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First Time

Introduction: A girls thoughts on her first love what i need I need to touch you I need to feel your breath I need your sent to fill my nose I need to pull you close I need to bring your body to me I need to kiss your lips I need to open your lips I need to feel your chest rise and fall I need to open your legs I need to step forward into you I need to carry you to the bed I need to kiss your neck I need to kiss your cheeks I need to trace your body with my fingers I need you here ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Time drifts Your mind churns, replaying moments that have past… Read more

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Fun Experiences

FetishFirst TimeMasturbation

I guess it was time I introduce myself; My name is Rose Melborn, at the time this story takes place I was fifteen. In experienced and naive, just how my parents wanted me to be. I hadn't even been kissed! But I suppose that comes more from the fact that I hadn't been around boys that were out of the family in a real long time. As (even if I didn't realize it at the time) I was, and am fairly attractive. My hair is dead straight, and falls gracefully to my waist. Auburn in color. My eyes are bright green, rimmed with long lashes. My skin was a creamy color. I have never been a dreadfully ski… Read more

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Frankie meets BigIan Part 1

First TimeHardcoreMature

This is a tribute to BigIan, decide for yourselves whether it happened or not!!! Frankie was sat at home bored, in recent weeks she had pushed her sexual boundaries to a new level and didn’t know whether you could be satisfied by just sex with a man. She was trawling her favourite site, reading stories, watching videos and looking at pictures when a message popped up from BigIan which caught her attention. He went into great detail and painted a really good scenario for her, so she checked out his profile and saw a picture of the most beautiful cock, just laid neatly on his bel… Read more

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me and mom

First TimeTaboo

It happened when I was 20..... I was over at my mom's house and we were drinking. I was in my shorts and she was in her nightgown. I started getting hot because of the beer so I took my shorts off and just sat there in my boxers. I didn’t know my Mom was looking at me and that she could see him hanging in my boxers and could see the outline of him. Out of nowhere I hear her ask, "may I see him?" I told her, “you will have to wait because I have to pee.” I left and then came back a few minutes later. She was sitting on the couch and was looking at me and sa… Read more

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Creampie Wendy

First TimeGroup SexTaboo

When I was in my early 20's some 2 decades ago, I worked with this hot 17 year old named Wendy. From our first meeting she made it clear she wanted me to fuck her. I made it clear that I was going to wear her out with my cock & make her my little slut, but not until she was 18. She took that as a challenge, & teased me relentlessly for the next few months. My shift was after hers, she would fuck her boyfriend in his van in the parking lot & come back in to tell me about it, & do all she could to get my cock hard for her. She drove me crazy, one night she came in & told me her bf had brought… Read more

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Jena - A BBW Story Ch 2

First TimeLesbian SexMature

When last we left Jena, she was on her knees in front of her boss without a shirt or a bra. Pondering how she got into the mess she's into now; stuck not only sucking her boss' cock, but now having to do so in front of the boss' wife. This is what she gets for being a horny little slut she thought to herself. Just as Jena was going to start her manipulations on the now hard as a stone cock, that was only a foot from her face, the office door bust open. There stands the wife. Panting and sweating from what was most assuredly a fast sprint from her car into her husband's office. "I'm here,"… Read more

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What some men will do for pussy.

AnalFirst TimeTaboo

Me and my brother are twins, born just a few moments apart, and we do everything together almost. We are comfortable with being naked around eachother, masturbating with the other around or watching, or even fucking our partner while the other is around, or watching. We never have sex with eachother, but since we are both bi-sexual, we have had sex with some of the same girls and guys. There was this annoying k** that kept annoying me for a bj or sex or pics, for weeks, so I finally sent him a picture I my tits after a few weeks. I kept flirting with him, and we had some phone sex, curious… Read more

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Ashley in Amsterdam - #4: Moon-lit love

BDSMFirst TimeVoyeur

Pete had enough of the student audience watching his making love to Ashley. He whispered to her ear. "Let´s get out of here, baby. We´ll go to my place". They crossed the street. It was almost dark by now. Pete took her into his back garden, as it was still warm outside. Only lit by a partly clouded half-moon. None of the overlooking windows showing any sign of live. They felt comfortably private there. Still excited, they continued to kiss and caress ... Soon Ashley got real hot and offered no resistance as Peter stripped her bare. She followed suit and eagerly helped him to get nake… Read more

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The Barber

First TimeHardcore

The Barber Pt. 1 By Druid Knight “Daddy!” I heard the anguish in Alexis' voice as she yelled from her bedroom. Not one for drama, I knew immediately something must be wrong. “What is it, Lex?” I yelled back. “Come here, please,” she cried. “This is horrible.” Worried now, I made my way down the hall toward her bedroom. Knocking on the door, I heard her say, “Come in.” I pushed the door open and stepped gingerly into the room. Alexis stood in the center of the room, wearing the new, light-blue bikini I'd let her talk me into buying her at the mall earlier in… Read more

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ken and christine

FetishFirst Time

We slept for a while, and then I was awoken to the feeling of my dick being tugged. I looked over at Chris and she was stroking me gently. “You are still hard. It seems a shame to waste it. Want to do it again?” she said while kissing my dick. “No.” Chris looked shocked. “I want to do it ‘always’.” Was my reply. Chris swung her leg over me and got on top of me again. Brazenly, she reached underneath herself and positioned my cock so it slid right into her. Immediately she started to grind her hips. Now it was my turn to caress her body. I ran my hands up her thighs, and across her… Read more

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Afterschool Fun

FetishFirst TimeMasturbation

The following is fiction, it is long, and it is good. For the most part I was an average 16 year old tenth grader in the spring of 1982. I played sports, did ok in school, hung out with friends, and thought a lot about girls. I had no idea when I got off the school bus that Friday afternoon that my world was about to change. This was the age before computers, the internet, and cell phones and I just planned on watching some TV when I got home. My thoughts were interrupted by a voice calling my name, “Hey Dave, wait up.” The voice belonged to a girl named Susan. She was also a… Read more

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FetishFirst Time

The final exams were all said and done. The working part of my high school career was now finally over. Still, we had a couple of more days, mostly for the underclassmen, in which we seniors got a sendoff pep rally. Up untill recently, I hadn't planned on going to it, as I thought It would be lame. However, I now had a girlfriend, Emily, who was both a cheerleader and a gymnast. Aside from this giving her a killer body, it also meant she participated in the rally, and as a result, I had to go. I remember her 'asking' me to go; "But Dave, you have to go!" pleaded Emily. "Look, I'm not goi… Read more

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A new development.

AnalFirst TimeGay Male

Dave and I have hit a new shift in our relationship. I love Dave. He is a great, loving, attentive guy and has been a fabulous lover. He was the first man I ever loved and I have taken this ride through the lifestyle with him. Since we got together we have always agreed that sex and love are not the same thing and we have had an open relationship as a result. You can see by our pics that we enjoy having sex and watching each other have sex with other people. Relatively recently my lust for black dick has resurfaced. I was exposed to black cock when I was in high school and it wasn't u… Read more

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The dance teacher

First Time

I sat at the back of the hall watching and admiring her moves. Joanne, the object of my desires. We had a brief relationship years ago that was never intimate. The time wasn't right for us at that time and we drifted apart. I often thought about her, wondering what would have happened if things we different at the time. Years had passed since we last saw each other. I was surprised when she contacted me again recently. She was producing a show and needed someone with my physical attributes to play a small part. We started chatting as if no time had passed since we last saw each other, b… Read more

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Fucking my sexy boss!

First TimeVoyeur

A couple of years ago i was working as a retail security guard for a large well known department store, as with most of these places the staff are generally made up of both male and female young school leavers, the lads just wanted to be your best mate and the girls loved nothing more than to flirt and tease and act silly with there friends. the assistant manager on the other hand was nearer my own age and was quite a pretty blonde who was a couple of years older than me at 32, all the young lads on shop floor had thing for her and she was always talked about on the shopfloor as being a hot mi… Read more

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Me my first wife and her younger sister

First TimeGroup Sex

When I started to court my wife she was nineteen and I was twenty one I got really friendly with her younger sister who was only fifteen and very very sexy.There parents had a big farm and they would ask me to help feed the sheep and cattle the younger sister would say to her older sister if you want you can stay here and I will go with James and help him. My girlfriend then was not a lover of the farm so she would always say yes you go. Well the younger sister being so hot and sexy would be all over me and when we got into the barn she would have her clothes off and ready to fuck we would f… Read more

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Seduced for the very first time

First TimeLesbian SexSex Humor

My story dates from the late 80's when I was still seeking my way through life. I was only 19, enormously shy, quite innocent and fresh out of a failed attempt at university. I know now that I had been wronged when the university body expelled me just because I was in a girlfriend's bedroom at night, but at the time no matter what or who caused it all, my life wasn't going to plan any more. My parents were still very supportive and told me that I had to face the music; I needed money, a means to support myself, a job quickly. Luckily at my old boarding school I had been taught bookkeeping and… Read more

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First time love

FetishFirst TimeLesbian Sex

This story I wrote down with many stops and starts, so my excuses for that from the start. I don't think that I should try to put down my "first time" love story with too much care. After all, love usually hits one without warning and first love especially creeps up without much care about how one will look after the event. As a teenager I was "socially disfunct", so much so that I didn't have many real friends, nor the knowledge of how important having those are either. Due to various problems at school with expressing myself one caring teacher decided that I needed some extra help. From… Read more

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My very first time

First TimeLesbian SexMasturbation

I haven't shared this with many people, but I experienced my very first orgasm on a sheepskin rug. Honestly. One day, a long time ago, home alone I had myself a nice hot bath, drank a nice chilled bottle of white wine and put on one of mom's sexy black tights. I still can remember vividly that evening because of the tingles that I still experience today when I feel nylon against my inner thighs. It reminds me instandly of that glorious day in the month of July. After a hard period of studying and setting some very important exams I wanted to experience all the luxuries that life had to of… Read more

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My first virgin

FetishFirst Time

Nikki and I has been dating for around 3 weeks getting hotter and heavier. She'd told me she was a virgin so I didn't want to blow my chance at scoring her so each time I'd go a little bit further waiting until she told me to stop. This one ay was different. We were in my room, I was home along all day, so was determined to make the msot of it. I'd finanly gotten her fully naked and the sigth of her sweet white skin with just big enoug C cop tits and lovely pink nipples was only beaten by the sight of her pussy with a lovely little bush leading down to some wet lips. Uusally this where s… Read more

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