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Party Animal - Male stripper short

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My name is Tony and I have a small outside catering business in Brighton. The business was hard work and I was struggling to keep it going, until recently that is. I am 23, six ft tall, well built (thanks to my swimming, I am in the local team) and have been told that I am more than adequately endowed by my past lovers. One Friday I got a call from a woman called Jill to see if I could do the food for a hen night, it had been called at very short notice and was for tomorrow night at eight. She said that I would get a good price for a buffet for six people and ten bottles of wine. It wouldn’t b… Read more

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Hardware Whore

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Hardware Whore When we first moved to the farm, we discovered that like all new owners there were always those things you wanted to change or that needed repairs. Very quickly, the local hardware store became a much-visited place, ranking up there with the grocery store for number of trips. Dad seemed to enjoy the hardware store visits leaving the grocery store to us girls. One afternoon Dad was getting ready to head out to the hardware and I raced out and jumped in his truck. I needed some batteries, lamps and clamps for various spots in the low light areas in the barn. He seemed a bit per… Read more

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My Mom

MatureFirst TimeHardcore

Due to this being a true story, I've changed our names so as not to embarrass my poor mom . . . . . . . again! One day when I was 18, I was came back from 6th form school and turned into the driveway where mom's car was normally parked and noticed that it was missing as mom would always beat me and dad back from school and work. Presuming that she was either shopping or round her friends, I let myself in and made a cup of tea to refresh myself while I got ready to take a bath. Unknown to me at the time, mom was still making her way back home from work after being stuck on the motorway for th… Read more

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Polish girl working at hotel

First TimeTaboo

I Was working for a Hotel at night about 5 years ago, I would lone work with another old guy for 3 nights and 2 nights with this Polish girl called Martha. Martha was a Raven haired  small blue eyed girl with  a tight peachy ass and a pair of nice pert tits.   she had a  huge polish boyfriend who worked away alot. I was single and always wanked over slutty polish or eastern European girls I watched on porn videos in my flat always thinking how Martha would pump my big stiff cock with her tiny hand into her open mouth, waiting f… Read more

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A Massage

First TimeHardcore

I was playing baseball with my friend and we needed some extra people, so he got his sister, Haley, and her two friends. She was really hot, especially in her baseball uniform. Her friends were ok, too. He had told me several times that Haley wanted me, but I didn’t believe him because I knew she had a boyfriend. We did flirt sometimes, but she did that with a lot of guys. One of the guys hit a long ball. I was running like a deer to snag it before it went over the fence. I jumped high, and caught it, but I knew the moment I leaped, that I was in trouble. I had strained my right groin. I thre… Read more

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319 sending in a substitute part 5

MatureVoyeurFirst Time

Part 5 By mid-afternoon we had done a few household chores, it had started to rain so the lawn could wait, so we snacked and were in the sort of frame of mind to chat. Being the supposed master of the house… an illusion a lot of us men like to perpetuate, I started the conversation, asking if she really had enjoyed the hammering Harry had given her, or was she just being polite? Her reply stunned me as much as the sight of Harry banging away at her had! She looked me in the eye and hesitantly said, that it was like…well…being punished really, she couldn’t understand it either, …she had felt t… Read more

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His magical hands

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I met him at work , his mira dog really needed a grooming Its a job I been doing with my mom to help the home buisiness between my degree courses he had move to montreal after loosing his sight in a work accident 45 yr old tall big belly black dude , his black sunglasses giving away his condition It was the 3rd time here, welcoming him and Misha the nice shepperd ''hey boi is misha been a good dog?'' ''yes sir as always''' ''good girl misha '' he was about to leave when he told me i should come by its place someday for a free massotherapic session leaving me his card , going out with m… Read more

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Our First Threesome - Part II - The Ladies Play

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We'll pick up our story after Mae and Stacy visited the clinic together in order to get an STD test for Stacy. With results that are almost instantaneous, the STD test results came back negative and Mae came home that evening to tell me the big news that our threesome could proceed. Inside there was still a small part of me that wanted her to test positive for something so that I could get out of the situation as I still felt a bit uncomfortable. I spent a long time finding my wife, I was scared to death that something like this would cause our relationship to fall apart. Nobody could… Read more

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I Should Be So Lucky !

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It was 2003 and I was 39. At the time I was going out with a girl called Ann. Ann was a year older than me. She had two daughters. Katie And Claire who were twins , their Coming of Age birthdays due on the 22nd of August. You would not have thought they were twins. Both had slim pert titted figures but Katie was a Redhead and Claire a Brunette. Both lovely and fuckable. Both about just over 5ft tall. Absolutely gorgeous. It all started on Saturday 9th August. It was about 4pm. I had been to the pub was laid on the settee, watching the TV with a can, when i heard the front door open and then… Read more

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Ad was for BlowJob Only! Yeah Right!

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Here's my story. First off, I am definitely bisexual, I'll admit that, I think I always have been and it has always been one of my well guarded secrets. I don't advertise it and for the public, I keep it in the closet. It's my secret. From an early age, I always knew I was and there has never been any doubt in my mind about it. The first cock I sucked belonged to one my brother's older friends. I love to suck cock and had also given a few discreet blow jobs in my college days at a park bathroom I found. Lately I have been thinking, that it has been a really long time since I have gotten… Read more

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My Very First Time part2

First TimeTaboo

I lied down with her, with my mouth and face covered with her naughty honey. "Are you ok? Did I hurt you?" I looked at her. She shook her head without a word. Suddenly someone knocked on my door. "Hey, masscreyou. Have you seen L?" She and I stared at each other with eyes wide open and mouths shut tight. "No, I didn't. I was asleep." I answered. "Oh, ok. Do you want to have dinner together later?" "Sure, bro. I'll talk to you when I am ready." Now both of us were thinking how she was going to sneak back to her room. We waited for a while, and I went out first to check where my roommate was. He… Read more

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We Jock Around

First TimeTabooVoyeur

We 'Jock' Around - #6 ---------- High school was so much fun and even though I was the shy one, always trying to stay in the background, it seems that I also had the most deviant ideas as well. I had a small group of friends and we met at each other's houses and did homework together, laughed and talked about all sorts of crazy things and had frequent sleepovers. Everyone liked my house for our get-together because our basement was partially finished into a game room. Dad had found several boxes of various full-length d****ry panels in a wide variety of designs, and had hung them up to separ… Read more

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First time sucking dick

First TimeFetish

The real story of mine, ifrst time doing what I wanted to do for about ten years or more. Im a Crossdresser, and been dressing up for about 15years now, but last 6-7 years im practising it with my own clothes, make up, and wig. Everytime dressed up I want to become as girly as I can and act as a girl. Everytime I want to do what bad girls do ;) One day i had one completely free day. I was dressed up th whole day, and started to get bored. I was looking for some meet at one of social networks. newer had a meeting before so I thought that i will ran away as soon as I any date. well after… Read more

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Birthday gift from my BF

HardcoreFirst TimeVoyeur

I am 5’6”, fair and studious girl with nice personality. I m in final year & have got placed at very good company just a month back. Although I came across many proposals from friends, I didn’t find Mr. Right. Around 2 months back I came to know 1 guy Aditya through orkut. Thanks to orkut….!!!! Aditya is a s/w engg. After talking with him for few hours for few days … we became good friends. There was a nice chemistry between us. We both were crazy f… Read more

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True Story of a White Guy part 2

First TimeGroup SexInterracial Sex

ASIAN CAT & WHITE CAT Part 2 In the morning I took my pho (a soup) after booked my bus ticket to Ha Long Bai and met my friend David with whom I spend the rest of the day. David was living in Hanoi for three years and worked as an English teacher. He said tonight at 6pm I have an appointment with a couple of my students so why don’t you join us, I said yes of course. And so it was 6pm and we were sitting on our usual table in the Rock bar with a view to the street, watching the people passing by. We ordered two beers and the students arrived. 4 girls and 1 boy all about 18 years old. Davi… Read more

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Students French trip

First TimeVoyeurMasturbation

This is a story about a day I will never forget! I was in my last year at school doing my A-Levels. I had just turned 18 and it was the Easter holiday period. Because of our exams we were given extra time off (study leave) to revise. In the middle week my mother had arranged for me to go to France for a few days to brush up on my French (the subject I was not sure I would pass). Because of my good natural ability in math’s and physics I wasn’t so worried about passing them as I had got straight A’s all through school. But my French wasn’t up to scratch, a ‘D’ at best. I wasn’t too keen on the… Read more

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Flashing Bikers

VoyeurFirst TimeFetish

I am an exhibitionist; it's official! I just love men (and women for that matter) looking at my naked body. Any chance I get I will let people see me naked and sometimes I will let them see me do more than just flash! My name is Dee. I am 27, 5 ft 4, have short red (not ginger) hair, green eyes and trim figure with nice 36D’s. I have been told on many occasions how much blokes fancy me and I think that is part of the reason I like them to see the whole package. I’ve lived in Brighton for the last four summers. It has become a very exciting time for me because I enjoy to have men and women see… Read more

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Jane's Step Brother

TabooFirst TimeMature

I came home from work to find Jane upset. I asked her what was wrong, and she told me the following. As you know when I was fxxxxxxxn mum remarried and I had a step brother. He was 15 years older than me and he did not come around often. He was married and lived a few miles away. Whenever he did come around he made me feel uncomfortable he had a way of looking at me that made me feel dirty ( and I am sorry to say horny) he was a big man over 6 feet and strong. He worked as a builder. I suspected he had stolen a pair of my panties after one visit. He was attractive but creepy. Mum and step da… Read more

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Brighton Nude Beach story

First TimeVoyeurMasturbation

Four years ago my wife (my girlfriend back then) and I moved down to Brighton and had a wonderful flat just off the seafront, only 100 yards from the beach. When the summer came around it was great to go and sit on the beach and relax in the sun with a good book, magazine or just our thoughts. My girlfriend was then a petite size 14 (UK) with lovely 36D tits and curvy hips that blend into a lovely pert bottom. She has long red hair that she often wears in bunches and the prettiest little face with perfect sexy green eyes. I’m Mr. Average in most departments with cropped blonde hair and muscula… Read more

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Subs Story

AnalFetishFirst Time

She stands over him in just her bra and panties, her legs apart so that he can see her crotch. She is wearing tan fully fashioned stockings with a lacy suspender belt and her best pair of high heel shoes. She has placed herself in a compromising position with a complete stranger who is filming her as she undresses, taking her clothes off as he directs. He though is completely naked, his penis fully erect, huge, curving bigger than any cock she had seen before, although that isn't too hard, she had only ever seen her husband's much smaller erection. She marvels at the power she has to cause s… Read more

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