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You’re a Cocksucker aren’t You? Gay

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I didn’t check my email for a couple days. I didn’t intentionally avoid it, but part of me was afraid of where this was going. I couldn’t keep from looking though. Finally I logged on and saw the message that I’d both feared and craved. There were two of them actually. I opened the first: “Check out these pictures and then open the other message," the first one said. I opened each of the pictures that were attached to find the guy in the listing with another guy servicing him. There were a series of them, in each a man on his knees and sucking that beautiful cock that I’d seen in the first pi… Read more

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Wife finds Out I'm a Cocksucker! Gay

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We’d managed to get away to the Keys for a few days, just my wife and I. She was enjoying a little quiet time reading on the beach and I was getting in some much anticipated tarpon fishing. I’d spent the day on a boat with a guide and had great success, landing my first tarpon ever. My guide and I had just parted ways at the dock and I was getting ready to walk back to the hotel to meet my wife. I really had to take a leak, it’s kind of a pain in the ass to go on a small boat. There was a public bathroom right between the dock and the beach, so I decided to use it before walking back. I walk… Read more

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Vacation fun for wife

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Vacation fun for wife We had lots of fun vacations over the years but one will always be on my wife’s favorite ones and I will say that it was fun for me also. We got packed and flew to a big city on the west coast this time and figured we would do the same stuff that we always did. Check into our hotel put on some nice stuff under our cloths and go and find some nice places to take some kinky pictures around town. We checked into our room and we could not wait to dress and go check out the city. My wife brought along her strap-on cock like always and she was dressed in a garter belt, nylons,… Read more

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My Neighbor -Part One- *Visual Aid*

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I had this neighbor that was Arabian most likely in her 40's. She had a nice body for her age, her ass was huge with a bit of cellulite, her curves were mesmerizing and her tits were 36 C. I was secretly in love with this woman. I would sometimes peep out the window just to get a glance at those cheeks jiggling in her dress when she leaves her apartment. My cock would always go rock hard with my imagination running wild for her ass. I usually tried timing taking out my trash when she took her's. I would always offer my assistance and she would smile and say, "thank you" in a soft soothing voic… Read more

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Cusin at my aunt's house part 1

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When I was senior at school i was in good shape some would say a stud muffin lol my aunt called me on Christmas break she asked if I could stay for a few days with my cusin annalise I call her anna she was a year younger. We was really close she was like a best freind to she was about 5.6ft small body small breast blond hair round butt so my aunt had to go up to new Jersey for 3 days and she didnt want her to be by her self so she left us with money for food she left about 2 pm so we are sitting watching TV and talking and she ask if I could run her to the store she had to get somthing persona… Read more

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Fiona’s First House Party Visit - A True Story

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Fiona and I were looking for something fun and different to do, so we decided to try either a private club or a house party. It turned out that particular Friday night there was a house party going on, so we hopped in the car and drove an hour and a half to a town in a nearby state. We had never been to an “on-premises” event, where people can interact and engage in consenting activities right there on premises. We went with no particular expectations other than to just have fun, because we knew that if we weren’t into the scene, we could always just do our own thing and have a great time. We… Read more

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Mi primera vez en un club de orgías (100% REAL)

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No creí que en Quito Ecuador existiera un sitio de estas características, pero existe y se los contaré con nombres y datos reales y comprobables... Tenía una cuenta similar a esta en donde conocí a una persona que me invitó ( a mi esposo también) a un "club sexual" de nombre "RECONOCER", Al comienzo, pensé que mi esposo no querría, pero dado que le complací recientemente en un trió con otra chica, sabía que el me debía una y lo aproveché... Todo se manejaba con extremo sigilo, ellos comprobaron que fuéramos reales y que la pareja con la que yo asistiría fuera mi esposo, resulta que las parejas… Read more

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Euro Girlfriend

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A previous girlfriend when I lived in Europe used to swallow everytine we would fuck. The first time was when we were sharing a bed after a party we had been to. We were not in relationship yet, just two friends trying to get e decent sleep. A few hours after we fell asleep I woke up to find her sleeping snuggled up to me. She was pretty with freckles and strawberry blonde hair. She looked rather beautiful as she lay there. I thought about what an idiot I was that I hadn’t made a move yet and sad that I thought she probably didn’t like me enough to make a move herself. I put me head back down… Read more

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Par une belle journée d'automne, je décide d'aller me promener au parc du Mont St-Bruno. Après avoir payé, je me stationne et commence ma marche. Je croise des chevreuils, vraiment pas peureux et quelques personnes. J'arrive près du petit lac, je m'assieds pour savourer ce silence qui fait du bien, je me ferme les yeux et me penche par en arrière pour profiter du soleil. Au bout d'un certain temps, j'ouvre les yeux et vois un homme assis près de moi, je ne l'avais pas entendu arrivé, il me sourit, je lui répond par un sourire - bonjour, je ne voulais pas faire du bruit, vous faire sursauter… Read more

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i tough he was kidding

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I shou;d have understand he was saying the truth yet i tough only gay boys like to fuck other boys up the ass it was too late when i realized he wasn't backing up from his ''jokes'' to fuck my pretty white boy ass until i cum if we got eliminated from the tournament too soon he had me a bit drunk at the friday party at the video game event our team got eliminated first and Mat the captain was upset we made it all the way just to get owned by a team from USA. at some point in the night after drinking with our team and all of em agreeing my healing wasnt on point in the two first round Mat… Read more

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Baby's 18th Birthday with Daddy

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From the time I was a little girl, I loved to jump onto my daddy's lap as he sat on the sofa watching the nightly news. His hand would brush back my hair, he'd kiss me on the forehead, and ask me how my day had been. I told him everything I could remember about my lessons and my friends. This became our ritual and it became even more important to me when my mother died. I was 12. Daddy was full of grief, but made himself be strong. He did everything for me. He took me shopping, bought my clothes, only after approving of them, of course, took me for my doctor and dentist exams, taught me how… Read more

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Helping My Girlfriends Daughters Come Of Age 3

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We let go of each other. "Right girls its bedtime I think” Christine announced. “Okay Auntie but” "But what?“ ”Can we take these with us" Katie held up the vibrators. "No ! Not at all take these instead" Christine reached into her large handbag and brought out two oblong packages wrapped in greetings paper. "Sorry Girls.With all the fun I'd forgot about your pressies". I'd heard from your Mam that you're birthday present was going to be a fuck off Sparky and she'd already told me she'd given you experience of a vibe girls and you so liked ! So unwrap and enjoy girls goodnight !“ ”Night Spa… Read more

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Took You Long Enough

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My balls tightened and my cock swelled. I tried to hold back longer but could not as her hand squeezed me. I exploded, one, two three ropes of creamy cum shot from cock. Four, five, six ropes, my cum pooled on Lizzy's bush. "Wow Chuck, that is a big load." Lizzy said as she admired our work. She smeared my cum around her soft golden bush and rubbed it in between her lips and then pushed her cum covered fingers into her wet pussy. "I just love watching you cum on me." Lizzy said. "Well, it might feel better if it was inside you." I replied. "Well Chuck, you know that would be weird." Lizzy was… Read more

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Like two drops of .... sperm

First TimeHardcoreMature

Like two drops of ... sperm During one of my daily visits to the supermarket I was scanning my groceries when I thought I recognized a familiar face. The face of a very attractive lady I'd been chatting with for a while and who had mailed me some very horny pics and videos of herself. But it could not be her, because she had told me recently in one of our chats that she was living nearly 100 miles from where I live. She probably did not want to run the risk of bumping into me at Ikea, and me passionately greeting her. I decided to follow this mysterious lady once she had paid for her groc… Read more

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Perfect Girl - Part 2

MatureFirst TimeLesbian Sex

Finally, I was able to stifle the stream impure thoughts, if I’m honest it was more of a torrent of lust, nonetheless I did manage to gain my composure. The warm water felt good on my skin. Washing my body also helped wash the carnal desires from my head. The truth is I’d been severely tempted, but it seemed everything was back on an even keel. Relieved I hadn’t succumbed to temptation, I stepped out of the shower. ” Shit!” I muttered to myself. No towels. They were on the shelves next to the wardrobe and in my rush to avoid temptation I’d forgotten to grab one. I was dripping water onto the f… Read more

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how it all started.

First TimeTabooMature

In keeping with the rules here, you have to figure it out. I was very young with a really small cock. My brother, however, was 7 years older and I had seen his cock and it was sooo much bigger. I had also seen my dads cock while we showered together in the basement. My brothers cock had no foreskin like my dads, and that only increased my curiosity. Since we were a poor family, I had to sleep with my brother and that was ok. My curiosity increased and one night I felt his cock poking me in the butt as we were sleeping. I moved away a little, but reached back and felt his hard cock. He didn't… Read more

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Making the Grade

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Near the beginning of my freshman year, I met Matt...or at least that was the U.S. name he used while in the country. We initially met one day during lunch when I sat down by him in our cafeteria. I was a nervous, somewhat shy 18 year old back then and out of my nervousness, I tried to start a conversation with him. He looked like he was from Asia and he had a nice smile I noticed right after I introduced myself. He told me his name was Matt and he was from China. I quickly admitted I really didn't know much about where he was from. We talked for about an hour and ate. I told him it was nice t… Read more

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Making him happy

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I've learn quite young i love to be in smooth sexy panty, not that Im feeling i should be a shemale , i just like the smooth feeling on my small freshly waxed ass as i get on my knees to suck some cock I mean why do boy have to all wear boring boxer while girl all have sexy cute undies available I mostly like the boyshort types and have a full collection in my drawer , of colors and style most are made in spandex and a single bright color I can wear em and not be worry as they look like boy panty i like to think life make these kind of situation happen for me to help people feel better, th… Read more

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Shopping for Lingerie with my Wife

First TimeVoyeurMature

Kate wanted to buy some new clothes for summer and asked me to join her to see if I would like what she picked. My wife has big boobs and is a sexy 40 year old woman who loves the body she is in. Her boobs are 38DD cups and just right. We arrive at the clothes store and she heads off to the ladies section, I follow her glancing at some sexy items I would love her to wear. Those are for girls not women she comments. She grabs some nice leggings and a few costumes she likes and asks me to join her in the change rooms. Looks like we were the only couple in the booth with a younger lady trying on… Read more

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Kate joins a gym

First TimeGroup Sex

Kate, my wife of 20 years has put on a few pounds and decides to join a large gym that was recommended by a friend of hers. Kate has some nice large 38DD boobs on her; I’m hoping these will not be gymed off. Kate arrives at the gym and does all the paperwork and they show her to the change rooms and allocate her a locker. These are the showers, which are open showers and no cubicles. We are going to be closing them in soon, the assistant assures me. Not what I expected, Kate comments. Kate puts on her newly bought gym tights and top. She looks into the mirror and admires her large breasts whi… Read more

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