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I turned into a Cuckold for My Wife

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My current way of life started 3 years ago when I met my future wife. I was teaching 12th grade history when the most stunning girl I had ever seen walked into my class. Her name was Lynn and she had just turned 18. To say she was beautiful would be an understatement. She was 5 feet tall and weighed only 90 lbs. Her long blonde hair rested just above her perfect ass and she had just the right amount of curves. Besides being beautiful she was also incredibly sweet and kind which I found unusual for someone so popular. She was a hard worker and a good student. Often times she would volunteer… Read more

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I made a Big Mistake Wife Blacken

First TimeInterracial Sex

I always dreamed of watching my wife being fucked by a well hung black man. We role play in bed and one of our favorite "plays" is when she's ****d by a black man with a very large cock. I decided to set up the real thing without her knowledge because I know her and she would never agree to it. Our anniversary was coming up and we decided to go out to dinner and then get a honeymoon suite for some fun. Without her knowledge I found a black man on Craigslist who was interested. I met him and told him that I wanted him to fuck my wife but she would pretend to fight him. He was ok with this bu… Read more

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I agree only One Time Blacken

First TimeInterracial Sex

My husband shocked me to my core when he asked me to fuck a big black cock. I couldn't believe he would ask me to do this. Didn't he want me? He told me it was just a fantasy that he wanted to try but I said "NEVER!" I thought it was over but our relationship struggled over the next few weeks. He clearly was upset with me as I was upset with him. Why did he want this so much? I started to worry about what this would do with our relationship long term. What if he never got over this? Could I be with another man to please my husband while he watched, especially a black man? What would a big… Read more

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From a Top to a Bottom Converted

AnalFirst TimeGay Male

I was reading this Craigslist ad from some 33 year old guy: "I have a cocksucking buddy who likes to suck me off. Last week we had another dude join us. He really got off on my cocksucker sucking another cock. He even jacked the dude a lil. We're looking for a dude or a few guys that want oral service, he will lick suck deepthroat and swallow your cocks and cum." That sounded great to me - who doesn't like a great blowjob? So I replied and showed up. A tall slim good-looking guy, who was acting the way you'd expect someone to act when looking on the DL for men who saw his ad on CL,… Read more

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My mom and a long summer Part 1

First TimeMatureTaboo

There are those who would say that i****t is a bad, horrible and wrong thing to do with a family member, and for some of them they may be right if it were ever forced or unwanted. For me, I can’t say that. I was never forced into it and wanted to do it when it finally happened. I consider it family love when it is equally shared by all those involved and no one is ever harmed by it. For me I have had a long, loving and caring relationship that has been wonderful for the both of us. I have had a long and wonderful loving relationship with a sexy and beautiful woman who has been the best sexual… Read more

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Encounter in the train with an Indian young man

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A few years ago in august 2009, in the period i was a transvestite for only half a year i was travelling by train between my hometown and the Hague. Often i went to the red light districts in the Hague or Amsterdam. I looked around for the T-ladies who worked behind the windows and chat with them. Also that day. This time i was dressed sexy feminine with a skirt and see athrough blouse and for the first time i had eyeliner all around my eyes. Me on august 13th 2009 with eyeliner all around my eyes A femal… Read more

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AnalFirst Time

Hello guys. This is my true story about my curiousity how great anal sex feels like. Im a straight male and having a GF. really happy with my GF. we always fuck. we fuck 2 times a day. always horny and love about sex. 2 or 3 years ago i watched trans porn. When i watch it i admit the trans girl is very hot, sexy, and beauty and watch it continuously day by day. Yes Im erect when see trans have a sex with a guy. after that i see a crossdresser. they dressed like a girl, act like a girl and they like a dick too. So im continued to try to watch it. After that, im curious about it.… Read more

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She took my virginity and started my obsession wit

First TimeMatureTaboo

This is a true story and happened when I was 14. I had a good friend who I saw every day when I was at school and most weekends. He live a few streets away from me and lived with his mum who was widowed She was a friend of my mother’s. I knew her all my life to that point and she was very sexy to me and I had seen her putting her stockings on when I had been at her house and had always tried to watch without being caught but had been on a few occasions and had instantly looked away as she had smiled at me and carried on rolling the nylons up her legs and fastening the clips and checked t… Read more

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A New Kink For A Wicked Bunny?

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I thought that a brief break from writing my 20 Years of Infidelity series of stories would do me good. I've had an occasion lately to remember a man I spent time with who had a rather strange... Kink? An unusual request? A taste for something different? Describe it as you will after I relate my experience... I'm not going to give a history. I don't want in any way to ruin the ending to my above mentioned series of posts. Suffice it to say that at the time of this story I was in my late 20s and I still had a very tight, 34B-23-35 body. I was still 5'10" tall with long, blond hair. I met Roy… Read more

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First time chub taking bbc

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So this story is as real as it gets and absolutely nothing is fabricated or sugar coated. This is the first time I bottomed for a top. I am born and raised in a lower class tough predominately black suburban area. I’m a good looking feminine shaped chub with a lot of tits and ass. I am a closet bitch like panties and my ass up in the air just drooling crying out to get my big ass breached. I always saw it in my mind getting topped by a big dick and just loving every second cumming myself dry. The truth was I watched too much porn and thought I was ready for a big cock. I had posted on Craigsli… Read more

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Jenny Part 5 - We all Have Her

First Time

Jenny Part 5 - We All Have Her Jenn's ordeal was not over yet. There were still four men to fuck her. Two of my friends attended to JEnny while Mandy and I had a glass of champagne. They cleaned Jenny up with towel and stripped her down to her white stockings and shoes. Next up had Jenny on her back again, legs up in a replay of her recent defloration. He gave Jenn a long and thorough shafting as the audience looked on. The next two had her together. It was difficult to see at times which one was fucking her and which one was playing rough with her magnificent tits. I swear that Jenny… Read more

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First Time with Alpha Male

First TimeGay Male

I started sucking cock years ago and got pretty good at it. I still blow several of those guys I started with to this day. I sometimes picked up strangers at bars when I went out and I would blow them in their car or we would get a motel room. Then one night a few years ago I was extremely horny. It was a rare that I didn't have a cock at all that day. I went out to a bar with one thing on my mind, find a guy and blow him. That night I met Clark, we started talking and after a while I got up the nerve to ask him what I was there for. Nervously I asked, "Would you like a blowjob?" "Sur… Read more

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Chapter 8 Part1- Made up like a girl

First TimeShemalesTaboo

Julie told me to come to her house the next day after I had introduced her to the man next door that I had been having illicit sex with. I knocked on her door and her mother let me in. I was wearing my usual summer outfit of well worn too short cutoffs and t-shirt that fit just a little too snug. I went upstairs to Julie's pink bedroom and she opened the door and locked it behind us. "I can't stop thinking about what we did yesterday" she gushed. "I never dreamed of anything like that. It felt so good when he did that to me." I know, isn't it fun?" I said. "And I think he likes you a lot… Read more

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Wife teases with a bbc

FetishFirst TimeInterracial Sex

Wife's Teasing Treat For years I had had this fantasy of watching my sweet red headed wife take a big black cock into her pussy. And for years she denied it to me. However, she would jerk me off telling me "stories" of her interracial infidelity. It was coming up to my birthday and she had started hinting a month in advance that she had a special treat in mind for me, and that is all she would say about it. Finally it was my birthday, we went out with some friends for drinks then came home. She smiled and asked me if I thought that she had forgotten about my treat. I smiled and told her… Read more

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Husband to CockSucker Gay

FetishFirst TimeGay Male

I was very frustrated and horny as hell as I boarded the car train in Sanford, Florida heading to Charlotte, North Carolina. My car was on board as I was going to be staying in Charlotte for at least three months. The Company I worked for was sending me to our Charlotte branch to oversee the start up of a new computer system that I had help develop over the past year. My frustration stemmed from the fact that my wife was not going and would probably be fucking our good friend Charlie's brains out while I was gone and she would not suck my cock prior to my leaving. She was the best cocksu… Read more

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Turned Gay

First TimeGay Male

I'm 24 years old and I've always called myself straight even though I've fantasized about dick since I was 14. I've had girlfriends and I like pussy but the attraction to dick has never gone away. As a k**, dicks or anything gay was gross to me and I never would've thought that later in life I'd crave it; that I'd ever passionately suck on the most taboo thing: an erect penis. The craving got stronger and stronger and eventually I had to give in. I was hoping I would just get it out of my system but I also got so horny thinking that I'd get addicted. A few weeks ago I started putting out ad… Read more

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First TimeHardcore

265 A CUCKOLD DESPAIR Part 4 She slept late, luckily it was Saturday, Micky had slept beside her, and had checked on her regularly, she had worried him, both last night, when she had returned, so strangely dressed, and during the disturbed night that had passed. He took her tea at 11, far later than she normally rose at 7am, or perhaps occasionally 8 at the weekends! She half smiled at his call, her face pale peering over the blue blanket, her eyes though sparkled like green emeralds in sunlight, and he knew instantly that he would walk this path time and again. She groaned as she sat… Read more

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Jenny Part 3 - The Defloration

First Time

Jenny Part 4 - The Defloration All five men were sitting in the lounge of the luxury apartment we had hired. We were dressed in our thick fluffy bathrobes, and driking champagne. After a suitable interval, our thoughts turned back to the lovely Jenny and we knew it was time. Her mother Mandy slipped away to the bedroom to prepare her. After a bit, the bedroom door opened and Jenny was shoved through to meet us. She was a vision of loveliness. Her mother had dressed her as "The Bride". White kitten heels, white holdup stockings with a garter on her right thigh. White, full cut lacy panti… Read more

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My Mom is a Hot

MatureFirst TimeTaboo

Growing up, I never thought my mom was hot. My friends did. Tucker, one of my best friends, started using that word to describe her when we were sophomores in high school. One day, when he came over to my house, he saw my mom in a bikini sitting by the pool in the backyard. His jaw almost fell off his face. When we went inside the house, and we were sitting around doing nothing in my room, he kept saying, "Randy, your mom is so hot!" It annoyed me to hear him say it, because I didn't like to think of her that way, and I didn't want my friends to think or talk about her that way, either.… Read more

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A Mother's Lust

MatureFirst TimeTaboo

It was a warm Saturday morning; Veronica (Ronnie by her friends) had gotten up early to get her run in because she knew it would be hot by mid to late morning. One of the few downfalls if you could call it that to living in southern California in mid July was the heat starting early when there was no ocean breeze. She was now cleaning up the house after having some coffee and a light breakfast. Ronnie is what her son Danny's friends would call a MILF. At least that's what she heard them tell Danny. Continuing to clean up around the house she stopped in front of the mirror for a look. She th… Read more

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