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“What are you doing Sonny?” “What does it look like.... I’m getting in the shower with you Sis.” “Well get the hell out of here!” " Your husband has gone to work. and that’s no way to treat a house guest...... come on Sis we use to take baths together.” “Shit that was twenty years ago.... And it stopped because Mom saw you were getting a boner.. Just like you got now.” “Here Sis don’t you need someone to wash your back? ...... Now doesn’t that feel good?” “Well..... Yes.. but don’t go lower... STOP it!” “Wow Sis you’ve got one great butt..... Mmmmmm love these cheeks.... And up your bu… Read more

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Mrs. A and our secret

First TimeMatureHardcore

This story is 100% true. Growning up my friends mom was always semi attractive but never anything so great you fantasize about her. A situation i wouldn't turn down but wouldn't seek out. One night shortly after turning 18 just graduated high school i was at my friends house drinking me amd him with his mom and her boyfriend. Everyone was doing shots amd we were all completely wasted. Well her boyfriend had to go to work the next day so he went to sleep early the 3 of us stayed up and kept drinking my friend smokes weed smoked his mom said she was going to bed and went to her room my friend go… Read more

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Viagra problem solved by Indian Aunt

First TimeMatureTaboo

Jaya Kumari had finished all her household chores after sending her hubby to the office for his early morning meeting. Rajesh, her elder sister’s son who had come down for the weekend, was still sleeping in his room without taking his bath, so she thought of waking him up to taking bath and to have breakfast so that she can concentrate on her daily chores. When she went into the room he was still sleeping in his T-shirt and shorts and blanket was lying near his feet. Jaya shook him and asked him to go to take bath; he opened his eyes and said, “I will not bathe today, Aunty.” Jaya: “Rajesh… Read more

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Donating sperm to my Indian Muslim teacher

First TimeHardcoreMature

Hi Friends, this is Rajesh again, the incident I am going to explain happened when I was studying 12th and the lady was my class teacher Fathima Ma’m. She was living with her in laws and her hubby was working in Dubai and the couple had no k**s and I knew that Ma’m quite unhappy about this. Fathima Ma’m was quite an attractive lady who in her mid thirties with a nice figure and her hubby recently left for Dubai again after spending one month with the family, and I knew all this because I frequently visited their house for tuitions. Let me come to the main story right away, I received a messa… Read more

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My First Black Cock

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I have always wanted to try this. And here I am is actually and finally experiencing it. I met this black guy, Steve on Xhamster was his name, his Xhamster name was Bottom Bull. Bottom Bull 58, brown skin, he is well built for his age. Bottom Bull is 5’10”, 200lbs, and hairy. Bottom Bull’s not ugly nor handsome. Bottom Bull cock is cut, dark and nice 7.5in surrounded with thick nappy pubic hair. Bottom Bull balls are full and fat, little beads of hair covers his balls. Bottom Bull’s cock was wet with a mixture of pre-cum, lubricant and my own saliva. What I loved most about his cock was the b… Read more

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First TimeTabooVoyeur

It was mid September and I was walking the local path in the woods. It was a warm day and what a day it was. My dog Ghost was with me, and as dogs do, he was running around, sometimes behind and sometimes in front of me. I had walked for some time now and I was looking for the little cave down by the river for some shade and to rest awhile. As I situated myself under the shaded nook, I whistled and heard Ghost barking but he never ran back to me so I whistled again and this time I realized that the bark came from above. I decided to climb the top of the cave from around the side and up the nar… Read more

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Home DayCare

First TimeVoyeurTaboo

Home day care As I left work all I wanted to do was get home and relax. There was no school today so first I would have to pick up the k**s from day care. I pulled into the driveway of our day care provider (Larisa) she's a 37-year-old Ukrainian woman, about 6 feet, 180 or so, her body weight is proportioned nicely, with just a little bit of tummy. She looks good, I have always had an attraction to her and would often think of her when with my wife. She has 5 of her own k**s and most are in there teen years. her husband works long hours during the day so I rarely have the opportunity to see h… Read more

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Girl's Night in

First TimeMasturbationVoyeur

Girl’s night in. My wife just informed me that I would have to be out of the house tonight (Friday night), so she could have a girl’s night. I didn’t really feel like doing anything or going anywhere, but I reluctantly agreed. I started calling friends in an attempt to make my own plans, just when I was about to finalize my night, my wife informed me that our babysitter just canceled, and that the other people who could have watched them are not available. So this left me with a choice, either have my wife cancel her night or I take the k**s somewhere for a few hours. To keep the wife happy I… Read more

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Peaches and the Poolboy

MatureFirst TimeVoyeur

Peaches and the Poolboy “Karma is a bitch” No truer words were ever spoken. Here I am, in my early sixties at an age that a few years ago I looked forward to. If anyone thought they were immortal, it was me. Now I’m an expert on amyotrotrphic lateral sclerosis, ALS, or more commonly known as “Lou Gehrig’s disease” It began about three years ago when I would trip on insignificant things. A crack in the sidewalk, a twig. It initially would be no more than a nuisance and would piss me off. As things progressively got worse, I would notice weakness in my hands when I would pick up everyday obje… Read more

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Home DayCare

First TimeTabooVoyeur

Home day care As I left work all I wanted to do was get home and relax. There was no school today so first I would have to pick up the k**s from day care. I pulled into the driveway of our day care provider (Larisa) she's a 37-year-old Ukrainian woman, about 6 feet, 180 or so, her body weight is proportioned nicely, with just a little bit of tummy. She looks good, I have always had an attraction to her and would often think of her when with my wife. She has 5 of her own k**s and most are in there teen years. her husband works long hours during the day so I rarely have the opportunity to see h… Read more

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Wrong Room

First TimeMasturbationVoyeur

Wrong room My wife had a friend that was coming to stay with us for a few days. Her name is Laylo, a woman from Central Asia, same as my wife, they both have a middle eastern appearance, and both very beautiful women in their own right. I have fantasized of Laylo whenever I’m with my wife, so you could say she is a cutie. She always wears loose fitting shirts that usually cover her butt, so I wouldn’t even know where to begin as to what she might look like underneath. Her and her husband had moved to Seattle a year ago, and we live in Portland. though its close enough to make a weekend trip… Read more

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Caught being gay part two

Gay MaleFirst TimeTaboo

Every one in this fictional story is over 18 and nobody is related. You may want to check out part one because I deviate from the main subject in this part but it's a necessary part of the story. If not, this should still stand up on its own. I panicked and dropped to the bed covering my cummy cock with the sheet while scanning for my underwear. He spun his head around and looked but she was gone. He looked at me and asked what and as quietly as I could I whispered mom saw us! He said no way and I said yeah but I don't know how long she was there. She definitely saw me kiss you. I couldn't b… Read more

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First TimeTabooMasturbation

I'm the typical high school sophomore , the pubescent teen easy to arouse and always horny to the point i'd have to satisfy myself through the day to control my sexual urges ,i always found a place to enjoy the release . From the rarely used bathroom at school , the parking lot with a jacket covering me as i waited for mom to the bathrooms at friends and relatives homes , there was always a woman to excite me , at home it was my room and porn . I live with mom and my sister Lisa who's a few years my junior , just the 3 of us since the divorce about 4 years ago , mom's bedroom was downstairs… Read more

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Stepdad catches me sneaking out.

First TimeHardcoreTaboo

Why the hell was he allowed to ground me? He wasn't even my real father. And when is getting a tattoo at eighteen even reason enough for grounding? He wouldn't even had seen it, if he hadn't come home early and watched me try on the party outfit that I'd planned on wearing that same evening. I didn't even know how long he'd been standing in my doorway watching me like a creep. At first he didn't say anything, he just stared at me with his penetrating blue eyes. Then he'd walked towards me slowly. I had thought that he was going to say something about my outfit, that it was too inappropriat… Read more

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Our walk by the river

First Time

We arrived at the car park and as we drove in B noticed a car with three young lads in and around it. “That looks a bit strange.” She said and I agreed. Still we parked up and made our way to the path that leads along by the river amongst the trees. I noticed that the young lads, all around the middle to late twenties, had left their car and had followed us down the path. We didn’t think much of it and carried on with our walk watching the Swans and Ducks on the river. We walked for about ten minutes and were well away from the main path on a smaller gravel footpath when suddenly two of the la… Read more

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Special Delivery

First Time

Our regular mailman broke his leg and a cute, young woman would be our sub for about 6 weeks. When my wife wasn’t around (and that’s much of the time), I would flirt with her and tell her that I had never had a “mailman” as pretty as she. That always got a big smile. Actually, she was a nice looking, 22 year old. She was fairly petite – with long brown hair. She was quite thin with quite small breasts. She had a great personality and was very nice to fantasize about (I jacked off quite a few times thinking about her). I would actually get to talk to Kimmie for a few minutes several times a wee… Read more

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Staff Training

First TimeHardcore

It was the staff christmas do and after the meal a break away group headed for town, in the first bar a few headed to get the drinks whilst the others made their way to the pool table. It was here that I first noticed the newest member to our team making eyes at me, her name was Sarah she was 21, petite with great legs and a pert little bottom from horse riding, in work the black trousers or leggings she wears accentuates her derriere, especially when she bends over the dishwasher, I'd thought about giving her a spank on a few occasions. Sarah had caught me looking a couple of times in work an… Read more

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Helping out a friend

First TimeMature

Helping out a friend Where do I start? Maybe with myself, and the truth is, I am Mrs Jones, Tina Jones, I am 49 and married with two grown up sons. Throughout my life I have never been highly sexed, just not important to me. As a teen and throughout my 20s I hardly ever masturbated and was a late starter in the sex department. I had a very sheltered upbringing, I was an only sibling, went to Church every Sunday with my parents and that is where I met my husband at the age of 25. I must admit that I no longer go to Church and have not been since our sons were born 20 odd years ago but I… Read more

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The First Time I fucked a pregnant woman

FetishFirst Time

This is a true story When I was in high school, everybody including myself had a crush on Mary Daniels. She was 5 feet tall with 36DD tits and a nice ass. When we had class, I would stare at her massive tits and her gorgeous legs while she wore a tank top and skirt but she was off limits cause her boyfriend was the Captain of both the football and basketball teams. So, one day, she was failing her math class and was looking for someone to help her. See, I was a nerd, but I didn't act or dress like it. and plus, I was the only student in the school's history to have a Perfect ACT/SAT score. I… Read more

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My Lucky Day.

FetishFirst TimeMature

My wife's office was organising a two weeks workshop on youth entrepreneurship, she was to stay with the youths drawn from across the state in the camp. She was one of the resource persons. When she left I was so bored that I decided to go shopping for a new pair of jeans. Walking through the town of Awka, seeing all these mature women shopping only made me to start becoming horny. When I finally got to the small jeans boutique I had in mind, I was actually so hot that it was hard to hide.  As I entered the shop I noticed there wasn't anyone there. Therefore I started looking around mys… Read more

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