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Mrs. Brooks

This true story happened long ago before a lot of you were even born. I was in high school, and I was one of the slow k**s and always had been. I don't know what it was, if I was just stupid or not applying myself or what. From an early age I wanted to work for the highway department and that's what I ended up doing when school was over. Everyone called me and still calls me highway.
I guess because I was one of the slow k**s I never got into girls much at all. I mean I thought they were pretty and smelled good but I never got horny or kissed or ran around trying to fuck them or jack off... Continue»
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Jenny Toms is a mother of two k**s one boy 17yrs and one girl 15yrs. her and her husband Randy Toms live in a upper middle class house in a good part of town. Jenny is almost 38yrs. but looks about 26 has 34C tits perfect onion of a ass long dark hair, her and Randy have been together for ever they meet at 12yrs. and still hold that same flame of love. The household is a firm one but very loving one.

Steve the son is still in school but sometimes trains with the college football team cause he's that good. He has a girlfriend Pam but being at the college the girls there all m... Continue»
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Wildest fantasy dream ever....
Two really hot babes with sexy long black and brown hair and another sexy babewith silky blonde hair and clear blue eyes!
They are all for me,myself,& I to watch as long as I want too and join in every now and then...:)
Babe with black hair is ****FLOWER GIRL****
Babe with brown hair is ***TAMMY***
Babe with blonde hair is****BABY GIRL****

I could not believe my eyes because in my dream ****BABY GIRL**** is a pure lesbian she told thee other's she cannot believe how men are fuck i dressed up like a older woman and my best freind (woman) helped me... Continue»
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Making the most out of what i got

Making the most of What I've Had
Don't do it you can not make the mistake,This anger its making you bad stop it taking over you, I never will go quiet this person deserves whats given. A swift sound Hitting through the Wind passing my ears,Screeching past as I hold my breath.The item that flew past me hit straight into the person we was interrogating....No Please how could this happen,Shadow its a sniper bullet the angle shown in the direction from where you was standing shows it comes from directly behind you on that roof Raven Good thinking Let's check it out. This is the FBI pla... Continue»
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Fucking my innocent virgin student.

I am a College Lecturer Spoiled_boy in Maths in a reputed private university. I do take tuition also for the weak students. Many young girls are my students and I am quite popular. The girls like me and do not hesitate to meet me anytime even when alone. I test every good looking girl by touching her at soft places and if the response is positive or neutral, I go a bit beyond just feeling their body. I have kissed and squeezed many many girls. I want to share one of the experiences with one of the College senior girl who was very smart and attractive. However she was not good at s... Continue»
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Army brat first time

Well life can be hard being raise a Army brat my dad can be controlling in a bad way. After much begging from me and my mom my dad agree for me to go on my first date. Mike and I had been dating 3 months and at the time I was so in love with him. Mike was 3 years older then me about 6 foot 3 and about 220lbs, brown hair and blue eyes, he was on the football team and was in good shape. He had meet me as soon as I join the new school after we move to fort Campbell after living in Hawaii for 3 years. The only thing sexual up to this time was kissed and hugged, which Mike all ways complained that ... Continue»
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my first gay sex

as i look back at my glorious dick riding career (which is nowhere near over, dont worry) i feel drawn back to the beginning and the first time i sucked and fucked dick. i was with my friends alan and austin and we were playing amped 2. i was destroying them, winning by pretty much 250k everytime. in my arrogance i said "dood, if you can beat me i'll suck your dick!" well he went on to win by less than 1000 and immediately started calling me on my bet. obviously i was hesitant, but a bets a bet. down on my knees i went, followed by his shorts. it wasnt a huge dick, about 6 inches, but i still ... Continue»
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Friends with benifits

We had know each other for a long time, but he was married and so was i, and being faithful to our spouses was an unspoken rule to both of us. But then everything changed, his life had some major changes and he moved far away after his wife suddenly died. My life also had major changes, after 15 years my husband, whom i devoted my entire life to, found someone else he wanted to be with and left. We lost touch for awhile, and during a visit to see his parents we ran into each other. The spark we felt was obvious. We exchanged numbers and went our separate ways. I thought about textin... Continue»
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Business trip with my boss.

I went with my boss on a buying trip, and I got my own room so he probably had no thought that it would happen. In the evening he invited me out me at a resturant after work, we would meet at his place so I had plenty of time to fix me, I was long in the bath and drank so I started to get a bit d***k, so when I wanted to shave my pussy and gave myself an enema, then I got hornier and hornier my pussy was soaking wet, so I dressed up in a half long red lace dress, and I had a black lace bra, a black lace garter belt black lace panties with opening and dark brown stockings with gold seam and go... Continue»
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"Yes Mistress".......whhhip "Yes M

It felt like I was getting ready for surgery, my nerves were in a state of disarray. Taking off the the final layers of clothing I am preparing my self to become another me, another me in a new world, a me that will be constructed by Mistress J. All my senses are heightened now, the floor under my bare feet, the dribbles of sweat beginning at the base of my spine, the air on my crotch, which is now becoming the centre of my concentration. I notice my breaths are shorter, shallower, my throat is tingly, it's hard to swallow. My thoughts, my thoughts are honing on obedience, I must... Continue»
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revenge on my cheating wife

I have been married to Susan for nearly twenty years and have been together for nearly twenty five years, I have got too admit that we have always been very happy together, our sex life was ok even though Susan wouldn’t suck my cock.

Over the past few years Susan has taken to drinking more and more alcohol when we go out either to a friends house or the local pub. I didn’t really approve of this but as it turned out her drinking has become quite useful.

I recently discovered that Susan had been having an affair with a man she works with. It has finished now but I decided to get my reveng... Continue»
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My Brother/My Love

The room was dark, the light of the television providing a flickering glow that only half lit the place. The volume on the TV was low enough that you could hear the storm outside. The wind blew in heavy gusts. Raindrops would go from a constant patter on the room to a heavy torrent. It was about 9:00pm.

Michael and I were sprawled out on the sofa, a heavy throw d****d over us. I remember that we were watching Jurassic Park III. It wasn’t very good but that hardly mattered. It was a Saturday night. Mom and Dad had gone out for the evening… some party event of some kind for Dad’s work. They w... Continue»
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Swedish lay over

I had been many places in my military travels. Seven European countries, Canada, Mexico, Panama, Honduras, Guatemala, Columbia and Brazil. Nothing in the Pacific. And I had always longed to visit Russia and the Scandinavian countries. I had just retired, after ending a 30 year marriage and it seemed like a good time to get away for awhile. My travel agent strives to save money and I had landed in a Swedish town I could not pronounce. I had eaten a lavish meal of meat I could not identify, potatoes, carrots and a green that tasted like spinach. The Vodka was potent, and had me on the way to stu... Continue»
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Little cocksucker pt 2 - analized

Following on from 'Becoming a Little Cocksucker"
( )

I told Rick about what had happened with Mr Dixon. But I knew I couldn't tell anyone else. It was embarrassing and anyway it might come out that Rick and me had been doing the same thing. So I just started avoiding passing Mr Dixon's house.
Actually, me and Rick had repeated our little adventures in the woods several times. In the woods, in a derelict warehouse, even in his bedroom one day when the rest of his f****y were out.
I liked sucking Rick off and I liked having my cock... Continue»
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My Sexy Neighbor Beverly

I never paid much attention to my mother's friends, but she was the exception. She lived next door to us and always seemed to be wearing tight fitting dresses, or skirts with sweaters, to show off those mature curves. She also seemed to make sure that her outfits were completed with black seamed nylon stockings and 4 to 5 inch spike high heels. She had been divorced for some time, but never had male friends around. She had deep sexy eyes, the kind of mouth that just made you hard with a teasing smile. Her legs were the stuff that fantasies are made for and very sexy breasts.

From ... Continue»
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Just heard Brian's first was with Cousin Beth

Last night we had 3 pregnant girls and men together for a nice dinner.
Zoe and I are showing big time. Kristen not at all, yet.

Somehow we are all mixed up and Zoe calls us to order with the command "Lets go sit on our baby daddys lap." Which was evil cause she knows. Poor Osei is all alone while Kristen and I are sharing Ken. Evil. Need to ask her why she did that.

Talk gets to sex and first times. So I've always been curious about Brian's first. After he started talking I told him I had to tape it. His words.

f****y vacations for many years were in upper Michigan on the lak... Continue»
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Bec's first time

First time, straight

This story is about my first love and me. Let me introduce myself, my
name was Bec. I was sixteen at the time. I had long brown hair with
small 32b breasts. Michael was eighteen, a well-built athletic football
player with gorgeous blue eyes that I got lost in and jet black short hair.

My first time with Michael was so special. We were in love for long
time. So long, that passionate cuddling or kissing filled every moment
we spent together. We had passionate make out sessions that lasted
forever, but we never went the whole way, even though we wanted to.

Ton... Continue»
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My Boss Tricked Me

I work for a cell phone company. Part of my job is to travel to cell phone towers and fix any problems they might have. I enjoy it but am on call most weekends. Now I consider myself a man in public but at home I love dressing up as a slutty tramp. I love the feel of lingerie on my body. I had a few experiences with a man but it was mostly mutual masturbation. My crossdressing is a secret to everyone except the few I have met online.

Most Friday nights me and the coworkers go out drinking. Just a bunch of guys out having a good time. One particular Friday I got really d***k and my superviso... Continue»
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Blonde beauties bare beachvolley #2

How to solve this very embarrasing situation: we find the three teen dods of Kris watching porn!
We three, that is their mom Kris, my granddod Petra and me - we are neighbours at the nudist beach
Petra and me share genes and a similar ingenuous intuition to solve sexy situations as this one is
As the only elder one and only man I take the initiative to find an interesting intriguing way out

Proper corporal punishment for whom and why?

The eldest of the three is only f0urteen - it is probably their first time they saw sexy stuff
It all the fault of Petra as she had invited the ... Continue»
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All I know

By Jordan hennessy

Sir stop its me joey you'r best freind, My heart was beating mad sweating like a man in the isle of no return,Cars and people rushing like I would have been placed in the middle of london,Screams and shouting someone help us!!!! Please man look at the people around you calm down I can help you out of this, A short barrel pistol locked and loaded pointed to the tip of my mouth. Jo Mate shut the hell up dont make me pull this trigger, Felling the cold steel on the lips like that gun was going to be carrying death with it Closing my mouth lookin... Continue»
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