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First Time Porn Stories

Margie's first glory hole experience

Group SexVoyeurFirst Time

I've heard many a guy say that their wife doesn't like sex, or that after a year of so of marriage, their wife got tired of sex. From my own experience, I find that hard to understand, because my own wife has, if anything, become more and more lustful and wanting of sex as time goes on. I should tell you a little about her, so that you can understand just what my wife is like as regards to sex. Margie was raised in a strict Catholic family, was educated in Catholic girl's schools, and from what she now tells me, was brain washed against a normal liking of sex. By the time that I met her thoug… Read more

Posted by bob-hangman 4 days ago 2 2,742 100%

GF turned Me into a Man Whore

FetishFirst TimeGay Male

Up until about 2 years ago I had never entertained the thought of being with another man; but after my wife, Kat, and I had joined a swingers website and had a few experiences with other couples I found myself watching her sucking on and riding another guy's cock and wishing I could do the same. I had told Kat about these fantasies and she had loved them, partly because it gave her reason to use her strap-on with me on the basis that she was 'preparing' me for the real thing. Over the following weeks Kat practically ignored my little cock when we had sex no pussy, instead she used her tongu… Read more

Posted by 425olds 4 days ago 2 2,599 80%

Christmas party , wife, black cock,and me

First TimeInterracial SexTaboo

Company Christmas parties are always fun for me and my hot wife Andrea. This year the company my wife works for is having their party down town and most of the couples have rooms in the motel where the party is being held. I was already dressed and ready so I sat on the bed in our room and while waiting I flipped through the TV. Andrea was in the bathroom dressing. When the door opened I looked to see my gorgeous wife walking out wearing a red Lacy dress. It was low cut and she had her firm little thirty four b cup tits pushed up and together forming very sexy round globes. The entire dr… Read more

Posted by woreout 4 days ago 2 4,627 82%

Sex Club stage 3 (massage club)

AnalMasturbationFirst Time

Sex Club Stage 3 (Massage Club) Dave only had to wait one day for the next message, he had to go to a massage parlour in the town centre. He knew where it was but had never been there, it was part of a ladies hairdressing salon so felt embarrassed to go. He was there at the usual time, 8pm. the shop was closed but there was a separate door to the side that was open so he went in. A very nice lady saw him and said that he was expected and showed him to a cubicle where she asked him to undress and lay on the massage table with a towel over his middle. Dave did as she asked and stripped off and… Read more

Posted by nanplabwern 4 days ago 2 1,195 100%

My 1st experience with a beautiful woman with a co

First TimeShemales

When I was 20 years old, I met a beautiful woman in Savannah, Georgia. We talked and flirted at the bar for a couple hours. She was so damn beautiful! I had never met someone so beautiful in my life! I asked her to join me back at my house that I was renting and she shyly said yes. We held hands and talked the whole way back to my house. Once inside, we had a few drinks and we started kissing, she kissed so well! I slid my tongue back and forth into her mouth as she held the back of my neck and slid hers into mine. I pulled off her blouse and her bra and she had big, beautiful breasts and almo… Read more

Posted by Parkner 4 days ago 3 3,461 93%

Pregnancy Pool Play Porn

BDSMFirst TimeVoyeur

Sexy scenario summary: Beautiful blonde terrific teen has boyfriend busy in his books, no time for her hot looks! She seduces him into a bet, he cannot ever imagine to lose: She pleads to play pool for immediate insemination He's sensitive for the prize she's prepared to pay if he will win: never to bother him again about that sex-subject He is behind on the books and never ever lost a game to her, so he eagerly accepts, hoping to continue studies Spolier Alert: She wins, of course, hadn't You guessed that correctly? So she gets taken right away at the table She completely collap… Read more

Posted by Poet-PETER 4 days ago 3 20,980 40%

My first

First TimeGay Male

My first time with a guy was three yrs ago. His name is Josh and he is a few years younger than me, probably 35 yrs old. I have always wanted to get with another man, but never had the balls to make a move. I am a straight acting bimale who loves to wear panties and stockings. I am 5'9 athletic dark complected with a 7 inch cock. I shave my body smooth and have a nice bubble butt. I fantasize about sucking dick and getting my ass stretched out by strong men who make love to me as well as pound my tight little ass into submission.… Read more

Posted by TAPMEDEEP 4 days ago 2,696 100%

Butt Stuff: Part 2

ShemalesAnalFirst Time

Fuck you, asshole! Think about that the next time you say it. Men are naturally tops, meaning they do the fucking most of the time. Some of you genetic ladies are tops, and even strap a cock on occasionally to make it clear, but where does that leave those of us who are anatomically predisposed to be a top but are bottoms, meaning we prefer to be getting fucked…like me. I have a cock, but I like to be fucked, I don't like doing it. So sure, I’ve gotten angry on the road, rolled down the window, given the finger, and yelled “Fuck you, asshole!” Even though I didn’t think about it literally at t… Read more

Posted by abby_vista 4 days ago 7 840 100%

Love Thy Neighbor

TabooFirst Time

“Hi Mrs. Jones, can Tommy come over to play trains for a little while?” A neighborhood boy would always come over to the house and ask my mom if I could come over and play. It was always play with his train set or when Pong was released it was to come play Pong and later on Atari. Mom would always say it was okay and to be back “by dinner time.” When I’d go over there they had several layers of sheer window coverings so you could get sunlight in, but no one could really see out or in unless you stood right up to the window and pressed your face to the glass. I’d shut the door and his dad w… Read more

Posted by coloradman 4 days ago 3 6,653 90%

Creampie For my Sister

First TimeHardcoreTaboo

My parents were going to have a party at their house for family and friends. At twenty-four years old I didn't think I needed to go. My mother told me otherwise. I was bummed but I arrived at their party. My parents have an inground pool and that's where everyone had congregated. My eighteen year old sister Suzie was there as well. She still lived at home but she had grown up lately. Her body was like a grown woman. She had large breasts and wide hips. She had this bikini on that revealed practically everything. I was surprised my parents let her wear it. I just sat in my chair nursing a… Read more

Posted by adam8023 4 days ago 2 6,957 92%

My sister is a bitch.

First TimeHardcoreTaboo

It's not like it needed to be said. She was a full grade, 100%, bonafide bee-yotch. It didn't help matters that, being the younger c***d, she was the favorite. Never seemed to do a thing wrong in our parents' minds. Things were never great between us, but it certainly helped when I moved out for college. Of course, every break we'd find ourselves back under the same roof, butting heads. This time, as she matured to the bitchier age of eighteen, she had wanted to go out partying with one of her several boy toys. I had planted the idea with our parents that, maybe, it might be better if s… Read more

Posted by moneysex23 4 days ago 4 4,624 100%

Mr. Phillips's Loves My Body

AnalFirst TimeShemales

When I was younger, I knew I was a little different and I had a desire for men to touch me on the genitals or ass. I used to rub my own little hole at night and stick my finger in myself to feel what it was like. Sometimes after school when my parents were at work, I would wear my mom’s panties, skirts and makeup. Later I hid several pairs of heels in my room to complete the feeling. There were times when I couldn’t wait to get home after school to dress up. One week, my parents had to go out of town to visit my grandmother who was not doing well. Due to the suddenness of everything, our ne… Read more

Posted by Browncherrygurl 4 days ago 4 2,403 96%

My Fantasy Girl Part 2/ The motel

First Time

If you read my first story you will know this is true. I was looking for a lady that would let me fuck her between her tits which is something I have never done. Tonight was the night we were finally going to meet someplace besides a car. I was waiting for her in the parking lot wondering if she would show up at all and what tonight might be like. I still remember those nice big tits and how soft they were. Now I see her car pull in and she parks next to me and smiles. She gets out and I tell her I didn't know if she would even show up. She said I told you I would be here and here I am… Read more

Posted by garywest 5 days ago 513


First TimeShemalesVoyeur

The first sense was that of total freedom, release of all inhibtions. As soon as the red light on the camera beamed. From now it was for all to show and I was gonna enjoy it. Daisy shuffled up to me as I was lying in the middle of this big soft bed, pillows sprawn all over. I looked at her red satin panties, that promising bulge and I was gonna unwrap very slow. As one should unwrap any precious present. I, 25 then, tall, skinny had met Daisy three weeks ago in a gaybar. I went there not because of the men but it was also a hangout for chicks with 10 inch clits. Up to a few years ago I was… Read more

Posted by FetishFreddie 5 days ago 2 618 100%

Das erste Mal mit seiner Mutter , Teil 06

TabooMatureFirst Time

Das erste Mal mit seiner Mutter, er kommt hinter Mamas Geheimnis 06/ 00 Roman in mehreren Teilen, heute Teil 06 © Sie bewegte sich auf ihm wie eine Schlange, drückte ihren Oberkörper nach oben und streckte links und Rechts ihre Arme aus und drückte ihre Fäuste in die Matratze und er konnte sich nicht vor lauter Geilheit dessen Blickes widersetzen, wie ihre Brüste auf seinem Körper baumelten und er nahm beide Hände und fing ihre geilen Massen ein und er fühlte ihre massigen Brüste und die feste Haut unter seinen Fingern und seine Mutter hielt den Atem an, als er sich zärt… Read more

Posted by Monikamausstr 5 days ago 755 100%

Meine Feundin, Bruder und ich

First TimeMasturbationGay Male

Ich saß im Zimmer meines Bruders und schaute heimlich seine Pornosammlung am PC an. Ich darf eigentlich nicht an seinen Rechner, aber da seiner schneller ist als meiner, schleich ich mich manchmal in sein Zimmer um zu spielen. Vor ein paar Monaten hatte ich dabei seine Pornosammlung entdeckt. Ich bin 16, meiner Bruder Joey ist 23. Joey ist ein Mädchenschwarm, athletisch, hübsches Gesicht und ein ziemlicher Draufgänger. Es war spät am Freitag Abend und ich saß wichsend vor dem PC und sah zu wie ein großschwänziger, muskulöser Typ gerade ein junges Mädel bestieg als ich plötzlich die Haustür kla… Read more

Posted by VogelFlo 5 days ago 419 100%

Encounter in the train with Indian young man

ShemalesInterracial SexFirst Time

A few years ago, in the period i was a transvestite for only a year i was travelling by train. Often i went to the red light disctrict in Amsterdam. I looked around there tot the T-ladies who worked behind the windows and chat with them. Also that day. his time i was dressed sexy feminine with a skirt and see athrough blouse and for the first time i had eyeliner all around my eyes. A female friend had adviced me to do this and explained me how i must apply it. That day i was sitting on my seat in the train and looking outside the window when a dark indian type of guy, a very young guy s… Read more

Posted by KittyTranny 5 days ago 3 1,198 80%

Peeking On Mom

First TimeMatureTaboo

As a boy I was rather shy. Besides that I was a little heavy, and it was “baby fat” I would later grow out of, but at the time it seemed like more than it actually was. Simple things would make me blush and stammer and I lived too far from the school in a one car household to be involved in after school events, dances and the likes. So it added up to I wasn’t very popular with the girls classes and I was a tad socially backward at the age of 13. Dad always worked two or three jobs and wasn’t around much. When he was around he was always on the couch, smoking or sleeping. Tha… Read more

Posted by deniadaniya10 5 days ago 5 8,714 100%

Teacher seduced by MILF colleague

First TimeHardcoreMature

Nylon Tease: A Front Seat Fucking "Can you give me a ride to the city this Friday?" Collette asked. I was barely listening as I had watched her walk into my classroom and up to my desk... staring at her mocha clad silk stocking legs... my utter weakness... nylons. Pantyhose, stockings, thigh highs, tights all had my cock instantly hard and ready for action. And although I liked all colours, mocha or coffee, a dark brown, was my favourite. I answered, trying to look into her eyes and avoid looking like the creepy colleague I was, "S-sure." "You okay?" she asked, as she slipped… Read more

Posted by iamsuperman007 5 days ago 1 2,328 100%

Mein erstes Mal

Gay MaleFirst Time

Die nachfolgende Geschichte ist so passiert – lediglich die Namen und der Ort sind geändert worden, um die Personen zu schützen. Ich war 18 Jahre alt und schon seit einigen Jahren für die Wasserrettung ehrenamtlich tätig. Unser Verein hatte eine Übereinkunft mit der Stadtverwaltung, dass wir in einem Schulschwimmbad Dienst machen, wenn es für die Öffentlichkeit geöffnet war – was zwei Mal die Woche abends für einige Stunden der Fall war. Mit hat es immer Spass gemacht, dort meine Zeit zu verbringen, es war nicht so weit von meinem Zuhause entfernt und der Dienst dort war sehr angenehm, trotz… Read more

Posted by bi-phantasy 5 days ago 1 380 100%