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First Time Porn Stories

Summer Beach Trip

First TimeTabooVoyeur

My cous** invited me on a trip with her and a group of her friends for a 10 day trip at a beach house. We arrived and everyone had to share a room with another person. There was only one other guy on the trip so him and I found the biggest room and claimed it quick. After that was settled we all headed out to get food and alcohol for the week. The first few days were spent drinking and partying on the beach then going out at night or staying in and having a good time. We caught an afternoon/evening storm so we stocked up and started partying. As the evening went on the party moved to my… Read more

Posted by datballer08 3 years ago 3 12,201 100%

talked in to it..

AnalFirst TimeInterracial Sex

it was last week and i was at work with some lads on site and i was the new man so it was go for this and go for that,,i said you have had your fun now it needs to stop cos i,m here to make money not be the butt of your jokes, they all laughed and said was fun whilst it lasted. the next day we all just knuckled down and got the jobs done we were suppose to do, on our break they were discussing a night out and who fancied it, i said i would go just to get to know them all a bit better and sort of get to know the other lads i had not worked with. it was Friday the week had flew and… Read more

Posted by naughtydarksecret 3 years ago 2,542 100%


AnalFirst TimeGroup Sex

"The 40 VIRGINS of SHANGHAI" by markfayer Dick and junior woke up the next morning, hung-over from their night-long bout with "JOhn Barleycorn" You know, Junior", says Dick, he says: "I had a vivid Dream last night wherein I floated out of our Cave hide-out and over West past the Coast and into the Pacific Ocean-- and It was you and I aboard a Steamliner heading towards the Far East; to The Orient. And the Catch is, that we find ourselves thrown in a Cargo-hold of Forty Vestal Virgins --petite little dark-haired Chinese Beauties, who are being sold as sex-slaves into bondag… Read more

Posted by markfayer 3 years ago 654 100%

Hotel Encounter.

First TimeShemales

The man had met her at the hotel bar, away from home on another work trip, a little tipsy, a little lonely. She had smiled at him so sweetly and when she touched his hand it seemed inevitable that there was more to follow. After a couple more drinks he had followed her up to her room, away from the noise and the crowd. She takes his hand and leads him into the room. They stand, holding each other tightly as they kiss, long and deep. She is wearing a knee length, black dress, belted at the waist with buttons running down the front. He pulls away slightly and then nuzzles her neck, kissing… Read more

Posted by furrygurl 3 years ago 25 4,509 100%

Hard Hotel Fuck

First TimeHardcoreInterracial Sex

I worked as a lawyer in a firm downtown. I'm a 48 year old married mother of 4, that's in very good shape for my age. I stand 5.7, 160lbs. nice hard body been told I could pass for 30 something, with shoulder length blonde hair. Sex in my marriage has been pretty well non existent for about 4 years and I was thinking my needs are not being met, life is too short and wanted to live out some of my fantasies. I had been chatting with this younger black man I met on a web site a couple weeks ago. We had never met but were doing a lot of dirty chat. Well on this day I said Fuck It I'm going for it… Read more

Posted by Justal 3 years ago 5,649 100%

My first time

First TimeGay MaleMature

I was about 16 and me and best friend hung out all the time well one night I was getting up late at night to use the bathroom at his house and when I walked into the hallway I could hear moaning and groaning so being curious I looked and seen my buddies dad there naked getting a blowjob from another guy seen in the neighborhood and then heard him grunt and say I'm coming and the other guy just held his mouth down and swallowed the he said it's your turn that was the first time I seen two guys go at it. so later on I didn't know how to tell my buddy what I saw so one day he asked me what's wron… Read more

Posted by marriedmangso 3 years ago 12 7,162 90%

3some is good

First TimeGay MaleTaboo

“Home sweet home,” I say as I let us into the house; the damp, empty smell surrounding us. “The bathroom is around the corner and all the bedrooms are upstairs,” I tell Jon as I carry in the bags. The car empty, we set out for the 400 club. A cold walk has us at the doors to the pub, a live bands music filling the night air. We enter the warm establishment, seeking warmth of the body and of the gullet. Acquiring drinks, Jon, Katie and I find a table in a corner and settle in. We drink and drink, each seemingly stronger than the last. As we drink more and more the time flies by. 2… Read more

Posted by malesub01 3 years ago 6 6,063 100%

Big cock for my girlfriend

FetishFirst TimeGroup Sex

I do not have a small penis. That being said, it's not necessarily big either. It's about 7 inches which is a decent size. My girlfriend has recently been hinting at wanting a threesome, which started out as just talking dirty when we were fooling around and looking at porn on the computer, but I started to feel like she really wanted it more and more. After a while I thought about it and thought it might be fun, but I definitely wanted to be the one to pick the guy. After all, maybe she would want to return the favor and we would end up having a threesome with a girl. So I started thinking… Read more

Posted by Rumpelforeskin 3 years ago 4 9,606 100%

The new summer job part three

First TimeGay MaleGroup Sex

John was more than pleased with Daniel's accomplishment. The lucrative contract is something he'd been pursuing for months and Daniel had delivered. "Strip," John said after Daniel had handed him the contract. Daniel was confused, surprised; he'd expected appreciation not another mouth fucking. He stripped off his outfit. "Now go ahead and jack that cock of yours," John continued, "you've earned it." Daniel smiled, sat on the leather sofa and beat his meat furiously. He needed it bad; his cock was begging for release. He jammed his fist hard up and down his huge naked cock.… Read more

Posted by ab8715 3 years ago 3 2,651 100%

The new summer job part four

AnalFirst TimeGay Male

"… Part 4 John was busy on a call when Daniel left for the night, no blowjob that time. As he drove home, he tried to think of the money he was making, but he kept seeing naked cocks in front of him, of sucking them, of swallowing their cum. And despite his disgust at the idea, the fact that he'd submitted to it, his own cock stirred in his tight boxers and jeans. As he pulled up to his house, he adjusted himself so he could walk in. Just as he stepped out of the car, he heard someone calling his name. Across the street was Thom Roberts, a neighbor. Daniel waved as usual, but… Read more

Posted by ab8715 3 years ago 6 3,958 100%

My Sexual Awakening

First TimeLesbian SexVoyeur

This is the true story of my first relationship with another woman. Ironically, it all started with me trying to please a man... After almost ten years of marriage, the passion that had existed between my husband and I had started to diminish. We both tried to rekindle the magic in various ways, but it became obvious that something was missing. I maintained an unrelenting sex drive that I increasingly satisfied with fantasies, porn and my vibrator which I took with me everywhere I went. One night, too horny to sl**p, I rolled over to his side of the bed, only to find it empty. It… Read more

Posted by massage69 3 years ago 2 3,603 100%

Don't be grateful

First TimeSex Humor

When this little Duckie went to uni, she had her eyes open to an abundance of cock. Thick, thin, skin on, circumcised, pierced, hairy and most of all the continuous discussion point of big versus small. As I was "new" to the sex scene, it took a while for me to realise that I should not be putting up with a life shattering bad sex. After many experiences of this kind and me thinking that this should be tolerated (it isn't) I now know without hesitation what my answer would be if asked this question: "would you rather have bad sex for the rest of your life, or none at all?" I still have my toys… Read more

Posted by Muckieduckie 3 years ago 766 67%

1st Foursome mfmf

First TimeGroup SexLesbian Sex

I'm a musician and had joined a new band. Very successful band that traveled and has a great rep, but not a national act anyone would know. Cover type of band. Most everyone in the band had either a sexy wife or hot girlfriend. I heard some of the members in the band would fool around maybe even swing. My girlfriend and i had a nice sex life, had been together for about 6 months, but fucked almost every day. She was 29 and I was 28 at the time. I have a smaller cock only about 5-6 inches, she has a nice body with a sweet pussy and great tits. I had been in the band playing locally for abou… Read more

Posted by billbill19 3 years ago 2,122 100%

True Wife Story 1 - the first night we met.

FetishFirst Time

My wife has been telling me stories about her cuckolding me since the day we first met. We first met at NATTC Memphis in December 1974. She was an E-2 and been at the Naval school site since the first week in December and was assigned to the Naval Anti-Submarine warfare school admin section awaiting her training assignment. I didn't arrive until December 27th and was an E-5 assigned to the new Air Traffic Control school which had moved from GLYNCO,GA. The four weeks before I met her is another story. That Friday night I went to the base bowling alley to get a beer and something to eat be… Read more

Posted by dspb08 3 years ago 12 4,035 80%

My First Time

First TimeHardcore

It was 1958. I was used to showing my dick with the other guys. We used to compare dick sizes. I was very religious, but I was also horny. I had a fetish for lingerie. I would steal panties and bras off the laundry line. Then I would uses them to dress up. I didn't know how to jerk off at the time. I was 12. I had a bunch of guy friends and we used to compare dick sizes. Although we didn't jerk off. Didn't know how. It was early that summer, when Chuck who was 14, told me we could have some fun. Since I was used to comparing dick sizes, I didn't think any thing was out of th ordinary. He… Read more

Posted by Dicky_696969 3 years ago 2,485 86%

becoming a slut

First TimeGay MaleShemales

It all started when I was 13 and discovered the joys of wearing women's clothing. It started with my older s****rs panties then my highschool girlfriends things by the time I was 18 I had a pretty good collection of womens clothing even with never having the nerve to purchase any of them myself. Then came the urge for more when dressing up and masturbating wasnt enough I wanted more. I always considered myself straight despite my crossdressing but when dress would get the urge to please a man. So one day I got my s****rs 7 inc dildo. I got dressed up in some sexy thong panties some nylons and… Read more

Posted by RenoBoi 3 years ago 6 5,097 100%

Horny for Mum - part 7

First TimeMatureTaboo

I was astonished as my naked mother lay on top of me. I had just had sex! With my mom! All those years of fantasy had come true and it was better than I had ever imagined. My cock was still hard and resting between her cheeks. My hands were rubbing her back and ass as came down from her intense orgasm. As she regained her senses, she began to kiss my chest. She moved up my neck and her lips met mine. Her tongue entered my mouth and I instinctively matched her. We kissed passionately and my hands started to massage her ass. “Thank you baby. I needed that.” “Mom?” “Yes… Read more

Posted by mytaboolife 3 years ago 2 2,984 100%

Cross Dressing, Pegging and the Promise of a Three

FetishFirst TimeMature

After my last session with Ann, the gorgeous older woman (we’d call her a MILF nowadays) who’d discovered my love for cross-dressing, things were quiet for a couple of weeks. She’d only ask me to visit her when she knew her husband and son would not interrupt which so far meant when they had gone off to watch their football team playing away. It seems that they had a run of home games. Mind you, keen as I was to play with Ann again I did also enjoy replaying our sessions whilst lying on my bed, dressed in my mother’s lingerie, and having a good satisfying wank. I was particularly keen… Read more

Posted by daviea9 3 years ago 6 2,091 100%

The Work Colleague (Part 2 - Her P.O.V.)

First TimeHardcore

The same storyline/situation as 'The Work Colleague', but from her perspective this time. Feel free to read them side-by-side! I was still pretty new to the place, but I'd been there long enough to know that there was a cute guy working in the office adjacent to mine. I'd caught the odd glimpse of him through the window, and I thought I'd seen him looking at me too but couldn't be sure. From where I was he seemed like a fairly handsome guy, about 6ft tall and slim, not overly muscular or anything. But now I was about to see him close up for the first time and actually started to feel the bu… Read more

Posted by Angelus_1753 3 years ago 1 1,240 100%

Playing at Boarding Room Part 1

AnalFirst TimeGay Male

I was 7 yo when I notice that I have interest in both men and women but I'm more attractive on men. I'm just a highschool student when all of my wish came true. I came home from school and notice that our house was locked. So I ask our boarders where is my f****y. We have two boarding rooms and all of that were occupied. Boarding room A was occupied by a group of men, 4 of them in total, that are sales agent. BR A is bigger than the Boarding room B which is occupied by a f****y but only one is staying there that time because his wife is in the province having some rest 'cause she is pregna… Read more

Posted by Shaizer 3 years ago 807