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Sky Rockets in Flight

I was a bit of a late bloomer growing up, athletic and good looking, but awkward with girls.

Don’t get me wrong, I had friends that were girls, but none I was having sex with. We all know when that first time comes it’s usually a messy combination of buttons, zippers, and bra straps.

My first time was quite the difference though, and I have my girlfriend’s fantasy to thank for that. We hadn’t been dating for long, but long enough for kissing, hickies, and some petting, but wanted more.

Being only teens, we obviously couldn’t just rent a room or something, but needed to be creative.... Continue»
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Pineapple Express

Referring to my last story “Sky Rockets in Flight”, “Jen” and I hadn’t been able to spend much time together since our night on the beach. She was an avid sailor and crewed on at least two racing boats, and I was working to earn money for college. When we had kissed goodbye, she whispered in my ear that we had unfinished business. I didn’t really know what that meant but I was soon to find out.

“Jen” and I got together about a week later to watch some TV and lounge. She brought over a big tub of fresh, sweet pineapple for us to munch on and our kisses wound up being sticky and sweet. S... Continue»
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First black cock

I hesitantly agreed to meet him. What could I be thinking, he is a young 27 yo BBC and I am a married 40 yo white woman. I know what I was thinking, how much I wanted that BBC. We had been talking online for weeks. First just getting to know each other and then he started talking dirty with me. Teasing me on how he wanted to grab my big booty and how he wanted to fill me up with his thick dark cock. Every time I talked to him my pussy would get wet. So when he kept asking me to meet him for a drink in a public place, I thought what could be the harm.
He did have one request though, that I wor... Continue»
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Teen couple start cuck lifestyle

My sexy wife Julie and I have been together 10 years now since we first met in college. I want to tell your members about some sexual adventures that we had back when we were still newlyweds. Because of the bizarre experience we had when we first got married I am a big fan of your wife sharing stories, especially the ones involving innocent young wives being seduced by older, dominant men right in front of their husbands. And I have been sharing my sexy bride with other men since our first year of marriage.

Julie was a freshman in college when I met her during my senior year. She was a fr... Continue»
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First time with son's 24 yr old college buddi

First time with son’s college friends

I always used to work around the house in my daisy dukes, when my son’s friends (24 ish) would come around to visit him in the evening, I never worried about changing. I love young cock anyway, and the thought of their young dicks getting so hard it would be uncomfortable for them was exciting. I had noticed they would be sitting around drinking beer and talking and his friends would always be staring at me and covering their crotch with their hands or their beer. I would take advantage of this and bend over weeding the flower beds or picking something ... Continue»
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Something about Sarah

I first saw Sarah when she was 17.She was dating my son. We moved to another state and she moved with us when she turned 18. To describe her, She is 4൓" about 110 lbs. Her body seemed perfect.Long brown hair, a perfectly round ass and amazing C-cup tits. The first time I saw her perfect ass was when I walked by the bathroom and she had her shorts down to go pee. I saw her and she just stood there and let me take it all in. My cock got instantly hard.I went to the other bathroom and stroked out a load. Several times i had to go wake up my son and found her laying on the bed in her bra and panti... Continue»
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My first time

This is a true account of my first time with another man.
Cruising the craigslist personals had become a common practice for me when I was bored or feeling horny. At first it was just reading ads until I got so turned on that I had to masturbate; but then it turned into actually replying to posts. Around the same time, I had become curious about wearing panties. One night when I was feeling especially horny, I tried on a pair of panties that a girl had left under my bed after a late night hook up. I fell in love with the feeling and began placing my own ads to chat with men that liked guys i... Continue»
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My Inner Slut Takes Over

My Inner Slut Takes Over

As a girl you learn that guys all want to fuck you. We are told by our mothers, s****rs and society in general that we must keep our own sexual desires in check.

I had always been that kind if woman. I was never a prude but I only had sex with guys that gave me an emotional commitment. As a result I had only had sex with three men in my life including my husband.

Despite how most of us act on the outside we all have what I call our "Inner Slut". This is the part of us that see a hot guy and we just want fuck and suck ti... Continue»
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Kate and I got really close, she sneaked into my room
Saturday night I knew mum would be out, we would have the house to ourselves for at least 5 hours,

On Friday Kate came home from work, soon as she walked in I kissed her, and run my hand up her skirt.
She pulled away from me
What are you doing Chris, I didn't tell you to touch me!
But I thought it was OK I said.
Only when I say so she said,
Sorry I said
Make me a cup of tea and some toast ,
I went to the kitchen and put the kettle on , she came in a couple of minutes later with a piece of paper and a pen, and sat at the table... Continue»
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Boyfriend becomes slave

Sophia and Billy had been dating for months after having been introduced by Sophia’s best friend Stephanie. Sophia, a slightly overweight large breasted girl with an hourglass figure, a gorgeous smile, and a healthy appetite for sex, was particularly enjoying the freedom of the arrangement and the ease with which she could get Billy to do things she wanted.

Billy, with an athletic body liked the relationship too, and noticed the sex had been better than any relationship he had ever been in.

Tonight as they sat in the bedroom of Sophia’s ap... Continue»
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My First Translesbian Encounter

He came over sometime around 6 and wanted to change at my place; that was fine of course. I totally understood. I wouldn't want to risk anyone I know seeing me dressed all feminine. I've always been discreet. Jen and I met through craigslist and after a coupe weeks of emails we finally decided to meet at my place.
I honestly expected her to look a lot more feminine, but then again on her emails all I ever saw of her was her neck down dressed in lingerie. i did not expect some tall broad shouldered stocky guy with spikey hair to show up.
I'm not too into men, and although i would totally ha... Continue»
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A late night massage. (Part 1)

This story is based upon experiences that some people have had, I hope you enjoy. I apologize in advance if there's not much action in the beginning.

Soon after completing massage school, I found myself working at a local spa giving massages. After my third week of working Monday late nights, my last hour of the night was booked with a beautiful woman, we'll call her Steffani. Looking at her chart, she was in her 40's, she was very petite, 5'4" and 98 pounds. As I greeted her at the front, we shook hands, and she followed me to one of the massage rooms. Her hair was blond, and a pair... Continue»
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Swimming Pool Slide takes on another meaning.

I've got this desire for younger gals and I figured what a way to get to see some up close so we organized to have a bunch of neighbors and close friends over with their k**s one night for a night time pool party. We were all swimming and just hanging around the pool well after midnight and naturally some horsing around started. One girl in particular grabbed my attention. She was the youngest of all the girls but already developing into a very attractive young lady. I remembered earlier in the evening, after we ate, we all decided to go back to the pool. Then a few people showed up late. I gr... Continue»
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Hotel Adventure

A few months ago, I started a new job. The job took me around the country, often to locations far from home, where I would stay in some easily forgettable hotels, which usually, at least, were blessed with free WiFi. I would generally arrive the night before attending client meetings the next day.

This gave me many opportunities to enjoy my old hobby of cross dressing. Now, I am straight, but - for as long as I can remember - have enjoyed the thrill of dressing as a woman. I have never gone out in public, and my wife has no idea, so it is a very private hobby, except that recently I have t... Continue»
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Life Change for s****r and I pt.5

It took another week of being at home to find out that my s****r Clare was pregnant, but it would take a few months to find out what the sex was, if, we decided that we wanted to know what sex it was to be, and dad decided to do something different with my old room instead of turning it into the baby's room, which he made the room into an office space for him and mom to put their computers and handle the home buisness in, instead of having them down in the kitchen and livingroom like they were.

Finally school was out for the summer and I was out of school for good so to speak, and decided t... Continue»
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I need her cunt like I need water.

Her cunt was a f***e of gravity on a lithe frame. Those lips. They’d eat you alive, those lips. I came inside of her twice on our first night together. Didn’t know if she was on birth control, didn’t care, just let them lose because I never wanted to be outside of those lips again. They hugged the life out of my cock, every drop of it. Her legs were so smooth the next morning, smoother than I had ever felt. I couldn’t stop rubbing them, touching them, getting so close to her hot, wet, cunt. That massive, massive cunt. lips like their male equivalent would be a 12 incher. Those lips on that tin... Continue»
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He Did it in My Mouth

... first time, on my knees, dim basement, older man.

I was quite young when I learned that the word “cocksucker” was more than just a word and that some males used the word to provoke others. And, I became excited when I learned that some males actually did suck on cocks. I became dizzy from the instant cravings that ignited within me. It was all I could think about for days even though I had fears of a being called a “queer” or “homo”, etc. I fantasized nightly to thoughts of hard cocks in my mouth but, being shy and lacking confidence, I wondered if I would ever actuall... Continue»
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Adventurous Office Worker Part 3

I was so excited that morning I could hardly sl**p the night before. I packed my book bags with everything I would need for an overnight stay. It was a beautiful sunny day. Summer was slowly coming to a close and the days were getting shorter but that day it was exceptionally warm out. But I couldn’t care less. It would make no difference on my mood tonight I was going to see Valerie.
She had contacted me a few weeks ago and wanted me to come visit her. She offered to cover my flight and put me up for the night. I could not resist. The plan was simple, I go stay the night and return home in t... Continue»
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Memento Mori

Memento Mori, Part One
November 3, 2013 at 5:59pm
We, in the ages lying

In the buried past of the earth.

Built Nineveh with our sighing,

And Babel itself with our mirth;

And o’erthrew them with prophesying

To the old of the new world’s worth;

For each age is a dream that is dying,

Or one that is coming to birth.

- Arthur O'Shaughnessy

The date is sometime mid-August of the year 2043, going by the East American Underground's current interpretation of the Christian Calendar. My name is Kaj. This is to be my first entry.

I am be... Continue»
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I must first say that I had NEVER sucked cock before much less take a load in my mouth, but after going to a bi swingers party held by

swingingbicouples and user/bifun4u here on Hamsters, I am now a CONFIRMED bi cum slut! They hold these parties for their site members and I

finally worked up the nerve to ask if I could attend one. I told them I was bi but I lied and actually wanted to maybe fuck a few of the girls that

were also there but I was to have found out MUCH more about myself than I ever thought before!

The party was in a large home in Tampa and when I got there, I
... Continue»
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