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The f****y noise

This story took place in the summer of 1999, when my cousin Haley and I were both nineteen and were on holiday together, along with our parents. You see, her dad and my dad were b*****rs and had always been close; they had even moved to the same town. As a result, they saw each other frequently and made sure our families got together at least twice a month, usually during the weekends, for a cozy dinner, some wine, talking, laughing, you know.

For as long as I can remember, we had also gone on holiday together, renting a big place and splitting the costs. It was always a fun time. As Haley... Continue»
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Lunch time treat for wife

We were riding the Harley through the country side and it was getting hotter and hotter. The temperature was up over 30 degrees C. the engine was so hot I thought my thighs were being cooked. I asked Mel if she was ready for cool down stop and she said "Hell yeah". I knew there used to be a hotel up ahead and hoped it was still open. We found it after about twenty minutes and as I pulled the bike into the parking lot I saw a sign up advertising strippers. That was different I though as it didn't have them before, but as we were so hot and I knew the food was good I decided to stop anyway. It... Continue»
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A New Home.

In the early morning hour, Dalu sips his coffee. He looks out his new window that he just finished installing the day before. It was the last thing done in completing the new kitchen. Dalu and his f****y had moved into the house in the summer. The stone home is over 100 years old and was in rough shape. Dalu convinced his wife it was a good deal. The large size of the house was key and it had the acreage to go along with it. Dalu and his wife Jidechi struck a deal. Dalu had to rebuild the kitchen first before he did anything else. The anything else was the barn he wants to rebuild so he can wo... Continue»
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Another wife fucked while in Jamaica. Poor cuckold

Our vacation last year started almost like every other. After 9 years
of marriage, we were looking for a change of pace . . . some kind of
adventure. We found it!
You see, our sex life had been pretty dull. At least until Susan
turned us on to x-rated movies to spice things up. In fact it was a
movie we had seen, that had given us the Jamaican vacation idea.
Looking back, I remember how turned on Susan got during an interracial
scenes. The sex was so torrid; we actually watched that movie twice,

Our first day in Jamaica, we lay out by the pool, Susan had on a small
bikini that reall... Continue»
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First Taste of Black Cock Pt2 Wife Blacken

Tell me about Diana.” Diana is a beautiful and well-built woman, and even at the age of forty-eight she looks much younger. So I told Jefferson, “Well, I think she’s a beauty, even though I haven’t been able to fuck her much lately. She’s five feet and six inches tall, weighs one hundred and twenty-five pounds, and has naturally-blonde hair and green eyes. Her breasts are large and shapely, I think 36Ds, and her ass is full and shapely. I heard you telling Sammy what you want to do with her, and I’d really like to see that, but I don’t think she has any interest in sex anymore.” Jefferson lau... Continue»
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Cuckolds fantasy is a reality

Andrew's call came that night. His first question, of course, was
"where were you last night? I called 3 times."

"I was screwing my brains out with a client, what did you think I was
doing?" Kelly said in a joking tone. After a long pause. "I was with
my friend Tina. We had too much to drink, so I stayed at her place
instead of driving home d***k."

"Too bad, the hotel room sounds more interesting, maybe you should
tell me more about that?"

This was interesting, thought Kelly. Andrew had been asking her about
sex since the wedding. He seemed to want to hear stories about her
hav... Continue»
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Husband cuckolded on a Jamaican vacation

My wife and I recently took a cruise to Jamaica for our 5th wedding anniversary. Sara has sandy blond hair, 36 DD breasts, a Latin ass and legs I was so proud of the way she kept herself in shape. I couldn't take her anywhere without men and women doing a double take. I wanted to showcase her beautiful body by buying her the skimpiest yellow micro bikini I could find. When I was loading the suitcases into the car I removed her boring one piece suit and replaced it with the bikini. When we got to the cruise ship she opened her suitcase to find my present.

"I can't wear this John. There's not... Continue»
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Bra Fucking Michelles Huge Tits!

Hooked up with this big titty high school girl at an outside keg party at the falls. Was later in evening, not many people there started rubbing her shoulders. I was standing she was sitting. As I caressed her shoulders she looked up to me and smiled. I leaned forward and gently kissed her. It was early fall, not to cold, had a fire roaring. She has a t shirt on with a button up sweater. She was very modest about her chest. Even in her f****y portrait they had her back to the camera looking over her shoulder because her enormous breasts were a f****y shame. As her other f****y members faced fo... Continue»
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First Taste of Black Cock Pt1

That was the first time in my life that I had any interactions at all with black people in either my workplace or in our everyday lives. We bought a nice home in the northeast suburbs of Jackson, where the black population is less concentrated, but we still encountered many black people there. I have always tried to take care of myself and stay fit, although at five feet and nine inches tall and weighing one hundred and fifty-five pounds I am definitely not heavily muscled. I joined an athletic club not too far from my home and worked out three nights a week, with longer sessions on the weeke... Continue»
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Wife's First BBC

Wife’s First BBC
We arrived at the hotel early to allow my wife time to get ready. She showered, shaved and got dressed in a red teddy that contrasted with her pale white skin. Her breast lightly visible along with her pussy which I noticed was now shaved, not the way we arrived, so I knew this was going to be something special for her. We had spent weeks searching and interviewing several men before she settled on Jerome. From his profile he was athletic worked out regularly and was a salesman with office supply company in the neighboring town. He was due to arrive in an hour so my wif... Continue»
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She take's His Ass Pegged

Kim and I were sitting on the couch relaxing when she looked up from her laptop with a grin on her
face. “Honey, I was reading an article today about a sex act for which a local sex writer coined a term.
It is called pegging. Have you heard about it?” she asked with a slight twinkle in her eye. “Yeah, I
have heard about it. I have read a few articles of his about it and some other stuff.” “Well, I am glad
you know what it is. I thought I was going to have to go into a long, drawn out discussion about what it
is and how it can be pleasurable for men.

” “Oh, I don’t think it would have b... Continue»
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Wife Come's Home Early Snowballed

To this day, I don't know what caused my wife to come home early from work that morning, and
although at the time I was sick to my stomach with dread and fear when she walked in on me, I'm
now glad that it happened. For the first time in over ten years of marriage, we can now finally talk
about what sexual desires we have. But I'm getting ahead of myself. Let me back up a bit. I met my
wife almost fifteen years ago and we hit it off immediately.

In every possible way that really mattered,
she was the perfect woman for me. Smart, cute, ambitious, driven, and unlike every other girl I h... Continue»
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Wife's Strapon Surprise Pegged

It was another birthday about to have come and gone with little fanfare from either my wife or myself.
It didn't really bother me all that much; I mean, thirteen years of marriage plus two k**s tends to put a
damper on your personal life events. I figured it would be pretty much the same as the last few,
Melissa would give me a heartfelt card that I would appreciate followed by a hug and a kiss. k**s
would be wrangled into bed, then I would download a new PC game as my gift and spend the night
conquering the known universe.

After that I would do some porn site hopping; then head off t... Continue»
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Essentially, this story depicts how my wife and I met and first had sex. It is written from my wife's viewpoint but by me using her recollections and notes (women remember these events far better than men). She dictated and edited the more intimate parts. However, she is scared stiff of being identified. Therefore, names, location, jobs etc have been changed. It is, as they say in the movies, 'based on true events'. The way we met and the sex, was as depicted.

I'm English, so English spelling, grammar and terminology are used.

This work is copyright protected.


June 1980, West... Continue»
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Hijabi sis fantasy

Hijabi sis fantasy

My hijabi s****r anika is at home. You come to visit me, but I've gone out, but snuck in without her knowing. She opens the door for you and tells you Im out but will be back shortly. because she is so nice, she invites you in. You take this time to check her out. Her face structure is good, she's wearing mascara and lipstick.
She's medium height, curvy, big tits and a perfect round ass. She's wearing a black hijab, tight white blouse, black bra, long black skirt with brown boots. Also you can make out her thong.
You take a seat on the sofa. She goes to get you a drink.... Continue»
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The Boyfriend

The Boyfriend

I must have been around 6 or 7 years old at the time. My parents were having some difficult times at this point in their marriage. Both my parents had “friends” and I knew this because they both used me as their accomplice. My dad would take me to his girlfriend’s house and I would play outside while he would be inside. My mom’s friends would pick us up and we would drive to the lake or a park and again I would go play on the playground while they kissed and made out in the car. All that changed one day when we went to the post office one day. My mom and I were standing in lin... Continue»
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Italy Sexcapade

i went to Italy for a week. the three places i visited were Rome, Venice, and Florence. There was a lot of first's happening on this trip, but i enjoyed it.

It was the last day in rome, i wanted to enjoy the night life. To no end, I didn't find anywhere to go. I had made plans with four different guys this guys this night. Franco was the only one to follow through. Franco was an older gentlemen: 56, 5'10, 175lbs, italian. I admit, i was nervous. First time with a man, in my book, everything can go wrong.

I took a shower before he arrived at my hotel. I sat on the bed to talki... Continue»
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Me and my nieces part 2

Until . I'd been mostly out of touch with Crystal the older girl but, I would send her an occasional text or dirty video showing her a young hottie face sitting or cuckolding and older man. And then one night out of the blue I get a knock on my window at 3:00am I get up and open the door It is Crystal. She's in a very slutty outfit. A really tight sheer red shirt and I can tell she is braless. It's teh first time I've seen her nipples and I am very turned on. My nipples tingle My cock is hardening and Im blushing. Her jean skirt is very short and she immediately comes in and kisses me without ... Continue»
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Being Awakened

Being Awakened by Daddy Jack

“Damn my stubbornness,” you think to yourself, as you walk along in the cold rain, on the cobblestone street, lit by covered torches. You love life in the city, with all the modern conveniences of torch lit walkways, and stone streets and all. However, tonight, the rain is soaking you through and through making it difficult to appreciate the advances in modern living.

As you walk, you reflect on the evening and riding in the carriage with Thomas. How his small mindedness caused your bl**d to boil, and then he has the audacity to tell you that you are sexually rep... Continue»
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In Too Deep.

It didn't feel like adultery. Yes, we both cheated on our spouses. Yes, we hurt not only each other but also put in jeopardy those who loved us and trusted us. It caused us great anguish and torment. It was reckless. And yet I believe we would both do it all over again even knowing the pain that we were going to face.

It all began when I received an invitation to attend my high school reunion. Up until then I thought I was a happily married man with a bright future. I had no idea that this weekend was about to change my life. It was like a trap door was opened below me on the stage and I wa... Continue»
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