbor 19yr old Felix and mum’s latest boyfriend Connor. Conn... Continue»
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She started experimenting with them both. In the beginning Simon got to fuck the pool guy while he was fucking his friends mother then fuck her. One fucking her pussy while the other was fucking her anus. She had them fucking each other. She had double penetration of her pussy & anus. She couldn’t get enough cock.
She organised these meetings when the husband was away on business trips or when the k**s were sl**ping over at friends’ houses.
Simon had sex with his friend’s mother for the next 3 years till he went off to college.
Simon would never forget his last 3yrs of sex.

As stated befo... Continue»
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Darnell, Darnell as I wake from slumber. I open my eyes to see Darnell sucking on my lollypop, how does that boy do it he is insatiable for lollypop nectar [cum]. During the evening he drank the nectar from several friend’s lollypops.
We will rewind 18hrs
Darnell is 30 something dark haired young man,
Long fingers, and hands that know how to take care of a man’s cock.
A mouth with a tongue & muscles when sucking on a man’s lollypop gets all the sensual parts super hard.
I met Darnell several weeks earlier at a bar and we soon became fast friends. It wasn’t long before he was spending ... Continue»
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My Cell Phone and Black Cocks on Demand 24/7

I'm a sissy white fag who loves, adores and worships black men. Until a couple years ago, finding black men to submit to was sporadic and hit and miss. I would go to cruising areas, gay bathes, porn shop glory holes and bars and hope I'd find a black guy (or guys) to pleasure. I am totally addicted to sucking dick or being fucked by black men. I love TS's, feminine black men and thugs that love to abuse me. I never ask for anything in return--all I want is to make the men I'm with cum as much as possible.

About five years ago I was in a porn shop and sucked a nice big black cock through t... Continue»
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Taking a Nice Thick One

Sometimes things just happen in just the right way. Right now I can still feel that cock rubbing everything inside of me, how it felt to have my cunt stretched way out of shape and that trip out around the stars, for a few minutes. A few others were unwilling witnesses to it, no apologies about that.

A very dark skinned guy showed up here (a backpacker) from Spain for a bed in the dorm. He was attractive and very friendly. When we were alone later, everyone else was out walking or having dinner, he told me that the place had been recommended by another backpacker he’d met, about three weeks... Continue»
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My Journey part 1.

My Journey part 1.

This is a rewrite of “my Journey” as I was not happy with how I had written it before so hopefully this will be easier to read.

As I sat in a small bar in a pub I thought back on my life and how it had brought me a Fifty + year old crossdresser to this place and time.

Back in the late 70s and early 80s many the top shelf magazines were full of “lipstick lesbians” dressed in sexy satin and lace lingerie in various poses so when I got hold of some of those magazines the connection was made between feminine beauty, kissing, tongues, sex, satin and same... Continue»
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Bill and Margie pt1

When I was 14, I mowed lawns for extra money. Once yard I mowed was for Bill and Margie. I mowed their lawn (uneventful) for almost 4 years. Bill was an older nerd but Margie was a MILF in the sexiest way and was the inspiration for many jack off sessions. They were both in then 40's and very professional while I was a minor. I quit mowing their yard after I graduated and didn't think about them again for almost 4 years.
Fast forward till I was 22 and Bill and Margie were both in their mid 50's. I ran into Bill at LOWES and spoke at length about how our families were doing and I was ... Continue»
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The hospital orderly

About 10 years, Raymond was in the hospital for surgery on his lower abdomen. Here’s what he wrote me:

“I was in my mid thirties, in good shape and horny all the time, jerking off a couple of times a day.

I went in late the night before surgery and was admitted, showered and jerked off in the shower.

Next morning I was to be prepped for surgery and this meant having a full pubic shave! The orderly came. He was tall, slender, nice looking guy. Yummy.

I had a private room but he still pulled the curtain around the bed. He started to shave me and was moving my cock back and fort... Continue»
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There are a few days when I came back from a business trip, I notice a guy who stops, and I wonder if I pick him up, though I do not have the habit of such moves, because of possible inconveniences. But I decide to sit in my car and connect to his destination if Is in the same direction.
I stopped the car in his vicinity and he immediately caught sight of it and unexpectedly sat inside. I started talking to the ignorant and continued to drive. He promised me to travel to another town from there, okay, but he could talk to me.
He seemed challenging to me with a nice body and faces, just to tr... Continue»
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Bus Travel

I am Ramkumar 23 yrs medium guy with average size and Open mind to all sexual activities. This happened during a weekday travel from Chennai to Coimbatore. I took a single ticket in a double berth sl**per bus. My companion was Kannan working in a sector. When we boarded the bus we talked casual and I found that he is 47 yrs married with 2 daughters and he found that I live with my parents and younger s****r and also I have a girlfriend. I was wearing a 3/4 trouser and t-shirt and Kannan was wearing a pant with a t-shirt.

As the night came, we wished our good nights and when to sl**p but the... Continue»
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Anonymous blow jobs (craigslist)

The other night I was alone in my hotel room. I was fucking horny and wanted to suck some cocks and swallow some cum before I went to sl**p. I put an ad on craigslist. Free blowjobs, NSA, walk in, cum, leave.

I had a guy hit me almost instantly. He said he was 7.5 inches and needed relief. He asked if he could suck me too, as he loves facials. I said yes. He arrived a few minutes later. I opened the door and he began removing his clothes as he walked to the bed. He was built like a brick shithouse. Tall, muscular, light peach fuzz on his chest, and his cock was at half mast as i... Continue»
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Downtown gloryhole

One day last week I had to go downtown for an appointment. When I got there, the receptionist told me that unfortunately my appointment had to be rescheduled to next month. I was a little chocked that nobody called to tell me. It would have saved a trip downtown.
Oh well I thought, since I'm here I might as well go visit one of the adult book stores as it had been some time since I had a nice hard cock to suck. I went into one of my favourite stores and bought some tokens from the hot young guy behind the counter. He gave a knowing wink as I turned and headed for the back rooms. As soon as I ... Continue»
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The Prom III . The Prom Event.

We walked into the large hall and it was filled with about 200 students. My 2 pals M. & I. called to us . “Danielle come sit with
us. " We were the last 2 of 10 at the table and I thanked my friends for saving our seats.? ” I want a dance.So do I" they said. "So do I". G. said then smiled.We sat & introduced ourselves to the others. I did not know anyone else. That reduced my anxiety. Only a select few knew my little and I do mean little secret.I quite nonch... Continue»
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The Prom III . The Prom Event.

We walked into the large hall and it was filled with about 200 students. My 2 pals M. & I. called to us . “Danielle come sit with
us. " We were the last 2 of 10 at the table and I thanked my friends for saving our seats.? ” I want a dance.So do I" they said. "So do I". G. said then smiled.We sat & introduced ourselves to the others. I did not know anyone else. That reduced my anxiety. Only a select few knew my little and I do mean little secret.I quite nonch... Continue»
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Oil Field Lust

The summer afternoon was going to be another real scorcher. As Duane drove east down the long, gravelly dirt road in northern Oklahoma, just east of I-35, the plume of red dust billowed behind him, and slowly drifted away behind him. He and a buddy of his, by the name of Sonny, a much older guy he'd met working on an oil drilling operation a couple of months earlier, were heading for Lake McMurtry, which was just south and west of Stillwater.

Sonny and Duane had taken the day off and driven out to the lake in order to have some privacy. Duane and Sonny had hit it off pretty fast after they ... Continue»
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