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My Wife Was Gang Banged By My Friends

I had a wild dream of watching my wife gangbanged by 3-4 guys together. One day I had talked to some of my friends over a drink about my fantasy of a gang bang on my wife. Then everybody jokingly discussed about it and shared their on fantasies and stories of such gang bangs they have heard about. Thereafter this matter was forgotten and I had been transferred to another place about 600 KM away.
About six months passed and then I got a call from one of my old friends. He told me that he and three of my other friends are planning for a trip to my place for an official visit for 4 da... Continue»
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Monica part1

It was a hot summer, and a frustrating one. I'd just finished my senior year of college and was working at my father's electrical repair shop before heading to graduate school for engineering. I'd done the job for years and, believe it or not, I enjoyed it. But even without four years of drought, summers are intense in Los Angeles, and spending all day climbing over a customer's roof because he's not sure what kind of cable setup he's got - while good exercise - can be a real headache. But that was a small part of my frustration.

For probably the last time, the whole f****y was living at ho... Continue»
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My Mom

I had been awake for the last hour, lying quietly in bed, waiting for my husband to wake up. The furnace had kicked on earlier so it was beginning to warm in the bedroom. There was snow on the ground outside and it was still dark at 6AM. It was not getting light now until around 8 O’clock.

I slowly lifted my hips and pulled the t-shirt I wore to bed up and then worked it up my body and over my head. I moved closer to Greg and put my arm across his chest. Lying against him naked I was hoping he would awake before the alarm and have time for me. It has been over a year since the last time we... Continue»
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Mom and me

This happened many years ago when I was in my mid twenties.

Mom called me and said she had not seen me in ages and wanted to have me over for supper. When I got there she asked if I wanted a beer or a shot of tequila, both I said. She got me the drinks and the same for herself. She is not a drinker and I said she had no chance at keeping up with me. She said she would do her damndest to make me eat my words.

After about an hour, three beers and four shots later she said she had to pee. When she came back almost ten minutes later she was wearing her housecoat and her hair was wet, whats ... Continue»
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We are Ready to Serve Master

How did it all start? A year ago, we were still unmarried. I was 27, she was three years younger. We had big plans for our life together. We wanted to conquer the world together. But then, real world problems crept in. Even though we had big plans, we had no impetus to go out and do what we wanted to do. We wanted to be dominant, rich, in charge of our destinies. In reality, we were just two lost souls who progressively started to masturbate more and more, detaching one from another. 

Sometimes, we would read erotic stories together. I would show her some of my favorites, she would show me ... Continue»
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Adi becomes a sub.

Darkness had fallen when Adita’s taxi stopped outside driveway of the converted carriage house. Her palms were sweating, and her heart was pounding. There was still time to back out. But too much was at stake, and had been from the moment she'd accepted the offering to fulfil her little-shared fantasy from the secret lady on Facebook. She opened the car door and stepped out.

A gust of cold, December air caressed Adi's stocking clad legs and crept under her very-short navy skirt and chilled her naked pussy. Another gust brought her thick nipples to full attention, causing them to press almos... Continue»
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I have a Big Surprise for you Honey Gay Cuckold

My name is Gary and I'm married to Jennifer. We're both in our fifties and both in great shape and sex with Jennifer is still great. She wouldn't let me cum in her mouth or fuck her ass. Two things I've always wanted to do. 

There's one fantasy she doesn't know I have and that's having sex with a man. So when I'm home alone, I surf the Internet and chat with men while jerking off to movie clips of men sucking cock and eating cum. I'm just too chicken to be with a man in real life. 

One day, my wife and I decided to by one of those sex swings for our spare bedroom. It was great eating her... Continue»
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Peanut Butter and Jelly

"You know the last house on Elm Street-where it dead ends. That is the house we are talking about. You just wait till there are no cars in the driveway, go up knock on the door and Amy will answer. Tell her you would like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and she will take your v card and give you a man card." John said. John was my older b*****r and I thought about what he had said. Could it really be that easy to get laid for the first time. "You have nothing to lose and she has helped out over a thousand virgin guys." Bill, a friend of John's, added. "She fucked me and Bill, and a bunch ... Continue»
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Mom liked me to watch (4)

The day my dad left on his trip, mom and I fucked that whole night. We also talked about what turned us on and how we might try to make these things happen.
Moms most favorite thing to do is to be able to tease guys by showing off her body. At first doing it so they think she has not idea that they are getting a nice look at her. Then later slowly let them know that she wants them to watch.
I guess I was like my dad, I liked to watch her teasing guys then watching them fuck her good. It really got to me if they were men that knew her or my dad.
She also said that she got wet when young ... Continue»
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wife surprises me with something new

My wife(J) and I have been married for 33 years and during that time we have experimented five times with another guy. Each time my wife(J) has only agreed to it if she did not know or see the guy. The last time this happened was six years ago just after she turned 50. J is 5'3” tall with 34c breast and carries a little extra weight around her midsection after having 3 c***dren. She is very self conscious about her 160lbs. At 56 there are whisps of grey and white in her hair but still looks like she is in her mid 40's. As a school teacher she is very confident and sure of herself but very ... Continue»
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für regentage und so

Camping m.d.Fam. eines Schulfreundes (Netzfund) [ könnte ich noch mal bearbeiten...]

Andreas war seit gestern mit der Familie seines besten Schulfreundes auf Urlaub. Fast 3 Monate hatte er seine Eltern bearbeitet, damit sie ihn mitfahren ließen. Erst Marthas Intervention hatte seine ängstliche Mutter endlich umgestimmt. Sabina war nur deshalb mitgefahren, weil sie sich gerade von ihrem Freund getrennt hatte. Da alle ihre Freundinnen auf Urlaub waren, wollte sie nicht alleine zu Hause bleiben. Sie ließ aber keinen Zweifel, dass sie Gegenwart von 2 Grünschnäbeln, wie sie Andreas und Markus beze... Continue»
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I Cummed On Mommy's Face

Bruce stroked his dick gently. He had been stroking his dick for the last half hour while watching a re-run of Sex and the City. He loved watching Kim Cattrall. What he wouldn't give to shoot his load all over her face and listen to her begging for more. He preferred older women. Always had, probably always will. Mom had gone out to get d***k and to try to pick up some stranger in some sleazy bar so it was another Tuesday night of slow masturbation for him. Not that he minded Kim Cattrall really got him hot. Just then he heard the front door being unlocked.

Damn it, he thought as he chang... Continue»
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Gift From Mom

Normally a picture of poise, the older, attractive woman paced. Patty Maguire swayed as she walked back and forth, and her hands kept running through her thick, brown hair. She couldn't stop worrying over questions about her son. Something was wrong, and she had to know what. She wanted better for him.

Patty glared at her cell phone. 'Where was his call back to her?' She wanted to hear from him as soon as possible. She had spent enough time wondering about him, and now she wanted answers. Her heels clicked about on the tile of her expansive kitchen, in a house much too large for just hersel... Continue»
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A romance - Episode 3: contorno

"I'm going to give you a taste of your own medicine !"
You're disheveled. You've got red on your cheeks. You look horny and beautiful.
"Am I the mouse now love ?"
"You made me a hungry cat Ian. I want to taste your meat"
I'm sitting on the sofa. I still have my pants on. You go on the floor, on your knees. With your hands you massage my bulge. You open the button, you unzip the pants, make it slide along my legs. Your hands fly, eager. In my boxer, my shaft feels constricted, and hot. The tip of my glans appears (I'm cut). You put your mouth on it, sucking on it, twirling around my dick... Continue»
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Mom Sat On My Face

There I was under a sofa with Mom sitting on my face. Her hairy pussy was suction cupped to my mouth. Her large wet hole was over my tongue and her womanly fluids were flowing into my mouth. It was the best taste in the world and I never wanted it to end.

How this all happened was Mom wanted to change a light bulb on the ceiling fan! To do that she would have needed to move the couch and get a ladder from the garage. Instead she had me steady her while she climbed up onto the back of the couch and stretch out toward the light fixture on the fan.

Needless to say things went wrong all ov... Continue»
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I fucked up

Back in April Gail told me about how she and her husband had been talking about swinging. I was shocked hearing this because her husband is my son. They married very young, she was pregnant at s*******n and now she is thirty . She is five foot three and a even one hundred pounds. She is a pin up model and has a great deal of nice ink work.

The attention she gets from the photo shoots has started her thinking about adding someone to their bedroom. She wanted to invite another woman to join her and my son but she was having a hard time picking just the right female. She has done several shoo... Continue»
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Sexy Sophies 2: Blonde Zosh Blush: Ola Knows

Sexy Sophie is still wet from our mutual cum, which is dripping down her silken thighs, when her dear Doddie Ola comes back from shopping for breakfast with fresh bacon, bread, butter, cheese, eggs, milk, tomatoes & some salad and yoghurt from the farmer next to them in the tiny village at a small lake called 'Gawlik', the most Northern one in Poland. Zosia once even used 'Ola Gawlik' as a pseudonym for some precious publication in 'Playboy Polska', when she was under exclusive contract at some posher paper for intellectuals.
Shy sexy sweet Sophie searches for her big blue bathrobe
... Continue»
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Mouthful SnowBalling Pt1

Sex had become boring--very boring.

Not that it wasn't good. It fit the old question,

"How was the worst orgasm you ever had?"

The answer, of course, is: "Fabulous!"

I always had an orgasm and, most of the time that I could tell, so did my girlfriend. She even seemed to get off giving me a blow job and swallowing my cum, especially when we are doing "69". I loved that. She would get on top and I could feel her come. The tensing and qivvering of her thighs and her extra moistness on my lips and tongue was sublime. In fact, she would often come before I did--sometimes twice, from ... Continue»
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Holiday with steps****r chapter 2

Carol made her way to the tiny bathroom, and I finally had some time to allow myself to dress without making a fool of myself. I was always on a hair-trigger edge, and it needed little to push me to an orgasm.

So many times I had managed to embarrass myself on a bus. What was it with me and buses? It was probably the vibration of the engine, in sync with my body. I once talked to a psychologist friend of mine over drinks and he laughed about it. "It's so common amongst youths."

I had put my trousers, socks and shoes on, but it was so warm I decided to just leave the shirt hanging on its... Continue»
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my best friend discovers my love to suck dick

I had known Bill for many years, we worked together at the same company and became quick friends...I knew his wife and f****y and we would all hang out together. They all knew my wife and f****y too, but then I got divorced and remained friends with Bill and his wife Jane. I had been a cock lover and cock sucker for a few years before I got divorced, but no one ever knew and I preferred it that way....I like to keep my personal life discreet.

So I had been living alone since my divorce and had a couple of regular guys I would blow, mostly on weekdays. This one guy Tony would come over abou... Continue»
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