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My son's friend


When my son Sydney suddenly moved to Arizona, I I was surprised and opposed to his decision, but what could I say?
He's older than eighteen. For sure I thought I wouldn't see his best friend Clark again, if ever.

I never heard from Jimmy except for a couple of emails saying he was okay.
One day I found a letter with a check for 500 dollars made out to me and a note:
" Dear Dad, Call Clark and tell him I'm repaying him the loan.
Don't tell him where I live or my phone number. But you can tell him I'm with somebody else. All the Best, Sydney"

After cashing the che... Continue»
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Young Tranny Ch2 First BBC Fuck in an Arcade

2. Rebeca”s First BBC Arcade Fuck

Introduction: These stories are about the genesis of Rebeca, my CD slut alter-ego. They are about the same person featured in “My TV Adventures,” but they chronicle the earliest encounters and adventures. Most of the stories in the “My TV Adventures” are about an experienced TV slut in ‘her’ adult life (30’s and older) while these stories are about me/her in the 19-29 years old timeframe. Enjoy, and remember, these are as much fun for me to write as anyone reading them – and they are ‘mostly’ true.

Annabel’s ass-**** of me was the source of endle... Continue»
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Encuentro en Mallorca

Allí estaba yo, en el aeropuerto de Palma de Mallorca, en pleno agosto esperando que Tmr viniese a recogerme. Después de haber chateado durante más de un año y habernos mandado fotos y videos más que picantes, qué menos que poder pasar un fin de semana juntos. Así que en cuanto me dijo que estaría un fin de semana sin su marido, cogí el primer avión que salía hacia ses illes.

En pleno sol, cociéndome, veía los coches y taxis pasar y recoger gente. En los pocos momentos en los que mi mente no estaba pensando en sus pechos, en su culo o en lo que haríamos estos dos días, me asaltaban las dudas ... Continue»
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TEENAGE MEMORIES - With Nigel & Helen

Two months after Nigel and I had wanked each other off in my bedroom, the whole gang, that’s all the k**s on our street, were playing hide and seek. Our road ran alongside a massive wooded area where we all used to play and hide. Everyone knows how the game works so I won’t explain it all here.

Anyway we were about 10 minutes in when it began to absolutely piss down, everyone ran home but Nigel and I made it to a broken garage, it was only a shell but had a decent roof so we could stay dry. A few minutes of talking and Nigel approached me, his hands around my waist and we started to kiss.
... Continue»
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Being A Black Man Has Its Advantages

Simply stated, I am a black male in my mid 30's. Growing up, I had similar experiences that black males have while going to school, pressure to join other black gangs, harassment from white males and often their parents. I learned the lesson of using both of my ears, let it one and out the other. I kept a low profile, stayed pretty quiet in my school and in the neighborhood. But being low key turned out to match what I am told are my attractive looks, at least to the female species.

There is no doubt that my first sexual experience had mostly to do with my being black, male and in pretty... Continue»
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Me And My s****r's First Time

I swear to god this is all true. Some of it's a little mixed up because it happened so fast, but here's what happened as best as I can remember it.

My name's Daniel. I grew up in a farming town in Illinois that you've never heard of. This happened when I was 18 and my s****r was 19.

My s****r Cassie and I were really close growing up. We got into our share of fights, but we always made up and kept being friends. My dad had a bad relationship with his b*****r growing up, and he made it his mission to make sure me and Cassie got along.

My parents went out one night to have dinner with... Continue»
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Holiday Party

This story was told to me by my friend Tim. Tim and his wife Laura are mid 30s and both work for a medium sized manufcturing firm in the suburbs of Chicago. Tim is of average build, about 6 foot and 170 lbs. Laura is about 5 foot 7 inches and about 130 lbs. She has dark hair, brown eyes and an athletic figure. All the guys comment on Laura's long legs and 34c chest. Tim and Laura have been married 10 years with no k**s and good jobs. Tim has commented, though, the Laura is very outgoing and tends to flirt a bit. Laura has told Tim that its all innocent and she would never do anything to harm t... Continue»
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TEENAGE MEMORIES - Wanking with Nigel

I was 15 years old and my friend was a month short of his 15th birthday, we used to hang around in a wooded area, all the k**s in the neighbourhood did and this particular day there was only Nigel and I. As teenagers we were talking about girls and he was telling me how he feels when a girl walks past him at school.

I asked him “Have you started wanking yet” “What’s that” “Come round to mine after tea and I’ll show you” he nodded and went home. Half past five there was a knock on my door and when mum opened it there stood Nigel, she let him in and I said we were going to my room, my parents... Continue»
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My s****r’s in law cheats on my b*****r

One day in june , my s****r in law phones me, to tell me that, my b*****r had cheated on her with an older woman, she told me, my b*****r wad a piece of shit, and she wanted to do the same to him, I asked her to calm down, she told me that, she new about me and the things i was doing with men,she said that my s****r Meral had told her how much she enjoyed her time with you in London, with my husband, my father in law and his b*****r, and she told me about all the black men she had between her legs, and in a very hole in her body, she said that she wants to have sex with my husband, father in l... Continue»
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He came in late after watching the game with his buddies at the bar. He was feeling good, feeling a good buzz but he didn’t think he was to d***k.
At this hour, he knew that his wife would be asl**p, as usual. Seemed she was always asl**p, or not at home, whenever he wanted to have sex.
He quietly moved up the stairs and noticed some light flickering through his 18yr old son, Marack’s partially open bedroom door. He gently pushed it open and found him asl**p and that one of his artsy styled lights was on over in the corner.
When he moved inside the room he noticed that Marack wa... Continue»
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My Son Jimmy

It bothered me that Jimmy smiled so rarely anymore. I didn't want to push him too much and I was only trying to encourage him, but all he would say was "Everything's a mess."

I said, "Honey, life is messy. It just is, but that doesn't mean it's a mess. Why are you letting things get you down baby?"

"I don't know mom; I've been looking for someone for so long."

I laughed and said, "Jimmy you don't know what long is. At nineteen you've just started to look, you've got to enjoy it sweetheart. I'm the one who should be complaining, my third try and I'm nowhere nearer being happy than..... Continue»
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Fuck my s****r

My s****r was one of those girls; you know the kind has everything given to her by everyone else? Boys trip over themselves to be with them, or will do anything to please them. Even from a distance I remember thinking how sad it was.

But, this is a tale of how hard those queens can fall if things go even a little bit wrong for them, you see I'm an 18 year old geek, I sit in my room, I enjoy dungeons and dragons and gaming, but I decided that's OK too. I'm happy just been me. And so this is my story and the story of what happened between my s****r and me. The first time we slept together.
... Continue»
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My Big Dick Neighbour.

It was a friday evening, I was gonna be home alone for the weekend because my parent travelled for an occasion. The Electricity company took the light and the heat in the house was unbearable, so I sat at the corridor exploring my phone when I suddenly saw my neighbor,Micheal coming out of his apartment shirtless. His ABS gave me vibes and my pussy started to beat, he smiled at me and I smiled back. He had such a killer smile. He switched on his generator, that was when I realized that I had a low battery,I quickly rushed inside, picked my charger and ran towards his apartment to charge.
... Continue»
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Daddy's fuckdoll

This is about my c***dhood, most of which took place in the 70s and 80s. The names are different, but the acts are as I remember them.

My name is Marie. I cannot remember a time in my life when Daddy didn't play with me. He would always touch and kiss me, and he encouraged the same behavior from me. I learned very young how to suck cock and swallow both piss and cum at Daddy's whim.

Mommy was aware of and involved in the play. Often Daddy would fuck her and I would lick his cum from her cunt or asshole once he was done.

I was very young when Daddy decided it was time to break in my little ... Continue»
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My first voyeurism experience

Capturing a beautiful woman on camera has been a fetish of mine for quite some time now. I've met some amazing women over the past few years, who loved being my muse...I've also gotten myself into some trouble in the past taking unnecessary risks...but that's a story for another time. This story is about my first experience with voyeurism or candid videos.

I was out one evening to pick up some deodorant or something like that, when I noticed this woman who appeared to notice me at the exact same time. We locked eyes, exchanged smiles, and continued on our respective ways. I could tell... Continue»
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How I got to keep fantasizing about fisting since

The obsession with fisting and large dicks and bigger all started back in the early 90's, when we just started to get public internet remember, with those 2400 baud dial up modems, AOL as main internet source for a long time and the introduction into the www. And of course the BBS's, the bulletin message boards, or mailboxes, how they were called for a short while. Curious about sex, I used a few sexually oriented boards, to read up on what turns others on, how they experience sex, and of course, to learn. One day I stumbled upon a BBS entirely dedicated to sex, porn ... Continue»
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James looked to be the typical mid south gentleman in his mid 50's. He was about 6 feet in height, had a slight beer belly and was balding in back James was divorced for some 6 years and lived alone on the out skirts of town. He worked an 8 to 4 job, and was pretty much a homebody, although he did go out on a date occasionally.

To look at James, you would never in a million years guess, but James loved to dress up in women's clothes. One of his bedrooms was completely devoted to Misty, which was the name James went by when dressed as a female. He had a wardrobe to rival most real women, a c... Continue»
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My Best Friend and My Mother

It was my senior year in high school, when my view on my mother changed. For years it was just the two of us after dad died. Mom never dated because she didn't want some random guy to treat me like crap. My friends all lusted after my mom, because she was extremely attractive. Despite her 37 years, she looked like a young woman just out of college. Long shapely legs, tight round peach shaped ass, small waist, and 38F sized tits that laughed at gravity all on a 5'5" frame. Her short brunette hair was wavy. She had the face of an angel, but a body built for sin.

During football season my bes... Continue»
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Being Naked At The Adult Bookstores

I always had the fantasy of undressing completely nude inside a porn theater since I began visiting the adult bookstores on a regular basis around Albuquerque, Santa Fe and Farmington New Mexico with my girlfriend (my ex-wife now) in the late 1990's to buy lube, magazines and some porn. I was very much in love with my then girlfriend and had a lot of naïveté moving from a very conservative Pueblo reservation to the "Big City" of Albuquerque! I was also a very closeted bisexual Native male and I am an oral submissive bottom. I have always enjoyed both the boys and girls as long as I became sexu... Continue»
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Visit to Doctor

My life.
I nervously went into the doctor's room. Not at all sure what I would say to
him. However it had got to the point where I really wanted to give up on life, I
knew that despite being heterosexual I would never be with a woman.
"Pencil dick, pencil dick" the teasing rang in my ears. Whilst I love sport I
could no longer go into a changing room with my schoolmates. You see, they
were correct my penis was tiny compared to theirs. Everywhere I went I heard
or at least thought I heard the sniggers and laughs that went with having the
tiniest little cock in town.
In retrospect I have become ... Continue»
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