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Wife's Jamaican Special Massage Blacken

FetishFirst TimeInterracial Sex

My wife Julie and I decided to take a well deserved vacation to the Caribbean. After some research we decided on Jamaica. I went online to look at the different resorts, as we were looking for some privacy. I found a small exclusive resort called GoldenEye. It was expensive but very private. Six weeks later we were flying to Jamaica. When Julie returned from the restroom on the flight I noticed she had removed her bra. She smiled at me and said she would not be needing one for the next five days. She had never done that before. We checked into the resort and were escorted to our room by… Read more

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Wife's Jamaican Birthday Surprise Blacken

FetishFirst TimeInterracial Sex

My wife and I decided to take a well-deserved vacation to the Caribbean and celebrate her 32nd birthday. Sandra is a trim blonde, and the mother of two great k**s. She bears a striking resemblance to actress Rosamund Pike. Sex with Sandra is amazing. She has the ability to have multiple orgasms, sometimes up to 10 or more. She also has the extraordinary ability to ejaculate when she cums, requiring us to place several towels under her when we have sex. She works out regularly and has a great body to show for it, which I am very proud of. Like many couples, we have had fantasies during sex abou… Read more

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Therapy: First Sex - Pt 4

First TimeTabooHardcore

Down at the creek, I shared my sandwich with the 18 year old woman who now almost seemed my girlfriend. In ways, going into fifth grade had me more mature than her. I was the one listening to her and trying to offer words of advice or consolation. I shared my lunch, she shared her life. As we sat there with our feet dangling in the water, a fish suddenly brushed her foot and she squealed! I laughed at her and pointed at the fish as it darted away from us. When I looked over at her, her nipples were poking out like signal fires and my eyes went to them like iron to a magnet! She looked down at… Read more

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Therapy: First Sex - Pt 2

First TimeTabooAnal

Dr. Sumar suggested we take a break at this point. She excused me to go out to the bathroom and I saw her shuffle quickly toward her own private toilet. When I returned, she seemed a little... out of sorts. Her white blouse was tousled and there seemed to be a stain near the bottom of her black skirt that I had not noticed before. I resumed my reading for her though -------------------------------- The inside of the trailer looked like an explosion with trash and clothes everywhere. They took me down a narrow hall and past a bedroom with two beds jammed in it and then to the small bathroom. C… Read more

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Therapy: First Sex - Pt 1

First TimeTabooMasturbation

Part of a court order in my divorce was that I go to a ther****t for treatment for my sexual addiction. Dr. Dan had seemed pretty cool and I had opened up to him well. After the second session, he asked me to go home and write about my first sexual experiences. The third session I was led to a different room. Dr. Dan was unexpectedly out and Dr. Elizabeth Sumar, a beautiful Indian woman, barely out of her 20's came around from her desk and gave me a firm hand shake. She asked if I had my writing assignment done. I told her I did. She then made herself comfortable in one of the chairs and motio… Read more

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stable boy

ShemalesBDSMFirst Time

I was so excited at starting my new job as a stable boy I almost couldn’t contain myself, that morning I showered and shaved my body completely smooth, I couldn’t help but pleasure myself before leaving the shower god I just couldn’t wait. Getting dressed I rolled on my favourite stockings I got a shiver as the silky texture worked its way up my freshly shaven legs I just so love the feeling, I put one my lacy red thong with garter straps and matching bra, I admired myself in the mirror for a few minutes before I covered it all up with my boy clothes, simple jeans and shirt that hides my bra.… Read more

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Mom’s Tiny Tits

MatureFirst TimeTaboo

Fbailey story My thirty-five-year-old mother hates being flat chested but I just love her tiny tits. Mom is really pretty, tall at five feet ten inches, and only a hundred and ten pounds. She is tall and thin like a basketball player. She wears size one and two dresses and wears a 32-A padded bra. She really doesn’t need a bra but she likes to wear sexy lacy bras anyway. She likes the matching panties and almost all of her panties are thongs too. Mom got worse when dad left us for a twenty-five-year-old woman with big tits. I have to spend one weekend a month at their house so I know… Read more

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I got back to my hotel and got a shower

AnalShemalesFirst Time

My story is from 2016 and involves Jacqui a girl from our Head office that I had known for the past 5 years and met a few times, but last year we went out for a meal and drinks when I visited HO. We always got on well she was tall 5ft 9 inches with blonde hair and slim waist and large breasts, I needed help on marketing and she was head of the department. Head office was in the posh part of London just outside Kensington so I got a train to Piccadilly then caught the tube to Kensington, it was then a twenty minute walk to the office. At the time I was 48 and Jacqui was 25 so a lot younger than… Read more

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The Two-fer

MatureFirst TimeHardcore

I'd wanted my neighbor for years. My neighbor's oldest brother married Elaine eight years ago when she was a sexy 62 - year-old. Now she's an even sexier 70 and with a body that would melt cold steel but put a hard-on on a dead man. He passed away and Jim his brother moved into the house. Elaine was a good 10 years older than me, but I was smitten with her Since Jim, my neighbor's brother, is always out of town for days at a time on business, I'm the guy Elaine calls when she needs help around the house. For years she's known that her body turned me on when she was in the same room. My cock w… Read more

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First TimeGay MaleVoyeur

Alaska is one of those places that most people like in theory but wouldn't want to permanently live in. It's further north than where all other Americans and even most Canadians are used to. The thing is, I've lived here my whole life, enjoy it here, and couldn't imagine living anywhere else. My c***dhood home was in a small town (although by most standards, almost all towns in Alaska qualify as "small towns") at the southern part of the state. The family was just me and my dad. I never knew my mother, as she died during my birth. Even though I essentially took the love of his life away from… Read more

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A Holiday Adventure

VoyeurGroup SexFirst Time

We both took a breath as we exited the changing room, this was it, we were here, we had done it. We stepped out feeling nervous, exposed, curious and excited. Our first trip to a club! We had really done it! You had a short black leatherette dress, naked underneath save for a pair of sheer black lacy stockings and black high heels. I was wearing a skimpy pair of satin shorts. Outfits that excited us in private but we never dreamt would be worn outside the privacy of our own bedroom! We had been thinking about going to a club for months. They had gone past in a blur, what was talk, what was re… Read more

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How I Seduced My Step Dad

First TimeTabooHardcore

Laying here with my step dad's taste still in my mouth and my pussy stretched from his massive cock. It still feels like I dream, I have wanted him for years, and finally I got up the courage to seduce my step father. I can't help but remember how it all started six months ago, I had just gotten out of the military and moved home to started college. My name is Kim and I am 23 years old, my father is David and he is 49 years old. I am five foot eleven inches tall, green eyes, auburn hair down to just above my waist and weight a sold 126 pounds with round hips, a full ass and 38 inch bust. I hav… Read more

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Son helps his grieving mother.

MatureTabooFirst Time

I was born on my Mother's 19th birthday. Not an amazing fact in itself, but one that would have interesting repercussions later in life. My early years were not unusual, and it wasn't until I was in my teens that I made an interesting discovery, well, two in fact. Firstly, I realised that my mother, called Ruth, was incredibly attractive (5'11" tall, with short reddish brown hair, a full set of tits and legs that went on, and on, and on.) Secondly, she and my Dad fucked like rabbits every night, and when she fucked, my Mum was loud and proud! Every night, as they fucked in their room (or the… Read more

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Brother and sister lose control a

First TimeHardcoreTaboo

Brad stared out the kitchen window watching the sunset, his hands in dishwater, wondering where it all went wrong. He ran his tongue over the split in his lip and winced. No guy had ever hit him that hard, as hard as his own sister had just an hour before. Wendy was out of control. Fuck it, the whole world was out of control. Brad wiped off another plate and shivered once. It sure wasn't supposed to be like this. It was supposed to be perfect, Dad having that job down south, him and Mom to be gone from June to August. Hell, Wendy was twenty-one, he was eighteen, they were adults, they could t… Read more

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Making Love to My Daughter

First TimeHardcoreTaboo

The room was fairly dark when I opened the door, and the faint illumination of the night light from behind me in the hall helps me get my bearings while my eyes adjust. I can see her - the object of my affections and the love of my life - laying on her back in bed. She's smiling and I can tell she's waiting for me. Such a sweet smile and such a cute pudgy face, it would be impossible not to love her. "Hi Annie," I say softly, even though there's nobody else in the house. "Hi Daddy," comes the answer from the girl in the bed. "Feel like some company?" I ask, and after Annie giggles she pull… Read more

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Adopted daughter

First TimeHardcoreTaboo

We had arrived at Everest Base Camp. Scott Hall, the expedition leader, gathered all of us together for a meeting -- clients, guides and Sherpas. "From here on out, my word, and the word of the guides and climbing Sherpas, is absolute law," he stated. "If we tell you to do something, you zip your lip and do it right away. If you have an issue with something, wait until we're camped, come to my tent, and we'll talk about it THEN. But not in the middle of the climb." All us clients nodded. There was me (Will Easterly), Richard Bass, Rob Hansen, Steve Kruse, Charles Carruth, Pete Harris, Pete'… Read more

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Brother and sister

First TimeHardcoreTaboo

Practicing sports was a big part of Sam's life. Honing his skills on the soccer, football, and lacrosse field kept him in great shape. His rippling toned muscles turned the girl's heads at school, but unlike sports he hadn't had much practice with them. Dating wasn't as easy as scoring touchdowns - at least not for Sam. His sister Susie on the other hand was no stranger to the opposite sex. Her bubbling laughter and bright smile had made her quite popular with the boys at school. Teasing them was one of her favorite past-times; she enjoyed taking them right up to the edge, but was careful no… Read more

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Big Boobs, Butts, and Bellies

MatureFirst TimeTaboo

Fbailey story All I said was, “Wow! You girls sure are big.” That’s when they turned on me and one replied, “You call us fat again and we’ll kick your fucking ass.” Quickly I apologized by saying, “Oh no! Sorry! I didn’t mean it that way. You see in my last school all of the girls were either anorexic, bulimic, or weighed less than a hundred pounds. You girls on the other hand have bigger boobs, butts, and bellies than I have ever seen before. I sure like the way you girls look.” At least they smiled. I continued, “Even my mother weighs one hundred and ten pounds and wears an… Read more

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She was Pissed Off At Her Father

MatureFirst Time

Fbailey story Wendy was sixteen years old and ‘hot.’ All of my friends went gaa-gaa over her. She had always lived next door to me and we played together every day of our lives. We were the best of friends and we could tell each other anything. Likewise we could ask each other anything. One day Wendy told me that she was pissed off at her father. I tried to comfort her but that wasn’t what she wanted. Her father had accused her of fucking around. It really pissed her off because she was still a virgin. I was also a virgin and she knew it. At the time we were in my bedroom, which wasn’t u… Read more

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A Fuck Is Just A Fuck

Sex HumorFirst TimeTaboo

Fbailey story I was listening at my sixteen-year-old sister’s door, it was partially open, and Heather was on the phone with one of her girlfriends. She said, “Yes, I let Dave fuck me. No, he wasn’t very good but like I always say, a fuck is just a fuck.” “Oh my God Jennie you really want to fuck my brother. That little pervert is always jerking off in my panties and leaving them crusty. Mom is always questioning me about how many guys I let fuck me when I go out.” “You can’t be serious. Why should I do a threesome with you and my brother? No way. You really did i****t. No, not y… Read more

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