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Little affair during family holidays

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It was a late evening, when I came back home. Suddenly someone knocked on the door. I didn’t expect anyone, the rest of the family should be arriving later. It was my nephew, a 15 year old good looking boy. “Hi sweetie, come in, unfortunately no one else is here, but if you don’t mind waiting, I can give you some drink and a delicious cake”. I haven’t seen him for quite some time. He became a handsome little man! We had a nice conversation for a moment, but I had to leave him alone to prepare a bath for my baby. While I was busy with the little one, something nasty came to my mind... Is he l… Read more

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Harry Potter Convincing Him

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The Hog's Head Inn in Hogsmeade was filled with students when Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley led Harry Potter inside. Harry took one look at the overflowing pub, turned to his friends with a strange look, and stormed out. "Ehm… hang on, all, I'll check what is wrong," Hermione excused herself to the assembly, and she ran after Harry. Ron elected to stay with the group. By the time she caught up with him he was halfway back to the carriages. "Harry! Hold up!" He stopped and let her catch up with him. "What the hell was that, Hermione?" "Erm… the small group I told you about?" she said… Read more

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Sue becomes a pain slut and cum whore

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Sue was a good looking woman. in her mid-forties, a wife and mother she had a comfortable life, with a family who cared for her and a husband who still enjoyed fucking her on a regular basis. She had always been hot, with big DD tits with big nipples on a size 8 frame and had had more than her fair share of cocks over the years as someone who enjoyed being fucked. Late one Sunday her sister called her and asked if they could meet up as she had managed to get herself into a situation and didn’t know how to get out of it. Her sister explained that she had borrowed some money from a local loan s… Read more

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Horny Milf intro and first date

First TimeHardcoreMature

This is my first and so far only encounter with someone from xhamster (by the way has been the best sexual encounter I’ve had yet). So im not in my home state and have been extremely horny. Spending most my days looking for new things on xhamster, I’ve had a profile for a long while and barely tried the dating part. So I say why not try more and try to find something. Months have pass and I talk to a few people but nothing extravagant but some excitement through messageing only. So at this point im only going on once in a while. after so long maybe like 3 months I come across this profile of… Read more

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A fantasy comes true

First TimeGay Male

I guess I should start by telling you a bit about myself I'm in my late 30's about 6'4 tall and weigh about 300lbs and I guess you would call me a bear. I've always been a "I'll try anything once" kind of guy. Until the events of this story I had never been intimate with another man, but I had often wondered what it would feel like to wank and suck another mans cock. The story begins just over a year ago and I had just come out of another failed relationship and was here at home alone jerking off over a video of some guy sucking a tranny cock, after I'd come all over myself and tasted my own c… Read more

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My Trip With Lauren, Part 4

MatureVoyeurFirst Time

When we left the soapy massage parlor Lauren was unusually quiet. I would say that her face showed both an amused and bewildered combined expression. All she said to me is that she didn't want to talk about it until we got back to the hotel. So I walked with her in silence back across the street and over to the hotel. Once inside the lobby Lauren immediately went for the pool area. Once to the loungers she started stripping off her outfit, it was then I noticed she had on a strapless bikini top underneath as well as a thong bottom. Without looking back she just went over to the side and dived… Read more

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Banged by Boys on my Honeymoon

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My name is Nikila and this incident happened 3 years back when I was newly wed to my husband Arun . I was 22 years old then and my husband was 33 years. We were slightly mismatched as couple both in our age and sometimes in our understanding. But both had few similarities in our fetish towards hard core sex. He was a very good fucker . His cock was 7.2" inches and had an enormous girth. But he would get tired soon . He is a very crazy man and would force me to his fetish. he would force me to drink his pee… Read more

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My Youthful Exhibitionism led to My First Sexual E

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I started exploring my sexuality when I was young. I used to walk back from our apartment complex's pool and I would wrap a towel around me and take my suit off. As I walked I would let the towel fall off at least a dozen times before I got home. Usually no one was around to see what I was doing, but the thought of people peering out at me in their apartments, studying my body, getting boned by my 'accident' got me off a bit. I remember a few years after this fascination, we moved into a house with 3 separate units attached to it. My family and I lived in an upstairs unit that though separate… Read more

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Love Making With Cousin Brother – Part 4

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Here I continue with our story……. After my first threesome I had not had sex with my cousin or any else, though once me and my bhabi did finger each other during our night gossip sessions while bhai was asleep. She was very surprised by the fact that I could squirt and talked about her sex with bhai and other men also. One night after her sex session with bhai she came to my room… Read more

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Love Making With My Cousin Brother – Part 1

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when I left my small home town and went to Pune to complete my graduation. I stayed with my elder cousin brother, who was working in an MNC there and so he decided to be my guardian. Now my elder cousin brother who I also call “ bhai ” is married and has 2 small k**s all of whom stay back in my home town with his mother, my aunt. He sees them few times a year when they go to pune during the k**s school vacations. In the beginning it was all good as we had grown up together him being just 7 years elder to… Read more

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Love Making With My Cousin Brother – Part 2

HardcoreFirst TimeAnal

So after that day when we finished shopping we got into our set normal routine. Bhai was hungry for sex and I could understand his loneliness , but I did not pity him now give him sympathy sex . I too wanted his cock and somehow we were aware that our relationship was more about sibling affection displayed in sexual way than as lovers having sex. When we had sex he wanted me to call him “bhai or dada” and trust me it was a turn on for both of us. So bhai wanted… Read more

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Love Making With Cousin Brother – Part 3

HardcoreFirst TimeTaboo

Here I continue with our story……. After the fun we had on Raksha Bandhan , my brother’s birthday was coming up and I knew I had to do even better than last time. So I went a read some of his fantasies from his diary where he wrote about some of his sexual fantasies. Well he loved women in skirt and wanted to always and also mostly penetrated me while I wore skirts. T… Read more

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Milky Adventure Part -9 (No More Breastfeeding)

HardcoreTabooFirst Time

this is the next part of the milky adventure. This one really touched my heart and I could feel it while writing. Hope you guys like it too. Please read my older stories of this series to understand more about Riya. The light coming in through a chink in the curtains woke Riya from a deep sleep. She kept her eyes closed but th… Read more

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Milky Adventure – The Beginning

HardcoreFirst TimeTaboo

Hey, myself Amulya I am happy to go lucky kinda lady who loves to enjoy My life. I am having a very happy life with my husband and k**s. I am a homemaker and look after the daily household. Everything was going on good expect one thing that my stepson Shreyas never considered me as his mom and would always doubt of me being an evil mom My relationship with my step son was not good. He never used to consider me as his mom and would not talk to me much either. Since my husband works abroad he mostly stays awa… Read more

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Fucked Son’s Best Friend

HardcoreTabooFirst Time

After the birth of my son, my responsibilities as a mother increased thus my sexual life kind of ended and so we didn’t have another baby for this reason. Even though I kinda had some sexual feeling in me, I didn’t reveal them as I don’t want to ruin my son’s future and stuck loyally to my husband. But everything changed when my Son’s best Friend – Raj grew to age and ended up fucking me. This all began a few months ago. Raj and my son Michael were really close friends. During school time to college, the… Read more

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Hot Shower With Brother’s Friend

HardcoreFirst TimeAnal

I am fair with long black hair with stats of 34-26-36. Because I stay with my conservative family, I never really had much fun. My parents always supported my elder brother in whatever he did but restricted me. My brother would fuck different girls every week and I was not even allowed to date anyone. So, I felt caged and helpless. I bought a vibrator to keep myself from going crazy and since then, this vibrator has seen many orgasms. In spite of this, I secretly always wondered what an orgasm with a real… Read more

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Breastfeeding My Stepson

HardcoreTabooFirst Time

Myself Amulya and i am my husband’s second wife. His first wife was actually my elder sister who had meet with an accident and expired so later on my family made me marry my sister’s husband only. He has teenage c***d shreyas who was now also my son. Days passed on and i gave birth to a baby boy. My relationship with my step son was not good. He never used to consider me as his mom and would not talk to me much either. Since my husband work abroad he mostly stay away from home and come home once in a while… Read more

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Monsoon Wetness – The Drizzle Makes Hot

HardcoreFirst TimeMasturbation

I love the monsoon season. The relief from the heat of summer and the sudden promise of life anew can be felt everywhere. The smell of rain, the nice hot tea and snacks available everywhere make it something of a relief for many. It also brings a sense of romance in people as they take trips around the city. I was based in Pune during one such monsoon. After the sweltering dry heat had left the first showers were welcome. It was also the season where I was single and was hoping to enjoy some good sexual e… Read more

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Wet Firecrackers And Hard Rockets

HardcoreFirst TimeAnal

At around 2:00 pm my bell rang and it was the mailman who normally delivers most of my office sensitive packages and parcels. After handing me the week’s letters and a company parcel he was waiting expectantly for his bonus. Since it was a hot day I saw that he was sweating and looked thirsty. So I asked him to come inside and sit as I would give him his bonus and maybe a glass of juice as it is a season of festivities. “Andar aajao… pani pe lo main tumhe kharchi deti hu” (Come in, have some water while I… Read more

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View to Die For

MatureVoyeurFirst Time

I guess that you could say that I was a pervert and she was a prick tease. I didn't have a lot of choice, what with being confined to this rotten fucking wheelchair and the window next to my computer, where I spend most of my time, just happened to overlook the back yard and swimming pool of her house. It wasn't helped by her sunbathing naked at every opportunity. To make matters worse she would apply sunscreen to her body in such a way that I had no option but to jerk off. I'm in this chair because of an accident during a car rally. I came over a crest at high speed, it looked spectacular on… Read more

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