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Blossom’s Beginnings

Blossom’s Beginnings

Blossom had always been a ‘good girl’ doing everything her parents and professors had demanded of her.

Perhaps that was the problem, she was always being ordered to do things and never asked. She grew used to obeying and by her late teens she knew no other course.

Her college life was supposed to be a time of freedom for her, a release from the constraints of obedience of her youth. This was not to be… Her roommate sensed her submissive traits at once and turned Blossom ... Continue»
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The Thrill of the Wait Part 2

My cock teases your wet, juicy pussy as your hands reach up to grab my hips to f***e me in, but before they get there I grab onto them and tie the to the bedposts on the bed. You moan as you tug at the bindings unable to free yourself, completely at my mercy now. My cock returns to your pussy, teasing your aching pussy. I slide the head of my cock in slowly, teasing you so much, making you lift your hips up and try to take more of my cock inside your pussy. My hands f***e your hips to remain on the bed, keeping you as still as I can, trying to tease you as much as you can take it.

Your moanin... Continue»
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It all worked out just fine

Was wide awake last evening so I went on craigslist to see if anything interested me. MMMM found a post indicating that he was looking for a CD/TV/Sissy so I replied to his post. after exchanging a few photos we set a meeting time and place. After meeting we would go back to his motel room.
I did my makeup, hair, dressed in a short pleated white skirt, white satin blouse, black push-up bra (had my B cup falsies on, jet black satin garter-belt with red bows on the clasp, black ruffled panties, white stockings with red bows, cream colored heels.
Set out for the 45 min drive. I pulled into the m... Continue»
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Wife Made Me GayMaker

The fantasy had been going on for so long. We’d shared all of my fantasies and she knew how much they turned me on. We’d signed up for a couple of matchmaking internet sites and gotten a few replies, but never had acted on them. Last week, we’d gotten a reply from a man that wanted to make me his slave. We’d read it and she made me reply to him. I wasn’t sure that I could go through with any of it, but she made me tell him about my fantasies and then she sent him some of the stories I’d written. When he wrote back again, he told me that I was to meet him at a motel in a nearby city on Saturday... Continue»
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Turned Into a Slut Boy Gay

Dear slut boy,

Missed you last night, stop being such a bad boy and come to visit your dear old daddy tonight. You're already in debt to me you little tease, skipping out is only going to make it worse. As I'm sure you remember by now, I know where you live, you have a very pretty girlfriend, would be a shame for her to find one of my letters, wouldn't want her to ruin our fun, I have big plans for you slut. I'll be waiting for you in the sauna tonight, don't disappoint me again or you'll regret it, as you can see.

I looked to the bottom of the letter, there was a picture of me printed o... Continue»
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such a nasty slut , but i still love her

I was such a nasty little slut today. with. I just can't control myself. I mean fuck bby. You are the one that pointed it out in the first place. I just thought it was saggy old man ball hanging out of the bottom of his shorts. I need to see it all. Then i had to touch it. Just to be sure. Then that smell hit me in the face. Had to take a closer look. i tasted his thick long juicy black cock bby. Is that OK?. Once i tasted that musty precum my pussy got so wet. I slobbered all over his cock trying to suck and fit it in my mouth but he just laughs and tells me I'm a good little slut trying to... Continue»
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The Pastor’s Daughters - Teaser

The Pastor’s Daughters - Teaser

This is a fictional story….as are all the incidents, characters, and places. It is intended for adults only.

The story is set in the early Eighties, in the small town of Missouri City, TX. Martin Strong is the new Pastor of the “God’s Way Pentecostal Church,” having just finished Bible College a few years previously. He was the ideal choice of the Congregation and the Elders, he was young and eager, also he was a son from a long standing f(a)mily of the Church. His predecessor, the late Jeff Roberts founded the non-denomination Church; Past
... Continue»
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Number 11 is Her Lucky Number Blacken

The reservations had been made at Mattalio's, and the place was buzzing. Jessica got lusty stares from the men, and envy and hate from the women as she strutted back to their table. As they ordered and ate, Jessica enjoyed glancing around and catching the many eyes staring at her. The waiter seemed to hover over her shoulder and she caught him several times looking down the top of her dress. As men walked by and looked at her, she would shyly drop her eyes and stare at their crotches. She played a game at trying to guess how big a rod they were packing. She didn't see any she couldn't live wit... Continue»
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Jonathan my co-worker had the sweetest smile he was 28 years old, 6''5 of African descent and had a great body. He always goes to the gym after work and ate healthy. I couldn't imagine the perfect definition of tall, dark and handsome was about to fuck me. He was 8" long and thick and a pulsing vein ran from the base to just under the tip of his shaft. Not before long I had him in my mouth, it was too big for my tiny mouth but I did my best. The thought of his rock hard dick In my mouth had my pussy quivering. I was extremely wet and aroused, so much that I began rubbing... Continue»
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Birth of a smoking fetish

I don't remember when I first realised I had a smoking fetish, maybe I'd always had it, but it's something that sticks with me to this day (in fact while writing this I'm watching smoking fetish porn). Ever since I can remember I would be enthralled with women smoking, usually my mum and her friends or people at the pub. I would stare for incredibly long times, not realising that it was my fetish in the making. For as long as this was happening (which it still is, I can't walk through town or get on a bus without staring at all the women i see smoking. It's sometimes hard not to get an erectio... Continue»
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My journey part 1V.

My journey part 1V.

Over the coming weeks we continued to experiment with dressing and having good sex but for Matt it was the cross dressing that surprised and delighted him as much as the fucking and sucking did for me.

One day Matt told me how he used to get sex whenever he wanted it by going to public toilets and this fascinated me as he described how he first found out almost by accident how some men made contact in these places and some of the things he used to do with other men, whilst I had no interest in fucking with another man Matt could see how turned on the conversation made... Continue»
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GF Fucked Me With a Black Cock Pegged

This is a story about the first time I took cock...maybe not a real cock, just a phallic object! My gf Amanda and I had talked for quite a bit about fantasies and done a little bit of playing around, but I wasn't ready to admit to her that I watched gay porn and jerked off to hot black guys! Eventually though I didn't even have to tell her since I had forgotten to close all my browsers before I left for work and she found them all.

What happened next was a little bit of an awkward discussion, but lucky for me, this was a girl that had an open mind! A very open mind considering the discussio... Continue»
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Susan Awakens

Seeing him at the coffee shop was something that she never thought that she would feel again. It had been so many years since she would gaze upon a man again. Well, maybe she had stared down a man recently, but maybe this was something different, something strange, something new. At 40 she still had a sexy body, but since her divorce she decided that men were shit, and that she was not going to have anything to do with them.

The divorce had not been that bad, but still 10 years of a boring life and what’s worse a boring sex life she was glad to have walked away. No k**s, kept the house, and... Continue»
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The Deeper Meaning of Libation

Dexter MGamba, speaking at a Libation Ceremony about the seriousness of the commitment the husband was about to make in joining, along with his wife, 'The f****y.')

"As this wonderful b*****r-in-the-Lord here comes forward today to perform the Libation Initiation Ceremony, let me mention a few things that makes what he about to do so very, very special, and why it is especially very precious in the eyes of God.

As you perform this act today, keep in mind that you are not merely ejaculating your semen, as if you were merely masturbating. This act you are here today to do, is no mere carna... Continue»
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Aunts Friends Revenge!

I was still under the control of my Aunt. She had caught me wearing her underwear an was making me her sex slave for the past few summers. I was unable to do anything about it for she had filmed me in various states of dress and getting my ass fucked by her dildo and blown by her Friend Judy.

I must say I didn't mind to much Judy fucking me in the ass with her dildo and strap on an jacking me off while my Aunt wore the dildo.

She had told my Aunt about her abusive husband and my Aunt had a plan to get even with him. She hated him since the time Judy met him and he had hit on her at a pa... Continue»
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Erotic Story - White Lace Fantasy

It was getting time for my daily masturbation and I was horny.
I had also been texting one of my guys and he had me quite aroused.
We were talking and making plans to meet up soon.
I had also been emailing my submissive "2" about scheduling our next play session as well/


The first porn videos I saw, when I was younger, included "Debbie Does Dallas" and something I think was called "A Hundred and One Nights" with Sheharazade or something like that/
That second one had a few different stories, that were really erotic to me/
One of them was a scene featuring a white woman wi... Continue»
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Alpha and Beta Male Dynamics

Alpha/Beta Dynamics

I often get asked about my approach to alpha males and how to make the dynamics work between alpha and beta males when cruising or in a social scene. Hooking up or initiating a contact that will lead to something more is harder than it seems. I hope that I can give some perspective on this and share some of my experience. All too often I hear from guys who bump in to the Ying to their Yang and yet are unable to make a physical or social connection happen. Guys who are versatile and looking for versatile action have a far harder task as I hope to make clearer as you read... Continue»
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Ever imagine being f******n or sixteen, and naked around women?
Or being f***ed to take your clothes off because of culture?
What if you get an embarrassing boner, what will you do in front of a group?
Ever wonder a virgin, who never touch and see a penis suddenly gets to have a free viewing seat and groping?

A woman, who in her entire life only spent imagining what it was like to touch or how it looks like---until her curiosity and imagination came true? Well, that is the experienced of some women in my collections.

Women who refuse to admit. Modest boys who are f***e to accept. Bu... Continue»
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Dexter & Molly & Chuck

(Here I speak with 'Chuck', who's wife, 'Molly', have been members of 'The f****y' ministry for two years now. 'Chuck' discusses what it was like for him, as Molly's long-time husband, to be with both Dexter, and Molly, when Dexter and Molly did their first-ever 'breeding'; which led to Molly and Dexter's first baby together.)

I want to thank you, Chuck for being willing to set down with me and discuss all this! I appreciate it.

I'm glad to do it.

So, I'm going to just jump right in here and ask you: What was it like--for you--as Molly's husband, to witness her and Dexter ... Continue»
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My sexless relationship

Hello fellow masturbators! It has been quite a long time since I last posted in the formu but I'd like to re-assure you I still am a pathetic masturbator and avid gooner.

As someone may recall I am in a relationship with a conservative girl and when we met 3 years ago she was very straightforward saying she wanted to save her "cherry" for when she was ready. We have never been much sexual, just kissing, foreplay and mutual masturbation, which was fine with me, as I have PIED, due to... well you konw the reason.

Recently I think she is getting braver and probably would like to start exper... Continue»
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