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First Time Porn Stories


First TimeGay Male

Van's standing on the edge of the platform looking for a train that's not coming for another 20 minutes. He doesn't wanna look at me and I tell ya' the feelings mutual. He's a top bloke Van, me and him have been friends since year 7 but last night...I guess because we both did it and both saw each other doing it that we're kinda even in some way. But this is gonna be kept real quite. Take a regular hangover and multiply by ten and that's how fuckin' wasted I feel. I can't believe what happened. I've still got a sour kinda taste in my mouth. I hope like hell it's the vomit from… Read more

Posted by postamerican 4 years ago 735 93%

busted part 3

First Time

i see the man in the video taking the well hung tranny like a champ and i start 2 get into it telling her looking up into her face deeper yea fuck me momma deeper give it 2 me baby inch by inch fuck me like a little nasty whore.and all the while my talk is getting her into it shes leaned over me holding both my legs looking down watching herself thrust deeper and faster the more she gets into it.taking 3 /4ths of this huge cock w every thrust she gives the pain is great but the pleasure is 2 seeing her big titties bouncing her losing herself in it and me pretty much getting everything i dremt… Read more

Posted by BIGDICKDADDYDAN 4 years ago 381 80%

busted part 2

First Time

so anyway she stands over me and gets 2 her knees her ass in my face her strap on hanging resting on my chest so i start to eat her ass and pussy just going to town and she hunches over and grabs up my cock and starts stroking it and squeezing and tugging my balls.i can see her stroking me in the mirror and notice her eyes stuck on the tranny porn cock in hand.the tranny then starts to fuck the man on the video and my wife starts to get worked up i guess kinda ranting at me/is that wat u like being fucked like a bitch huh wearing my panties a dick in ur mouth in my bed huh u fucking nasty moth… Read more

Posted by BIGDICKDADDYDAN 4 years ago 559 100%


First Time

the k**s were gone 4 a week and my wife was out doing stuff so i figured i had time 2 get my freak on it had been awhile so i got my shemale dvd out and put it in the bedroom tv and let it start as i went through my wifes dresser and found a pair ofblack lacy cheeky pantys that came half way up my ass cheeks and was tight up my ass crack like a thong and my cock and balls squeezed in where the would fit.i set the mirror at end of bed and climed on the bed knees up legs open and started watching my tranny porn.i felt so sexy in her pantys feeling the lace on my swelling cock,watching the well h… Read more

Posted by BIGDICKDADDYDAN 4 years ago 766 60%

Friends s****r

First TimeInterracial Sex

A few years ago i was at a friends house attending his summer party. Lots of our friends an alot of his f****y was there having a very fun time. It was late evening an the drinks were flowing everyone was having a great time people drinking an dancing. As i sat watching my eyes were on my best friends s****r, what a view. There she stood 5'5 thin sexy body very nice tan id guess an nice c cup tits in this thin cute yellow summer dress it was about thigh length. Her long black hair flowed down her back as she danced away. I felt my cock growing with every passing second as i shifted in my se… Read more

Posted by BBC4kinky 4 years ago 1 2,786 100%

My first MFM (part 2)

First TimeGroup Sex

All of us drenched in each others' cum, I leaned forward and kissed Sally, tasting my own cum on her lips and tongue. Sally reached down and began stroking my cock, now hard again. "No, it's your turn now Sally." I said as I grabbed her by the hips and rolled her on to her back. I slid off the bed and knelt as I pulled her to the edge. I rubbed her inner thighs gently for a moment and then spread her legs open, revealing her beautiful, tight shaved pussy. I began kissing her thighs and I could feel the moist warmth from her pussy on my face. She was already dripping wet with excitement and t… Read more

Posted by obsolete_1 4 years ago 681 96%

Virgin soldier finds gay friend

AnalFirst TimeGay Male

When I landed in Singapore, I was 21, and a very fit soldier. I’d just finished a year of training, so I had a big chest and a small waist. I also had backache and a numb bum from a 24 hour flight. Another soldier, obviously keen on the gym like me, met me at the airport. We dropped my gear off at the barracks, and went to his house. I was really uncomfortable with backache, so he said he would massage it for me. I agreed readily. I was so innocent! I’d never had sex, not seen any porn. Don’t think I’d seen a gay man! He told me to strip off, which I did without a thought. It was hot, an… Read more

Posted by pillow_bottom 4 years ago 11 2,820 97%


FetishFirst Time

I have seen this woman, a massage ther****t for some time, on this occasion it was not just a regular massage. I was laying on my back near the end of my 90 minute massage when she asked me if there were any area's I wanted further attention to. I just somehow got the nerve up and asked her that if she new the Thailand testicle massage that would be great. She looked me square in the eyes and one word came from her, REALLY? I replied, well it doesn't hurt to ask. She then smiled and looked down at the towel covering my groin and removed it. She then asked if I was sure I wanted her to massage… Read more

Posted by zandoraus 4 years ago 1,779 100%

Summer of '77

First TimeMatureSex Humor

--A young man's introduction into CFNM-- Chapter 1 Young Adam was a very shy boy. A little awkward, a little on the geeky side, Adam was very much into science and building models. He spent much time in his room. By the time he was 18, Adam had won a scholarship to attend Indiana University. It was the summer of 1977, and Adam had a few weeks left with his step mom, Natalie, and his step s****r, Rachel. Adam lost his father when he was very young, and spent his entire c***dhood growing up with two women in the household, and no males. It was weird at times for him, but a ver… Read more

Posted by jkd1111 4 years ago 1 2,619 90%

Dancing Teacher

First TimeLesbian Sex

My mother had wanted me to be a professional dancer and some day dance on Broadway, in New York City, something she had never been able to do, so she enrolled me in dancing classes almost as soon as I could walk. I was told that I played the part of a little kitten in the school's dance recital when I was 2 years old, and wandered all over the high school stage, much to the chagrin to my mother. As the years went by I realized that I wasn't good enough to be a professional dancer, although I had years of dancing school, so I did the next best thing, I opened my own dancing scho… Read more

Posted by alex_wd 4 years ago 2 1,739 100%

My first gay experience

AnalFirst TimeGay Male

My first gay experience I had only just left school and so far all my life I had been single, mostly down to be too shy round girls and over the past couple of years I had been playing with girls underwear and one thing lead to another and I started wearing panties at first and then more as time went on. I would wear my s****r's or mum's panties to school and where ever else I could and I would play when ever I could in then making myself cum so I would be wearing cum filled panties all day and I loved it, the feeling of the silk and wetness on my cock was just so hot and I would spend a lo… Read more

Posted by Acebottom 4 years ago 27 11,125 97%

The Boss's PA

First TimeMatureTaboo

I used to work in a place where the boss's PA had her own office adjacent to his. We used to have a lot of contact and over the time I worked there she became increasingly flirty. She soon took to giving me little flashes of her pussy or tits when I went into her office. She had a lovely smooth and shaved pussy, tiny tits with little hard nipples and a huge arse. She was a cheeky lady and used to tease me that she wasn't wearing any knickers. However, I only had to ask and she would prove it. things escalated and we would find excuses to travel in the lift together and we'd kiss and fondl… Read more

Posted by stuntman1960 4 years ago 1 2,644 77%

Loving Little s****r and Friend

AnalFirst TimeTaboo

Loving Little s****r and Friend Prologue Rachel is my younger s****r by three years. Since we were little she and I have been best buddies. For the most part we have always gotten along great together. I love playing games and hanging out with her. She's the happiest person I know and has the cutest smile and the most adorable laugh ever. She is so fun to be around and she's kind and friendly to everyone. As her older b*****r, naturally I enjoy teasing the hell out of her. I learned early on that I could get her all worked up pretty easy by k**napping her dolls or holding her bears for… Read more

Posted by fotisampini 4 years ago 23 57,990 97%

Spying on my roomate

First TimeMasturbationVoyeur

When I was in college I lived with an older roomate. At the time I was 18 and he was 23 and he only lived one year with me before he finished and went away. The house we lived in was on old house with those big old keyholes, every voyeurs dream... And being a voyeur like i am i took advantage of it to the max. The first time i spied on him was in the shower. There, for the first time I got to see his naked body. He was of normal build, not fat nor skinny, a bit tall and had few hair on him (i later learned he trimmed his chest,… Read more

Posted by jaimalv 4 years ago 3 2,787 100%

Leona in Brazil

First Time

Leona in Brazil Mike journeys to Brazil, and discovers a sultry Latina by the name of Leona. Adults Only. All characters are 18+ Written by LoneGarif For the illustrated version that includes a video at the end, go to: ============================================================== Mike had never been to Brazil before. In fact what inspired him to take the plunge and journey to the South American country was precisely because of the tales of the visually stunning women of Brazil. It also helped that Mike has t… Read more

Posted by lonegarif 4 years ago 607 93%

my mom “Are you a squirter?

First Time

My mom the e****t I never really knew my mother and my father wouldn’t talk about her. My father never dated or saw women that I knew of. He was a stock broker and his work seemed to be his life. I was sixteen when my father died and it changed my whole world. First was all the money from his estate, it came to over fifteen million. In his letter to me, he made a few recommendations that I followed. Next was the fact that almost everything in our townhouse was sold. Last was the tall stunningly beautiful woman that was my mother. She had just appeared at the door only twelve… Read more

Posted by adel5000 4 years ago 14 9,884 97%

My first MFM

First TimeGroup Sex

I was nervous as hell as I walked through their door. I knew Hank and Sally were older than I was, they had said so in their email, but I was not quite expecting the warm, grandmotherly face that greeted me at the door wearing a bathrobe. "Come in! Come in hot stuff!" Sally said excitedly as she grabbed my hand and briskly walked me back to the bedroom. Lying on the bed in front of me was an older gentleman, completely naked, with the biggest cock I had ever seen in my life! "Jump on up here!" Hank said with a friendly, mischeivous smile. Without saying a word, I quickly jumped on the bed… Read more

Posted by obsolete_1 4 years ago 3 2,758 91%

My first black cock

AnalFirst TimeHardcore

My wife and i have always enjoyed threesomes with other men over our thirteen year mariage and it's been awesome! It really went to a all new high. A few months ago, on this very site, we found a black stud with 10 inches of cock that was as big as a soda can! This huge black man was just what my horny wife was looking for! His name was Mark and from a near by city called St. Louis! Anyway over a short period of time we decided to meet Mark in a motel in the city. Micki (my wife) sucked my cock all he way to the parking lot of the motel. We got our room with a view of the pool and started call… Read more

Posted by rambone12255 4 years ago 6 4,525 83%

My first girl story

First TimeHardcoreMasturbation

Hi xhamster readers, my name is Victoria and today I am going to narrate a true story about my first swap which happened two days ago. This is my first swap story. I am a continuous reader of xHamster, I have read many stories but most of them are false but I still love to read it as it fantasies me in this story. I am going to tell you about how I encountered that’s the really interesting part for any story it and how I enjoyed it before going to my story, I want to share an information with you guys. Nearly 2 months ago I found a site and this site is all about having better sex and penis… Read more

Posted by srlvictoria 4 years ago 3,166 71%

First Male Threesome

First TimeGay MaleGroup Sex

I'm a 6' while male athletic build that was curious during college. I've always wanted to try to be with a man. I've masturbated to gay/bisexual porn all the time and even played with my ass sometimes (Now I have toys). but here I had a GF at the time and just wanted to get manhandled. With most stories I found these guys on Craigslist. We struck up a conversation and decided to meet at there house. I was excited for my first gay experience. I arrived at there house and sat on the couch with one of them. He told me the other one was running a little late . We inched nearer and n… Read more

Posted by gzart 4 years ago 5 3,047 80%