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Being Slaved By Master And Mistress At Delhi

Hello friends I am Rajveer, I am 25 years old guy and working in a MNC company and looking after technical support. I am based at Delhi and Kolkata but with my job profile I travel all over India. You can connect with me on
Coming to the story, this incident happened in the month of November 2014 while I took flight from CCU to Delhi. To my bad luck after getting the tickets I was cursing as I had got the middle seat that too in the last beside the toilet, but again I can do anything because the flight was already full, so I cursed my luck and checked in and got seated on m... Continue»
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The Papergirl

My name is Steve. My daughter Suzette, whom you’re read about in other posts by Sean and Babs, convinced me to write the true story of the Papergirl. Sean helped me and I hope you enjoy it.

Years ago, we had a papergirl that delivered our daily newspaper. Every morning before school she would ride her bike along the sidewalk and toss the paper up by the front door. After several years of practice and growing bigger, her aim was quite good.

I was only several of years older than the papergirl and never really paid her much attention until I saw her one day in high school. I was a senior... Continue»
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Her first time

So i have not written a story in a long time, not really had much to write about.

So after the new year i start back to work on the 5th of jan 2015, and a we have a few new starts there.
3 guys and a girl, the guys that started have worked in sales before but the girl Ruth has never.
so i spent the morning with her showing her around and showing her what to do, in doing so we are chatting away i find out she is single and still lives with her mum and dad, and me being me just left it at that. she came in my office to ask me how some of the paper work is filed.
Ruth now starts asking ab... Continue»
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The babysitter

This happened a few years back. My wife had gone out of town to be with her s****r and I was left at home watching my young son. Saturday night came fast and after a long week at work I needed to go out for some drinks with the guys. I called my wife to see if her friend could watch my son but I was out of luck so she gave me the number for the k** next door who was home from school on break. It was a fairly cold night and he showed up at my door in overly trendy and strange fashion from college. He was wearing this black turtleneck sweater, leather pants that zipped from the front to back and... Continue»
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Tammy's Prom Date

My wife Tammy works as a secretary in a small school district, we live in the country on a farm and have one daughter. Tammy is in her early 40's and is very beautiful, my friends often tell me how lucky I am to have such a hot wife. Tammy is 5'5" and 125 pounds with shoulder length naturally curly brown hair, dark brown piercing eyes and 34D's with nipples the size of mini marshmallows, she has a flat tummy and a gorgeous ass. One day last spring Tammy told me that she had been ask to prom by a student, I ask by who and why, she told me that he was new to our school and was older and didn't... Continue»
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Measuring My Cum - pt3

I had barely been able to concentrate on my lessons at
college that day. I'd spent much of it with a semi hard-
on just thinking about mom wanking me off that evening,
and the sight of her in her underwear. By late
afternoon, the ache in my balls was more than normal. I
needed to cum, big time.

When I got back to our house, my heart was beating fast,
not knowing quite how things would pan out this evening.
Mom's car was parked in the driveway. She was home
already she normally got in before me, because of the
hours she worked.

She was in the kitchen, and called out to me... Continue»
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Measuring My Cum - pt4

The next two days, which were a Thursday and Friday,
followed a very similar routine to the first day of
mom helping measuring my cum.

Mom would take one specimen first thing when I got
home, coming into my bathroom after I showered,
whilst I stood naked in the bath. The other two times
each evening, she would wank me off into the semen
beaker whilst I lay on my bed.

Mom would take her bra off during our 'sessions' in
the bathroom. Even better, she had also got into the
habit of removing it and showing me her boobs whilst
she wanked me off on the bed. I had requested th... Continue»
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Jackie is suprised when her bosses make her an off

Jackie is 33 years old, married to Sam with twin boys aged 9 and a daughter aged 8. She’s been married since she was 18 and Sam was her one and only boyfriend before her marriage. Jackie is quite tiny and petite with a fantastic figure, which she looks-after, regularly, in the gym. She’s a natural blonde with long straight hair. Sam is so proud of her that he keeps a very revealing naked photo of her in his wallet, which bothers Jackie a bit in case he shows it around.

Last Summer Jackie went away on holiday, without Sam and the c***dren, to Jamaica for a few days with a couple of old sch... Continue»
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s****r and I are Close Then Mom (4)

Coming out of the bathroom with just a pair of pants on as I usually do, I walked to the living room to see mom sitting in her chair and Clare on the couch in her usual spot. Mom looked up as I stepped to the end of the couch, then she stood up, "Are you ready son?" giving me a quick view up her short dress, (that stopped half way to her knees when she stands) with out knowing she did so.

"Yes mom, I'm as ready as I will ever be."

Mom turned toward her bedroom door so I went around the coffee table and followed her.

Stepping into mom's bedroom, "Close the door please, son." as she st... Continue»
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A true story from Glasgow's West End

I am 48 years old and I’ve never shared this story with anyone before but I’ve decided this is the time to share it.
I was 14 and in a local swimming pool, there was an Asian guy who was one year older than me. His name was Sukedeep and that’s genuine! Anyway, I was getting to that curious stage about sex, having just learned the noble art of wanking some months earlier or so. I was always horny, always hard and always wanking – I was a serial wanker, wanking on buses, trains and outdoors – anything that got me a kick or thrill.
So one day, Sukedeep and I are in the pool and we are messin... Continue»
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His last Refuge Pt:1

His last refuge

I was sitting in the library, trying to read, but I was constantly distracted by the chatter behind me. They didn’t know that I could actually hear every word of their gossip. Just a moment ago, they were talking about some fat k** with his abusive father; however, it soon switched to John. John was a tall, handsome and strong sophomore Quarterback. He was basically a celebrity in the university, every guy wanted to be his friend and every girl wanted to be his.

"….Dunno why he hangs out with him. I mean they just don’t go together, you know what I mean?" said the squeak... Continue»
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slow sunday

so sitting here on a slow sunday bored and thinking of a good time i had with the girl i mentioned in the previous story.

she has hounded us to go out the house on a slow sunday ...bored we had gone into town for something to do! we went shopping (not my fave). after suffering being dragged round a few hours i suggested we have a cheeky drink in the pub. she agreed. late afternoon drinks are always the best. we hit up the pub having just a few drinks but this led to a few more and this more again... we were having a good time in an empty pub on a late sunday evening. the quiz machine lost i... Continue»
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How I learned about my gag reflex.

About a year ago i was out with some girlfriends. We had dinner and drinks and then went bar hopping. After a while we ended up at a dance club in the city. My friends and I danced with some guys and hung out at our table and drank and shared stories. We are a pretty attractive group of women. I'm 23 (was 22 at the time) 5'3 125lbs. I have brown wavy hair and blue eyes. I am fairly well endowed for my size (34d) which usually gets me a decent amount of attention, which isn't always wanted. My friends are also cute girls so guy had been stopping at our table most of the night and we had been c... Continue»
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Kat Has To Try Hard

Well I know it may sound like Kat gets every cunt she goes for and the truth is she does get a lot sometimes she misses. She hates to but if she tries and fails she leaves them alone.

Lynn Toms is a mother a lawyer and a total knockout. Lynn was 37yrs. 5'6" maybe 118lbs. and most likely 34C tits. Kat was trying to get a dress shop to sell to her and Lynn was there lawyer. After about eight meetings they came to a price and things moved on from there. Kat did her best without coming on to strong to make a pass at Lynn who seemed to not even notice it. So Kat gave up then about 6 mont... Continue»
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Foot Fetish Fantasy Finally Comes True!

Foot Fetish Fantasy Finally Comes True!

This story I'm about to tell you is very much true, and it has changed my foot fetish forever. Hope you enjoy!

I have to say, I'm a very lucky man with my girlfriend (whom we will call her, Sarah). She and I have been together for 3 years at this time, and she absolutely loved my fetish for feet. With this story, you'll see just how much. She was always very fond of the idea, and she had the prettiest feet on the planet.

She is 5' 4" and very attractive with 38DD breasts, red hair, brown eyes, and a very sweet sexy voice. Her feet are size 6, al... Continue»
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My first cuck experence

It happened while on holydays last summer . May I first point out that for as long as I can remember I have wanted to watch ether my now wife or ex girlfriends fuck someone else . I had been trying and encouraging my wife to engage in my fantasy in the hope she would fuck some guy . she did for a while go along with the whole idea in bed but then got very board with it I still kept wishing thing would change . June 2014 was the turning point for us we met this black guy by pure chance at the complex we were staying at we talked and had a few tighter when he left I could see she was interest... Continue»
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Taking his virginity. (Her perspective)

So we dated for about a month and hung out probably 3-4 times a week. It was convenient since we both lived in the same apartment complex. He was 18 and I was 19. Every time we would hang out it would lead to the same thing. Us sitting next to each other on his couch and making out. As much as I loved it, I always wanted to do more with him. But he was way too shy to make the move. I tried wearing shirts that showed my AWESOME cleavage but he would never go for it. I would even try to catch him looking at my cleavage but I never could. I know what you're thinking "HE'S GAY". I would have thoug... Continue»
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f***ed to cross dress on Halloween

Halloween is a great reason to show your submissive side and cross dress for your mistress. Other than writing these articles and stories, I also enjoy dominating my partner.

This Halloween was no exception and I wanted to share this exciting day with you. Below you will find a story that is heavily based on the events that took place in my house this year.


I could tell he was anxious. Informing him about the Halloween party raised a lot of questions on his end which I skillfully either ignored or diverted.

I had not been mean right from the start, but I clearly told him he had... Continue»
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on line chat leads to allison being fucked

I had been chatting with a guy on line for over a year and a half doing video chats and even having video sex with him watching me do things with my dildo as I would watch him jerking off until he would cum it was all so fun then one day he asked if he could come see me.
I was a little hesitant at first after all the things I had been doing and telling him about the men I had been with, he always said one day he was going to see me and do all the thing those other guys I had been telling him about we were doing together. He made no bum about it he said when he come down it was just to fuck m... Continue»
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schoolboy falls in love with gay classmate

It was 1992 and I was on a school trip to Germany. I was at the time a keen amateur boxer, tall, lean and well muscled. During the trip I was given the task of looking after the new boy, Stuart. Stuart had recently arrived from Australia he was small for his age about 5ft 3 tanned and a little chubby with really dark eyes and quite long chestnut coloured hair. He was getting bullied, k**s had started to call him fat ass because he had what is called these days a "bubble but". I was to sit with him on the coach and look after him during the trip.
On this particular day we'd been on a long and ... Continue»
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