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A gynecologist

I've been a gynecologist for several years now. I love the female body, and all it's splendor. The curve of flesh riding over muscle, and the sweet aroma that a woman gives off when she is at her sexual peak. I love the sensual and sexual arousal that women give me, and most times, it's not so hard doing my job, but other times, it's down right cruel, unjust and tough to be who and what I am.

I stepped into exam room 4 on a hot July day. Our air conditioning system had failed and the whole office was very hot. Me, being in charge of things, I gave most of the staff left, the rest of the da... Continue»
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Stormy night with aunt Myrtle

Wake Up

Rick wakes up from the thundering sound of the heavy rain on his bakkie. But there was something else causing his awakening.

He finds now that he has been rubbing his very stiff and very excited penis against something soft and firm. Something womanly. As reality washes over him, he finds it is so. He is dry humping someone. Luckily his cock is still in his pants, but it is stiff and standing up and he is dry humping a well-rounded female ass.

This reality shakes him fully awake now. The events of the previous day return to his brain in one huge rush.

He can remember that t... Continue»
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f***ed Faggot

f***ed Faggot

Hello and thank you for letting me share this free true sex story about how I f***ed my male roommate into being a fag. I didn"t know it at the time but this was how I began my obsession with turning men into fags. Nothing gives me an orgasm more quickly than to watch a straight guy being taken by a stud for the first time.

I was living in Hawaii barely making a living as a surf instructor. I had a beautiful apartment overlooking the Pacific Ocean but could not afford it so I placed an ad for a roommate. Since I am a woman, I didn"t want to live with some over testosterone ... Continue»
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''MMMM. That was awesome baby.'' John said. He had just had one of the best fuck session with his sweet Gail. Talking Larry into letting her go with John on his business trip to North Carolina took some doing. The fact that she had to blow her husband the night before she left with her lover was something she thought best to keep from her father.

''Thank you daddy.'' She said in a low sad voice.

Turning her over to face him, John can see the sadness in her beautiful green eyes. He knew there was something off that first night when he first touched her. It had ... Continue»
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Joining The Navy

I was eighteen when I decided to join the Navy after high school. Working at Pizza Hut just wasn’t my career choice. After Basic Training I was assigned to Air Traffic Control School In sunny Pensacola, Florida. Now when I was in Basic you always heard rumors about lesbian and dykes in the Navy. In basic training we were watched pretty closely and I never saw anything to verify those rumors. That’s until I got to Pensacola.

The first week I got there I reported on a Thursday and had the whole weekend off. Everything was normal until Friday night. I felt like I had been invited to a Roman... Continue»
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daddies little fuck toy, forever

Turned Into a Slut Boy Gay
Dear slut boy,

Missed you last night, stop being such a bad boy and come to visit your dear old daddy tonight. You're already in debt to me you little tease, skipping out is only going to make it worse. As I'm sure you remember by now, I know where you live, you have a very pretty girlfriend, would be a shame for her to find one of my letters, wouldn't want her to ruin our fun, I have big plans for you slut. I'll be waiting for you in the sauna tonight, don't disappoint me again or you'll regret it, as you can see.

I looked to the bottom of the letter, there w... Continue»
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CD first anal an loving it

my first time as a CD and first anal
I had been crossdressing since I was a young teen. Back then I was a little bit bigger than my mother and I still managed to fit into here clothes. I really never did anything to dramatic back then, but I loved the few hours I could have the house to myself and slid into some satin panties and nude pantyhose. Sometime I had the time to slip on a bra and one of my mothers dresses, though she was small chested and I desired a larger chest. Crossdressing was always a huge turn on for me, but I could never see myself as gay, so for years all I would do was mas... Continue»
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Manhandled in London

My name is Chris and I'm sitting on the edge of a 6-foot-wide bed in a comfortable four-star hotel in London. I am naked except for a tight black thong. My hard cock is making a firm and very noticeable bulge in this sexy underwear. I am nervous but excited and my balls are aching with anticipation. I arrived in this room about an hour ago with a small overnight bag which contained only minimal clothing, I won't be wearing much in the hours to come, but it did contain the essential toys that this night is going to be all about. Those toys are now laid out on the desk in one corner of the room.... Continue»
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The true story of losing my virginity to my best m

Okay, here's the deal as they say. Chatting to a good friend here on Xhamster, I told her how I lost my virginity. The memory came flooding back. I did write about this when I first signed up, but was embarrased at how badly it was written so I deleted it after a couple of days. It was, after all, my first attempt at writing a story since school essays over forty years ago. I've taught myself a bit more about writing since first posting it.

So this is 95% true. The 5% that isn't doesn't matter as it only relates to things that would identify those involved. Now, there are hundreds, if not t... Continue»
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My First Time With a Woman

I gave my best friend Alyssa a soft smile and then took a sip of my Diet Coke. It was Saturday night and we had just come back to my house from seeing a movie.

“Well, I definitely don't have that problem.”

We exchanged knowing grins and she spoke again.

“It just doesn't make sense. I mean, he's so big in every other way, you would think that part of him would just be proportional to the rest of him.”

“Well if that were true, he’d probably be dragging the ground.”

She giggled between bites of her pizza.

She was right, though, my boyfriend Michael was a behemoth. The startin... Continue»
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2 + 1 = Wheeee!

About 2 months ago, I was contacted on xhamster by a young man interested in c2c play online. I responded, we chatted, and discovered we were about 2 hours from each other. After a couple of cam & cum sessions, we decided to meet.

Our first encounter was pleasant. He's quite young (22), though fairly experienced with cocks. It was a mutually-satisfactory playtime, and we engaged in a pretty deep conversation about all things sexual in our lives. As a mature bi guy (since age 14), I was able to share some of my more grand playtimes, with all genders - orientations - sizes - shapes - races -... Continue»
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The cleansing of female external genitalia

I am organizing female parties in which I clean and rinse every female's vulva and vagina using a sauce baster. Every woman's water (very precious liquid) is then mixed and kept in one container. I have made a comfortable seat with an opening from anus to genitalia to make it easy. I take extreme care at washing every single part of the genitalia.  Women take turns as I clean their outer vulva and inner vagina. I take about 5 minutes per woman. Though depending on every woman, some need more time. It can take up to 15-20 minutes. It includes the pubis, t... Continue»
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sl**ping with s****r

Author: new stepdad
Category ▶ i****t/Taboo
Published: 26-Jan-08 Revised/Updated 14-Aug-14
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Did my stepdaughter start it or did I She wiggled her butt on my lap so my dick fit like a hotdog into a bun.

* * * * * * *

It had been a quick marriage as my wife and her k**s were here from England and wanted to stay here in the US. My new wife had two c***dren, a boy, Bobby, 19 and a girl, Carrie, 18. We sorted out my wife's work papers and she started working as a nurse. She had to work the 7pm to 7 am shift.

The first night she had to work I had... Continue»
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Mom during winter

I was just 13 when my father died. That left my stupid little s****r and me for mom to take of. We were devastated over his death for a long time. Living in the mid-west, the winters can be bad. Mom did her best to run dad's small farm. One winter day I was 18 & on a Friday after school it started snowing. By dusk it was really getting deep. By night it was above knee deep. Mom & I feed, watered the livestock cleaned corrals. Grandpa came by with his plow and moved driveway and barn snow.

He came in the house and asked mom, "Julie do you need me to take the k**s home with me. She replie... Continue»
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my wife turned me into a sluty cock loving tranny

Wife Helps Me to Suck Cocks and to be a sluty gurl
My wife, Sherie, went out of town and I had two days to dress and play and play with myself. After she left, I went to my hiding spot to get my clothes. I have several pair of panties, stockings, garter belt, bras, heels and some slips but only one regular outfit. I slid on the black lacy thong panty and matching bra and then my black garter-belt holding up my black stockings. I love the feeling of my stockings on my legs and my cock in my panties. After slipping on my 4" heels and enjoying the sound as I walked around, I went to my wives mak... Continue»
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Hot wife or Cuckold?

Hot wife or cuckold?
By Chris Christopher, All rights reserved.

My company had put me in charge of a major construction project in Huntsville. At the time we didn’t have a presence in the state of Alabama and I wondered why we had bid on this job in the first place. Nevertheless, I did what I was told to do. I grabbed a couple of good foreman and we headed out for Alabama.

My wife was not enthusiastic about the idea of me leaving her all alone. Our k**s were spending the summer with her parents touring Europe. She felt abandoned.

After a week spent interviewing temporary workers, I was ge... Continue»
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My s****rr

Let me introduce myself, my name is Tyler and I am 18. I live with my mother (Nancy) and my s****r (Stephanie) and we live in Washington. My s****r and I have both gone to public school our entire lives. All through high school my s****r and I have been a grade apart and that has made a few things a little hard on me when it comes to her. You see, she is very popular and every guy in school wants to be seen with her. She is 18 years old is 5"4" and weighs about 110 pounds sopping wet. But by far the two things that all my friends and the other guys mention is her tits and ass. Even being h... Continue»
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Original Sotry by J Boswell and

This is a story adjusted to my tastes and was originally written by J. Boswell in the mid 1990s titled "Giving Him What He Wants"> It was a particularly hot story but the main part that interested me was the letter to the editor from the 'Match Maker'that the wife reads when snooping through her husband's porn stash hence this version.

My wife and I are both in our early thirties, and although she obviously wasn't a virgin when I married her, her claim is that I'm the only man in her life. I didn't really care who she had fucked, or how many, or what she said about me being the "only man... Continue»
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From a Lady to a Slut


After reading some of the stories in your wife watch collection, I find my own story isn't so unusual after all. You can post this to the Net and perhaps some other men will identify with my situation. For the past four years, I've been married to a beautiful woman, who is ten years younger than myself. Jo has the kind of face and figure men dream about. She is now twenty-three years old, stands five feet five inches and weighs about a hundred fifteen pounds. Her measurements are a stunning 36D-25-35. Her tits are firm and full, with very large nipples, and she has a... Continue»
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In The Pool.

"So how many guys have you fucked?" Dalu asked Chinua.

I was a little surprised at the question, but not very much. When teenage girls get together they are bound to talk about boys. And when the girls are the three of us, it's likely to get personal.

Dalu, Chinua, and myself (Amara) were at Dalu's house. We were making use of her swimming pool and our new bikinis. Not swimming much. Mostly standing in the shallow end, staying wet and talking. Our Senior year was done. High school was over. Nothing to do now but wait for college to start, where we could really start having fun. School ha... Continue»
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