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Hermione starts to tease

The great thing about thongs was that you get a great ass in them, which was the reason why Hermione had begun wearing them during her fourth year, she was after all fifteen and going on sixteen in a matter of months. The bad thing about them was first of all it took time to get used to the feeling of the fabric between your cheeks and second of all you had to make sure they sat correctly or they would be ever so uncomfortable .
Hermione stifled a yawn as she flushed the loo and began pulling up the knickers and made sure they were on like they should before she bent down to get her tights ... Continue»
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You don't remember what happened? I'll t

I carried you in through your front door, up the stairs, and set you down gently on your bed. You had a few too many drinks at that party and asked for me to take you home and I happily agreed; I only went because you begged me to take you.

You were wearing a plain black dress that fit to your body perfectly. I noticed a stray piece of your long brown hair laying across your face. I gently pushed it put of the way and leaned down to kiss you goodnight. But as soon as our lips touched your hand shot behind my neck, pulling me in and deepening the kiss. I let out a soft moan and you responde... Continue»
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He knew that I once dreamed of a trio

I was very nervous, did not know why I had come, but I am someone who is looking for excitement, so I went for it. He lives in a nice house, I called and he answered. Wow still the same as I could imagine, long wide his head shaved and that allowed him horny.

Once inside, he looked at me, took my hand and took me upstairs. He was very busy so directly. Once upstairs he kissed me, just turned around, took something and turned back to me, he kissed me again and as he did that I was handcuffed. The tingling ran through my body, he ran his fingers over my legs, moaned that when he felt the sle... Continue»
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Sissy out of control in the toilet

I'd describe as a fit rough looking submissive guy. Recently love to dress in panties and stockings and get interfered with....

One of the first and hottest experiences was in a quiet public toilet. It was about 3.30 on a summer afternoon and I'd had no luck down a nearby cruising area - which was unusual as it was normally reliable. The lack of action was most probably down to feeling slightly inhibited by what I was wearing under my shorts.

As I entered the cottage (as we call public toilets in the uk) and judging by the scurrying that occurred I'd interrupted a scene.

I went in ... Continue»
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The House in the Woods (bisexual)

Being cooped up all week in an apartment wasn't Rachel's idea of the perfect life. She and Andrew just moved in from a small suburb in the Toronto area, to the big T.O. itself. Andrew was a computer analyst for a big firm, as for Rachel, she was still looking for a job.
During their short stay, the couple met Jean and Stewart through Andrew's company Christmas party. They developed a good friendship and were almost unseperable from the get go. All 4 of them were in their late 20's and as expected basically loved the same things as friends should do...
Lately however, Rachel was getting a lit... Continue»
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Yorkshire Sara's first threesome.

We’re from Yorkshire, my name is Danny 33 and my girlfriend of 4 years is Sara 21 and this is our true story of how our first threesome happened.

Sara likes to watch hardcore porn in the bedroom and one evening while I was fucking her doggy style, a scene came on screen showing a girl getting spit roasted. Sara said “I’d love to try that”, the thought of this turned me on no end and I was soon covering Sara’s arse in hot cum. Nothing else was said about it but I noticed that she soon fast forwarding DVD’s to threesome and more some scenes more and more frequently.

A few months later we ... Continue»
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a*****ing the Bride

a*****ing the Bride

by Black Demon

Bride & Groom where whisked away by the five black men. On their way to the hotel, they now had been taken to a hideaway in the mountains. The beautiful bride, in her pure white wedding gown was surrounded by the black captives. Her husband was tied to a chair next to her. Julie was a virgin bride who had never seen or handled a cock before.

This was not a chance happening but a planned k**napping. It had been a chance sighting for the blacks a month ago, when Julie had gone to the bridal shop to try on her wedding gown. The blacks had been ... Continue»
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Step b*****r! Or should I say lucky step b*****r!

As well as my other stories from school this is my side stories of which is still true and which happened later towards the end of school and after I finished school. These stories will be known as the step bro stories.

Firstly you need to know my f****y without going into too much detail. Its my mother, s****r, step dad and b*****r. Now my step dad works away for long periods of time and mother works all different shifts. My step b*****r is a few years younger than me and my s****r is also young. Boring part out of the way!

Over the next few stories you will realise that my step b*****... Continue»
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As I have been asked on several occasions HOW I lost my virginity I figured it’s about time I told how it really happened. I grew up with fairly broad minded parents and my Mum and dad are nudists, even still they go to a club regularly but since I got married my guy Troy is not really into public nudity so although we have been with them to the nudist club it’s not a regular thing.
We had our own cabin at the club which we still own and there was an old guy at the time that had the cabin next door but his wife had passed away some years earlier but he remained a member which was allowed as h... Continue»
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Bus Load of Grannies and Matures Part 2

As I said in Part 1 of this experience I had met a mostly older female tour group at my hotel. After dinner and dancing with about six matures and grannies I found three hotel room keys in my pocket. I had just fucked Alice, the petite little minx in Room 440 and had two more rooms to go. I was hoping one of the two keys led to Jenny, a sixty year old statuesque six foot tall athletic blond with a pair of tits and long legs.

I knocked on the door to Room 435 and to my surprise Kathy one of the other women I had danced with that night answered the door. Kathy had short brown hair was kind ... Continue»
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My heavenly experience...

It all started off as a normal day, me and my friend who is the same age as me, 20. We were both hanging around but his aunty called him down to her house. It was nearby so he invited me around to see her. Such a beautiful Asian aunty this was. I wish my aunty was like his. She was the definition of beautiful. She had that proper Asian look to her but out of respect, I tried not to think about her in that way.

There was a new game coming out, so we wanted to go to town to get it, but since something had came up and my friend had to meet someone on the way there, he told me to hang back at h... Continue»
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Sitting at home, could not sl**p, so tried to watch some late night infomericals.
The girl friend was out with the girlfriends. I figure it was an all nighter, since it was 1am.
My girl friend had a university daughter that loved to flirt and had a body to go with it. She was always rubbing into me, shoving her hips sideways into my hip, when her mom was not around. I brushed it off as cheap harmless firty.
About 1:30am, car lights pulled into the drive, and sat there for awhile. I figured it was stepdaughter giving her date one last kiss to whatever it is the university k**s do, to hank t... Continue»
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Becoming Emily - Part XI

“Are you sure that you’re only 18?” his eyes continually scanned my young naked body.

“Yeah. Why?”

“You certainly don’t fuck like an 18 year old.”

“Had that cock in a lot of 18 year old pussy?”

“A few.” he laughed. “And I have never had one that fucks as good as you.” I felt a beam of pride at knowing that I was a good lay. “When was your first time?”

“My first time?” this was something that I had yet to even think about. I mean I really couldn’t tell him that my first time was just a couple weeks ago and I most certainly couldn’t tell him that his was the first real cock I had... Continue»
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Part Three

Finally we make it out of the shower Charlie id getting ready and I start to dress in the new underwear that he had brought me. I slip the basque on and the feeling I get is sensual, the silky and lace touching my skin, I sit on the bed and roll up the stockings to my thighs and fasten to the suspenders. Fuck I think what am I supposed to wear to this “Masked Ball” I’ve got skirts and casual clothes but Charlie never said about a fucking ball. “He can be such a wanker at times “I think to myself. I pull the lacy panties up to my knees and before I can pull them up all the way Charlie comes in ... Continue»
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The Seduction of JerseyBean.

Act 1. The Seduction.

Its a hot summers day in the south of France, a cool breeze is coming off the ocean and it a clear sky not a cloud in sight.

You are so excited as you know I will be arriving latter to pic you up to take you out to dinner to celebrate the good news you received this week.

Your goal tonight is to make my eyes pop out when I see you, so have decided to wear that outfit that really drives me wild when I see you in it and won't be able to control myself.

You begin by showering and shaving your legs making sure they are silky smooth, you wash your hair and sensual... Continue»
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The First Time

I sat back in the chair and watched as he started to undress my wife. They stood next to the bed. Emma’s shirt was off now and he reached behind her back to undo her bra. It came off in his hands and he dropped it on the floor. He stroked her breasts, feeling them in his hand. His shirt was already off and they stood semi naked in front of each other, feeling tentatively. They both started to remove their jeans.
After a time they stood fully naked.
‘Lye on the bed for me’ he says.
Emma reclines on the bed. He moves on top of her, his head moving lower down her body until it finds her pussy.... Continue»
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The First Time - Part Two. Emma's Awakening

I watch him as he holds her ankles with both hands, spreading her legs wide. My wife is not used to taking a cock this big so he moves against her gently, pressing further and harder as she gets used to his girth. He lets go of her ankles and her legs wrap around his back, taking him deeper inside, her arms holding him close to her. I watch this coupling for a few more minutes before he pulls out of her. He moves over onto his back.
‘Ride me’ he says.
Without comment she gets on top of him, guiding his cock into her. I watch as she slowly slides onto him, gently lowering herself until he is ... Continue»
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My audacious girl friend

I had this girlfriend once upon a time, who loved to tease me and who loved to do crazy dangerous things that could get us caught. I guess the getting caught part just added spice to our sex, but she often would do crazy things with her own f****y nearby!

It wasn't long after we first met. I guess we hadn't been on more than four or five dates. We'd gotten past the huggy bear, kissy face stage, and I was beginning to get more bold, but she wouldn't let me go any farther than feeling her up. Almost anything would be good except undressing her. We were starting to be a couple.

W... Continue»
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قصه حقيقية

انا ايمان العاشقه من صغري ؛ دى قصتى انا الحقيقيه عيشها حتى الان وانا الان عمري 28 سنه عشت الحريه التى كنت احلم بيها كسرت كل القيود والمثل طبعا عملت كل حاجه دون علم اي احد بل بالعكس كانت حياتى في القرية بانى فتاة محترمه وملتزمه ومؤدبه في اعين كل اهل القريه
معلش انا هكتب حكايتى باللهجه العاميه لانها بتدخل القلب بسرعه... بعيدا عن الالفاظ الكبيره عرفت الجنس والحب من صغري لكن كانت علاقات عيالي عندما كان عمري 6 سنوات وكنت اذهب الي المدرسه في الصف الاول الابتدائي وطلبت امى في اول يوم دراسي في حياتى من ابن الجيران الذي يكبرنى باربع سنين في نفس المدرسه معي كان في الصف الرابع الابتدائي طلبت منه ان ياخد... Continue»
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me first big black cock experience

A little bit about us, we have been swinging for a few years with white males. Then we fantasized about me fucking a big black cock. And I must admit that the idea turned me on tremendously. We had talked to a few members from an adult site and narrowed it down to one. My husband and I had talked it up all week. So me and our new friend started texting and he was so excited about being my first bbc experience ever. He sent me lots of pictures of his big hard cock and I was so wet with anticipation to feel it. I would get so wet just thinking about how good it was going to feel. The night final... Continue»
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