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First Time Porn Stories

Happy anniversary

First TimeTaboo

I was awoken this morning by the feeling of my blankets being pulled off of me. I knew it wasn’t my wife cause she had gone to work today. I open my eyes to see my hot stepdaughter, Sabrina dressed in white lingerie and white high heels, grab a hold of my dick in her hand with long bright red nails. “Good morning and happy anniversary Eric. ” said Sabrina as she started rubbing her hand up and down my stiffening shaft. Today is Sabrina’s Mom, Penny, and my 16th anniversary. When I met Penny, Sabrina was twelve and her brother Tim was fifteen. Sabrina is 27 now with three k**s and divorced.… Read more

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hubbys bet & my surprise : mom becomes a slut

First TimeGroup SexMature

hello my name is jill and in order to write this story i have to put in my part of the story to let you know how i came to be his wife and let him fuck any woman he desires all with my apovall and blessings when paul and i were still dating i was so in love with him that i would do anything he asked of me but when he said he made me love him and could have an woman he wanted i thought i would make him eat crow and asked him what he would put up as a weager he said anything i wanted and when he won i would let him have any woman he wanted and i would not be jealous or upset but i would have to… Read more

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The Family Affair Chapter 3

FetishFirst TimeGroup Sex

As with the last two chapters. These are consenting adults participating in age play fetish. The Family Affair Chapter 3 Forbidden Love ** The girls came out of the kitchen giggling and playing around. Mom said why don't you girls go get your shower and get ready for bed. All three girls said yes and headed off to the bathroom. Mike and Debbie sat quietly sipping their drinks and reminiscing about what just happened. So Debbie said how can we work this out? Mike thought for a minute. Would you like for her to live with us? So we can be a true poly home? Not in the same house. we each n… Read more

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Happy anniversary

First TimeTabooMasturbation

I was awoken this morning by the feeling of my blankets being pulled off of me. I knew it wasn’t my wife cause she had gone to work today. I open my eyes to see my hot stepdaughter, Sabrina dressed in white lingerie and white high heels, grab a hold of my dick in her hand with long bright red nails. “Good morning and happy anniversary Eric. ” said Sabrina as she started rubbing her hand up and down my stiffening shaft. Today is Sabrina’s Mom, Penny, and my 16th anniversary. When I met Penny, Sabrina was twelve and her brother Tim was fifteen. Sabrina is 27 now with three k**s and divorced.… Read more

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Discovering Our Housemaids Secret: Part 3

First TimeAnalShemales

It was another short day at work, having finished all my requirements early so that I could hurry back home. I just knew Kim would be waiting for me upstairs, and just the thought of it made me hard as I quickly left the building, heading for the parking lot. I got home as soon as I could, parking my car in the driveway, and the smile on my face faded suddenly, when this time I noticed that my wife's car was there... I slowly crept inside the house, leaving all my keys on the entrance table, and I heard the familiar sound of the vacuum cleaner that I loved so damn much. I called out for my… Read more

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My Sexual History

First TimeMatureVoyeur

Here is a story I wrote to an admirer. You seem to like hearing about my sexual past. My hubby does as well and it always turns him on when I share the stories of my sexual past. I will share several stories with you over the next few days. Please let me know how it makes you feel and if it makes you cum harder when you masturbate to my photos. Here is the first installment. After graduating high school in 1971, I attended a junior college for the first year. After that year, I transferred to a University in Kingsville, TX in the Fall of 1972. I lost my virginity early that next Spring to a g… Read more

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Neighborhood Boi Slut Chap 8 part 3

TabooFirst TimeGay Male

Mark never knew what hit him until it was way too late. Before he knew it his jeans were around his ankles and his rapidly growing cock was engulfed in my needy mouth. Mark was still looking at the nubile girl laying naked and sweaty on Pauls bed while his un*****e fucktoy was slobbering his now completely erect dick. "Who....who is that? OMG that feels fucking good, fuck Chris, suck my cock". I was now bobbing on a rock hard 7" thick adult cock, the salty flavor of his precum beginning to fill my mouth and throat. He stopped staring at my gorgeous neighbor's naked flesh and looked down at t… Read more

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Cabinets for Kathy

MatureHardcoreFirst Time

I get a phone call one day saying that I was recommended to them as a cabinet builder. So I went to meet them, they have a new home with a new kitchen but they are not happy. So we agree that they will pay me to build a new one. I meet them several times. Kathy and Sig are Eastern European immigrants and this will be their retirement home. Both are short and speak English with a thick accent. Kathy does all the talking. She had reddish brown hair with her black roots showing. Kathy wears stretch pants or legging and tee shirt and sweater if she is chilly. Kathy is in her 50’s, and is very ind… Read more

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The Shopping Trip

FetishShemalesFirst Time

Hi, this piece is true fiction, but I wouldn't be disappointed if it became a reality :) A little background before we begin, my name is Alexis and I'm a 33-year-old transgender male, while in a less than supportive relationship I try to dress as much as possible. But purging and self-doubt have caused me to throw away all my pretty things :( Starting a new, and with no funds, I've explored alternate means to meet my needs, almost like having a habit I can't shake. It all started when I casually posted online in search of someone that could help push and guide me further in my journey to bec… Read more

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BBW mom takes my load

TabooMatureFirst Time

I must be watching porn videos on my laptop too often. I'm horny all the time and I can't get the relief I need. One day when my Mom was getting a shower I went into her bedroom. Her stained panties were lying on the bed. I picked them up and held them up to my face. I took a good whiff of her female scent. A lot of musk and a bit of pee I must not have been paying attention. In walked my mother from the bathroom. "What are you going Danny?" I know my face got red and I stuttered trying to find something to say. Mom walked over and took her panties from my hands. I knew she was pissed at me… Read more

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Donna's gyno exam

MatureTabooFirst Time

Donna rolled over in bed, her alarm rudely awakening her from sleep. Having just turned 18, Donna's mother had advised her to schedule an appointment with her physician for a complete exam. Wanting to get the appointment over with as quickly as possible, Donna had accepted the first appointment the receptionist offered, at 7 a.m. Running her fingers up and down her toned stomach, Donna cursed herself for making such an early appointment. Donna's hands squeezed her sort of large but firm breasts, fingers slowly rolling and pulling on her constantly erect nipples. Reaching over to her nightstan… Read more

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Mother and daughter

HardcoreFirst TimeMature

It was a hot afternoon in June. Jessie was at school and Rick was out driving his cab. Thank God he had a/c in the car. I was just doing odd jobs around the house taking it easy. I had thrown on a short white summer dress after my shower without underwear. Not expecting company I didn't dress up. I had finished making the beds when the doorbell rang. It was Jimmy Scott, a friend of Rick's. It was not unusual for Jimmy to drop by as he was a city bus driver and had unusual breaks in his day. "Rick's not home," I told him, "Want to come in for a beer?" Jimmy came in and sat in the living roo… Read more

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Acted like a real whore

First TimeHardcoreVoyeur

By Dina Petro Being a secretary at an executive insurance office, I get all kinds of clients who would wait for their papers to be signed and approved, my name is Leslie (fake name), I happen to be a good looking bisexual woman, with nice curvy body, I tend to show lots of my body parts by dressing in real short and revealing dresses and skirts, with low cut tops, showing my cleavage and most parts of my big sized tits. I am a big flirt, I also happen to be a sex loving woman who is well experienced in sex by all means of it, my job helped me meeting lots of men and women I liked, ended up i… Read more

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Would My Brother Pop My Cherry For Me?

First Time

I wasn’t returning to college with my cherry, no way! My girlfriends made fun of me all I could stand. But who would do it? My brother was the only one I could trust. But would he agree to do me? Jimmy was on his knees, staring at my naked, virgin pussy. My pulse was racing. “So, Jimmy, you gonna pop my cherry or not?” I held my breath for his answer. * * * * Since puberty, I had a growing interest in boys. You might say it paralleled the growth of my boobs from tiny bumps on my chests at eleven to generous b-cups, almost a c-cup, at twenty. When I discovered my first pubic hairs an… Read more

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Some of fantasy

First TimeFetish

I opened the door to the room and immediately saw the jacuzzi tub in the corner. It was deep and I was ready to sink into the hot water. As my friend set up the lighting I began filling the tub with water. The sound of the rushing water filled the large room, and I found myself staring at the bed, wondering how he would take me first. I always try to get my ass in the air at the edge of the bed before he can even make his own plans. I want him to fuck me so badly, to pop this overwhelming longing. I slowly look back at him and he is hard, twisting the legs of the tripod into place, carefully c… Read more

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Inside Indian Secret Gardens!

First TimeHardcoreMature

"And how did it go at school today?" I enquired as I handed Sarla my briefcase at the door. Sarla, my tall and slender wife, looked spectacular in green knee length kurta and tight white churidar over her round legs and the large leather wallet that hung around her waist through a long leather strap passing over her left shoulder. I was immediately captivated by her looks Her wavy black long hair were open and fell at her back well up to her broader hips. "No problems! " looking around a bit she kissed me sweetly on the lips on my demand, giving me a taste of lipstick and relieved me of my… Read more

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You always remember your fist time

AnalFirst TimeGay Male

They say you never forget your first time, and many years later it still holds accurate as the memory and images are still vividly in my mind. It was summertime and my best friend, and I spent every day together, Chris still lived with his parents so we would hang out at his house. It was before the internet or video games so we spent the time watching TV, talking and playing games. We had also discovered his parents stash of magazines. They had a collection of Playboy, Playgirl, and a few copies of Penthouse. One day we were hanging out as usual in Chris's bedroom, and another guy from th… Read more

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Love at first sight!

First TimeShemales

“I’m in love!” those were the first words I wrote to her. Thankfully she laughed and sent back an “Lol, you’re cute.” I met her on an online dating site and I could not believe how beautiful her body looked. There was only one photo on her profile, the one where she is hiding her face, but I was already hooked. A dream come true, I thought to myself. I had never been with a girl like this, a Tgirl, before but had always wanted to. I had always dreamed of it.… Read more

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The Family Business - Chapter 2

First TimeGroup SexMasturbation

Fliss and Jo were very calm considering they had just been told that their grandmother was a porn star and their dead grandfather was trying to force their mother to do the same. In part it was because they realised that the chances of them being able to continue to enjoy the sexual attentions of two very hot men had just gone up. “Are you going to do it then Mum?” asked Jo. “If I was the only one concerned, I would tell you bloody grandparents to go to hell but we are near destitute and I have to think about you two. Also, I am far too weak, being a wealthy whore has too much attraction co… Read more

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The first time with my dad

AnalTabooFirst Time

By Dina Petro My relations with my father was different than any regular relations between any father and his daughter, even before anything happens between us, we were so close to each other, we understood each other regardless of the age difference between us. He treated me more of a close friend than his daughter, we opened up, talked, we used to have many things in common, I used to talk to him about problems I face with my friends, talk to him about all my friends. He was the first one to know about my bisexual feelings, even before having relations with other girls, I told him how… Read more

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