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Knowing from a young age.

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Ever since I was very young, for as long as I can remember, I have been attracted to cock. I have always found it beautiful, incredibly alluring and arrousing. I also have been attracted to girls also, but late at night, alone in my bed, it was sucking cock that I masturbated to. I guess I have always been very sexual and very horny. My very first experience was while spending the night at a friend’s house. We were both very young, pre teens. I waited til he was asleep, then slowly and nervously reached over and touched his dick through his pajama bottoms. An increble rush raced through me. M… Read more

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Handyman face fucks client for payment

First TimeTabooMature

years back I got a call for doing a repairs on a bathroom sink. I normally don't do these but she sounded sexy on the phone practically begging my to come over and fix it. I got the apartment address from her and she said to call when I was at the door. I arrive and called the number, then said "I'll be right down" very happily to let me in. She comes down in her silk bathrobe and looks fantastic, a little chubby but big tits, pretty face, good smile, hungry blue eyes, early 30s, brunette. I follower her to the apartment making chit chat about the rainy days. She shows me the sink and I tel… Read more

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I take his Mancunt Gay

FetishFirst TimeGay Male

I must say Submissive sluts are my favourite type of partner. I get loads of requests from guys to use them as such. Occasionally a woman too. The following tale was originally sent to me, via an online swingers site, by a young newbie from nearby who claimed to be straight but was seeking a first time experience with a man. Needless to say he didnt turn up when it came to it but I kept his original message and later embellished it a little so that girls/guys on other sites could understand what is in store for them if they ever choose to meet with me? So read this as if you were the one… Read more

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I'm not Gay But?

FetishFirst Time

Doug stepped out of his apartment building door, leaving the handle down so he wouldn't have to use his keys to re-enter. He strolled out on to the sidewalk and looked up and down his urban block. He lived on the edge of a nice neighborhood but close to a few industrial warehouses. Usually nobody passed by during his 10-minute sessions, and he hoped that would be the case tonight. Doug dug into his pocket and pulled out his battered pack of cigarettes. Flipping open the lid, he saw a good six or seven white filters peering back at him. He slid one out and brought it to his lips, letting it… Read more

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Summer Vacation Chapter 2

TabooFirst TimeMasturbation

This is based on a true events. June 25th. cont. As the storm approached, Liz and I went home due to the fact that Tania and her sister were being babysat by their grandparents who lived next door. I never got along with Tania's grandmother ever since she blamed me when her grandson and I accidentally ran in to each other with our bikes. (She felt her grandc***dren could do no wrong). Liz and I didn't need a babysitter. I was mature for a thirteen year old, and though my parents were skeptical about it, every day that went by without incident, gained more and more of their trust. When we e… Read more

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Encounter With Elder Brother’s Friend

HardcoreTabooFirst Time

I want to share my sexual experience with my brother’s friends. First, I tell about my family my family consists of 4 members dad, mom, me, and my elder brother. I am sexy girl in my office boys stare my breasts and back when I enter into the office and my size is 34 28 32. My brother has many friends and they will come to my home and they will chat with him and to me also. Particularly his 3 friends will come to my home often and they also call me as a sister. To be honest Rishi was one of his friends w… Read more

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A Girls journey to womanhood. by Frida

First TimeTabooMature

Your parents splitting up can be a traumatic experience for some c***dren and I place the emphasis on the word some, because for me, it was an enlightening experience, you see, I was just f******n and on the cusp of womanhood. I was at the crossroads where my brain was at odds with my physical being, my brain being disciplined with the rules and the laws of men, and my body, maturing into the pleasurable edifice of men, that thin sliver of ages, that induce the most sexual pleasure most men crave, fine wisps of hair, referred to as 'bum fluff', a soft downy atop my pubis, like the colour attr… Read more

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My Wife’s First Other Man

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My wife is fine but not as active as she was before. I remember how she had another man for the first time but years ago! This man, Anup, a colleague of mine, was a handsome man. We were at an institute for a few months training when my wife turned up for a weekend. I could see that they immediately hit off! They talked a lot and when she bent down to pick up something from the floor. She probably let her skirt ride up to her upper thighs! I was not sure because the view was blocked by Anup. Anyway, we de… Read more

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My Daddy

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My Daddy I had just become conscious of my sexuality. Everything was new to me, till I got Daddy's letter. I used to run home after school and strip myself naked, well in my boxers. Alone in my room I stroked my erect cock while looking at the picture of my strong Dad. I love to cover the cotton of my briefs or tight boxers with my early cum. I fantasized what was hidden under that prominent bulge of him in his faded jeans. Did he wear briefs? Boxers? Where they white? I was very young when my Dad left us and I hardly have seen Daddy after that. He just send some letters and now this beautif… Read more

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My fucked my coworker

AnalMatureFirst Time

Being bored at work sucks. But at least I have my co-worker here to keep me company. We work at a portrait studio, a big name portrait studio. So far I had a few customers today, but that's about it. I really don't mind when it's slow, because I get paid by the hour. Since there was nothing else on the books I just kicked back in the office with Lizzy. Lizzy has been my co-worker for about four years now. She only answers the phone and sets up the appointments for the studio. We're friends and get along really good. Plus I think she's good looking. I'm sitting in the boss's chair and relax. T… Read more

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Summer Vacation Chapter 1.

TabooFirst Time

This is based on a true story. June 21st. It was the last day of school. We were only to be there for half the day, but it felt like eternity waiting for the hands on the clock on the wall hit noon. The long red second hand seemed to revolve around the face at slow motion, making seem like a minute was more like 100. Finally the announcement came from over the class intercom. "Attention students. This is Principle Orleski. I just like to congratulate each and every one of you as you prepare to enjoy your summer vacation. To the eighth graders, we here at C***** Middle School, want to wish y… Read more

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Pardon Me

First TimeMature

I stood there with a "deer in headlights" look. Marie, my best bud's mom, laid there on the couch naked looking back at me. Standing over her also naked with a boner was a man I did not know. It would appear that these two were about to have sex but I must have walked in just as this man was about to plunge his cock into Marie. Finally the unknown man spoke " Hey sport, how about you come over and have first dibs on Marie's fine offerings." Marie head spun around. "But he has seen us both, he will rat you out if you don't give him some top keep quite." The man said. Marie turned back to me "Su… Read more

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A caring dad

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I met him after his son just moved in the dorm room he was big compare to his son , not fat but more like a football line player my hand got lost in his welcoming him for dinner ome friday night we ate dinner watching the canadiens agaisnt pittsburg, talking about school and stuff his son had a date and he was going out soon after dinner his father said good bye too and i was left alone to clean the kitchen my door knock it was my roomate father ''hey boy i maybe wrong about you but coudnt stop thinking of you saying you had a hard time paying for school and stuff '' ''so i got to the… Read more

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Getting Grandpa Up Ch. 01

First TimeVoyeurTaboo

Holly and her parents were worried about her grandfather. He came to live with them a year and a half ago, after the death of his wife. As expected, he was saddened over his loss but about a year later he adjusted to this new phase in his life and was generally upbeat. This new pessimistic mood saddened Holly as he had always been so kind to her and they had a special, close relationship. Lately, however, he was crabby and depressed, affecting the whole family. No one knew what was going on with him. His son, Dan, tried to discuss his behavior but he wouldn't talk about his negative attitude… Read more

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The start of a young sluts story: part one

First TimeHardcoreMature

It was December 24, 2014 when it happen when I lost my virginity I was 15. It was winter break the day started off like any other I didn’t expect to lose my v card that day. I was hanging out with my sister boyfriend and his friends (all guys) one in particular I was quick fond of but he had a girlfriend and was much older then me. I remember falling asleep and waking up and my sisters boyfriend was gone and so were all the guy except one... the one. He was in his room with the door open and when he saw me he invited me in. We talk then played around running around his room having fun then nex… Read more

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divorced daddy

Interracial SexFirst TimeGay Male

I coudnt wished to be found out by a better secret lover i was walking out to smoke a cigarette my friend in the pub i was drunk and felt good breathing fresh air ''isnt it a nice night he boi'' turning around to see a black tall gray hair daddy smilling smoking his cigarette ''it sure is'' ''you know my friend are about to leave can i challenge you at the babufoot '' ''yeah sure i dont own the table will play '' i went back inside and soon enought he came to play literally destroying me and my friends he was way too quicker and knew to play this game alot better he paid me drinks… Read more

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Kissing my sister's fat ass

AnalTabooFirst Time

It was when my dad took off on us, that I was left surrounded by women, four sisters and a mother, so I guess it was kind of natural to see a lot of female flesh around (my sisters’, sadly not my mother’s). As one grows up and hormones kick in sometimes you don’t even realise how one action leads to another, and then another, and before you know it you are licking your sister’s ass and loving it. You didn’t intend to have any sexual play, it was not even in your imagination, but it happened and it was awesome. It was a Friday night, which was always the night my mom went out with friends leav… Read more

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Dani's First Cock

First TimeGay MaleHardcore

My friend and I were at a park one night, sitting in his car waiting on our friends to meet us. We were the only ones in the entire park and our friends were going to be a while. We had jokingly made a bet with eachother earlier that day and I told him if I lost I'd suck his dick. Whatever the bet was, I lost, but nothing was said about the terms afterwards. After a while of waiting he asked me "So were you serious earlier when you said you'd suck me off? You did lose." I told him I was and he paused before moving his seat back and undoing his belt. I told him to keep going and he pulled hi… Read more

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Spain Vacation Part 1

First TimeLesbian Sex

It was late afternoon when I arrived to the house I was renting a room at through Airbnb. I was so happy to finally be in Southern Spain and the house was just steps from the beach. I was greeted at the door by Carmen, a beautiful woman with dark red curly hair. We had emailed a few times before my arrival and we hugged like we were old friends. She invited me inside and the house was even more beautiful than the pictures. She showed me to my room, it had a big soft bed and two large glass doors that opened up to a balcony that looked out to the sea. It was perfect. We looked out at the view a… Read more

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The first girl I deflowered.

First TimeMasturbationTaboo

Very few of us are fortunate enough to have sex with more than one virgin girl, most are lucky enough to deflower only one virgin in their lifetime. While others never get the chance to fuck a virgin at all. These next few stories are about 3 of the four virgin's I had the pleasure of deflowering in my lifetime. Two of the three and myself were teenagers at the time. So this is not about me as an adult having sex with a minor. We were all minors when we had sex and it was consensual. The third virgin I had was a legal adult as was I but we were very young. This story is about the very first… Read more

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