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First Time Porn Stories

Fucking Our Virgin Roomate

First TimeVoyeur

I could hear him moan as my tongue slowly circled his balls. I felt him quiver as my lips sucked each ball into my mouth. I could see the thin sheen of saliva as I pulled back, his had lightly pressing my face back. Then as I slid my tongue up the under side of his cock I heard a quiet gasp, this time it seemed to come from behind me. Of course he never heard that, his panting was loud enough to cover any noises he wasn't making. I pressed his cock head to my lips, kissed it and slowly pushed down until I had my nose buried in his wiry hair. As I worked his cock in and out of my mouth, slowly… Read more

Posted by LaureLeeFix8d 3 years ago 3 3,191 100%

Sammy Learns To Follow The Rules

First TimeLesbian Sex

Ok those of you that follow my stories know my wife Kat has unbreakable rules. These rules must be followed or else. She keeps her bitches in line that way. The rule that she hates broken the most is if you have any kind of party you must invited us to it. here is what happens if you don't! Two days ago myself and Kat are on are way to get some food and pass Ronni's house. Ronni is a 30yrs. 5'7" 107lbs. long black hair that touches her out of this world ass and a face that gives dead guys hard on. Ronni fell to Kat at a bar about six weeks ago. Kat laid eyes on her and not an h… Read more

Posted by shotguner 3 years ago 1,534 40%

Cousin Sheryl

First Time

Cousin Sheryl I had a trip out to LA on business. I had finished the job early in the day, logged into Facebook it picks up your location. I was sitting around cracked open a Bud on the laptop looking at DN, getting horny after about a hour of surfing porn rubbing my dick. When there was a knock at the door. Looked through the peak hole thought I was seeing things answered who's there, I hear "it your cous' " a sexy ladies voice. I open the door it was my wife's cousin Sheryl. She was smoking hot!!! She had taken care of her body over the years and it showed. "Sheryl my god it has been a lo… Read more

Posted by Jmuncut 3 years ago 1 5,587 100%

Away From the Campfire

First TimeGay MaleShemales

There were seven of us at the cabin that weekend, drinking, swimming, and cavorting. And when the sun went down, we built a campfire, and sat around talking about the issues of the day. It was intelligent talk for a bunch of inebriates. Politics, religion, current events, physics, even. Somehow we started talking about "the gays". Everyone there was cool with homosexuality, or, if they weren't, they were smart enough to keep quiet. I wouldn't associate with bigots. I'd be a hypocrite. While I wasn't gay, I was closely related, shall we say. But, we'll get to that in a minute.… Read more

Posted by TransContinental 3 years ago 9 4,264 100%

My first older lady

First TimeMature

I was 20 y.o when I meet my friends coworker she was a 63 y.o lady she was 5'4 nice thick bbw she had nice DDD breasts big hips so me and a couple of friends picked her up so we can go to nice club close to my house we a some drinks and we started talking I don't know how but we ended up talking about our sex life she was telling me that she had 2 years with no sex so I asked her what kind of guys she like she said that she was married to some one her age for 30 years and she had never had an orgasm so she separated and one night she meet a 25 y.o and ask him if he wanted to go home with her… Read more

Posted by Davidcars 3 years ago 1 2,984 90%

Friend's Dad is a cowboy and fucks me hard fo

First TimeHardcoreTaboo

I could tell he liked me and I definitely liked him. Each time Mr. Miller's eyes danced across my body, a shiver would enter my pussy and make my nipples stiff. He would occasionally brush by me and touch my ass or breasts. Sometimes if he were standing behind me, he'd find a reason to rub himself on my backside discretely so his daughter and son wouldn't notice. It was two-weeks into our visit at Stacey's Dad's ranch before her dad made his move on me. Mr. Miller was a hardened and very attractive ranch owner. He had a long thick black mustache that was there "long before it was cool ag… Read more

Posted by sweetgirlsimone 3 years ago 3 5,325 98%

Apartment whirlpool- another couple

First TimeGroup SexVoyeur

Jennie and I are both 26, we met and married in college. She’s a marketing executive now and I’m in corporate finance. We’re living in an apartment so we can save for a down payment on our first house. The complex has all the amenities; pool, clubhouse etc. We like to sneak into the clubhouse in the wee hours and use the whirlpool when we are all alone. Sometimes we see another couple coming down the hallway and we have to quickly grab our clothes and head to the changing rooms. One evening we were in the whirlpool al alone and we had just finished a great round of oral sex. We heard the outs… Read more

Posted by bufffreak 3 years ago 1,941 88%

mfm-Daddy and Uncle, outdoor sex

First TimeHardcoreTaboo

"What're you two doing back there?" Uncle Billy said as he adjusted the rear view mirror to get a better look. "Oh, Uncle Billy, we've got a very wet pussy back here." replied my dad as he dipped his thick fingers into my pussy juices, pushed past my clit and plump pussy lips, sticking his middle finger into my hole. I sighed and opened my legs farther for him. This wasn't the first time my father and I had fooled around in the past month since he'd been let out of jail but it was the first time he'd touched me. It was so hot and so wrong, which made it even hotter. Previously, the first… Read more

Posted by sweetgirlsimone 3 years ago 3 29,390 100%

Daddy in her ass

AnalFirst TimeTaboo

Daddy smacked my ass as we kissed, me straddling his lap in a chair. Each time I jumped and rubbed my pussy on him harder. "I'm glad you like that" He smacked me again. "Daddy" I whispered in ecstasy. "get up" he insisted, his tone changing from horny into horny disciplinarian. He grabbed me by the back of the neck and shoved me to the bed, bending me over. His first blow to my behind came as a surprise. I gasped and tried to stand, he pushed me back over and smacked me again. I started to get angry and the blows kept coming. He stopped after five or six and pulled down my shorts and und… Read more

Posted by sweetgirlsimone 3 years ago 9 3,554 97%

Life in the Modelling industry as girls.

CelebritiesFirst TimeTaboo

I watched an interesting documentary the other night with some friend, who, like myself, were just teenage girls, when we were in the modelling industry. Some of the top models, putting a face to the experience, and again like us watching, told of their experiences, at f******n and fifteen, of walking into an office and sitting while the old man, took his penis out in front of us and enjoyed an i*****l blow-job, swallowing and actually saying, 'Thank you Sir, I enjoyed doing that', if you did not, then you were gone that night, and never heard off again, the industry closing ranks, as all the… Read more

Posted by MarieL 3 years ago 3,461 100%

My wife's first time with another man (pt 1)

FetishFirst TimeHardcore

I had harbored a fantasy of seeing my wife have sex with another man for as long as I could remember. Not because our sex life wasn’t good, it actually was, but just because the thought caused something to stir deep in the back of my mind that got me harder than anything else could. I had never told my wife about this fantasy because it was kind of embarrassing and I figured she would get pissed off at me for mentioning it. She enjoyed sex but she wasn’t terribly adventurous, probably because she had only been with one guy before me and that was way back in high school. She would give me… Read more

Posted by hergator 3 years ago 10 9,941 93%

My First Couple

First TimeGroup SexHardcore

It was a Tuesday night in July, another night on the road for work. I was stir crazy at the hotel so I walked to the Irish pub a block down the street. Inside the bar was a little dull, I ordered Guinness and stepped out onto the patio. It was a beautiful night, perfect for sitting outside. Most of the tables were taken, so I struck up a conversation with a couple that were sitting off to the side. Their names were Mike and Dianna, an attractive married couple in good shape, white and probably in their early 40's. They invited me to grab a seat and hang out, so I did. He looked a bi… Read more

Posted by honeybadger6985 3 years ago 3 2,543 100%

A Lady and her maid

BDSMFirst TimeLesbian Sex

. Patience came swirling in, her green gown billowing out as she spun from foot to foot. Arms around an imaginary partner Patience circled each table and chair as she danced across the room. Patience’s humming of the last piece rousted Annest from her corner. Rubbing the sl**p from her eyes, Annest quickly followed her mistress. . . Patience stationed herself in front of her dressing mirrors, still swaying, as she admired her reflection. Just out of view, Annest also admired Patience. Physically, the two girls were very similar. They were born just months apart and they both had… Read more

Posted by lordcephius 3 years ago 1,515 100%

My first time with two women

First TimeGroup SexLesbian Sex

I came home to find a suspiciously quiet house. “Honey?” I called out but only heard muffles from the bedroom. I entered the room and found my wife spread across the mattress naked and in the throes of an orgasm induced full body spasm. “Wow that was amazing.” I said feeling the urge to take this to the next level. She looked at me with momentary shock that quickly turned into intense pleasure at having been caught. “I was hoping you would make it to see,” she said, “now let me give you what you want.” She pulled me by the belt toward her, pulled down my pants and began to sensually suck my al… Read more

Posted by hornywife420 3 years ago 8 2,966 92%

Lost control and took control

AnalFirst Time

I am Ram from chennai, I am 38 yrs and 5.7ft high with Average body. I have carving for sex and I generally control it. I work for an MNC which requires a lot of travel. This incident happened 6 years before. Priya, My s****r in law came to chennai to do her medical. She got admission in a dental college. She is very fair. I did not have any intention at first. This happened when she was doing her 2nd year when her lover ditched her. There was an urgent call from my father in law as my MIL was unwell. I said we shall go by bus and booked ticket. First myself and my wife sat and my son and Priy… Read more

Posted by Rammalathy 3 years ago 990 100%

GAY encounter part 2

AnalFirst TimeGay Male

We had just finished sucking each others cocks. i sat down next to him on a blanket we spread on the floor to be more comfortable. i stroked my cock as he watched me, and i watched as he stroked his cock. my dick if you dont remember is shorter and less girth than his so his dick was like a monster to me. i said "im can make myself cum at anytime, he told me "Dont cum." he grabbed my dick with his hand, and placed my hand on his. we could feel each other being supper hard. we started rubbing each other at first it was slow, but soon it became hard to hold in my cum. he kept stroking… Read more

Posted by jayson12421 3 years ago 1 1,567 100%

My Bus Journey Part 2/6

AnalFirst TimeGay Male

After a few minutes he asked me if I was warm enough and I told him that I was. He mentioned that when the bus makes its only stop at a city which was midpoint to our destination, maybe I can get some coffee or hot tea. Although at that age I was not a coffee or hot tea drinker.After a little bit, I realized that his right leg was touching my left leg and that he had moved closer to me. I figured maybe he did that so the blanket would cover both of us. A few minutes later, he asked me again if I had warmed up and at the same time put his right hand on my bare thighs to see if my thighs we… Read more

Posted by nsentra 3 years ago 5 1,848 100%

Ai Kawaii at Hawaii

BDSMFirst TimeTaboo

Ai is my fine friend playing the game of Go, I call her Ai Kawaii - as Kawaii means Cute in Japanese Ai and I go to Hawaii for a fine free sex holy holiday between palm trees during a full moon weekend Ai is almost MA in logics and still a sexy student complete virgin in kissing caressing and the rest Ai is lucky with me as her first ever lover patient perfect expert in initiating inhibited innocents Ai Kawaii falls for my sweet slow seduction: warm wise words written to her and whispered in her ear Ai Kawaii looks smart and cute - she smiles back at me from first time… Read more

Posted by petdyke 3 years ago 11 10,982 80%

Dangerous teen girl, has her ass opened

AnalFirst TimeTaboo

At senior high, during a sex education film,I sat at the back of the class and had a series of orgasms, I was f******n and found a love of sex, in particular, voyeurism and exhibitionism, two 'isms', that would define and shape my life as a woman, and it started that afternoon. I managed in the darkness of the room to take my panties off, and perform whenever the lecturer was close by, he could see I was touching myself, and I brazenly did so as he watched. At the end of the lecture I hung back, we were both high on sexual energy, and it was I, not him, that asked to be fucked, not direc… Read more

Posted by MarieL 3 years ago 6 18,812 90%

Sex With Swamiji

First TimeHardcoreInterracial Sex

My name is Aruna aged 31, working as a secretary to the CEO of a MNC. My husband Suresh is working as Area Sales Manager for a pharmaceutical division of reputed company. I got married at the age of 21. At the time of marriage he was Sales Executive. He was mostly on his wheels. Almost twenty days out of house. We always spend the days with great enthusiasm when he was with me. The married life went in a pleasant manner. Initially we decided to postpone the c***d option for two years. We were using contraceptives. After two ye… Read more

Posted by swathi3 3 years ago 2 20,350 80%