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First time with a girl

Do you remember your first? I do. I knew my steps****r was on birth control. I had heard the conversations between parents and saw the pill container in the bathroom. She had been going out every Friday and Saturday night and most of the time would sit out in her date’s car at the end of our driveway for a while until about 2 seconds before her curfew. Try as I might I could never see into the car with my binoculars, but not from lack of trying. Debbie, or Deb as we all called her was in her prime. Her hair was long, ten miles high (it was the 80’s), and usually styled perfectly. She had sexy ... Continue»
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Train Three Sexy Slaves #22:: Ai X-mas cherry pop

I train three tasty sexy slaves at my place and often invite other female friends for a lesson

I train three tasty sexy slaves at my place: Alex and Aisha are experienced in any erotic encounters
I train also Ai who is still a virgin in both her holy hot hairy holes, but who is good giving head!

I entertain many visiting slaves for a day or sometimes a few more to offer my slaves sexy lectures
I entertain at X-mas Eve also sexy Swedish Sasha a blonde beauty with big BOOBs, firm and all real!

I have my plan ready for a very sexy X-mas night with lots of pretty pleasure fo
... Continue»
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My teacher taught me how to jerkoff and fuck

This is a fantasy

I became addicted to porn during my 9th grade from then i used to watch porn it gave me horniness,pleasure also a hard dick
but i never learned to jerk off until my phy teacher came into my life.

Her name was shreya and was every man's dream
SHe was 5.2foot,blackhair,blackeyes, she was in her mid 20's
her tits were a 34d sized and a round ass and perfect long legs
Everytime i saw her it gave me instant boner
she wears a saree to class which shows blouse covered left tit i would think of sucking her tits and fucking her between her tits and spray on her face with my babyma... Continue»
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Footjob on the Train!

we were in the city centre shopping last friday and when we were coming home on the train, i was kind of horny and was trying to get her to do something for me under the table ( a fantasy i've always dreamed of) She was wearing dark black tights a short denim skirt and furry boots. As we were sitting opposite with no one in the seat next to us except our bags. She pressed her foot into my crotch area and as soon as it happened she took it away...i frowned...she smiled, she was just moving off her other shoe,she put both her feet back in my lap, i moved my hand down and began to massage her arc... Continue»
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s****r and I are Close Then Mom (2)

I heared mom walk back toward the living room, so I got sat up on the side of my bed, picked up my pants that laid beside the bed on the floor, where they landed lastnight, then went to the bathroom to pee and wash up a bit, and all the time I did all of this, wondered what was going through mom's mind, after seeing me laying on my bed with my morning wood sticking up and my bed being made, but messed up, from Clare and I making love on it last night, and wondered if she might of heared us last night or not.

Stepping into the kitchen, I saw mom at the stove cooking my eggs and putting bacon... Continue»
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fun with a neighbor

First time with a guy? Was not expectimg that, but now that I experienced it, I would do it over and over again. I'll try to keep my story short and sweet, at the time I was almost 19, I was 5 ft 10 and a bit chubby, and had a big jiggly butt. I was really curious at the time to see what else was out there for sexual needs, but was always too shy to actually go out and try it, until one day that changed. I recently broke up with my girlfriend, and was pretty lonely at the time. I lived in a quiet neighborhood and knew pretty much everybody, atleast I thought I did. I would also go for walks du... Continue»
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Pious hijabi bhabhi

My b*****r Ali married Aliyah a year ago. We all lived in the same house. I was still not married back then as was staying with them in Islamabad while I worked there on a contract. Aliyah was a very shy girl. Always praying or reading quran, she used to wear hijab, jilbab and even niqab when outside the house though in the house she would take off her niqab. She was really pretty with lovely big eyes. She also had a really big pair of tits which poked through her jilbab and their shape could be seen even though her jilbabs were not very tight. Her ass too could not be contained by her jilbab ... Continue»
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First time Black

Growing up around the army i spent lots of time with blacks, right before my husband and i married i was spending the day with a good friend Robin she was a lovely black woman, we spent the afternoon at the swimming pool with her k**s, before we left we both went into the showers to wash and change, I slipped out of my swim suit and got under the shower, Robin did the same she was standing right next to me, I started to wash my hair with my hands over my head she had a good view of my boobs, Robin said to me that I had some nice tits, I got a bit red and thanked her but could not help myself a... Continue»
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Asian Women

Yuko is a beautiful single Chinese woman, 33 years old seeking a older American man for a husband. A Chinese business associate talked to me about these young Chinese women. The business associate arranged for Yuko's legal documents including her visa. Yuko flew to New York where she was meant at the airport and taken to my Long Island estate. I love Asia, women there are so gullible and willing to believe a stranger. Always a kind smile and a gracious host, China is a country full of neive virgins and horny women. The average young Chinese woman is single, a virgin and usually completely ign... Continue»
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I knew from then.

hi. I want to write about what happened after that they I knew I'm different from the other boys.
Since that day I'm afraid to go in their house but I couldn't tell my f****y what's going on that's why I couldn't completely don't go there because my mom would find out something is wrong and I didn't want anyone else knows about me and them. One weekend my parents wanted to go to a party and I needed to stay at home I didn't know they are told Jacob( X,s b*****r) to come check if I needed anything. When I heard door bell and open door. I saw him standing and smiling I scared of him but he aft... Continue»
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Victoria-72 yr old hottie part 3 MARY

If you're reading this and not parts 1 & 2 you should read them first to follow the story line. Thanks!

After reading the card Vicky had given me I couldn't wait until I hooked up with her friend Mary, but decided to play it a little cool and called her two days later. She sounded sweet on the phone with a little southern accent that I fell in love with from the start. She said that she knew all about me from Vicky; that I was 6'1, a little heavy but not fat; handsome with brown 'bedroom' eyes that attracted Vicky and my cock was just the right size for fucking and sucking. Oh, I also knew ... Continue»
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A weekend with Lori...Part 2

Part 2....weekend with Lori....

I got down stairs and still did not see Bob, he must have been having some hot times with the blonde! I went back to the couch and sat with Lori. She asked where her drink was and I told her I got side tracked. She said I got “Barb” tracked. She said it was o.k. And she had gotten another on her own, actually several. She wasn't feeling any pain but she said she felt sl**py and put her head on my shoulder. I asked what was wrong and she said “nothing”. When a woman says nothing, I knew I was in for a long talk... So I asked her if she wanted to talk and she ... Continue»
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Sam & Cat: #GettingReady

"Sam do you know where I put my ducky at? I need him to go to the beach with me. Sam are you listening to me?"

"Yes k*d, I am," said Sam. "Look you left him over there on counter."

"Oh yeah," Cat said. "Sam look at my bathing suit, what do you think?"

"It’s pink," Sam replied, "and a bikini."

"Well of course it’s pink, I love pink," Cat said all happy. "And Jade said if I wore a bikini I would get lucky tonight, whatever that means. Jade is always saying weird things like my br*ther does."

Jade is right, Cat will get lucky if she wears that to the beach. God why must she look s... Continue»
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Matthew, the Awakening - Chapter 2

Matthew-The Awakening - Part 2

As you might imagine from part 1 I had a tough time making it through the next weekend. I mean, my entire sexual experience was me masturbating (and I was very good at that), a few handjobs from the girl next door and them mom sucking me off the previous week. I would have thought it a dream were it not for the fact that when I woke the next morning with the taste of mom's pussy in my mouth and our combined juices dried on my face (Yes, I licked a finger, rubbed it against my face and enjoyed the t... Continue»
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wife's first black cock

My wife was never into black cock even though I tried talking her into it so many times just wasn't her thing, anyway we decide to try a swing house not too far from where we live the gentleman they have show us around happened to be black and his name was Chris as we're taking the tour I bring up how she's never been with a black guy before of course he gets a big smile on his face she just gives me this dirty
Anyway after showing us around he said hope you have fun and he leaves I keep teasing her and she just says not going there over and hits me.. I take her into a room with a... Continue»
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remodling home

First a little about husband I 63 and 66 work are a very conservative company very proper dress and so on. our sex life had all but stopped my husband couldn't get an erection and I felted very sexual actived so we try some things at home frist he got a porn video showing men and women having sex with other and with each other some of the men were very well hung black men. Then we order a few toys such as dildo and a couple of them were black as well. We did some role play and even had my husband cross dress as I used a strap on dildo on him but here is were it gets wild we video all our fun t... Continue»
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Valentine’s Day with a friend - Part II

Immediately after I spoke with Hildi I picked up the phone to make a reservation at my favourite restaurant. Unfortunately, every table was booked. And so were the ones at the next five restaurants I called. Damn…

I decided we’d go a bit earlier to a local pub and maybe get a table there. If not, we could always just walk. I remember she loved walking — once we walked from one end of the town to the other. Took us like three hours, but we loved it. Our feet hurt, but we would do it all over again.

The next day I called her in the morning.

— “Hey you!” I said with a smile on my face.
... Continue»
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Sam & Cat: #SomethingNew

Sam & Cat: #SomethingNew

Sam was out on a run for free cheeseburgers from Inside Out, and the k*ds they were going to babysit later on in the day hadn't arrived yet, so Cat was bouncing on her bed playing with one of her yoyos. She had a red lollipop, to match her hair, in one hand and the green yoyo, to not match the lollipop, in the other. With her hair tied up in two ponytails, one on either side of her head, she could have passed for a twelve year old if it wasn’t for the noticeable lumps on her chest.... Continue»
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1st time sucking cock

this is a totally true story about my introduction to sucking cock,it was an amazing experience & though Im married & haven't done this often I cant wait to do it again.To make a long story short I was out with a group of friends for a get together we have annually,on this given night while out, we ran into a mutual friend of everyone(except myself,I knew of him but didn't know him personally)as the night progressed we were bar hopping & "steve"asked if we would like to go to his house as his wife was out of town for her job.Steve was extremely wealthy &had a beautiful house & rec. room with p... Continue»
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First time with chat friend

hi my name is prakash i m 24
when i was in college, i met a girl through internet chat. She was 20. We didn't exchange photos but we used to chat every night on facebook.

One day our topic changed into sex. She told me that she liked sex but didn't want to lose her virginity. It was then we decided to have oral sex rather than the normal one. She belonged to Chandi and had to come to my city to meet her cousin. So she arrived here two day before as per our plan. I picked her up from Bus Stop and reached a hotel. She dressed in black transparent top and black pant. She had wheatish comp... Continue»
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