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Post divorce meeting

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It had taken some time to get over my divorce, not that it had been particularly messy or sordid, quite the contrary as we had settled everything in a business-like and polite manner. It was simply that after 15 years of marriage, I found the transition back to bachelorhood to be difficult. I had always thought myself to be fairly open and friendly and enjoyed meeting people and good conversation, but now I was conscious of the fact that I was treated with some degree of scepticism. I could almost hear people questioning my motives if I started to chat to their wives and girlfriends and findin… Read more

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A secret between friends

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I never seen one before, my friend showing me the cylinder thing in our tent at night our mom in the rv couple of foot away he twist open the opening , with his dark hands, revealing the mouth toy he told me about earlier a nice pair of lipse in rubber i was drunk from all the rhum n coke we drank i didnt realise how wrong it was when i touch it ''its smooth'' ''yeah it is kiss it its very smooth'' and he hold it for me as i kiss it not realizing he had been fucking that toy so much and even if it was washed , i was still kissing the lipse whom he had fuck before ''you want to try it, it… Read more

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True Story, next day at "John's" co

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Well , I did not sleep much last night, I kept waking up to visions of John's cock right in my face , and me covered in his cum, when I got in from helping John with his toileting problem last night, the first thing I did was look at my face in the toilet, glasses , nose and mouth covered in cum and that was starting to run down my face, part of me said taste it and part of me was reviled, but the taste test won and I licked my lips and tasted a mans cum for the first time, it wasn't too bad, salty and slightly metallic and I felt my cock get real erect and my heart started to run faster. Wel… Read more

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Amulya Position Is Compromised By New Attacker

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So when Mihir left, I was left alone in the bed room and the boy who did all the shooting was sitting outside. I was angry because of all that part, I wanted to confront him but I was all nude and my clothes were in the car. The shirt that I came wearing too was lying wet in the pool. But I wanted to take back the film so I gave a final thought. I removed the white towel from the hanger and covered myself. But it was too small to cover all of me. If I tri… Read more

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AMULYA Part 3 (The Morning After The Party)

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The door closed and I was naked in front of two waiters who had been eyeing my body whole of last night. What luck for them to find me naked. I knew they would not just let me go. So I told them, please let me take bath and then you can do what you want. Before I could say anything further one of them said, “Dekh saali rand ko. Yeh ussi maal ki beti hai na, jo kal raat gaand hila hila ke ghum rahi thi.” The other said “Han yeh Sehgal Saab k… Read more

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AMULYA Part 1 (The Adult Party)

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I am sure you want to know how I look. I am 5’9, very fair (thanks to my extremely beautiful mom), with black straight shoulder length hair with brown streaks. I wear a small nose ring and have a butterfly tattoo on my back. My stats are 32C-28-28. I love wearing casuals (jeans, skirts) and thanks to mom, I have also learned to wear saree in a really sexy and seductive way. My Dad is a Director in an MNC and Mom runs her boutique and is also a stylist. The story goes a year back when Dad’s company had thr… Read more

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A letter to my daddy

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I don't know if you'll ever read this, but if you remember, and you think of me, please tell me!!! I loved hanging out with you all the time when we were younger. You were the male figure in my life that i never had and needed. I always felt safe when I was with you and you were always fun, nice, and caring. Even though you didn't have to be there for me in hard times, you always made sure i was okay. And thank you for not treating me different because you were older than me. That's why I decided to make a move on you and told you I wanted you when I felt ready. I trusted you, felt safe and l… Read more

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The Sensual Bus Journey-1

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I work for an event management company. We had gone to organize an event to Chennai. We were supposed to return in the company car, but the car broke down and we had to reach Bangalore by morning. So my colleague and I decided to return to Bangalore via the Volvo bus. I was all dressed up and felt a bit weird to travel by bus. My colleague said it would be fine so I agreed. I am around 5’7 with fair complexion. I have a black shoulder-length hair. My stats ar… Read more

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Sex Education with Mom

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On Tuesday's, after teaching an early morning biology class, Samantha had time to use the university gym for an hour of cardio. She liked to finish at around 9:30 when the locker room shower was usually empty. The last thing she wanted to hear was a student of hers, present or former, saying hello or asking questions about class, while she was dressed in nothing but a towel. Or worse... while she was naked... It seemed like a normal day as she rinsed the shampoo from her hair and let her muscles relax after running five miles on a treadmill. The good mood was slightly dimmed when she heard t… Read more

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My Daughter

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This is fucked up. And I'm thinking it only gets more fucked up from here. I think I'm going to fuck my daughter. Or maybe she's going to fuck me. Look - I've been married forever. All good. I'm an over sexed person. 58 and still jack off daily. BBWs, crossdressers, teens, grannies. My dick gets hard. And my wife isn't as enthusiastic. So like I said, I still jack off. And yes, I cheat on occasion. Traveling for business or when I'm sure it's pretty safe in general. Which isn't too often. So my daughter graduated from college. Has a good job as a contractor. But she doesn't want to get a pla… Read more

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my first try at sucking cock

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This story is 100 % true I am a married guy been with the same women for 30 plus years. I always thought I was heterosexual. Around 40 years old we got the internet as I was learning about computers and the internet. like all guys I started looking for jerking material when wife wasn't around. I would go on a site and see what was there. For some unknown reason and I still can't figure it out I started talking to bi and gay guys. And they started telling me about their first bi experience. For some reason I started jerking off while they told me their story and would have a great organism. I s… Read more

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helping a friend in need

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It was a Friday night and I was emptying the rubbish outside in the bin, and I heard John across the road breathing hard, he did not keep too well, had problems with breathing and needed oxygen every now and again, I could see he was struggling with something at the boot of the car, I went over to see if I could help. I had known John for three years since the wife and I had moved to the street and had gotten on very well, I had helped him with a number of things and knew his ex wife came round a lot to help out as well, she was an amazonian of an older lady. When I got over I could see he wa… Read more

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Nurse, the SCREENS!

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I haven't written anything for a long time, I am now qualified as a nurse, and I work at a local hospital, looking after the c***dren. One particular lad, Jack, was on the c***dren's ward even though he was 18, his parents had taken that option, not wanting him to be with adults and their ailments. He was suffering from a back injury, he'd fallen off a skateboard or bike, and was very bruised and had difficulty walking for a time. He was six foot, and very VERY good looking, but painfully shy. When it came to us giving him a wash this was of course a problem. You might have "Carry On"… Read more

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Nurse, the SCREENS !

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I haven't written anything for a long time, I am now qualified as a nurse, and I work at a local hospital, looking after the c***dren. One particular lad, Jack, was on the c***dren's ward even though he was 18, his parents had taken that option, not wanting him to be with adults and their ailments. He was suffering from a back injury, he'd fallen off a skateboard or bike, and was very bruised and had difficulty walking for a time. He was six foot, and very VERY good looking, but painfully shy. When it came to us giving him a wash this was of course a problem. You might have "Carry On"… Read more

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When I was growing up,in the Midwest I fantasised a lot and often imagined I was a young Indian brave. As my parents both worked on days I Wasn,t in school I could more or less do what I wanted in the house and usually did. I found it a real turn-on to just wear a make shift loin cloth which made it dead easy to jerk off and in those days I could cum quite a few times. Gradually I grew bolder and did some exhibtionism standing in our huge picture window, even venturing out into the back garden. Sometimes I,d put up my two man pup tent, then take off my clothes, walk around for a while before r… Read more

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An exhibitionist wife - Mrs O shared

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I suppose it had to happen eventually. We'd been heading in that direction for a while what with Mrs O showing herself off to strangers on webcam and in the flesh and even being touched by other men while i watched so it shouldn't have been a surprise when it did, but the way it happened blew our minds and left us wanting to do it all over again. Mrs O had been flirting online with a younger guy, sending him pictures and dirty messages and generally doing everything she could to drive him wild while i encouraged her, knowing i would get the benefits afterwards. One night we were at home when… Read more

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Desperate for Sex

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During my freshman year in high school I realized I liked girls. I had never really told myself I was lesbian or bi or anything. It was just something I discovered. I found myself looking at girls and not boys. I would try to catch a glimpse up a skirt or down a blouse. By the end of the year I was convinced my liking girls was not just a phase and wanted to do more than just look at them. The problem was I didn't know how to meet other girls who liked girls. I thought I was the only one at school. Socially I wasn't prepared for knowing if a girl was into girls or how to make contact. All my m… Read more

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A young sissy’s beginning.

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Maybe I wanted it to happen. Maybe he sensed I was open to it, I don’t know. However it came about, an older boy in the neighbor made me suck his cock. I was very young and he was several years older. Somehow, we found ourselves alone. He wanted a blowjob, but was too mean or proud to admit it. He had to aleast act the part. After some threats and talking about wanting his cock sucked. He stood in front of me and pulled his cock out through his zipper. I tried not to stare at it and at first, I genuinely was not interested. He gripped my head and rubbed the fat head of his dick against my face… Read more

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Fat ugly old men

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My name is Jeet...back in 2009, I was 23 years old, out of college and starting nursing school. I enjoyed my time and was living in the moment. I had one serious girlfriend in college, but we broke up soon after. I was young and adventurous. Part of that adventure was sexual. I had been attracted to old men (especially the overweight, seemingly unattractive ones) for quite some time, but it was not until college and living away from home for the first time in my life, that I was able to act upon this desire. I signed up for the usual dating profiles and hooked up with a few old men. I had some… Read more

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Anna Tries Neighbor's Cock

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I was staring at her now, watching as she peeled down her shorts, slowly exposing her gorgeous ass. Her naughty bits were concealed by a conservative bikini. Her shirt was already in the pile of clothes at her side, and her big tits were being held snugly by her elastic top. I was lounging at her side in my patio chair, sipping on a margarita by our pool. My wife, Anna, is a beautiful specimen of a woman. She has dark flowing hair, grayish-green eyes, and a soft feminine face. Her body is curvy, like a classic pin-up girl from the 50's. She has large natural breasts, a trim tummy, and a plump… Read more

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