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My petite Muslim wife's first experience cont

She tried to resist but Lawrence overpowered her easily! She pulled back his thick dark forskin to unveil his throbbing pink mushroom helmet! Tentatively she stuck out her tongue and with just the tip she had her first taste of a black cock! She licked round his helmet a little before Lawrence told her to use all of her tongue! My wife stuck her tongue out flat and pulled that thick black cock onto it! She licked his cock all over before popping his helmet into her mouth! She struggled to put in much more but Lawrence helped by forcing her head down! He grabbed a handful of hair and used it to... Continue»
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Fucking my classmate....

The bell rang, and I let in my classmate Sabrina, as we were working on our class project together. We were going to work in my living room and I led her to the couch and we started to study. She was wearing a stylish track suit that fit every curve of her shapely body. She had the zipper down exposing her big ample breasts. I could see the print of her nipples thru the thin material of her suit. She had a nice big round ass that sat up and nice hips that were thick n nice. As I was in my own home I wore a tank top and a pair of shorts. We worked on the project for almost 2 hours, befor... Continue»
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A Rob and Allison story:
I guess I should start by telling you that I am a terrible prankster, I always have been and love a good joke, BUT jokes have a way of back firing.
My wife Allison is quite attractive and I have always been very proud being seen in public with her, I have never been a jealous person and actually get turned on by watching guys admiring something that is totally mine. We had a cousin of mine staying with us for a couple of weeks and he was just 16, Allison and I late twenties and we really enjoyed our sex life and Allison was always ready to fuck and quite easy to turn... Continue»
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Nude on the Ramp at School

This is about a female friend in school that wanted to be naked in public and asked for my help with do it. She is a pettie woman with very small next to nothing for tits. She had sex for the first time just months earlier and it was in her ass. That was the only time she had any attention from men and she wants more. She asked me to pull her dress off of her leaving her naked in the hallway during classes changing. She said she wear nothing under the dress. No panties or bra and she didn't want to know when tomorrow I was going to do this. I decided to do it after english class because s... Continue»
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A Casual Encounter

This is my first time writing a story for the X-Hamster. I am not a story teller so please bear with me.
Im writing this with the intention to share an actual experience, as well as so I do not forget it. Names have been
changed to protect the innocent.

After eight years of a happy marriage, my wife left me for a man she met on an online video game.
After several months without a companion and sex I decided to 'live' a little and take a walk on the wild side.
Being committed to one woman my whole life, I never got to experience anything else. Curious about the 'casual
encounters' se... Continue»
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The first day to school, part 2.

I sat with Windy in the car and we were together on the way to my parents' house! In the car we were now fallen into conversation and I suspected that the lesbian Windy hitting on me, but I did not initially in, because I just wanted to be friends with her and I was definitely not gay themselves! When we were almost at our house I told Windy they could do better at my house, because my parents were pretty religious and actually had other ideas about sex and marriage as her.'s Not about They understood this well and she promised to keep close to me. Her mouth

"Hey Mom!" I cried when I opened... Continue»
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The first day to school, part 1.

The first day to school, where I really do not feel like after that wonderful weeks on vacation in Rome.
I really reluctantly went to school and then I had to also introduce my self to all the new people. Phew!
I pulled me nothing and looked around to find. Place a free Back I saw an empty seat and I walked past the other students back to the table at the back of the room, where I then took place.
I looked a bit around me and saw people chatting with each other, it was mainly girls I saw sitting.
Completely in the other corner of the room I saw a girl like me who, it seemed, no one kne... Continue»
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An earthy fuck in the morning

'But my hands are dirty'!

He just smiled as I mildly protested, not saying, 'No', was the answer he never heard, which meant I was somewhere between doing it and just toying with time.

It was just past three in the afternoon and the Summer heat was stifling. My summer job here in the parks has its dividends, appealing to my imaginative sexual needs, having just devoured 'Lady Chatterley's Lover', the Earthiness of fucking men of the Earth naked and rolling around in mud and rain, my finger flicked on my pussy as much as turning the pages, and now the old gardener wanted a wank.

I was ... Continue»
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My tiny petite Muslim wife's first black expe

I have been asking my wife to have sex with another man for years now! She hates the idea and has always said no u til recently when I found out she had o ce cheated on me a few years back. Now divorce is a huge taboo in the Muslim community so she begged me not to go down that route! I said if she made my fantasy come true then all wil be forgotten. She agreed but told me she was not happy about it. I was overjoyed!

I was thinking about what kind of man I wanted. I had never thought of a black man until one day my neighbour Lawrence and I were chatting over the garden fence. My neighbour ... Continue»
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Riding a real cock (first time)

If you read my first story (you really should!), you know my girlfriend had stirred my anal desires by dominating me with a strapon. although I loved it, I began to crave more. Toys were fun, but i wondered how good a real cook providing real pleasure would feel deep in my hole.

First, a bit about myself. I'm a 21 year old (now bi) college student. 5'11, stocky build, with a rocking body, 8" curved cut cock and a bubble butt. Obviously, I've never had problems getting girls, but I was always curious about what gay people saw in taking it in the ass.

I began watching more and more gay po... Continue»
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Tammi Hooder a 32yrs. woman who because of the times lost her job that she had for the last 14 years accept the time off for her two girls birth she had been a very good office worker but cause of the times they had to let her go, but they had a party for her last day. At quitting time the whole group went to Big John's Bar drinking dancing having a good time Tammi was feeling great. All the women dancing together and even a few from the bar join in too as the night went on Tammi went to the bathroom and one of the women from the bar reached out grabbed her boobs and tried to come on to... Continue»
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My wife a fabtasy part III

My view of Jane's face was being hidden by her hair. Marcus was feeding her his ebony pole and Kames was stood behind her squeezing her tits. He seemed to realise I could not see from my chair so grabbed the hair from Jane's face and pulled it backwards.
The sight was amazing Janes mouth was as wide open as it could go and 5 inches of cock was in her. Her hand held the base of Marcus's dick so that he could not f***e anymore in. My cock twitched and although I had just climaxed it started to harden again.
Marcus removed his cock - Jane panting and smiling looked at me " Do you like seeing ... Continue»
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living with my cousins

When I was nine I already had a healthy sexual appetite, which did me no good with my one and only older s****r, but somehow I was able to convince most of my cousins to play sex games. They were all about my age except for one who was 13. She was a little tougher to convince, since her parents had already talked to her about sex, and the things boys would try.

My other cousins were pretty much as adventurous as me, so I concentrated my efforts on them. Mostly we would show our privates to each other, but sometimes I was able to get them to sit on my lap naked, so I could rub my cock agains... Continue»
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Backdoor Play

Fantasy Play Cum True

I hand you the bulb.

“For you to clean yourself with,” and I smile excitedly. You smile and wink at me and head towards the bathroom to take a quick shower; the door left partially open.
“Take your time” I call out.

I jump into action and change into a slinky mini black dress that barely covers my round ass and hugs my huge 40G tits. No need for panties today I tell myself gleefully. My toes of which have been painted a bright green tinted turquoise match the brightly coloured high heels that slip easily on my feet. I buckle them up. My toes are ... Continue»
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The Daughter Downstairs/Duplex II

So this actually happened before the previous "Duplex" story and also is 100% true.

My divorced Dad worked 2 jobs to make ends meet. His 2nd job was at an adult book store. One morning, I woke up to find a video on the dining room table. It was an amateur video series promoting "up and comers". When I looked at it closer, the girl that lived downstairs was in one of the pictures on the cover. I couldn't believe it! A literal dream come true! The girl that lived downstairs was in a porno...Of course I popped the video in and rubbed one out. She was pretty hot. You would too.

About a week ... Continue»
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Samaritan Saves Stranded Stranger

Samaritan Saves Stranded Stranger

The car sat alongside the lightly traveled road out of gas. Amanda was frustrated because she knew better than to travel to the middle of “Nowhere”, Kansas without a full gas tank. The cell coverage was weak at best and none her friends could get to her for a couple of hours. She was anxious. She had seen more airplanes pass overhead than cars on this road. But all she needed was one person to stop; the bad news was none had stopped.

Amanda had been off to see her boyfriend and much anticipated weekend hook-up. A hook up that was in jeopardy as she... Continue»
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My first lesbian experience, at least outside of my f****y, was with Brenda, my college freshman roomy. As things turned out, she had an older b*****r. He was married but like a lot of husbands, was ready for something new – or should I say “someone”. The best part was that it wasn’t just me he was interested in!

When I was a freshman in college my roommate turned out not only to be extremely cute but bisexual as well. Brenda was the first girl I was with outside of my f****y and needless to say, we had a great freshman year. One night I told her about how when I was sixteen I had wat... Continue»
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A romance story

Jennifer is a 17 year old girl who meets the man of her dreams in a movie theater...and he's old enough to be her father.

M/f, slow, romance, first,consensual

Jennifer's Story (complete) fiction by rache

I was at the mall waiting for my friend, Shelly, who was supposed to be
meeting me there so we could see a movie. But she was late, as usual, so I
was just sitting by the food court. I'd have been in trouble if my parents
knew I was there alone, they didn't let me go anyplace by myself since I
had just turned 14 a month ago. I didn't know why, since I knew what was
go... Continue»
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Absence makes the cock go harder

Our sex life used to be so raunchy but in recent years it had began to wane.
I was scheduled to take an overseas assignment and discussed in detail with Becky what this would do to our relationship. Could we endure a long distant relationship? Would we be able to remain faithful?
Becky surprised me by saying if we were unfaithful as long as the other partner knew about it and it remained only a sexual relationship then we could endure and possibly grow. This intrigued me and I began to enquire as to what she really meant by this.
She said that my contract would take me away from home for t... Continue»
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This story is real and I have been asked to write it for John and Janice from Xhamster. So it is told therefore through the voice of John, Janice’s husband.(Johnhenshaw79)
Janice and I had been married for around 8 months and although we are very sexual couple and often joked about threesomes, gang bangs, nudity and swinging we had not really gone much past the talking about it stage, most likely because it was all a little scary.
We had just been out for dinner at a beautiful little Thai restaurant on Sydney’s North Shore and naturally we had had quite a few glasses of wine with our meal, A... Continue»
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