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I am a Female Exhibitionist

Grocery Store Today

I decided to wear a sundress that was a little to short, as always I didn't wear anything under it. I need to pick up a few items for dinner. While in the store I was bending over picking a few cans from the bottom shelf. Not thinking anything of it I bent over at the waist as I was deciding what to buy. After weaving between two isles I noticed a man that was behind me a ways back but almost appeared to be following. A little more conscious of my surroundings I squatted down and grabbed a random package of food. Out of the corner of my eye I could see he was star... Continue»
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Transition to Vikki, part 3

Next part of how Steven Jennings became Vikki. Mk 2 version. Original script had too many typos and grammar errors for my liking,

One moment I was sipping wine, the next I'm pinned to the bed under Gina's body. She'd pounced on me like a cat, knocking my glass and wine all over myself and the duvet cover, and then started to move herself around in a way which would certainly get a response given time. I could feel the bars of her protruding nipples digging into my chest as she moved about, could feel her hips as Gina gyrated and ground herself on me. I could feel her begin to grow and harde... Continue»
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First Creampie and Snowball PT1

Sue felt the surge of cum shooting into her cunt. Will’s engorged cock throbbed inside of her with each surge. She felt herself going over the edge, the tingle shooting from her toes to the back of her head. She pushed her cunt into his surging cock, her back arching, and her legs squeezing his hips. The orgasm was fantastic; she continued to tremble as it slowly subsided. Will remained between her legs and she felt his cock slowly shrinking as it continued to pulse. Finally he pulled it out slowly, almost reluctantly, kissing her gently as he did so. “What time is it?” she asked.

Will gla... Continue»
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Good girl

At first my stepdad did not go beyond face and tit fucking, and pussy fingering. But he really liked tt titfuck me while suck the head of his cock on every thrust. Sometimes he'd just cum on my tits and face, but most times, just as he was about to cum he'd stick his cock as far in my mouth as he could. At first I could only take about 6 or 8 inches and my throat squeezing his cock as I gagged made him shoot big, hot loads deep in me. Eventually though, I learned to control the gagging and to take him balls deep. Then he would just pump away. He liked to be under me and to thrust up into my mo... Continue»
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Sam & Ruth Part 2

Sam & Ruth Part 2

I had originally planned for there to be Parts 2 & 3 but have instead decided to combine them as they are both finished. This Part 2 is therefore very long.

Part 1 can be found here Part 2 will make more sense if you read Part 1 first.


While we were at the phone, Kate filled the dishwasher in the kitchen and prepared the drinks. For a while, Ruth and I were alone.

Ruth put her arms around me and hugged me tightly. "Thanks for joining in, I was worried that you might run a mile".

"You knew your Mum ... Continue»
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Tight Young Teen

Her name was Ginger. She was young and oh so very very hot! Long brunette hair framing a green eyed innocent looking cute face that said hug me gently and ram your dick up me both at the same time! A pouty mouth that both begged to be kissed and defiled by a hard fat cock! A little plump, but just enough so, and huge tits! When I say huge I mean fucking huge! Ginger's tits were so big, even at her young age, that her mother had to buy her maternity bras to hold them! That turned out to my advantage of course as maternity bras have cups that open up baring tit and nipple for a baby to feed ... Continue»
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nuestro primer trio

Un matrimonio de 45 y 46 años respectivamente, vivimos en una ciudad costera al sur de Barcelona y nos gustaria contaros lo que nos paso hace unos veranos y que nos cambio completamente nuestra vida sexual.

Era el mes de julio y aprovechando que nuestros dos hijos estaban de colonias, nos fuimos a pasar unos dias de relax a un camping naturista que hay en la costa brava. Habitualmente vamos a playas naturistas, pero la oportunidad de estar casi todo el dia desnudos nos llamaba mucho la atencion.

Llegamos despues de comer y nos dieron el bungalow que habiamos reservado. No era muy grande pero... Continue»
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Palm Beach real milf part two

I had realized that day seeing her in her own element that I was an outsider even though I had bridge the gap of a worker like most whop are not born into that type of wealth. As my system for exaggerating her erotic side through familiarization I had accidently fell into something that could occupy my nightly needs because I not a cheater even though by definition she was and we agreed she would feed me as much of her sexual marriage requirements to stay in her marriage and keep me interested not chasing at the local single seen. We averaged about 400 texs each day apiece an phone calls and m... Continue»
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Unknowingly - Eating His Bullies Creampie

I wanted to trick a guy into swallowing cum. I have already fucked Mike a few times at this point and I knew he would jump at any opportunity to have me again. I had the cum, I just needed a receiver. Mike bullied this wimpy socially awkward k** in college called Kyle a few years below us. It would be perfect.

I went looking for Kyle when college finished after hearing about a particular brutal run in with Mike that left him with mud running up the side of his shirt and jeans. I caught up with him walking alone down a lane. He was shocked I wanted to talk to him. I said Mike was a jerk for be... Continue»
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The first time I got fucked.

I wrote this story a while ago and saved it. It isnt tranny related at all, it is just a short story about when i lost my anal virginity. If it isnt very relevant to this site, tell me, and ill remove it. It is entitled 'Giving my anal cherry away'.

I am no stranger to gay sex. I have sucked a hell of a lot of cocks. Saunas,dogging spots, toilet gloryholes, you name it. But I have always been scared of being fucked for the first time. Scared but intrigued..
I remember being fingered properly for the first time and it hurt. Then once at the cruising spot I go to in the forest, a nice old ... Continue»
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My Life As A Sissy

My Life As A Sissy

From the earliest awakening of my sexuality I felt a strong desire to be girly. I was the smallest boy in my grade at school and my slender body was milky white and nearly hairless. I felt that my penis was unusually small as well, and I didn’t have any pubic hair until at least a year later than the other boys. My first reaction was to shave it off, which I did on summer vacations so it wouldn’t be noticed in the shower at gym. I was back to being deliciously smooth, and by now I was starting to get erections and masturbate, though I hadn’t had an orgasm yet. My fav... Continue»
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Our start from xhamster

How me and my husband became who we are as explorers...

We had talked about different ideas to spice things up like role playing or playing an erotic board/card game with another couple. We both really liked that but our couple friends are a bit too conservative for those games. We thought about writing dirty stories to each other and we were looking for inspiration when we stumbled across some of the dirtier Chandler stories. At first we started looking at some videos out of curiosity, but that sparked a discussion of what we liked and didn't like. Some things we've known we liked but coul... Continue»
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Wife needed a Bigger Cock Cuckold

My name is Jess. I was 21 at the time and my new husband Dan was 28. I love him dearly, but I sometimes miss the adventures I had when I was single. I'm a very sexual person and I love men. He's not terrible in bed, the foreplay is great and he always gets me off with his tongue, but the actual intercourse isn't as great. He doesn't last very long and he has a very small penis... maybe four and a half inches at best.

Anyway, a few months into our marriage Dan invited his friend Jake over. Jake was a nice guy, funny, a ladies man, decent looking and a little taller than my husband and a good... Continue»
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My Wife's a Slut for Black Dick

This all happened when she was about 25 years old, and we had only been married for a year. My wife is now 37, 5'5", 140 lbs., nice big titties with big, pink nipples, blonde hair, brown eyes, and lightly-freckled, pale white skin. I've watched her take many black dicks over the years, but there is something about this story that really gets me off. She sometimes will tell me this story while we're fucking... it is guaranteed to get me off every time. She normally cums all over my dick while telling it, too.

Here is how she tells the story of taking her first black dick: 

I was in Atlant... Continue»
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His first time.

He sat in front of the mirror, as he slowly put on the makeup and applied lipstick to his mouth, making it seemed more luscious and full. He then got out of his chair, and went to his cupboard to look for his attire for the night. He was debating in his mind if he should put on the OL attire, or if he should go for the Japanese schoolgirl look. It was then he remembered the client specifying that he likes girls in their schoolgirl uniform as they look pure and wholesome. He also remembered the client mentioning about having hard-on when he sees schoolgirls in their colored, lacy bras through t... Continue»
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The bus ride

I noticed the group of young lads horse playing around shoving and pushing each other and being noisey as i approached the cue of people waiting to get onto the bus and i deliberately reset my exspression into a innocent blinking smile .. they fell silent as i got closer and they noticed me the lead boy spreading his arms out in front of his mates to halt them before gesturing with his hand for me to get on the bus chirping cheerfully "ladies first lads" .. i gave then a big toothy smile and said " "thankyou darling" as i stepped up into the bus and waited to pay my fa... Continue»
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Cancun Trip

After 18 years of marriage our sex life had become null and void. We both wanted it to be better but with raising k**s, working, and trying to make ends meet, we just didn't have to for it.

The other night while lying in bed together, my wife (Kate) decided that we needed to take a vacation without the k**s to help rekindle our love life. I agreed.

The next day I found a couples only placed on the internet. They were running a last minute special for this coming weekend. It was in Cancun which sounded perfect to me, so I book it!

Kate is 39 years old. 5'- 9", 130 lbs. with nice firm 3... Continue»
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Geschäftsreise II

Kürzlich hatte ich eine Geschäftsreise nach Nordamerika. Während des Interkontinentalfluges fing ich schon an kribbelig zu werden, da unter den Flugbegleiterinnen eine äußerst gut ausgestattete, nicht zu magere, blonde Stewardess war. Wir unterhielten uns mehrfach sehr nett und angeregt auf diesem fast 12 h dauernden Flug nach LA.

Tolle Frauen bekam ich in Kalifornien mehr als genug zu sehen. "Erwischt" hat es mich dann aber in North Carolina, meiner letzten Etappe vor dem Heimflug.

Ich war in einem schönen Hotel etwas außerhalb von Durham untergebracht und war der Dame schon am Vorabend und... Continue»
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Experience With a Couple

Giving fake names to keep privacy. Let the husbands name be Vikram and his wife Sapna. We met on a chatting website and he messaged me saying a Hi seeing my username as youngmale21. We chatted for some time about our work and other activities. Then i asked him why a male messaged me(i prefer ladies).

Then he said he has a fantasy. When i asked him what it is, he told me that he want his wife to be get laid by a young man. I was really excited when he said in real. I was thinking that if i move correct i could get a hot wife to get fucked. So i started chatting about his wife. From chatting i ... Continue»
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Tiffy Through the Ages

Tiffy Smith walked out of his bathroom. He was freshly showered. The forty-eight-year-old faggot was getting ready for his sexy, younger Nigga to come over. Tiffy had taught history for twenty years in Louisiana. He took the early retirement date because his grandparents had left him a sweet trust fund. Also, his parents had died in a flight his father was piloting. Altogether Tiffy’s inheritance was just a bit north of eleven-million-dollars.

The educator, originally known as Timothy Smith, was the only c***d of the only daughter of Robert Edwards . His grand-pops had founded a local bank ... Continue»
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