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College Bound Young Black Studs

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A week ago I was checking my e-mail and had a reply from a site I'am on. Black guy here 18 young and hung get at me ,it said. So I replied back and and he sent a pic of his cock as requested and I sent a couple of mine back. His name was Dave and liked the pics I sent and some I had on my ad......Definately looking to get this dick sucked good he said. I told him cool and sent him my number to call me. He called some minutes later and said hey this the guy online you sent your number to. Yeah hey whats going on with you today I asked....Oh just trying to bust a nut here, Cool I said you look l… Read more

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Family BBQ Fun

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Linda's eyes blinked open as her phone blared Wham! and she reached over to her bedside table with a groan to swipe it to silence. She had thought it was clever when she'd set it up, but now she fucking hated that song with every ounce of feeling in her heart. Bed was her favorite place and "Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go" was the siren that forced her from it every morning. Unforgivable. She rubbed her bleary eyes and looked at the phone screen. She'd left her alarm set to the weekday time even though it was Memorial Day: the family was coming over for a barbeque and she wanted time to get set… Read more

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A Daughter and Her Daddy

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It all started when Jenny left her phone in her best friend Tammy's car. The timing was just unbelievable, she thought. Her laptop had been shipped off to Applecare for repairs the day before, so she was basically without any Internet access for hours and hours—pure torture for a teenage girl. Tammy was lifeguarding at the club for the summer, and said she'd drop the phone off until after work, but until then...Jenny just had to make her own fun. It didn't take long for her to tire of TV and books, though. Soon, despite his firm rule against it, Jenny turned on her daddy's computer. Just to… Read more

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A Stranger Shares my Wife and Cums inside her

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My wife and I attended a vanilla Luau party while we were on vacation. It was put on by the hotel we stayed at and was on the beach front. The party was open to all hotel guests. They sold pork plates along with drinks. At the party, they handed out lei's, grass skirts, and other novelty items. I know we probably went a little too far for the resort, but my wife wore her coconut bra along with the grass skirt with no panties underneath. The party ended at ten that evening as the staff began putting things away. For us, we w… Read more

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18 year-old loses virginity to his aunt.

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As we pulled into the driveway I could feel the butterflies in my stomach and a lump swell up in my throat. I always felt this way when I knew I would get to see her. I never knew what to expect from her. She always seemed to surprise me. My cock seemed to always be semi-erect when she was around...and no wonder...she teased me endlessly with those low cut shirts and that little bikini with her breasts spilling out the top and sides. I longed to pull the string around her neck and let them bounce free from their tight binding. What I wouldn't do to feel them up against take her nipples… Read more

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My Indian Guy (Part 2)

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Since my brief encounter with Aarav in the shower I have been going to the gym more or less every day for 3 weeks but I haven’t seen him I even asked Jane at reception if he had been in at all. Jane is blonde, gorgeous and very fit and she knows it. She’s only interested in the regular bodybuilders that look like they’ve just stepped out of a catalogue, ‘No!’ she said in a passive voice without even looking up from filing her nails so none the wiser. I fantasise all the time about what happened in the shower and I was hoping to get to know Aarav a bit more. I wanted to suck my first cock and… Read more

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Finally shared my wife

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For years I had been trying to get my wife to let me share her with another man. She was convinced that it was a bad idea. Several months ago, I had her lay in bed naked. I laid next to her and fingered her while I told her my fantasy of another man coming over, getting between her legs and making love to her while I laid next to her watching, smelling and eventually tasting the result of the event. She really enjoyed this and had really intense orgasms. After one of these sessions, she laid me on my back and told me to play with myself. She curled up around me and started playing with my ba… Read more

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18 year-old loses virginity to his aunt.

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As we pulled into the driveway I could feel the butterflies in my stomach and a lump swell up in my throat. I always felt this way when I knew I would get to see her. I never knew what to expect from her. She always seemed to surprise me. My cock seemed to always be semi-erect when she was around...and no wonder...she teased me endlessly with those low cut shirts and that little bikini with her breasts spilling out the top and sides. I longed to pull the string around her neck and let them bounce free from their tight binding. What I wouldn't do to feel them up against take her nipples… Read more

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Upstairs neighbor- online master

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Brandon had moved to the city two months earlier to start college and had gotten a day job for the summer to pay rent on his new apartment- he had decided against living on campus and with a roommate because he'd always dreamed about living alone in the city and exploring all that it had to offer away from his small town upbringing. He had worked as a lifeguard back home and was in great shape, boyish looks and a small muscular frame. He had decorated his small apartment modestly with a couch and a bed and a table and chairs, he had also splurged and bought himself a computer with a webcam a… Read more

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Irresistible Irene

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I got to know Irene when she studied at the music academy in Barcelona. She is a beautiful girl - very cute and loving but also a little shy. I was hitting on her for over a week before she agreed to go on a little date with me. We had a great time - her company was absolutely lovely, but I got nowhere with her on the first date and just received a kiss on the cheek as thanks. Still, I was determined that I wanted to pursue her. Getting with her was like a quest for me. So we started dating regularly, and on our second date I kissed her. She gradually warmed up to me, caressing my body, touchi… Read more

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December at the coast final wave

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December at the coast final wave Christmas Morning Samantha and I woke up to the family chatting in the kitchen. Getting up we went to greeted everyone before heading to the bathroom to properly awaken and dress. Once dressed we all exchanged Christmas presents and it was noticable that Steven My sister and Claire were looking much better, that the meds had kicked in and help them. Christmas day went by rather quickly with the whole family being together and chatting, which also gave me very little time to spend with Samantha alone, but on the few quiet occasions when we could, Samantha and… Read more

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Christine - Part 1.

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As mentioned in my last post, my father was an itinerant worker. We moved around a lot and we lived all sorts of different places and the last place we lived before I left home, was an unremarkable house in an unremarkable street in a country town with a population of about eight thousand. On one side lived a retired couple who were friendly and easy-going. On the other side of us lived Christine, a single lady in her late thirties. She was a very attractive lady with almost black hair and a figure that was beautifully shapely without being too thin or too ample. Mum was the kind of person th… Read more

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1st time with a Transwoman

First Time

My first time with a transwoman was a very unique experience I must say. Having explored my options on the internet wasn't an easy one. I was nervous and curious about my first experience having sex with a transwoman. I only had sex with biological women throughout my entire sexual life and this was a new experience for me. I checked for several months on Backpage and Craigslist on the dating classifieds ads for transwoman. What I was looking for is an mature erotic, sexy and beautiful transwoman. I wanted my experience to be about me, pleasured like I imagined and what I fantasize in my wild… Read more

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Fun With A UK Couple

First TimeGroup Sex

This is a story written for us by a friend across the pond. I tells his take on our first meet. FUN WITH A UK COUPLE I was browsing the messages on an adult contact site when one ad caught my eye. It read “Mature UK couple looking for well endowed, white, fifty plus straight male to join us on our holiday for sexy fun. For more info e-mail us with picture.” The message was signed M & H. As I fitted all their criteria I decided to send them an e-mail with a 'regular' picture attached and the next day got a reply complete with pictures of themselves. The picture I'd sent was of me on the b… Read more

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Katie Claire And Christine Too ! Part 1 !

First TimeTaboo

It was 2003 and I was 40. At the time I was going out with Ann. Ann was a year older than me. She had two daughters. Katie And Claire who were twins, their 16th birthdays due on the 22nd of August. You would not have thought they were twins. Both had slim pert titted figures but Katie was a Redhead and Claire a Brunette. Both lovely and fuckable. Both about just over 5ft tall. Absolutely gorgeous. It all started on Saturday 9th August. It was about 4pm. I had been to the pub was laid on the settee at Anns' house, I lived the other side of town, watching the TV with a can. I heard the fron… Read more

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Sarah Goes To Paris

First TimeLesbian Sex

A friend seemed to need a break. When Sarah opened up her messages there was one from Ellen: Clear your weekend. “Why” Sarah replied. “You’ll see” was the cryptic reply. A day later a Fedex envelope arrived; in it were round-trip tickets to Paris, a hotel reservation and a taxi voucher to get her there from the airport. Sarah’s mouth fell open with surprise, but having never been to Paris and nothing on for the weekend, she packed. The next morning, her taxi lurched to a sudden stop. "Voila!" the driver said, his right hand gesturing at the hotel entrance. The hotel was small, and Sarah felt… Read more

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The Old Fishing Hole

First TimeGroup SexVoyeur

One time several summers ago, I wont say how many because some of you reading this may not have been born when this happened, the neighborhood k**s had a swimming hole. It wasn't a pond really, nor was it a lake. Heck, these days it would be classified as a drainage area. It was man-made behind a shopping center. Nearby were some real deep holes where quarry operations took place back in the thirties and forties. Those were long gone and the water that filled those deep spots were considered to be quite dangerous. So us k**s stuck to the smaller, safer drainage pond nearby. The sides of the sw… Read more

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The Making Of A Nympho

First Time

This a true account of something that happened when I was in my teens, over 50 years ago. Most men dream of meeting a nymphomaniac but I can assure you it’s not all it’s cracked up to be. This is a true story of what happened to me when I was about nineteen. I’d left home and rented a room in a house in Coseley, in the West Midlands. The couple who owned the house had a daughter, Noreen. She was around the same age as me and we soon started going out together. One particular day I was off sick from my job, Noreen was at work, but dinner time she came home to see how I was. I was in bed and s… Read more

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Come with me in this wet dream...

First TimeMasturbation

There is a straight line of bathing-hut on this part of the beach, all in white wood. Number 14. There it is. I look around. It’s a calm hot afternoon, not many people on the beach. I’m ahead of time. He should be here in ten minutes. I open the door and get in. Air is fresher on the inside. Five minutes and he’ll be here. A shiver runs through my back. I’m thinking about all we said while chatting, all the things we shared… And he’ll be here in 1 minute. I see the door knob turn. The door opens. We saw us so many times behind the black screen, we shared lots of intimate games… But it’s dif… Read more

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Day by the sea

AnalFirst TimeHardcore

Several years ago after divorcing my wife i started looking around on gay web sites. After brief oral encounters earlier i wanted to try something more. I made contact with a married gay couple in a Suffolk coastal town and shared pictures and exchanged messages for a week or so. Then one Friday evening we were all free so i arranged to drive out to meet them. After parking up and finding the flat i was welcomed in and shown around the place by a lovely guy. We then went to the bed room and got naked and waited for his partner to join get in. He got in showered and joined us. To saybthis guy w… Read more

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