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A Massage with My s****rr

Things were going pretty well. I had a beautiful girlfriend and I had graduated uni with a sports science degree. I had even just been accepted onto a new job at our local premiership rugby club as part of the injuries and rehab team. It was a dream job for me. Relatively well paid for a first job out of university and I was really happy.

I had moved back in with my f****y after finishing university. My Mum had said that I could stay with her and my s****r until I was able to find and afford my own place, which should hopefully be no more than a few months. I liked being back at home. My li... Continue»
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Puddin Always Gets Lucky

It was just after 4:00 p.m. on an early Autumn Saturday afternoon. A silver 20165 Toyota Camry darted into the parking lot of the parking lot of the Lampshade Inn. The driver brought the car to rest under the portico covering the front entrance. Patrick ‘Puddin’ Glover stepped out of the vehicle and walked into the hotel lobby.

“May I help you,” inquired an aging Pakistani man.
“I have a reservation for Glover,” replied Puddin producing his license and credit card.

The clerk scanned the items Puddin handed to him. He typed feverishly on his keyboard. He swiped the VISA for payment and t... Continue»
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My boss and our arrangement

My husband and I just bought a new house, we needed my wages to make ends meet. So I was pretty desperate to keep my job, and getting fired, was the last thing I needed.
Anyway he told me that he wanted to see me, in his office, before I went home.
My boss wanted to see me. Well I guess he had been watching me texting him. Somehow he managed to get close enough to see my nude pics and pics of a guy, I have on my phone . He said he wanted to see me at the end of the day. As I walked in, he had me close the door. He said he had been watching me, texting on my phone. He told me, he saw nude pi... Continue»
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Gloryhole surprise

It had been over 6 years since my ex ran away with some d**g dealing cop, taking my 8 and 10 year old daughters(Jennifer and Madison) just to hurt me more. Of course no one would help a single father get custody back then. I hit rock bottom, drinking, not sl**ping for days, not shaving and sometimes not even showering for a week at a time. Somehow a few friends remembered me and put up with my morose behavior.
After a week of my last 2 friends on Earth nagging me about taking care of myself, shaving, etc and insisting I go to a party in the neighboring county on the outskirts of the bigges... Continue»
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My Little s****r's New Job Part 4

I park in front of John’s apartment. Marissa is sitting next to me and i can see she is very nervous. She’s about to go up into the apartment to have sex with my friend John. Well, my friend is paying me to have sex with my s****r. I turn to look at Marissa and she turns to look at me. Her eyes are teary and she is visibly shaking. My arm goes over her shoulder and i bring her close to me.
“Don't worry, honey. John is a good guy, he won’t hurt you.” I give her a smile.

“I don’t know what to do. I’m scared.”

“ Don’t be. Don’t ask him questions and do what he tells you. Once he’s do... Continue»
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I Was My Girlfriends Daughters Birthday Present 2

Claire left the room with her Mam. A minute later Katie walked in dressed in her School uniform. I was still naked and my softened dick hardened immediately at the sight. Her hair was in pigtails. A cute smile on her pretty face. My eyes moved down her slim body. Blazer, White blouse, Grey pleated skirt, white knee length socks, and topped off by a lollipop jutting from the left hand side of her mouth, sucking it seductively.

"Wow Katie you look sensational !" "Mam said you like naughty Schoolgirls and I want to be very naughty" She replied. "I want spanking and fucking hard Sparky just
... Continue»
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Husband's boss & a Black friend trick wif

The Bikini Conspiracy

Robert looked down at his trophy wife writhing with ecstasy, as she was impaled repeatedly by his eight inch cock. She sure was a hot little number. He caressed her pert little breasts with his hands and squeezed roughly. Mandy and Robert had been married for five years. She was 25 and had been working as a model, when they had met. Robert was 49. He worked out in his free time and was in great shape. People thought the silver streaks in his dark hair made him look distinguished and he was described as "ruggedly handsome" by a magazine article on this successful busine... Continue»
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My fantasy about Virginie

Virginie is my female friend Annick's other daughter, Bianca being her youngest (see other story for my fantasy with Bianca) I am praying for the day when she will bend over in front of me and look at me with bedroom eyes so I can burry my cock in all of her. She is one gorgeous 27 year old woman. I have always fantasied about her too. But what really got me into thinking I would be home with my entire cock inside her vagina is a trip to Cuba. She is so hot with her shoulder length blond hair and her cool looks. She is a tattoo artist and has a tattoo depicting a gorgeous large breasted woman ... Continue»
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My first time with a transsexual

I'm going to tell you how I met Kelly, my first transvestite girl ...

It turns out that at the age of 25, I just finished with my girlfriend, which made me pretty sad.

It was a Saturday and I was coming from the work I had on Saturdays, taught in a computer school in which my ex-girlfriend worked too; I returned home like every Saturday and I turned on the computer immediately opened the chat and entered the room of transvestites in the hope of finding something, and more than anything to fantasize since for some time I began to draw attention to the transsexual girls and transsexuals, I cla... Continue»
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Asking my b*****r to take my ass slowly.

This is based on something that happened to me but I've added a lot so you can't tell what's true and what's not. Everyone was over 18 at the time this took place.

When I entered college, my roommates were Cindy and Carol. They talked about sex a lot. Each had a boyfriend, and they'd go on and on about letting the boys feel up their titties in the library stacks and about stroking dicks behind the soccer fields. They especially would get into details about the boy's spurting, how much, how far, how often. It got to the point that they started competing with each other. I first noticed they ... Continue»
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கொழுக் மொழுக் மாமி - பாகம் 04

கொழுக் மொழுக் மாமி - பாகம் 04
மறு நாளை காலை வளர்மதி மாமி என்னை எழுப்ப எழுந்து உட்கார்ந்தேன் வளர்மதி மாமி அழகாய் குளித்து நேற்றிடில் குங்குங்குமம் வைத்து குடம்ப குத்து விளக்கை போல வளம் வந்தால் நான்:குட் மார்னிங்டி பொண்டாட்டி…வளர்மதி மாமி:சி… நைட் தான் நான் உன் பொண்டாட்டி இப்ப வளர்மதி வளர்மதி மாமி.. வளர்மதி மாமின்னு கூப்டுடா செல்லம்…
நான்:ஹா ஹா… சரிங்க கொழுத்த வளர்மதி மாமி… என்ன இவ்ளோ சீக்கிரம் குளியல் ??
செம அழகா.. மங்களகரமா இருக்கீங்க வளர்மதி மாமி…
வளர்மதி மாமி:9 மணிக்கு லாம் அவர் வந்துடுவார்டா அதான்… நீயும் சீக்கிரம் எழுந்து டிரெஸ்ஸ போடு அவர் வரப்ப இப்படி அம்மணமா ... Continue»
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கொழுக் மொழுக் மாமி - பாகம் 02

கொழுக் மொழுக் மாமி - பாகம் 02
சோபாவில் தூங்கி கொண்டிருந்த என்னை யாரோ எழுப்புவது போல இருக்க, கண் விழித்து பார்க்க, மாமி தான் என்னை எழுப்பி கொண்டிருந்தாள். நன்றாக குளித்து, அலங்காரம் செய்து, சில்க் புடவை கட்டி, தலை நிறைய பூ வைத்து, தாலி மின்ன என்னை எழுப்பினாள்.
“என்னடா கண்ணா நல்ல தூக்கமா?”
“ஆமாம் மாமி. டயர்டா இருந்துது அதான்.”
“அப்படி என்ன தொர செஞ்சிடீங்க, டயர்ட் ஆகுற மாதிரி?”
“ஹ்ம்ம்.. உன் உதட்டில தான்டி மாமி ஊத்துனேன்” என்று மனதில் நினைத்து கொண்டு,
“சும்மா இருங்க மாமி. குளிச்சீங்களா?”
“ஆமாம் கண்ணா. தல ஒரே பிசு பிசுன்னு இருந்துது. அதான் குளிச்சேன்.... Continue»
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கொழுக் மொழுக் மாமி - பாகம் 03

கொழுக் மொழுக் மாமி - பாகம் 03
நான் மறுநாள் காலை எழுந்து பார்க்க, பக்கத்தில் வளர்மதி மாமி ஜட்டியுடன் படுத்து இருந்தாள். நன்றாக தூங்கி கொண்டிருந்தாள். தூக்கத்தில் வளர்மதி மாமியின் முலை விம்மி விம்மி அடங்க என் சுன்னி விம்மி விம்மி துடித்தது. மெதுவாக என் போர்வையை விலக்கி என் சுன்னியை பார்க்க, அது முழு விறைப்பில் இருக்க, எழுந்து வளர்மதி மாமியின் அருகில் மண்டியிட்டு உட்கார்ந்து என் சுன்னியை வளர்மதி மாமியின் முலை காம்பில் லேசாக உரசினேன். சுகம் உச்சத்தை தொட வளர்மதி மாமி உறக்கத்தில், “ஹ்ம்ம் ஹ்ம்ம்” என்று லேசாக முனகினாள். சுன்னியை பிடித்து முலையில் தட்ட அது அழகாக குலுங்கியது. வளர்மதி மாமி... Continue»
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Mom & I Are Swingers

After serving three years of a four-year enlistment in the Air f***e, I was discharged early because of my promiscuous behavior. I guess I deserved it. I once went to a swinger club near the base and offered to take on everyone. I wanted to see how many people I could have sex with in one night. I lost count when I passed out during a strong orgasm, but I took on at least thirty-five men and six women. Some of them must have been in the Air f***e because word of my shameful behavior got back to the Base Commander. I got a good chewing out for that one, but they didn't kick me out.

It was ... Continue»
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Ugly June

June is a 70 year old woman that I know from the senior club. I made the title Ugly June to get your attention but I would never say anyone was ugly. June is not very good looking. She has long hair that's grey black that seemed to never be brushed. She has a big nose, dark brown eyes, here face is very wriggled, with a saggy double chin. 
Her body from what I could see at the time was very out of shape. She was small at the top then widened out as it went down to her big hips thighs and ass. Pear shaped I guess you call it. There is nothing sexy about June but she is a great person and we ta... Continue»
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Mma's Sorority - A Prologue

My name is Mma. Chidimma is okay, but don't call me Chidi. I admit I was a snob in high school. I was stuck up, only dating the handsomest jocks, not even talking to most of the 'ordinary people'. That seemed like a waste of time. I was looking to find the 'coolest' friends, the studliest guys. It turns out I wasn't that successful.

But I wasn't mean. It wasn't like I tried to be obnoxious, or ignore people. I would speak to those 'ordinary people' if they spoke first. I even would have nice conversations with them. But I didn't seek them out, try to be nice, or encourage them.

I had the... Continue»
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At the Club (loyalsock)

It was early afternoon and Dan was nervous. He was in his early 50's, with a bit of a paunch that had developed over the past several years since the k**s were born. Dan was on conference in California and found himself alone one afternoon - the conference was on a break and he had a couple hours to kill.

Driving on the highway the other day, Dan had seen the billboard for the Gentleman's club and was drawn to it. Although he was curious about strip clubs, he had never actually been in one before. He had friends who went but he always backed out when decision time came. He was happily mar... Continue»
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First time car sex

This happened to my wife when she was a teenager working in a hotel in rural France in 1969. When I ask her to tell me the story we end up having the best sex!
My wife, let's call her Maggie, worked in France over the summer of 1969 when she was 19 and before we were married. Her and the other youngsters working locally used to pile into cars of a Saturday night and head off to the local dance hall. After a few weeks she fell for a French boy called Amedi who drove a Simca.
One night, after the dance finished and everyone else had got lifts home, Maggie and Amedi walked back to the Simca ha... Continue»
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First time BBC

Dave and Kelly had been married 5 years years since they was both 18 now both 23 they think they have a good sex life. Dave is an average he guy in many ways but he works hard for what he's got which is a lot he's 5'8 with blonde hair pale skin he used to be in shape but no more. He's let himself go abit while Kelly has just got better with age and with money he lets her spend on herself she always looks very hot. At 5'3 and size 8 with blonde curly hair and a nice tan with the smallest ass and pert 34b tits with tiny nipples. Everyone who seen them together said "no way" some you could tell w... Continue»
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Aunt Liz (part-1)

It takes time ti write a good story. Follow me on instagram @raqm0900 and tumblr

My Aunt Liz

From the time that I could remember my Aunt Liz always had a playful demeanor with an edge of sarcasm within her playfulness. When I was just a c***d and she came over to visit her younger s****r (my Mom), she would always take the time out to show me some attention. Generally back then; even though it encompassed some physical touching, the playfulness was wrestling or tickling, or a combination of both. Aunt Lizzie lived in our state’s capitol a couple of hours away from ... Continue»
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