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The Visitors Hotel

First TimeFetishShemales

I was nervous as I rode the elevator up to the third floor to meet a complete stranger to live out my long running fantasy. We’d met through his comments on my stories. I would read his messages and coyly send tepid, short responses. He would always write when I published new stories telling me about his favorite parts and characters until my responses began to get longer and more detailed. Soon we were Internet friends sharing our most intimate secret thoughts and fantasies. He was an older man in his 40’s or 50’s, he still kept his stocky 5’10 220 lbs frame in shape with a bit rounding fro… Read more

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My Trip With Lauren, Part 2

First TimeVoyeurMature

It was getting close to dinner time. Lauren had swam for about 20 minutes and I was trying not to sneak peeks at her. Sitting like I was, in the lounger, there would have been no way to hide the boner that would have happened. She got out of the water and came over to say she was done and ready to go. She quickly went over the the pool's shower and rinsed off, dried, and wrapped the towel around her waist. We walked back up to our room without saying much except that she was looking forward to eating some real Thai food and see if it was anything like back home. I was thinking that I wanted to… Read more

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Tonight’s Girlfriend – Role play To Spice Up

HardcoreFirst TimeAnal

Hey guys! This isAmulya and I am back with another juicy experience of my incredible sex life and this time I am going to tell you about a role play I had with my boyfriend. I had this experience in January of this month. I hope you like the story. Leave your reviews and comments. Do tell me what would you like to read next in comments. So it was just another night, we have just had sex and were just lying on the bed tired and breathing heavil… Read more

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Anything For My Sister

HardcoreTabooFirst Time

Hey Guys! This is Amulya again. First of all thanks to everyone, my previous stories have been well received. For those who haven’t read them I would really like if you do.. I am a 25 years-old girl from Mumbai. The story is of the time when I was in 12th grade. This story is about my experience with my sister’s boyfriend then. A little background about the time n situations. I was in 12th grade, I was dating a guy but it wasn’t serious… Read more

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Encounter With Brother-In-Law

HardcoreTabooFirst Time

My name is Swetha(Name Changed). Well I am here for the first time and I am writing my sex experience with my brother-in-law(my younger sister’s husband). I am writing this for him as he is an avid reader of indiansexstories.net. He wanted me share my sex experience with him over indiansexstories.net so that he can read this. About Myself OK. Here we go. My name swetha(name changed) and I am 33 years old and basically from Secunderabad. I am married.Well its a love marrage(Yes even it was a love marriage,we had sex onl… Read more

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Seeing A Man Differently

HardcoreFirst TimeAnal

Hi guys! My name is Amulya . A little something about me, I am currently 25 yrs. old and working in Mumbai. I am from a nuclear family from Himachal. I am 5’ 8” tall and have an athletic built. Now about the story, so the incident happened when I was in 12th grade. Mr Kapoor was father of my then bff, Soniya. He was about 40 yrs. old then and I was about 18. He was a gym trainer, so he was in quite a great shape and he was bestowed with a tall, fair and hot body. I and Soniya were best friends since 5th grade I guess. W… Read more

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Letting A Stranger Into The Temple

First TimeHardcoreAnal

Hey Guys. This is AMULYA And as you guys it is about the time I did with a stranger. Now for those who haven’t read my last story, a little something about me, I am currently 25 yrs. old and working in Mumbai. I am 5’ 8” tall and have an athletic built. Now coming to the story, the incident is if the time when I was 21 and doing my college. I was that time living in a flat with two other girls. It was the month of December and Delhi was freezing. My both roommates were out on a trip with their friends bu… Read more

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Hitchhiker surprise

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Found this in some hard drive not mine I had nearly fallen asleep behind the wheel when an enormous bang jarred me awake. The car's engine sputtered and hissed as I slowed down and pulled to the side of the highway. I threw the old beater into park and popped the hood. I knew I was fucked before I even set foot on the pavement. The smell of burning rubber filled the air. When I lifted the hood, a cloud of steam and smoke smacked me in the face.. I kicked the bumper and yelled "fuck." The last town I had passed was at least 20 miles back. I had no clue how far the next town was. I began to c… Read more

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Innocent Sister’s Indecent Request By Brother-2

Group SexTabooFirst Time

If you have not read my first part, please read it, else you will miss a nice background. Shall not give anymore background here, let me directly come to the story.. Rakesh was dreaming of fucking off his innocent sister like a slut. He wanted to fuck her ass in front of her mother in-law. Along with his sister, he wanted to seduce her MIL and fuck them both together. But all these were in his dream only, he was not that talented to plan and execute it. But everything was coming on his way by itself. His own sister’s MIL has invited him to her house to fuck her daughter in-law and Make… Read more

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Innocent Sister’s Indecent Request By Brother=3

Group SexTabooFirst Time

Please read my previous parts else you’ll miss a lot of jerks. Most of you got disappointed that Rakesh didn’t fuck his sister yet. But surprisingly he got lucky to fuck her mother in law first. Now his dick is expecting his sister’s pussy desperately. The next day morning, it was around 8am . he was still sleeping nude, next to him his sister’s MIL sleeping nude, both under same blanket. He saw other side of MIL, his sister was not there. MIL was sleeping like a whore who had came to him for money and got fucked and sleeping. Blanket was covered up to her breast exposing her shoulder w… Read more

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Losing My Virginity And Making Of A Slut

HardcoreFirst TimeAnal

Hey Guys! This is Harika and, this time, I am going to tell you about my first time. The boy’s name is Rahul (let’s say). He was a son of my father’s close friend. So naturally our families were quite close and he was a good friend of my brother, so he used to visit quite frequently. We all were studying in the same school and he was like the most popular guy in the school. He was smart, hands… Read more

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Innocent Sister’s Indecent Request By Brother-1

Group SexTabooFirst Time

There was a family with 4 members, father avinash (45), mother rashmi (40), daughter kavya (23) and son (20) rakesh. Kavya had nice structure, very hot and she resembles kajal agarwal, she just finished her eng and her parents searching groom for her marriage.Rakesh was very friendly with his elder sister, she was sharing most the things with her bro like about proposals she got and about affairs of her friends. Nothing dirty between them. Grooms were started coming to their house to see kavya for marriag… Read more

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Fun With My Sister Husband

Group SexFirst TimeAnal

Hi All, I am Amulya and got name as Sult. Let me describe myself. I am about 5.7ft, fair, average built, curvy body, and my vital status is 32 28 32. I maintained my curvy structure so well that many guys approached directly for dating. It was more when I wear body fit sexy t-shirt and skin tight jeans. In that dress my body structure was revealed and guys use to get disturb in my place and collage. I am BBM graduate and now pursuing MBA. Let me tell you hint when I got fucked for the first time and Ins… Read more

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Brother And Sister Doing The Forbidden

TabooFirst TimeGroup Sex

I am Amulya age 24, and I stand 5’’7′,with a sexy figure of 34d-28-36. I am from north India but my family has settled in Hyderabad. I have completed my B.tech from Pune and working for a MNC now. My family consists of 5 members mom dad me and my 2 brothers one elder and other younger. Elder brother is married and stays in Australia. Hero of this story is my younger brother.(Avinash good looking with 6 packs stand 6ft,any girl will fall f… Read more

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Schlüssel verloren

First TimeGay MaleMasturbation

Ich sitze sitze schon eine halbe Stunde im Flur vor meiner Wohnungstür , als das Licht angeht und jemand die Treppen raufkommt. Es ist drei Uhr morgens und ich hatte nicht nur ein paar Bier zuviel , sondern zu allem Überfluss auch meinen Schlüssel verloren. Und das ausgerechnet jetzt, da meine Freundin für eine Woche vereist ist. Also heißt es die Nacht irgendwie rumkriegen und morgen früh den Zweitschlüssel besorgen . Als die Schritte näher kommen, erkenne ich Uwe. Ein ca. 50 Jähriger sympathischer Typ, der in der Wohnung über uns alleine wohnt. Graues , schon etwas schütteres Haar. Ca. 1,85… Read more

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TabooMatureFirst Time

It was summer so my best friend Paul and I hung out all the time , we were either at his house or mine playing games , I'd known Paul since we were 12 , just like me he was kind of a geek for computers and any gadgets . Paul lived with his mom '' Peg '' and his sister '' Cherie '' , his parents divorced about 4 years ago , Cherie left about mid summer her first year of college so nights I stayed at Paul's gaming I'd crash in her bed ,which was at least twice a week . I lived with my parents and older sister she's 18 ,'' Pam '' was a little on the chubby side and shy , she almost never went o… Read more

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Make me SQUEEL!

AnalFirst TimeMature

It's been a long week at work could not wait for the weekend to unload. Weekend arrives I'm ready Bars slammed, clubs jumping, streets full of tasty women. Sunday night hits and I struck out all weekend, nothing. So the next best thing for me, was too pedal my frustrations off. Twenty eight miles of hard peddling against the ocean breeze is a workout. Less than 10 miles home, stopped up on the curve at a red light for a break for my stroll home. Fired up a bowl, chug some water, when this tasty looking middle age black woman comes walking up to the intersection. I pour some water over my hea… Read more

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Mom showed me

MatureTabooFirst Time

I just started 7th grade. Every day after school I had soccer practice, and I’ll admit I was pretty good. Not getting to play in every game good, but good enough to not be sitting on the bench the entire time either. Every practice I would bust my ass to let the coach know I meant business. I would always come home a sweaty mess. Since I started playing sports in first grade, my mom would always have a bath drawn for me when I came home from practice. By this time in my life I was more of a shower guy, but there was something relaxing about a bath after a rigorous workout. Almost every day m… Read more

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Billie to Billie Jean

AnalShemalesFirst Time

My GF moved out so I needed someone to move in with me to pay the rent. I had been a secret CD for 3 mos.My friend T hooked me up with a guy named B whom moved in and began sharing the rent with me. The first few wks,I kept my girly secrets.I had my own lingerie,skirts and 2 dresses.I could do my own make up too.I was hoping to find a new GF whom would appreciate a guy like me.I put ribbons,bows and barrettes in my long blonde hair.I joined a dating site but mostly got hits from horny old men and no real girls.I watched porn on… Read more

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The Text From My Ex

First TimeHardcoreFetish

The Text From my Ex My name is Lynlee. I am 31 years old and this story is based on a true event in my life. I have been married to my husband Charles for 13 years. We have 3 k**s. I am 5’4” 130lbs, tan skin, brown hair brown eyes. My husband and I had just recently begun opening our marriage sex life to others. Well, mostly I had… Charles hadn’t been with another woman but at this point I’d been with 4 or 5 other men since our marriage. Charles was always there and we enjoyed the threesomes together. We had one simple rule; No playing alone. My husband being the naughty man that he is lik… Read more

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