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2 + 1 = Wheeee!

About 2 months ago, I was contacted on xhamster by a young man interested in c2c play online. I responded, we chatted, and discovered we were about 2 hours from each other. After a couple of cam & cum sessions, we decided to meet.

Our first encounter was pleasant. He's quite young (22), though fairly experienced with cocks. It was a mutually-satisfactory playtime, and we engaged in a pretty deep conversation about all things sexual in our lives. As a mature bi guy (since age 14), I was able to share some of my more grand playtimes, with all genders - orientations - sizes - shapes - races -... Continue»
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Tracy & Leonard---Part One

(Tracy and her husband Leonard, have been actively engaged in a long-running interracial cuckolding relationship with Darren for going on a year and half; and they were very eager to talk with about whatever aspect I was interested in finding out about!)

So thanks to both of you for talking me! I really appreciate it. And, having said that---when we spoke originally over the phone (thanks to Bonny and Jerrod, who suggested that you both might be interested in talking with me---I think it was you, Leonard, that mentioned something about you choosing to wear some sort of 'cock ring', as n... Continue»
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Tyler & Rachel---Part One

(I talk here with another white Southern married couple, Tyler and his wife Rachel; both from Rome, Georgia originally, but currently living and working in Charleston, South Carolina, and expecting their first interracial c***d within the next few months. I talk with both of them about their relationship as a couple, as well as about the more 'extended' relationship they have with Darren; as well as about how Southern society receives them as they openly live this particular lifestyle; as well as other topics of interest.)

Thank you both very much for agreeing to speak with me. I consid... Continue»
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The cleansing of female external genitalia

I am organizing female parties in which I clean and rinse every female's vulva and vagina using a sauce baster. Every woman's water (very precious liquid) is then mixed and kept in one container. I have made a comfortable seat with an opening from anus to genitalia to make it easy. I take extreme care at washing every single part of the genitalia.  Women take turns as I clean their outer vulva and inner vagina. I take about 5 minutes per woman. Though depending on every woman, some need more time. It can take up to 15-20 minutes. It includes the pubis, t... Continue»
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A surprise meeting with other Xhamsters.

It was supposed to be just another photo shoot in a country park near where we live. However, little did we know that we would be joined by another couple that put their images on xhamster.
We reached the park and Dee was excited that she would be able to walk awhile in her coat, knowing that her attire underneath would not be exposed until we got to the picnic area.
The picnic area we chose was in a sort of k**ney shape with tables and benches placed at either end so that when you sat there was a certain amount of privacy. Dee stood at the entrance to the grassy area and told me to walk ah... Continue»
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DP Fantasy 2

Taking It for the Team Pt. 02
If it's possible for a team to back into the playoffs, that's what my ice hockey team had been doing for the past couple weeks. With a berth in the postseason all but locked up, the team had now lost seven games in a row -- more losses in two weeks than we had in the previous two months! -- and the playoffs were suddenly no longer a sure thing.

The losing streak was obviously weighing heavy on the guys, especially my buddies Jack, Howard, Gus and Moe, who had been the ones to form the team to begin with and had been, until recently, largely con... Continue»
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wild wild woman.

It was just another delivery the last one of the day.
A quick signature hand over parcels then off home.
So I rang the bell and waited for someone to answer
the door. After a couple of minutes the door opened
and their stood a blond well built woman. She stood there
in all her glory not a stitch on "stark bollock naked.

Within seconds my cock was trying to burst out my trousers.
Well hello she said what have you got for me apart from that
massive bump in your trousers. Bring thee parcels in and
Close the door behind you.. My mind was totally mushed
now just watching this naked w... Continue»
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Charles & Lucinda---Part Two

(I speak again with Charles and Lucinda. This is now our second interview.)

Thanks for speaking with once again, both of you! I really appreciate it.

So, let me explore a little more into how you think about you and Lucinda's relationship with Darren if I may.

Ask away!

Do you think there's any 'reverse racism' at work in this relationship between you and Lucinda, and Darren? And by that I mean, do you think that Darren's behavior (and not just with you both, but with all the other white married couples he's involved with) is itself, just another manifestation, or kind... Continue»
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Charles & Lucinda---Part One

(I interview Charles and Lucinda, yet another white married couple who have chosen to have an on-going, intimate relationship with Darren; and for Lucinda to have at least one, and possibly more, c***d by him. They are a part of a very interesting, and growing situation that involves, at this point in time, eight different couples; all white. This is a surprisingly popular trend in the America South. I thank both Lucinda, and Charles, for their incredible openness with me on a host of topics!) Here they are in their own words!)

You're quite a bit older than Lucinda. How did you both mee... Continue»
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Ο κυριος Αγγελος.

Φίλοι μου γειά σας.Θα ήθελα να μοιραστώ την εμπειρία μου μαζί σας.Είμαι ενα αγόρι 19 χρονών που ζω με την χωρισμένη θετή μου μαμά.
Η μαμά μου είναι 41 ετών,συμβολαιογράφος κ εχει μια σχέση εδω κ λίγο καιρό με κάποιο δικηγόρο που ακόμα δεν εχω γνωρίσει.Εγω δεν εχω
ερωτικές εμπειρίες εκτός απο μια φορά που χαϊδέψαμε τις πούτσες μας με ενα συμμαθητή μου κ χύσαμε βλέπωντας πορνό.
Μου άρεσε αυτό κ με καύλωσε η θέα της μεγάλης πούτσας του φίλου μου,ηθελα να την πάρω στο στόμα μα ντράπηκα.Κάποια μέρα
ψάχνωντας κάτι άσχετο στο σπίτι βρήκα ενα τεράστιο πούτσο απο σιλικόνη στην ντουλάπα της θετής μου ... Continue»
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Jennifer Teil 43 kurze Version aber in der Öffentl

Teil 43

Wir rauchten eine Zigarette zusammen. „Beim nächsten Mal will ich, dass du mich auch in den Arsch fickst,“ hauchte Diana mit glasig verklärten Augen der Erregung. Ich grinste, griff ihr fest an den Arsch und knetete ihn. „Mit Vergnügen.“ antwortete ich, dann sprang Diana auf, sie müsse unbedingt sofort nach Hause, sonst gäbe es Ärger und so zog sie sich an, nicht ohne Jennifers Versprechen, dass sie jederzeit vorbeikommen könne, wenn sie sich geil stylen wollte, oder auch sonst einfach nur geil wäre. Schließlich könnten wir noch ihre anale Entjungferung zelebrieren. Und schon war si... Continue»
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Mum and Son, the big bang

About two months ago I was caught by my mum wanking on my bed naked; I was upset with her at first but I was also pleased she had seen me, being a horny 23yr old, sex is my main topic these days, and mum catching me with my cock in my hand was, to some extent, my great plan, you see feeling so horny every day, sex is never far from my mind, and mum had aroused me to the point that I wanted to fuck her, hence her catching me, I did apologised to her later for my outburst and I also said I didn’t mind her seeing me wanking, mum, as mums go, she was opened minded and she said she understood my ... Continue»
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Ashley the cheerleader

My PE teacher was married and had two daughters so for me to see him was usually only at school after Thursday PE class. Because I volunteered for sorting missing things I could skip the rope climb which I absolutely hated with a passion.

I had settled into a routine with Mr. X of sorting things after class while everyone else showered and went home after school. Once I found some things I liked I would put them aside and go take my shower.

Mr. X would stand in the doorway watching me stroking his cock and looking at the things I picked out. He would make comments like. “You woul... Continue»
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sissy cuckoldbbc

I just had to walk back and forth to see how I looked as I moved. My walk turned into more of a sashay with my hips swinging doing my best imitation of some of the girls I'd dated. The slip was slithering back and forth across my ass and cock. The feeling was amazing. For the third time that night I came, this time without even touching myself.
Reality f***ed me back to earth. I stripped out of these lovely items and spent some time in the sink washing and rinsing Tracey's pantyhose and slip. Using a blow dryer, I got them basically dry and put them back in her laundry basket.
As I lay in be... Continue»
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Endowed Goddess Confession: Car sex temptation

I've been writing so much spiritual stuff I figured I'd get a little down and dirty to keep the attention of some of my more erotically inclined fellow and sistren FetLifers! No, it isn't so much that I need your erotic attention as I enjoy the challenge of increasing the variety of my posts.

Last night I was sooo horny. It was because I hadn't masturbated in several days, I had wanted to yesterday morning but I missed my opportunity due to poor planning, and had to head out for the day.

In the afternoon I made the mistake of texting one of my subs, who os rather high maintenance, but li... Continue»
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The Choice [Deena is caught between a cock and a

Deena's Story

Before I was an e****t, I never had anal. Now it's my bread winner. I never had a potty mouth either. I used to be a classy girl from a conservative British Asian f****y. The world of sex was something only shared between a husband and wife. Now I fall on my back and open my legs at the sound of loose change in any buggers pocket. Ok, slight exaggeration, but you get my point. Anyway, let's spend this chapter describing how I got here. Don't worry. After a few paragraphs of telling you what I used to be like, I'll be getting rattled more than a baby's new toy.

I was proud ... Continue»
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Sandra & Richard--Part 2

(This is the second conversation I've had with Sandra and Richard; and in this conversation we go into more about what it is like for Richard living a cuckold lifestyle, as well as what it is like for Sandra. I wish to thank them for their willing ness to talk with me about it, and for their amazing frank and open honesty about it!)

At the end of our last conversation, Richard, I was asking you how you felt about not being the father of your wife's c***dren, and you said that you were fine with it.

That's true.

So, you never feel---'inferior'---as a man; and by that I mean... Continue»
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A slave fantasy

Here is a fantasy i wrote years ago. It's further than i've ever gone but fantasy is often a signpost to where this slave might go if the right Master were to come along...

a slave fantasy

my past has been wiped out and there is only the present. The future is something i never think about - it is enough that i am alive in the here and now. And that present has a purity and a simplicity that my past never had. i am a slave. i do what i am told. i accept what happens to me. i am content.

i don't know where i am, whether in a city or in the country as it was part of t... Continue»
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A Night Out with Monica

I stepped out of the station with my colleague Monica. The tagline under the town's name read: the birthplace of the industrial revolution. I felt like I was walking into a history lesson. Monica glanced at her smartphone then pointed down a desolate high street.

It's fair to say I never like working away, especially in towns like this. northern and industrial. As we began to walk I looked around me at the neo-classical architecture. It would have been an impressive introduction, but the shop fronts were empty or filled with charity shops, fast-food outlets, and bookmakers. There was also t... Continue»
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My Step mom: Final Chapter

My father couldn't believe what he was watching. His own son, his gorgeous wife, fucking each other. He dropped his bags on the ground and walked over. I saw him out of the corner of my eye. He was pissed.

"What the.........", he exclaimed.

"Sit the fuck down and watch me fuck your wife.", I said in a stern demanding voice.

He sat in the chair adjacent to the couch and watched as his wife, my step mom, bounced on my cock. Her ass shaking with every downward bounce. She stood up, turning around to face him, before straddling me again. My cock sliding deep into her core with ease.

She ro... Continue»
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