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Caught in my sister's underwear

First TimeTaboo

It was the first day of the summer holiday, 6 weeks before I had to return to college, one more year before I could get away to university and have my own space. I'd got home from swimming training about 8am,my parents and older sister, Jane, had already left for work. This meant I had a whole day of relaxing round the house wearing whatever I wanted. I went upstairs for another shower, trying to get the smell of chlorine off my body. I soaped myself up and started running my hands slowly over my body - one of the benefits of swimming competitively was the need to be smooth all over (apa… Read more

Posted by ukdan78 7 years ago 18 5,872 99%

Indian Kajal Patel in her first orgy! MMMMF

First TimeGroup SexMasturbation

Hi my name is Kajal and I am East Indian descent but born in Canada. I am not very traditional Indian but can be when I want. Most of the time I dress to show off, some night slutty. What the hell you only live once. This all takes place at a camp site in northern Ontario. My boyfriend at the time took me camping with a few of his friends. There were five of us all together. Myself, boyfriend Darren, and his friends Steve, Chris and James. Only Chris had a girlfriend but she had to work so I was the only girl. During the day we were all out on the boat. The guys were… Read more

Posted by saddatey 7 years ago 8 3,899 76%

Learning to let go (part 3)

FetishFirst Time

This has been a very bad week for me emotionally. I am quite upset writing this post to you - almost on the verge of real tears. I think I told you that this was the week when I had expected to become a real woman. I thought I would lose my girlishness - say goodbye to my virginity and be an equal of my sister, my friends at work, and nearly every other woman on the planet. I had planned that it would happen on Thursday night. That's when my boyfriend plays basketball in the neighboring sub-division. My Mother always used to say that it was only the "cheap" girls that watched the ba… Read more

Posted by martina1992 7 years ago 4 1,340 100%

Unprotected Sex is best

First Time

me and my girlfriend have been dating for 5 months now and the other day we was having sex unprotected (She is very cautious about getting pregnant) We was fucking hard for 40 minutes me on top for the majority of the time, but she rode me, grinding against my hard cock, making me groan, i got back on top, fucking her hard, then i felt the urge to cum, i went over her face and she started sucking my bulging hard cock, she rubbed it a little, then i came all over her face, filling her mouth right up, it went every where!… Read more

Posted by SamMale 7 years ago 2 1,434 36%

My Scond TIme

AnalFirst Time

My new whore girlfriend came over to my house the next day. I'll describe her she was about five foot three 200 hundered pounds with a fat had and triple D tits. Anyway we sat on my bed for a few minutes till she decided that she needed action right away. So she turned ou the lights and told me to lay on my back. She started by rubing my chest she then moved on to my crotch. Once I was nice and hard she undid my fly and button. Pulling my jeans then my boxers off. It was really dark and I couldnt see what she was doing that made me even hornyer. Next thing you know she starts licking my balls… Read more

Posted by ilovecougars69 7 years ago 1,008 73%

The girl in class

First TimeVoyeur

Im in my first semester at a college in a small town. I attend a gym not more than 5 miles away. I first noticed her in when our teacher placed us together for a group project. She was a very attractive girl. she was about 5'2 and had the sexiest blonde hair you have ever seen. And her brown eyes you could just stare into for hours. our group met every week for study, and she always wore these super tight tops much to tight for her large breast(about 32dd). Ive fantasized about her almost every day. thinking about her smooth pale skin, her plump little ass. Her thin waste line. Oh Cour… Read more

Posted by diggsc 7 years ago 1,815 83%

How i met my bf, part 1.

First TimeGay MaleGroup Sex

We lived in a middle class neighborhood. There was one house at the top of our hill that was much larger. The area surrounding the house was heavily wooded. The house was in the middle of the woods on a cleared grassy area. A long private road ran from the top of our hill through the property, lead to the house, and continued out on to another street. When i was younger, all the neighborhood k**s used to play in these woods with the k**s who lived there at the time. That family moved out and the guy who moved in let it be known he did not want the neighborhood c***dren playing on his property.… Read more

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First TimeHardcoreMature

STARTING YOUNG Goldilocks, yes she had hair like that, absolutely right, down to her navel. But who was she really? Photographing her, painting her. Reaching under her short little Catholic skirt and touching the silk of her naked thighs, I thought of all that, too, I have to admit. I thought of kissing her, seeing if her face was as soft as it looked - baby flesh. Yes, it was there from the start, especially once she gave me the age-old inviting smile and her eyes became, for a moment, a woman’s eyes. Sixteen, maybe s*******n, she was no older than that. Scuffed oxfords, shoulde… Read more

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First TimeHardcoreMature

MARRIAGE I live in Puerto Rico with my husband and two little k**s. I am very attractive and have long brown hair and eyes and I’m only 4’11” tall but tightly packed if you know what I mean weighing only 107 pounds. I have been married for 9 years now, sex has tapered off from my husband and my vagina needed more than a quickie occasionally. I know we have 2 k**s, but that doesn’t change my attitude toward sex and it is more quickies now than ever. I needed some pleasurable intercourse. I love a good wild fuck and I wasn’t really getting that at home. We moved from one house to anot… Read more

Posted by inarut 7 years ago 10 3,120 91%

pt4 my niece and friend stay over

First TimeGroup SexTaboo

After jade had come down from her high i ask her how she feels she tells me great that was the most intense orgasm i have ever had i tell here she has felt nothing yet she asks me what do you mean i say you will see . Are you ready jade i ask yes i guess so she says will it hurt i tell her im not going to lye to you it probable will do to start with until you get used to it ok be gentle with me though ok i tell her . I position my slicked up cock in the opening of jades tight virgin hole and push forward so the helmet of my cock just enters her hole jade lets out a moan as i do this she… Read more

Posted by tigersblood 7 years ago 6 4,230 95%

Married Co-Worker Blow Job

First TimeMature

There was a sexy co-worker, I worked with, we always flirted with each other. Me, being single and her being married. I thought nothing would come of it. Then one day, I was upstairs pulling some inventory, I heard footsteps coming upstairs, it was the married sexy co-worker. She was going to file some paper work, into the files, in a little room off, where we kept our bigger inventory. As she walked by she smiled. "Boy, IT sure is warm up here" I smiled back "That's because the compressors are up here" She proceeded to enter the little room to file. So. I proceeded to pull the res… Read more

Posted by Spaceballs1969 7 years ago 5 3,169 89%

Pt3 my niece and friend stop over

First TimeLesbian SexTaboo

Pt3 my niece and friend stop over By the feel of this girls tight little virgin hole i can tell she has had nothing more than a small finger insider her and i knew this was not going to be a easy task to accomplish i had already slicked up my cock with her pussy juices but i needed to open her up more before i tried to enter her i started my reinserting my little finger in to her tight hole and gently moving it around in order to loosen her up this was also having the added affect of not only making her hole wetter but taking her closer to a orgasm all the wile she is still lapping away at… Read more

Posted by tigersblood 7 years ago 2 3,054 92%

My first time

First TimeInterracial SexTaboo

I was 15 and had snuc out for a party. I was walking home around 2 am. I was about three blocks from my house when this lady called me over from her porch. A little reluctant cause I didn't know her, I kept walking by. She called out again and said, "do you want your parents to know you're out this late?"... So I walked over to her. She invited me in for a drink. I wasn't about to turn down a free drink (typical teen). We were sitting in the dining room at the table. She went to the fridge and bent over to grab a couple beers. That's when I noticed she was not wearing panties. I gasped. I had… Read more

Posted by darkhelmet1975 7 years ago 7 5,254 90%

My mom the whore

First TimeHardcoreTaboo

Mom was a whore. She fucked a lot of men for money. She didn't walk the street they came to our apartment. Mom was good looking and she loved sex. She wore little clothing around the home. I loved seeing her naked. She was very sexy. Some times when she had a man in her room i would push the door open and watch them. It was exciting to see the men licking mom's cunt and sucking her tits and I loved when she sucked the cocks. Of course them fucking made my tummy tingle. I was amazed at the different positions they could fuck in. I liked when mom sat on him with her back to him and rode his cock… Read more

Posted by maebe 7 years ago 14 8,239 90%

My First Time

First Time

This girl from work called me one night to come over and help her babysite, I saide sure. I get there and she's like the k** is asleep and my friend works till ten. So we turn on the TV and set on the couch then she's says i'm a very open person, so I start to lick her face, she seems to like it and starts licking my face back, next then you know both our tongues are down eachothers throats. She then stradles me and starts humping me she wants to know if I ever had sex before, I tell her no, shes like will lets fuck but not on the couch so i follow her to the bathroom. She takes her cloths off… Read more

Posted by ilovecougars69 7 years ago 2 1,169 73%

2 Cocks and 2 Cunts

AnalFirst TimeGroup Sex

My cock's been in a few holes in its' life, and was needing something new to get into. My 'sex-only' friend Lyn and I were cruising the internet when we saw this advert for a swingers' group meeting in our area. Both partners in the couple had to be bisexual, and I was looking forward to sucking cock for the first time, while Lyn had been with a couple of women before, so we replied to the advert. Soon, a couple contacted us , inviting us to their flat a couple of miles away, and we looked forward to a cock-sucking, cunt-licking and shagging foursome. We thought we'd surprise Dan & Fi a litt… Read more

Posted by tellmewhatyouwant1 7 years ago 2 2,535 100%

Grabbing Granny

First TimeMatureTaboo

I don't even know why I bought the magazine the first time. I mean, why would an attractive 24-year old lad with an 8-inch uncut cock want to look at something called Swinging 60s? If you don't know it, it's a soft porn mag in which women over the age of 60 take off their clothes and talk dirty. I'd split up with my girlfriend six months earlier and I hadn't had so much as a sniff of another lady since then. I think I was so fed up with young girls that I swore to myself I'd concentrate on more mature women in future. I've been attracted to older women -- by which I mean about ten years older… Read more

Posted by whybea10 7 years ago 14 16,374 99%

Grandma knows best‏

First TimeMatureTaboo

Our mom passed away when I was in high school. I was the second of four brothers in the family, and we were fortunate to have three of her sisters take turns helping out with the house work and cooking over the next three months. But they had their own families to tend to, so my grandma Lula came to stay with us for the long haul. She provided a motherly presence around the house, which helped to get all us boys back on track. Lula was 62-years old when she moved in. Since she had lived on a ranch in western Oklahoma, her face and arms had developed a smooth, tanned-leather sort of complex… Read more

Posted by leartiste 7 years ago 20 8,093 99%

Sex with our guardian angel

BDSMFirst TimeLesbian Sex

My driver uses a sexy Flemish girl. Every day. Let´s call him Harald. We chose her together because of her sexy voice. Everytime we hear her we get hot and want to drive to her. She only talks so hot to us when we are in his car. We ask her to show the way. She usually answers: "Take the second at the right at the next roundabout. She is so boring. She almost always tells the same. She never listens to us. No hope for any answeres to our questions. She is polite, as she is silent when we talk to her. She completely shuts up when we finally come. To punish us? --- I´d like to p… Read more

Posted by petdyke 7 years ago 10 1,805 55%

My friends sister

FetishFirst TimeMasturbation

My name is Steven, and my family have known the Holden family for years now. Their family has two brothers around the same age me. They also have a sister called Sarah who is a few years older than me. I have always fancied her since I was little. She has been the most used in my memory wank bank. Me and her brother are best friends so I am usually over at his house. It is always a better time when his sister is there as well. Every time I see her I try and remember what see is wearing so that I can imagine me fucking her later. She is quite small standing at about 5'6. she has long blonde… Read more

Posted by BigBoobLover1 7 years ago 8 3,210 97%