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First Time Porn Stories

Brandy (Chapter 1)

First TimeMasturbationVoyeur

Changes Brandy was a little dizzy from the three beers she drank by the time she got home. It wasn’t that late, but she had classes tomorrow. She had to go out and celebrate her eighteenth birthday, the date too important. Her parents were asl**p as she crept silently up the stairs to her bedroom. She opened her door and saw the lights on in the bedroom next door, her heart stopping as it suddenly popped into her head. It had been a long time, but it seemed almost like yesterday. She was only f0urteen at the time, but she had a crush on Michael Johnston, her next-door neighbor. He was marr… Read more

Posted by Headmaster-Michael 3 years ago 2 1,815 100%

Cum drenched Mom in the middle - An Adult Story

First TimeGroup SexTaboo

I woke around 1pm. It was the first day of my summer vacation. My parents had left early in the morning. They left some money on the kitchen table, the night before.. They were leaving for three weeks. I could not get time off from my part time job. I worked about 4hrs every Sunday at a gas station. I told them I might pick up more hours now that school was done. My parents were happy. I only took the part time job, so I would not have to go to church with them on Sunday’s. They were kind of religious. They forbid me to do just about everything. They would be mad if they knew I… Read more

Posted by thebigboobbbwlover 3 years ago 7 8,778 95%

Young fat dick

First TimeHardcoreMature

This story actually began 6 months ago. My wife and I just finished fucking like rabbits and the conversation invariably went to sex. My wife and I had been recently married. She was 23 years old, 5’2" and very thin. She wore a B cup bra but more than made up for that in her youthful and beautiful face. When she began teaching Literature at the local senior high school a few months ago, many older teachers, unfamiliar with her, asked her what grade she was in. With her long straight blonde mane that reached half way down her back, her big green eyes and baby face she wa… Read more

Posted by kinghut 3 years ago 2,018 80%

Nighttime Lover

First TimeHardcoreMature

Steve crept into the darkened bedroom were his mother slept. His entire body shook with nervousness. He barely managed to close the door without rattling the knob. Steve closed his eyes and took several deep breaths. He needed to be calm if he was going to pull this off. Steve tiptoed over to the queen-sized bed his parents shared. Steve’s father wasn’t there. He was working the night shift at the factory and wouldn’t be home for four more hours. Steve’s mother, Cindy was sl**ping with her mask on as usual. Dim light shone through the window curtains allowing Steve to ju… Read more

Posted by kinghut 3 years ago 2,530 100%

BBW Pulls a Train

First TimeGroup SexHardcore

"I’ll be there at 8, be ready," and I hung up, that’s all that needed to be said with Wendy. It started as a way for her to pay her husband's gambling debts but after one month we all knew they where hooked. Her husband was such a wimpy man that before I came along the poor woman had no sex life, then after seeing me fuck her, their sex life was revived. The sex between Wendy and I just got nastier and nastier with her insisting that John her husband be there to witness it, at first because it was his debts she was paying with her body but later because she got off humi… Read more

Posted by kinghut 3 years ago 2,223 100%

Just treat her like another slut

First TimeGroup SexHardcore

When the phone rang, Kathy was looking down the street from her living room window, at the teenaged boys carrying beer into her neighbor's house. "Is Jeff home?" "No," said Kathy. "Is this Randy?" "Yea," said the voice on the phone. "Randy, I thought Jeff was with you." "No, he said he was going to Kurt's house." After Kathy hung up the phone, she thought, "Jeff is going to Kurt's house! Kurt's house is the one down the street that the beer just went into! My teen-aged son is going to a party with drinking!" She looked down the street at the line of cars in front… Read more

Posted by kinghut 3 years ago 2 2,760 100%

One Night Stand

First TimeHardcoreMature

It was Saturday night and my friend and his wife had invited me out to a popular gay nightclub. I'd never been to a club like this, and thought it would be interesting to experience something new and different. I am a 41-year old bisexual woman, who lives a different lifestyle than most people I know. I discovered my sexuality over the past year through encouragement from a friend who taught me confidence and encouraged me to act out my desires and fantasies, through this I learned about myself and how I love to be slutty and somewhat of an exhibitionist. I love to dres… Read more

Posted by kinghut 3 years ago 1,807 100%

Room Service

First TimeGroup SexLesbian Sex

Someone was knocking at our door. Julie, my fiance, and I were enjoying our first night on the cruise ship "Horizon", about to set sail from Puerto Rico for other delightful destinations in the Caribbean. "I'll get it," said Julie, sighing, as she lifted her head from my shoulder. Her beautiful brown-blond curls fell in front of her eyes as her head turned towards the door. She pushed herself up, and moved across the room. As I watched her do a cursory check in the mirror to ensure she was presentable to a stranger, I reflected on how lucky I was. Here I was, about to go… Read more

Posted by kinghut 3 years ago 4,144 100%

First gay sex

AnalFirst TimeGay Male

so my first gay experience first time with a guy! .... J was a white guy, he was 18 so was I... J was about 5 foot 9 with a cute smile and dimples sort off, brown hair and blue eyes with a 7.5" cock. i met this guy online lets name him 'J'. So me and Jay started talking about a week later he had invited me to his house, because he was "bored". not knowing he wasn't that far from me so i went to his house which was 10 minutes away. I was nervous at this point knowing that i am going to meet a guy not a girl and going to have my first encounter with a guy. I went to the door and someon… Read more

Posted by zaayn98 3 years ago 5 4,268 100%

Late Night Movies (chapter 9)

First TimeGroup SexTaboo

I stood there completely dumbfounded. I couldn’t believe Daddy had told me to take my clothes off in the middle of the golf course mid-day. It had to be some kind of test or joke. I started to remove my shirt reluctantly. When it was completely off my br other chuckled lightly at my bare, pale chest. I had just started to put my arm back through the hole. I KNEW it was a joke! I felt so stupid. Just then Daddy held his hand out to me, gesturing for me to wait and he turned to Chris. “Whatcha laughin at?” The question was sincere and Chris shrugged. “You looked just like him w… Read more

Posted by oregazm 3 years ago 2 2,829 100%

Out in Public

First TimeShemales

b]Tales of a Crossdresser: Dressed in Public Author's note: This post originally appeared on my blog, Tales of a Crossdresser. If you are looking for a story with oodles of hot, kinky sex, you better keep looking I'm afraid......Bri I used the clicking of my heels on the neon-lit sidewalk to keep time with the mantra I was chanting in my head, “Point the toe, heel first, straight line, swing the hip…” as I turned the corner of the alley where I had parked the car and onto the crowded Kansas City Halloween sidewalk. Ok, maybe not really crowde… Read more

Posted by prairieFreak13 3 years ago 11 2,135 100%

My s****r and me 2

First TimeTaboo

The next morning I felt the bed move and the waight of my s****r's head on my chest lighten up, I opened my eyes to see Cindy turn and look at my face and then she smiled at me when she saw my eyes open, then I felt her hand on my all ready hard dick, "My, I think someone is awake all ready this morning wanting more of what it had last night." "Yes I do, if we have time before check out which is at two o'clock." "It's just eleven right now." with that sis bent down and sucked the tip of my cock head into her mouth and licked around the head with her tongue. I reached over and pulled o… Read more

Posted by HankWilliams1956 3 years ago 3 5,221 100%

Sock wank turns into a fuck

AnalFetishFirst Time

When I was in my early twenties I used to work in a restaurant. The uniform was black shoes, socks, a waistcoat with a white shirt. I was lodging with another guy who also worked there, his name is Tom. He was friendly enough but was a mans man, into all the sports and that. He used to sit for hours watching sports on the tv in the main room so I would retire to my bedroom and watch what I wanted. One day I was on an early shift so finished at 4pm which I started at 8am. Having spent most of the day rushing around I was pleased to get home. When I got into my room I took my shoes of… Read more

Posted by randyguyuk 3 years ago 1,631 88%

Ashley the cumslut pt. 1

FetishFirst TimeMasturbation

I have dated Ashley for about a month so far and we still have not done anything sexual. I'm a virgin so I guess I'm not assertive enough to make it happen. Ashley, on the other hand, has had sex with 3 guys now and given blowjobs to many more. Ashley is one of the hottest girls I have ever laid eyes on. She is about 5 ft. 6 inches with long legs and very tan skin. Her brown eyes are enough to make me hard if I stare long enough into them, and she has a terrific smile to go along with it. Her dirty blond hair goes perfectly with her tan skin and brown eyes. Her boobs are not that big, but they… Read more

Posted by cockstronaut 3 years ago 1 1,783 100%

How we started in the swinging lifestyle (true sto

FetishFirst TimeSex Humor

Hi everybody. It is so nice to see you again. If we have met before then you know me already. I am writing this mainly for those who don't know me, because I have been asked how I got into the swinging lifestyle too many times so I thought I would just put it here. Just one thing, as you probably know, I like to chat first before accepting a friend. I like to chat but if we are going to chat, I request that... [image]http://rortybomb.files.wordpres… Read more

Posted by Blairs-Desire 3 years ago 15 9,312 90%

Janet and John On Holiday Part 2

First TimeTaboo

Janet and John are on holiday at Doggers in the October half-term. Doggers is dedicated to fam1lies who love dogging. Janet and John are too young to understand First Base, Second Base and Third Base. First: Kissing, Second: touching over or under clothing, Third: proper hand job. Janet had her own bucket list of sex-positions for this holiday (Oral, Anal, and Cuntal). Janet has already ticked off Oral, when she sucked the Biggest Blackest Cock in the World. Janet and John visit chalet number 4, dressed in their scariest Halloween outfits. John knocks on the door: "Wait a… Read more

Posted by dasx2 3 years ago 4 2,741 100%

married hmong affiar- part 1

First TimeHardcoreMature

THIS IS A TRUTH STORY. 6 years ago, i have this affair with a married hmong woman at my work place...I have a wife and 3 k**s at the how we connected to each other: when I first saw her on my dept, I was very impress on her sizes(butt, face and long hairs)...she has beautiful face (w/o make up), great smile and eyes...she was like 4" shorter than me and she has slim body...she was 24yrs and I was 30yrs and I have slim body too...I love watching from behind her back especially on her curve/butt...when I saw her butt moves side to side, it made me hard...not sure why but I have… Read more

Posted by tubhmoob3000 3 years ago 7 3,447 85%

Blessing or a Curse

First TimeGay Male

Over 20 years ago now, I was introduced the bliss that comes from being with another man and it has haunted me ever since. It started when a group of 10 buddies, all between the ages between 18 and 20, that magical age where you are an adult but not adult enough to buy alcohol, decided to road trip to my buddy’s parent’s cabin in the woods. The road trip consisted of 3 cars with trunks packed with beer, a football, a radio, stack of CD’s, a deck of playing cards, and a stop at an adult toy store where the needed porn videos, magazines, (yes, I said magazines. I am 45 now and the internet thi… Read more

Posted by aone87 3 years ago 7 2,640 100%

Lost in Translation

First TimeGay MaleVoyeur

Chapter 1: The Eye Opener I am Ronald Garde 28 years old and I’m an architect. I live a simple life: not much glamour and leisure, just your average Joe. Well I’m a bit “stocky” well imagine the big guys that bully you through high school, imagine them growing up… well that is what I look like. Big chested, broad arms, thick legs and a hairy body: that is the features of a certain persons in a gay community, a Bear: that is who I am. When I’m growing up I get beat up a lot. Honestly I kinda like it. Getting up close with your big, strong, sadistic bully is somehow erotic for me.… Read more

Posted by oemors 3 years ago 1 777 50%

Boys first sex summer

First TimeGay Male

Freddie and I had been friends for years, getting to spend our summers together since our parents owned cabins next to each at the lake. We were the same age within a few months but totally different body types. I was always taller and slim and freddie was shorter by 4 inches or so but he had a stalkier build. From a younger age, i knew i was more attracted to boys than girls but it was something that i had kept to myself. Freddie and I wrestled around a lot, usually shirtless and in swimwear or shorts and this always got me aroused. Sometimes when i was penning freddie, i would be on… Read more

Posted by jmsseal46 3 years ago 4 5,079 100%