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First Time Porn Stories

Big Cock In Hotel

First TimeMature

Me and my partner have decided to write all our experiences down, a bit like photos to look back on. So all True stories My partner wrote this one I had been to a friends Daughters christening, that day and later that evening she was having a small celebration, , as my partner wasn’t there that night I said I would stay for a hour or so and then I would leave about 9.30 to get home before it got to late. I’d been chatting to Ian for most of the night as neither of us knew many people there, And I knew Ian thru my ex husband. He was 44 years old and a married man. I’m 63 years old. As… Read more

Posted by puppy007 3 years ago 3 4,738 100%

Not a Word Spoken

First TimeMatureTaboo

Not a Word Spoken This is the story of me and my mom it happened when I was fifteen. My mom and I lived alone in a little one bedroom apartment that we were f***ed by circumstance to move into nine months ago. My dad had abandoned us two years before to go live with a girl half his age. A year ago he had suddenly stopped sending money, changed his job and phone number and moved to another town, we later found out. So we had no choice but to move into a smaller place in keeping with mom’s earnings. But three months ago she had lost her job, and was down to just a few dollars in savings. Mo… Read more

Posted by Blackstroker 3 years ago 1 7,239 100%

My Uncle's Cock

First TimeMasturbationTaboo

I'm a young college student who identified as straight for most of my life although I now know I have a bi side. At this stage in my life I don’t have a problem telling people that I want a relationship with a girl but get horny for some dick sometimes. All of my stories are true with the exception of one and has either happened to me or someone close to me and has taken place over the past couple years. --- When I was in high school I loved being surrounded by cute girls all the time. I had a couple of girlfriends, and a few sexual experiences with them, but I was still a v… Read more

Posted by ndamood4sum 3 years ago 9 7,015 100%

First time glory hole

AnalFirst TimeGay Male

It had been a long night at work when I got home I tried going to sl**p so I thought I'd go for a run so got into my running stuff but couldn't find any boxers so had no underwear on. I started running I was running for about 45 mins before it started chucking it down I was in the park so I went for cover in the toilets and since it looked like the rain won't letting up anytime soon I decided to go hide in a stall as I was sat in the stall I could hear everyone who came in. As I sat there waiting for the rain to stop I heard someone go into the stall next to me I was just thinking then how… Read more

Posted by briggs123 3 years ago 4 4,605 70%

Night with the business man

First TimeGay MaleGroup Sex

Hi I am a bisexual male from hyd. I practise cross dressing since quite a long. I am basically an exhibitionist but have not yet received enough praised towards it though I practice it from a long time. I like to be dressed like a girl and used by males or group of hard tops. I have had near to 7 encounters but only one was satisfactory. I left the city and was not able to meet that guy again, he was good and understanding. He respect the cd thing and thus I can open up far more than with ony one else. I place my ads and pics on the website to get calls. These days I have started updating my v… Read more

Posted by rameshmade4u 3 years ago 2,079 100%

GILF sex

First TimeHardcore

I still find it hard to believe that I could find myself in the situation that I'm in. A month ago I was a happily married fifty-two-year-old mother and grandmother who doted on her husband and f****y and would never in a million years imagine doing anything to put their happiness at risk. Today I am an unfaithful wife who has fallen under the spell of a man young enough to be my grandson who revels in making a cuckold of my unsuspecting husband. It all started about a month ago, when my husband, Arnold, and I had been celebrating our thirtieth wedding anniversary with a… Read more

Posted by kinghut 3 years ago 3,748 100%

The Neighbor

First TimeHardcoreMature

This story is true. Zima wanted me to write it for you as he thought it was good. I tended to not think much of my first time, I never thought that my story was too cool as I did fuck my mom or some super model. But here goes. It was summer and I was at the age when a boy becomes a man. I was pretty happy with the my body was changing. I had hair on my balls and was shooting what I thought was big loads when I stroked my cock. I was having much fun with this as I pretended I was fucking different women from my neighborhood. The bank lady, mom's friends, the lady at the store. I fucked the… Read more

Posted by zimabean 3 years ago 1 2,536 100%


First Time

Bit of me in the beginning, skip toward the end if your looking for just the sex part. It amazes me the beauty that nature brings to the table without even trying. From the awesome power of the sun as it sets and rises to the sensuality of woman's body to the gentle dance of plants as the breeze pushes the waves plants from side to side. As I gaze upon with excitement as the sun sets over the lake; colors of orange, yellow, and red within the center and streaks of purple and blue on the edges. I feel warmth even as I know the cold transformation of day to night will bring a slight breeze… Read more

Posted by Sir_Stephen345 3 years ago 548 100%

Cindy at the hole

FetishFirst TimeHardcore

Cindy was a good friend of mine and a great fuck buddy. She would try anything and usually would come back for more. I never have been with a woman as pretty and slutty as she was. Cindy was a model type with 5-10 tall knock out body, about 120lbs, and nice and very firm 34C tits. She had shoulder length sandy blonde hair and wonderful blue eyes. At the time this story happened, she was 24 and I was 32. Cindy and I had been going out for a 3 months. One night we were at an adult toy store and she asked why guys were going into the back. I told her about the arcade and explained… Read more

Posted by bidad108 3 years ago 3 2,152 100%

My second time ...

First TimeMatureVoyeur

As the days passed by my desire to once again visit the toilets overcame the disgust that i felt for wanting to experience more pleasures whilst in the company of another man. Every time that i now masturbated the image that i wanked to was me with a man, or a couple and i can tell you that some of my thoughts whilst masturbating bordered on the depraved ! Anyway lust drove me to once again enter the toilet block that looked even more derelict in the daylight, i had decided to visit it in the daytime because in the darkness or early evening the place was a little scary and it kind of spooked m… Read more

Posted by oldognewtrix 3 years ago 6 1,269 100%


First TimeMasturbationVoyeur

All of my stories are based on events that I've actually lived. Some are totally true and others are true up to a point. Usually, at this point, I tell the reader that it's their challenge to figure out where reality ends and fantasy begins! But this time, I’m not going to leave that up to you, the reader. This time I will tell you up front that the story is all true and that I’ve written it to reflect the best my memory will serve me. So, without further delay… As all of us masturbators on this site know, eating our own cum didn't come naturally in the beginning. We all proba… Read more

Posted by fuzzy_t 3 years ago 7 4,947 100%

How i found out my gf was a gangbanging slut

AnalFirst TimeGroup Sex

So this is the story of how i found out my girfriend was a huge slut and loved taking cocks. "jane" was always very outgoing and was a very fun person to be around. Here are some pictures of jane. But after dating her for a while, i started to notice something dark and naughty about Jane. She absolutely loved getting fucked at any time and any place. I had never experienced a girl quite as freak as her, she would let me fuck her face until i blew my load down her throat whenever i wanted. she would also let me fuck her ass and would… Read more

Posted by freshpizza 3 years ago 4,831 86%

Night With Best Mates Sister

AnalFirst TimeHardcore

This is a true story just names have been changed.....Hope you enjoy This story starts on a normal saturday morning I woke up had a wash and got dressed, I decided to go have a quick work out at the local gym I grabbed my iPod and gym bag and left the house. The gym was about a ten minuet walk away I put my music on and went off to the gym. I spent about an hour at the gym, I went in to the locker room and had a shower and got back dressed, I left the gym checked my phone I had two missed calls and three text messages I read the messages first all asking me to go clubbing… Read more

Posted by Danny_Smith 3 years ago 1 4,820 100%

My Neighbor

First TimeTaboo

I have had my eye on my neighbor from across the street. She owned the house and she had a live in boyfriend, and a few k**s. Since we were neighbors, we became friends, hanging out on the weekends, cookouts, that sort of thing. While I became good friends with her boyfriend, I did have my eyes on her a lot more. Her breasts were large and she enjoyed wearing tops that showed cleavage. I would sneak occasional glances when I could get away with it. Once I saw her, by herself, on her way to work at the gas station. We made small talk as we both filled our cars up, and then went on our… Read more

Posted by jay_luvs_bigtits 3 years ago 5,215 100%

Cadogen Street Car Park - Part 1

FetishFirst TimeGay Male

The story features cross dressing and gay acts. If this offends please do not read on. Comments always welcome on Cadogan Street Car Park (Part 1) My name is Peter and I am 49 and married but a secret sissy cocksucker. I have a very dirty secret. The feel of women's lingerie against my skin makes my 6” cut cock harder than steel. And it’s more than just the cross-dressing. I am bisexual and I love to submit to dominant older or younger men. I remember as a c***d my older s****r Vanessa had the best and softest bras and panties I had ever worn. The… Read more

Posted by picturepainter1 3 years ago 5 1,530 100%

busy day2

AnalFirst Time

I grab your hand and pull you back to the house i ask you to lock up as i rush upstairs to get a few items! Where are we going what are we doing i hear you ask. I am keeping you in the dark and avoiding the questions as i run down stairs with a bag of items grab the keys and pull you from the house. Lucky where we are its surrounded by woods i take you down a little track across the road from the house. We stop and i take an item from the bag i kiss you hard as i slide the item over your eyes so you are blind folded. “You like” i ask “not to sure” is your reply I unbutton your dress and expose… Read more

Posted by slipper41 3 years ago 382 100%

My high school boyfriend

AnalFirst TimeGroup Sex

I was sixteen and Mac was s*******n when we started having sex. It started when we went out in his car to park and make out and he was tongue kissing me as his hands rubbed my tits through my sweater. Then he ran his hand under my sweater and rubbed my tits over my bra. Then he slipped a hand inside my bra and I liked the feel of his hands on my tits and his fingers across my nipples. Before I knew it he had unsnapped my bra and his hands were really feeling up my tits. I liked it a lot. His hand began rubbing my legs under my skirt and close to my pussy. It didn't take him long to rub my puss… Read more

Posted by suckmybigtitshard 3 years ago 3 4,359 100%

Horny for Mum - part 5

First TimeMatureTaboo

The following year had many BIG changes. Over the summer, Wendy got married. She met a guy in the military and he got transferred out of state. He was a few years older than her and seemed like a nice guy. That left just me and mom, but it had been this way for a while. Mom found a deal on a smaller house with a rooms for her, me and a guest; but the best part was the pool. Mom loved to sun by the pool and would wear very tiny bikinis. I would jack off to her from my bedroom on many occasions. There was decent privacy and she would also sun topless when she thought I was not arou… Read more

Posted by mytaboolife 3 years ago 2 3,280 100%

Forties and Twenties

AnalFirst TimeHardcore

We decided to meet. I was in town on business and we had a drink. You confessed that I looked older than you thought I would and I confessed that you looked younger. I was in my mid forties and you were twenty years younger. Somehow this broke the ice and we started enjoying each others company. A couple of bottles of wine played its part as well. We parted with a hug and a brief kiss and decided to meet the following evening for some more serious fun. The kind of fun we had discussed in numerous messages on a very dodgy dating site. The next evening you came straight to my hotel room. You… Read more

Posted by NoSexJustPorn 3 years ago 796 100%

She wanted a huge cock

First TimeHardcoreMature

A year ago, I witnessed my wife with another male. I've read many stories about this and couldn't believe that some men liked to see their wives with other men, and I didn't think I would like to see that either. But as I watched them together I got excited and hard and just kept watching. I wasn't angry, I was "hot". What I saw was my sexy 24 year old blonde wife, with her short skirt up around her waist and A sixteen year old boy with his hand on her cunt. She was stroking his huge hard cock with her hand. At first I was mad, but as I watched them enjoying each other… Read more

Posted by kinghut 3 years ago 3 4,397 100%