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Cheerleading Niece

Cheerleading Niece

It was a complete random day for me but it turned out pretty well..

My niece just had a cheerleading competition which I had to attend because no one else would. My b*****r and s****r in law were stuck at work and I just happened to be off. I had to take her to the competition. Before we even headed out I saw her stretching and she was struggling to reach her toes. She recently had an injury that wasn't helping her reach all the way. I saw my b*****r always helping her stretch but never paid THAT close attention because I didn't want to make it look obvious I was loo... Continue»
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Girlfriends Mom

I was staying all weekend with my girlfriend, at the time she was a young 18 year old with blonde hair and blue eyes. She was a beautiful girl, I always loved staying with her.
One saturday morning, after a night of partying, she ended up getting called into work on her day off. I didn't mind because her father was off on a business trip and her mom had left to go to yoga and run errands so it was nice to get a break to myself. My girlfriend got dressed and left for work.
Shortly after she left, I thought I heard a noise from somewhere in the house. I got up to investigate and after walk... Continue»
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Taking a chance.

The pub where I drink in Gloucester there was a glass collector/waitress called Amy, she was short but a lovely round pair of tits and bubble butt, she was always very chatty and a very pretty face, I commented accidentally in earshot that she had a face you want to spunk over, she clearly heard it and was a little shocked but apart from blushing she took it in good heart.

Well a few months later after my faux pas, she was there with her boyfriend and a couple of his mates they were teasing her with the full encouragement of her boyfriend in giving her a gangbang, he was obviously proud of ... Continue»
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My Straight Crush

The following is a true story, only the names have been changed.

He was blonde, tall, good-looking, athletic...and I had lusted after him since the first day I saw him: Algebra, grade 9. Brad had walked into the classroom, his long dirty-blonde hair covering his eyes, and I knew right away that I would rarely be paying attention to the equations on the whiteboard--my eyes would be focused on him.

Brad had chiseled features, lightly tanned skin, and a cocky attitude mixed with a tough-guy masculinity that made him even more attractive to me. He was a wrestler and involved in trac... Continue»
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My first lesbian experience


My first lesbian experience happened when I was 18. So was my friend.

She had come to sl**p at my house for the night, and we stayed up talking, laughing and watching crappy films on Netflix.

We decided it was too warm to sl**p in clothes, and we both ended up laying in our panties and vest tops.

We were very close me and my friend, and we had both confessed that we wanted a lesbian experience. From that moment I knew my first would be with her.

We turned off the lights and layed cuddling, face to face. Our noses were touching and our lips were close... Continue»
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This story is complete fiction:-

Ask yourself, what age were you when you had your first gay experience, what age was the other person, your age, younger or older? Well, me, I was f******n and he was 44, my karate instructor at the time. He was a big, rough, muscular man with what I was about to find out was one hell of a size of a cock.
It was a Tuesday night and I was at my first class of the week, I go on a Friday too. On this particular night, the weather was really bad and there were only a few students managed to make it into training.
We practised extra hard that night with the... Continue»
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Amber hires melanie

Amber had inherited the business from her late husband
and had grown it tenfold. What started out as a small
firm of engineering consultants had now grown to
include architects, civil and hydraulic engineers,
quantity surveyors and a construction division. With
her business acumen, talent at networking, people
skills and background as an architect, although she had
never really practiced, Amber had proved that all round
knowledge, common sense and people skills were a better
recipe for success than pure academic knowledge. The
only reason she came into work was that she had... Continue»
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What would you have done....?

So yesterday I needed to drive to the bay area to have my car serviced, and left early , so I didn't get a chance to rub one out before I left, so after an hour or so I started getting a there I am on I5 with a boner in my very loose shorts. As I drove on I decided to take it out and play with it...what a great feeling....stroking my cock and driving....I started to approach and semi-truck on my right and just kept on stroking....right past the truck...that was kinda fun so I did it I drove I wondered if maybe a driver saw my cock, and how many of them stroke theirs and ... Continue»
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A Very Horny Story from a Girl

I was always considered the quiet one, well behaved, polite, dresses sensibly, does her homework, etcetera, etcetera.
Parents just love to boast about the virtues of their daughters and of course, mostly for the sake of piece, I played along.
The problem I was beginning to feel was boredom, everything was flat and lifeless, then sitting in the park one Sunday, I espied a guy acting strangely.
He was waving and when I looked around there was no one near us, so I began to suspect he was meaning me, so I pointed to myself, and he nodded yes, then he waved for me to come over to him.

I looke... Continue»
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Jack & Junebug Go To Prison Ch. 01

Jack & Junebug Go To Prison Chapter 1 by KenUnknown

This story is a fictional story. This story takes place in prison. Jack was arrested for arm robbery and sentenced to 2-Years and Half in Prison. He had a good lawyer, and that's why he got less time. With good behavior, Jack could get out with in 21 months. He needed help and protection. So enters Junebug!

Junebug is a career criminal. You name it, he did it! He has earned a lot of respect in prison. Especially among the older inmates. He wasn't much of a talker. He usually kept to himself. He's been in prison for 18 years now, with 2 ... Continue»
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sex in the barn

Sex in the barn:

I walk into the barn and I saw Maggie bending over picking up a bale of hay , I walked behind her and grabbed her tits she dropped the bale of hay straight away ,I started to kiss her at the back of the neck and around to her ear ,my hand went under her shirt to find her large tits hugging them very tightly ,I could feel her nipples get hard ,I already had a hard on watching her bending over ,I could see the outline of her pussy in the tight leggings she had on ,I took her top off and undid her bra, her big tits bounced ,I turned her around and started to suck hard on her n... Continue»
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The storm door banged. She was home and I bet she was already investigating the wonderful aromas coming from the kitchen. I was just finished the first chapter of my next book. I chuckled to myself when I felt her hands on my shoulders and the kiss on the back of my neck.

"Oh, you're off to a good start, Baby!" She purred in my ear.

My arm slipped around her waist as I turned.

"First chapter all done my love. Only twenty five more to go,"

"Well if it does as well as the last book, are you still going to take me on that vacation you promised?"

"Of course I will, my reason fo... Continue»
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Memories of my first Milf

Sometimes you bump into people you have not seen for a while and all kinds of memories come flooding back. Such was the case the other night. I saw a guy I had not seen for over 20 years who used to live next door to me. It reminded me of a spring afternoon just a couple weeks after I turned 18. I hope you enjoy my memories as much as I do!!


I ran into Eddie Schantz from my old home town this weekend and it reminded me of the first real sex I ever had with a woman an... Continue»
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I think my nabore is a Vampiar!

Im jack and im 16 and believe it or not i believe in Vampairs. I know i know some one of my age should be worried about girls not vampairs but its kinda hard when you live right next to a red head bl**d sucker!. I know i really shouldn't call my nabore Stacy that shes always been nice to me but if you seen her you would think she was a Vampiar too, Stacy was 23 years old, 5,6ft weighed around 130lb pale skin and a body that was simply just amazing. She always had her hair up and wear red lipstick. tonight was the night i finely was going to catch her i had a plan to get over to her house. mom... Continue»
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Rin Ch. 01

Rin confesses her pregnancy to her b*****r.
The phone rang and Matt picked it up. It was Rin on the line. She said she had to see him immediately and that it was urgent. She sounded worried. Matt had a premonition as to what the problem could be.

Rin is his s****r, age 45, younger to him by 5 years. She is mother to two boys. Her husband, James is in the media industry. That was where she met him. Today, Rin is a well-known editor in the local news scene.

At 50, Matt is a father of three c***dren, all of whom are married. He is also a grandfather of 4. His wife, Julie is also close to ... Continue»
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Fucking with Mum

Fucking with Mum

Mum’s friend had arrived early that morning. Fran was an attractive woman, a little older than Mum, in her mid to late thirties. I hadn’t seen her for a year or so, but had always liked her. They were staying for a couple of nights, Fran and her son, well built, and muscle in all the right places. He had those dreamy blue eyes that made my stomach skip. He had injured himself cycling, and had his leg pinned from the ankle to the top of his thigh. The sort of pins that are on the outside, and look just agony. The pins had been removed this morning.

We only had two bedroom... Continue»
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a quick story..

it was yesterday night and i was out with the lads and it was getting late and i was deciding should i stay out or go home. i then noticed a girl looking at me but in a good way. i decided to walk past and say hi,she said she had noticed me all night and she thought i was sexy..hahaha bl**dy hell that's a 1st. No don't say that you are. So i asked her why was she on her own she said her husband was away and she wanted to have a night out but nobody would go out with me so i decided to pop out and have a wine on my own.

i asked her what her name was and if she wanted another,her name was Jan... Continue»
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The Cuckoldress and the Boytoy

The following is a true story to the best of my and my wife's recollection. This is about my mature hotwife who went back to college and seduced her teenage lab partner. In most cuckold stories, the wives are gorgeous blondes with huge breasts and very cute or pretty faces. That is not the case here. Susan is the Consummate Plain Jane. She carries a few extra pounds from having c***dren. However, Susan is extremely sensual, passionate, and has the most sexually creative mind of anyone I've either met or known. She has completely mastered the art of lovemaking with skills worthy of a high price... Continue»
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My First Group

"Same as usual, I don't claim to be a story writer, I apologise in advance for any grammar errors or spelling errors. This is 100% true except some of the names may be altered for privacy's sake."

Well this is a story which is all about my first time experiencing a group meeting. It was a day after my 16th birthday and was a surprise present from my "buddy" next door. (read earlier story for details on him) Anyway, the day of my birthday came and it was a great one, I was spoiled rotten off the folks and spent the day at school before having a meal out with the fam on the evening. As... Continue»
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Friends With Benefits (The Beginning)

It is said friends with benefits cause problem in real life. It happened to me, I am Tarun ( and this is my incident of making out with a friend (Sanchi) and getting attached to her to the extent fucking her. It goes back to my college days. Our batch was of around 49 people and two class representatives (one male and one female) were selected for ease in conveying massages amongst other classmates. I was one of the representatives and Kurmi, (a typical hot Punjabi girl which use to wear sexy n revealing clothes most of the time) was the other. Since Kurmi ... Continue»
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