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Mom fuck me

MatureFirst TimeTaboo

I was your typical horny 17 year old teenager. I went to school, had fun with friends, and completed treacherous homework. I didn’t have that many friends and I had never had a girlfriend. Hell, I was still a virgin for crying out loud! I had yet to touch the female body. Aside from that, I lived with my mother and my younger sister, both of which I loved dearly. I don’t really remember my father, he left right after my sister was born so I was raised by my mom which must have been hard seeing that we lived right near the beach in Florida. Laying in bed at 6:45 in the morning in a heavy da… Read more

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Getting mommy

MatureFirst TimeTaboo

Can't be her little boy forever Dad left before I was a year old and was a real loser whom I rarely saw. He had gotten mom pregnant with me when she was 17 and she raised me alone. Mom is weird and didn't have any friends and devoted her whole nonworking time to me. We did everything together and most nights we slept in the same king sized bed. Living in a warm climate and being poor we didn't have much air conditioning so most of the time I'd sleep in just a pair of shorts and mom would wear a short nighty. Now mom is weird and crazy but she's also pretty hot. She's not too tall, maybe 5'2"… Read more

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I'm Fucked Change into Women

FetishFirst TimeHardcore

I was sitting at my apartment, feeling depressed. I'd just been dumped by my girlfriend, I'd had my work hours cut back so I barely had enough money for food, rent and utilities. Most of my so-called friends dropped me when my girl did. So I was sitting there, not even any money to buy beer. Drinking water and watching TV. My roommate Nick asked me if I wanted to go out and have some fun. I told him I had no money to have any fun. He said we could have fun on someone else's dime. "How in hell are we going to do that?" "I got ways -- believe me." "Like what, for instance?" "You… Read more

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90 Days Changed Me into a Pussy Gay

First TimeGay MaleInterracial Sex

While this is mostly a tale of sexual fantasy, it is in some ways based on true events. I'm a great lover of big black cock, and have truly had many wonderful experiences with them. All names have been changed, but I did actually spend 90 days with 5 beautiful black thugs, and did get a taste of some of the delicious dark meat, and at least got to see some of it every day, this is what I wished had really happened. So those of you who enjoy big, thick, throbbing black cocks, enjoy! I was a notorious drinker at one time, and had gotten several D.U.I.'s, but luckily had never spent more than… Read more

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My Boss in my marital bed

MatureFirst TimeTaboo

I knew my boss was eager to get a little bit from me. Luckily for him, my loving husband was going to be out on Tuesday night and so I let him know this, hoping that it might spur him to action. That night I came back home from work in anticipation with my wet pussy tingling. I had a quick shower, enjoying the sensation of my soapy hands on my large boobs and imagining what I hoped would be the night to come. As I dried myself there was a text. It was my boss, asking if I was in. Fifteen 30 minutes later the doorbell rang. I walked to the door and opened it, wearing nothing but my waist le… Read more

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phone number on the wall

First TimeGay MaleMature

Back in the late 90s I was newly divorced and got my own small apartment and was looking for a girlfriend. I had occasional dates and got laid a few times, but no one I wanted to build a relationship with. I had been bisexual most of my life and even thru out my marriage I would have the occasional encounter with a man. I wasn’t really into anal sex or kissing with men, but I sure did love sucking their dicks, and still do to this day. There’s just something so powerful and exciting having a cock in my mouth, my tongue twirling around the head as I bob up and down on a hard, throbbing cock.… Read more

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Wife 1st Cuckold Fucking

MatureFirst TimeAnal

So, after about 15 years of marriage and my constant hounding-telling her that others should be able to enjoy her amazing cock sucking skills- she reluctantly said she would do a threesome with another guy but wanted me to set it up. As I said she is an amazing cocksucker since she started at the age of 15 with a man in his 20's. She said she spent her whole sophomore year of High School sucking this guys dick… Read more

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Son and his Lovely Mom - Part 1

First TimeMatureTaboo

Mack Margo could hardly believe the letter he was reading. It was a notification that a story he had written and had submitted to a publishing company had been accepted for publication, and that he would be sent five hundred dollars upon publication of the story that would happen within the next month. He reread the letter a couple of times. It was simply hard to believe, but there it was in print. Mack was only sixteen, but he had been writing for a couple of years, and he had concentrated upon a certain form and subject. All the things he wrote were erotic in nature, and they generally… Read more

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Slut wife

First TimeVoyeur

Tonight I'm going to be the slut you want me to be, that's what you say before you kiss me hard and squeeze my cock, off you go upstairs after a little time you come walking down, and wow, your dressed in a short skirt, and a top that shows of your tits, and boots with stockings, come on then you call let's go, go where I ask, out,you call I'm in the mood to be your slut this evening, we get into the car, I see your stocking tops as you climb into the car, where are we driving I ask, I don't know just drive out into the country, off we go into the night, we get closer to the dark lanes and fie… Read more

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my first sex story

First TimeVoyeurTaboo

!Hello to all the readers of this amazing site. I just came to know about this site a few days before , I read many stories and mean while I thought that why don’t I publicize my own true incident which was happened to me. B4 telling u the incident I must introduce my self, I am a student of O levels second year an I am 19 only (believe it or not). But when this incident took place I was 18(true). I am studying accounts in O levels but, I always felt difficult to do it for that reason I consulted my uncle (living in Faislabad) what to do as I was very much frank with him. He told me that me to… Read more

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Plaything for a Night (part 1)

BDSMMasturbationFirst Time

I had been chatting with Sir for a long time online but had never met or even planned on meeting in real life. It was just fun chatting with him. Over the months we had shared gotten to know each other quite well, starting first with comments on naughty videos, and then chatting about fantasies. I had shared things with him that I had never shared with anyone. Although this was new to me, he had much more experience and patiently guided me to explore my submissive side. We discussed videos and how they made me feel and how they made him feel. As he figured out what turned me on he would push m… Read more

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Fully Sick

AnalTabooFirst Time

Clever Tamara fakes a cunning sickie but does her step dad Steve have a superior repertoire of tactics to get his male way in her bedroom..... I needed one of those Ferris Bueller days because there was a monster fashion sale at my favourite up market boutique and I wasn’t going to miss it. Mum was dead easy to negotiate. I said I had a slight temperature, sore throat and nausea. She was caught up in her morning rush to work... she had her own florist shop to run... she left with the completely honestly sympathetic: ‘Stay in bed then sweetie...if it gets worse...ring me at work… Read more

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Slut GF- Chapter 1

FetishFirst TimeMasturbation

This is my first time ever writing a sex story. Publicly at least. So I hope you enjoy. Let me know what you think. I will be adding to this story in chunks on a regular basis. So stay tuned. This is a fake/fantasy I have had for a couple years now. It might seem a tad unrealistic but thats not always a bad thing. Chapter 1. The Beginning Katie is my beautiful girlfriend of 4 years. She is a brunette, 5'3" 110 lbs, slim with palm size tits. Not huge but enough to grab ahold of. Her ass is juicy but also athletic. We have always been really fortunate relationship wise. We always get along gr… Read more

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Me and my sister

First TimeHardcoreTaboo

The blinding light seeped through the blinds and into my eyes. It was Friday 21st December and for those of you who don't know, the world hasn't ended. I sluggishly walked to the bathroom and ran a shower. The warm water cascaded over my defined chest, a friend a few years my senior helped me workout and transformed my body. I stepped out of the shower and dried off. "Oliver Leo is downstairs" shouted my mother. "Tell him to come up" I said. "Hey man" said Leo. Hey, I just gotta get changed quick" I told him. "So who you gotta buy for?" He asked "My mom, dad and gra… Read more

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At the movies

First TimeGroup SexMature

At the movies It was late January & as usual for summer in Oz it was hot. It was over 40 degrees on this particular Saturday. My wife Sandy suggested we go to the cinema and cool off in the AC there. I said that sounded like a plan and went into the bedroom to put some cloths on. Sandy followed me in and pulled out a pair of running shorts and a T/shirt for me and a very tiny skirt and an almost invisibly sheer blouse for herself. As I reached or my underwear draw Sandy put her hand on mine saying “it’s too hot for that” and proceeded to put on her skirt and blouse covering her previously… Read more

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One fantasy i dream of being real

TabooFirst Time

I had been sick lately, my body didnt feel good, sore and swollen. I told my husband that i had to go to the hospital to figure out what was wrong. He supported me and said he hope i would be better.. I am large breasted, a 44 DD, I called the number on the card and a woman in here forties came to get me. I started to ask a lot of question about how it works but she said when we get there all you questions will be answered. I was hungry. She said lunch will be waiting. I decided to be quiet and wait. We drove for about an hour out of the city to a ranch. When we got there I was greeted… Read more

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First time we met

First TimeMasturbationMature

It was Saturday morning bout 10 when I get to your door I ring your bell and wait as I hear shuffling then the door opens and you peep round the door towel rapped round your head and with a big smile you say hi come in and open the door to let me in .I step inside and follow you up the hall your still in your dressing gown I guess fresh from the bath what with the towel and the sweet smell im following looking down I watch your peachy bum wiggle under the short little gown as you swish along into the kitchen would I like coffee you ask sure I say sitting on a stool I watch you as you move arou… Read more

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Nude beach learning & the hot bull boss.

Gay MaleFirst TimeMasturbation

After a lot of curiosity, I built up the gumption to check out the local nude beach. I figured it'd be a lot of older straight couples or a bunch of gym rats- but I was pleasantly surprised. First time I went, I wasn't sure which trails would get me to where I wanted to go (I really just wanted to get some sun on my ass and see if it felt liberating as an adult, or if I'd have the naked anxiety of the highschool locker room). After a lot of walking on the trails (and passing by an older musclebear with the biggest flaccid cock I've ever seen), I got to the water. I saw NO ONE around, and figu… Read more

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My wife begs to suck my dick

BDSMFetishFirst Time

Last week, my wife told me that she would be my cock sucking slave for 5 days straight if I take her on a trip to the beach. She rarely gives me blowjobs so I was ecstatic to hear this. She said I can make up any rules I want and she will follow. The only request she made is that if I am satisfied with her performance, she gets to have a ride on my dick afterwards. Of course, I can also boss her around during that. These are the rules I came up with and she has already agreed to follow: - She has to beg for my dick first if she wants to suck it. - If she doesn't beg good enough or doesn't… Read more

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Today would be the day

AnalFirst Time

The first day that I would truly feel like a woman. I awoke at 5AM, just like any other weekday. I slipped on my Champion running shorts, short shorts, love women's clothing, a slim fit tank top and my running shoes. Bluetooth earbuds, check, Fitbit watch, check, running tunes selected, check. I like to wait until I am outside, in the front yard, before I do a little stretching. Nothing like bending over in short shorts out in public view. I wonder how many admirers I have in the neighborhood. My legs, ass and slim waist are a sight. Most mornings I run a 3 mile route, not fast, no… Read more

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