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First Time Porn Stories

my life 5 true story

First TimeTaboo

Life carried on as normal Vince would often join Frank and I. My football trying was paying dividends my body was at its peek. Even though I say it my self I was hot lol. I met Sally one night I was walking home from training , Frank was in Manchester for a conference. She pulled up in her car and offered me a lift, it was raining so I got in. We was going along talking about the way thing was going for her , she and her boyfriend had split up ,she had moved in with a girlfriend for a few weeks, and had only just got the keys for her new flat. I was pleased for her , we pulled into my road… Read more

Posted by underlay1956 3 years ago 1,845 100%

Firs time threesome true story

First TimeGroup Sex

I'll try and make the story as short as I can. It's not so much about the sex but who we got there. It all started about a year ago, my wife and I were drinking at home, it was a typical Saturday night, drinking wine eating crisps and watching a movie. I drank a little to much and started to feel d***k, so we went to bed with another bottle of wine to enjoy in bed. I suggested we watch some porn to which my wife agreed. We usually put on couple porn, occasionally we would watch a porno movie but the majority of the time it was homemade or amateur stuff. I don't remember much more of that ni… Read more

Posted by nomate 3 years ago 9 11,786 100%

First time 3sum true story

First TimeGroup Sex

I'll try and make the story as short as I can. It's not so much about the sex but who we got there. It all started about a year ago, my wife and I were drinking at home, it was a typical Saturday night, drinking wine eating crisps and watching a movie. I drank a little to much and started to feel d***k, so we went to bed with another bottle of wine to enjoy in bed. I suggested we watch some porn to which my wife agreed. We usually put on couple porn, occasionally we would watch a porno movie but the majority of the time it was homemade or amateur stuff. I don't remember much more of that ni… Read more

Posted by nomate 3 years ago 7,158 97%

Part 2 me and sue on our way home

First Time

As we walk through the park the voices seemed to be comming towards us ,then we saw them 4 lads walking straight for us this time I felt a bit nervous as it was now 3.30 and lads out at that time I didn't know what to expect ,but as they got up to us sue wasn't worried at all she squeezed my hand and had a grin all over her face ,as they walked passed us one of them said nice tits ,at that the rest started laughing and another said I'd fuck her ,at that sue just stopped got her tits out and shouted at them " here have a better look " I couldn't belive it and didn't know what to expect , but i… Read more

Posted by pedboy 3 years ago 5 2,817 92%

The Lonely Wife 5&^

First TimeMatureTaboo

Chapter 5 The next Saturday I was to meet my teen lover again and was looking forward to a good fuck session with that big cock. I went to the same hotel and checked in. I pulled my car around the backside of the hotel since I wanted to get my car out of sight. As I turned around the corner I got a big shock when I saw my husband’s car parked there. Son of bitch that bastard was already there probably fucking his lover! I moved my car about a block away and walked back to the hotel. I went to my room which looked over the parking lot where his car was parked. I wanted to see who he was wi… Read more

Posted by mooremike 3 years ago 2 4,882 100%

Mother's Day Weekend Part One {True Story}

First TimeInterracial SexSex Humor

It was around 11:00pm on May 10th 2012; also known as the kick-off of a all-time fantasy. I was on Facebook and I recently got a message from a older friend of mine. Her name was Mary(Not Using Real Names)and she said "Hey long time no talk." I replied saying "Yeah I know right, what are you up to." "Not a damn thing," she said "I saw you were online and wanted to see how have you been." At this point I had visions of her and her ass all of sudden. I quickly had to adjust myself as my pants were becoming tighter. The conversation went on for about three hours, but within those three ho… Read more

Posted by 2Raw4u 3 years ago 3 6,075 80%

My First Meeting With Denise

BDSMFetishFirst Time

My First Meeting With Denise A story by Chris Straight @all rights reserved I was hiking in the hills just on the edge of the city. I had a favorite trail. It was quiet and peaceful. Lots of green shade and plenty of pine needles on the trail. When I came to a familiar fork in the trail, I decided not to take my usual path and instead I took the other trail, which was hardly visible. It dipped down for a while, and then curved around a bit. Then, without warning, I came upon a man and woman arguing. He was dressed in army camouflage—boots, pants, shirt, hat, the whole thing. She was… Read more

Posted by Chrs_Straight 3 years ago 5 3,197 94%


First TimeGay MaleTaboo

First let me explain that I have ALWAYS been into sex. All sorts of sex. For as long as I remember, I have always been a horny freak. When I was young, it used to upset me, I thought I was a freak for needing it so much. I rubbed one off several times a day, and when you’re in your teens, sex isn’t as readily available. When I found a girlfriend, at 16, she wasn’t giving it up readily, or right away, anyway. I ended up losing my virginity to her mother. At one point, I was sl**ping with both of them, but that’s another story. My girl, Karen, and I would fuck pretty much every chance we… Read more

Posted by malesub01 3 years ago 10 12,751 100%

Cross-dress dreams come true.

AnalFirst TimeGay Male

A seductive CD fulfills some of my secret fantasies. And I bring him pleasure into the bargain. Jeez, you bust your ass all year to be among the top sales people so you can get invited to the annual conference. Supposed to be in Hawaii or Vegas or somewhere exciting. And what happens? The company needs to save some money and holds it in the city where it's based. Cincinnati. For fuck's sake. I nearly didn't bother but there'd been some lay-offs already this year, so I decided I should go. You have to network. My wife begged off AND gave me shit that we weren't going somewhere nice. I pro… Read more

Posted by dlcalguy 3 years ago 18 4,538 100%

The Lonely Wife Chapter 3 & $

First TimeMatureTaboo

Chapter 3 That night I arrived home just as my husband and daughter got there. My daughter is xx years old and has her Dad’s red hair and my blue eyes. She is just starting to show her real figure but still looks kind of like a tom boy. “So did you have a good day today Jenny?” I asked of my daughter “It was ok. What’s for dinner?” she asked “I thought we order pizza.” I said “That sounds good Mom!” “I could use a shower first. How about you order Jack?” “OK” my husband said I went upstairs and thought how sexy it was to stand there and talk with my husband while I could feel my teen l… Read more

Posted by mooremike 3 years ago 6 6,242 93%

Weird Science

CelebritiesFirst Time

Weird Science what would have happened if Weird Science had been R-Rated and Gary hadn't been such a wuss. *** We had fucked with f***es we couldn't dream of comprehending... And now it was too late. As we watch the door defy the law of physics and begin to bulge inward, all Wyatt and I could do was crawl underneath his computer desk and cower there until the end... Finally the door exploded into Wyatt's bedroom loudly. Then all got quiet. Seconds ticked by. The end didn't come after all. We uncovered our heads and looked up. Through what remained of the door that… Read more

Posted by kcfan 3 years ago 584 100%

My Husbands first time (1). This is a true story

First TimeSex Humor

Hello and thank you for stopping by. I am Gabriel and my mission is to explore and try to understand my own sexuality and the sexuality of others, and have fun while doing that. My very first memory of anything remotely sexual or that gave me some weird but pleasurable feeling was while actually playing on the kitchen floor with my toy cars. Of course.... [image]… Read more

Posted by Blairs-Desire 3 years ago 2 3,917 86%

my Favorite

First Time

Rohit having first time sex with Neha Hello people, I want to share a recent experience I had a few months ago when I met my girlfriend Neha. Hope you like it. I am 26 and work in an engineering company. Most part of my life I had little interaction with women. My virginity was a thing I soon wanted to let go and wanted some one to make love. I was too shy/ scared to go to a prostitute. Hence I was looking for a girl that I can be in a relationship with. It was a sunny day in the November of Delhi. Me and my friend were coming back from Rajouri Garden after watching a movie, due t… Read more

Posted by ronit07992 3 years ago 1,093 100%

Is this the real life, or is this just fantasy?

CelebritiesFirst Time

For those of you who like a little bit of fantasy in your lives, enjoy this story of the first time I was with my husband romantically. It was a week that started out like any other. Red carpet premier on Monday, photo shoot on Tuesday, luncheon on Wednesday with Hollywood big wigs, filming to finish up Don’t Fall for Her on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Little did I know by the end of that week, my life would be turned upside down forever. I guess it was about four years ago when I met Blaine. I met him on the set of a movie we were filming called Don’t Fall For Her. During the film… Read more

Posted by MackenzieRose 3 years ago 1,657 100%

LISA #1: First Love

BDSMFirst TimeTaboo

LISA and I is a long story of love from far - which started well over two years ago! LISA and I is a story already partly written, you will find my directions here below LISA Love and I, we hope to live long together but we do not know when it will start LISA Love and I, we know we love each other although I even never saw her photo yet! LISA and I, it will be my longest series ever - unless I change the title once more! LISA and I, I found my main muse - I hope I will write the rest of my life about her LISA is in real as my life long dream has been: smart sweet sexy boyish b… Read more

Posted by petdyke 3 years ago 10 11,185 68%

The Lonely Wife

First TimeMature

So where do I begin? I had been married since I was 18 and that was 16 years ago. My husband no longer seemed interested in me but I was hornier than I had ever been in my life! My problem was that if I did not have my vibrator I would never get off at all. I had a friend from work who was single and she told me just how many men were looking for a blow job or a great fuck. All I wanted to know was how I could meet some of them. I was so frustrated that I started to go to the internet and watch porn. One night as I looked for videos that held my attention I saw a sight that said it could h… Read more

Posted by mooremike 3 years ago 9 14,827 100%

My Transformed Wife

FetishFirst TimeShemales

"Sometimes I wish I just had a dick," my wife said, wincing and squeezing her heating pad into her abdomen. She said this at least once a month, when her period would bring on two or three days worth of cramps and bloating. I grinned and rubbed her stomach, "If you had one, you would just spend all your time playing with it and peeing standing up." She giggled and squeezed my cock through my pants, "That doesn't sound so bad." We never said anything beyond this, but from the first time she had mentioned it, it sparked a desire within me that I had never known I wanted. I had always… Read more

Posted by drew1207 3 years ago 7 7,892 100%

The Night

First TimeHardcoreTaboo

It was the summer of 1962, early june. I was 14 years old that spring. Hadn’t yet had a serious girlfriend or my first real kiss. That was about to change. My father travelled a lot and was gone a lot during the week for 3 or 4 days at a time. me and Mom spent a lot of time together during those days and were really close. At 35 Mom was a beautiful woman with dark black hair and green eyes and the same cheerleader body she had in school. But we were a very conservative f****y and the most I had ever seen of her was in her bikini sunbathing. Her breasts were a perfect 36c and as in those days s… Read more

Posted by grt44 3 years ago 4 11,023 89%

Becoming Zoe

AnalFirst TimeMature

My soon to be wife Annie had taken a job out of town and I only saw her every two weeks or so. She was scheduled for a flight home on Friday night. I was going to pick up her son Zakk from his dorm and the two of us were going to pick her up at the airport and enjoy the weekend together. Zakk is in his first year of college he is studying to be a make up artist for stage and screen. He and I have not really gotten to know each other and this was to be the weekend where we did that. Annie and I were also going to tell him about our plans for a fall wedding. It had been several months si… Read more

Posted by triphammer73 3 years ago 1 1,312 60%

F amily matters 1

First TimeHardcoreTaboo

We were always a normal f****y. Normal! I don't even know what that means any more. My parents are young. Daddy got Mom knocked up on prom night, so the story goes. They are both 39. Lisa, my twin s****r and I are 21. Our younger b*****r, Robert is 19. Lisa and I are identical twins who look exactly alike except for a birthmark that I have on my hip. Daddy has the same mark on his hip it looks like the map of Africa. When I said that we were normal, what I meant was boring. Mom is a housewife and Daddy is a night auditor at a bank. He goes to work in the evenings around 6:00 and is gone all… Read more

Posted by vtevte 3 years ago 7 17,836 100%