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Fetish Porn Stories

Her Freaky Side

Story FetishFirst TimeHardcore

M/F I used to live with and date this girl, Kate. She was 5'6'' brown hair, a c breasts. And this girl could be a freak. One incident comes to mind. One of the first nights after she moved into my apartment we were in the bedroom making out. We decided on having sex. Kate was relatively new to thee realm of sexual possibility so she always tried whatever came to her little mind. We wrestled our clothes off and lay together naked on the bed. Making out still she grabs me and starts jacking me. I slid two of my fingers into her neatly trimmed and oh so wet vagina. It's on from there.… Read more

Posted by sgtangel1 5 years ago 1 864 40%

The Beach House

Story FetishHardcoreMasturbation

M/F This was with my, at the time, long time girl friend, Frankie. We were staying with her parents in a beach house for two weeks over the summer. To separate Frankie and me, they had us sl**p on different floors, with her room across from her parents. One particularly breezy summer night. I was awoken in the middle of the night. The lap turned on. It was Frankie, in a robe. She leaned over and kissed me. She sat on the bed and let her robe flow open, she was completely naked. She slid over and lie next to me, we kissed passionately and desperately. She had dirty blonde hair, sun… Read more

Posted by sgtangel1 5 years ago 2 1,034 87%

making moms pussy mine

Story FetishMatureTaboo

"Ladies and Gentlemen this is your pilot speaking, please remain in your seat and keep your seat belt on." Hearing these words made my cock swell so fast my head began to throb. My breathing turned to a soft pant as she buried her face under my arm. My left hand held the back of her neck so she remained blinded from the bulging cock less then a foot from her gasping mouth. If all goes as planned she will be in dreamland strapped down in her seat. " please remain buckeled in your seats as we will be in the cockpit" Oh fuck he had to say cockpit now I want to just pull her head down and shove… Read more

Posted by familyjeweler 5 years ago 6,383 100%

.A Candy Cane Aventure

Story AnalFetishHardcore

M/F Ana and I had formed a relationship by now, after being found out by her boyfriend. We decided to take a weekend retreat to a hotel room. It was December, Christmas time. The weather was cold and icy. We lay on a bed together, flipping channels, trying to decide when to start fucking. I had a surprise for her. I bought her a present, a foot long one inch diameter candy cane. Neither she, not I, expected us to take the turn we did. We made out, embracing each other's warmth in the cold weather. We started taking each other's and or own clothes off, she had a surprise for me as well… Read more

Posted by sgtangel1 5 years ago 1 625 80%

First Blowjob

Story FetishFirst Time

M/F Her name was Ana. I was 21. I had slept with approximately four other women by then. Not a one of them touched my penis with their mouths. Ana had a boyfriend that wasn't me. We were camping, deep in the woods. A tent was pitched and a fire build. We sipped on Kahlua and Rum. We settled down in the tent for a d***ken slumber when she snuggled up to me. She mutters the name "Mat". It was her boyfriends name.She was either asl**p or in a d***ken stupor, or even playing me to get at it. Her lips kiss my chest, being bare because of the combination of alcohol and summer heat. My nip… Read more

Posted by sgtangel1 5 years ago 1 864 67%

Camping Fling Pt. 1

Story FetishVoyeur

M/F My friend and college room mate, Ben, and I decided to go camping. I brought along a mutual, and beautiful, acquaintance, Mandy, and her tagalong nag of a room mate, Becky. We set up a tent deep in the woods. We built a beautiful fire. And, like the college k**s we were, brought out the drinks. We were having a good time, playing never have I ever, learning and humiliating eachother, taking cheap shots so the other team (boys versus girls) would have to drink. Mandy and I are sitting next to eachother. We had a designated spot in the woods for boys and girls bathroom breaks. T… Read more

Posted by sgtangel1 5 years ago 1,038 87%

A Surprise for Shelly

Story FetishGroup SexHardcore

It's been all good lately and Shelly and I are comfortable with our lifestyle changes that we have started to push the limits. Right now, she's laying across her desk with a blindfold on and her wrists are tied in the front. I am about to slip her headphones over her ears when I see you pull up in the drive - your timing couldn't be perfect. I left her shoes on just for you, and as I peek down into her arch cleavage my cock gives a little nod of approval. I'm still fully clothed when I wave to you through the glass, inviting you in quietly as to keep her 'out of the loop'. "Shelly?" I say,… Read more

Posted by 77naughtycouple77 5 years ago 1 685 96%

Commuter texting and masturbation

Story FetishMasturbationVoyeur

I was feeling sl**py, then again, packed commuter trains will do that, all the Oxygen being used up, still, the warmth and the cozy atmosphere will do that, especially as the cold Winters morning outside adds to the sense of warmth inside. The train clatters across a rail junction causing people to come into contact with each other, strangers to each other, but for this morning, all crushed together, the young and the old, the beautiful and the ugly, my eyes settle on a girl, standing and still sl**ping, her long lashes meshed closed, her long white fingers clasping the overhead strap, her l… Read more

Posted by MarieL 5 years ago 5 1,225 91%

cuckold lifestyle 55

Story FetishHardcoreVoyeur

Halloween is almost here. My wife and I had to go shopping for her costume for this years party. We hosted it last year this time it's Ann's turn, I like that idea, she lives next door so there won't be any DUI driving for me. We started looking for her costume at the mall, but she said those are just to "G" rated. Theres a Party City across the hiway from the mall, they had some nice ones but still not what my wife had in mind. I asked her what she wanted to be. She said I'm going as your Dominatrix and you will be my slave. I said are you sure this will be OK ? She reminded me it's at Ann's… Read more

Posted by woreout 5 years ago 2 1,553 100%

Friends banged my wife

Story FetishGroup Sex

My name is Rahul and my wife's name is Prema. I love my wife Prema so much that I can do anything for her pleasure. She is sexy and has a good ass which can attract anybody passing by her. While walking it swings and give an ultimate pleasure to manhood. I have seen gentle guests coming to our house also fix their eyes in her ass. I am lucky that I am fucking such a beautiful lady daily. When she bends to serve food, you cannot take your eyes off from her beautiful cleavage. We fuck daily and she rides me like a porn star in the bed. She looks very innocent during the day time and she is an… Read more

Posted by chandan0707 5 years ago 3 2,146 88%

Wife desires fulfilled

Story AnalFetish

This is first time I am writing here. I have some stories here and feel my story will be appreciated. I’m now 52 years old and my wife is 45. This happened approximately about 4 years ago. My wife and I used to have a healthy sex life but 4 years ago and I started to reduce coupling when I checked with doctor I found to be diabetic and I was told that sexual activity will reduce but not the desire. It was at that time that I noticed my wife being angrier and always frustrated instead of our weekly threesome. I was able to have one as my wife and I have been open with each other. I broached… Read more

Posted by chandan0707 5 years ago 1,044 95%

Contract To Exchange Wife And Husband

Story FetishGroup Sex

Hello friends my name is Manik. I am from Madhya Pradesh, India. This is a real story which happened in my house a few years before. It was the time when I was doing 12th Standard from a boarding school. My father is a Contractor by profession. My mother works as an Accountant for a company in Madhya Pradesh once he happened to get a contract from very wealthy people who offered my dad 2 to 3 scores for the contract. My father asked those people to come home for dinner along with their f****y evening. It was 6'o Clock in the evening and the guests arrived with their wives. There were two m… Read more

Posted by chandan0707 5 years ago 619 53%

Thanksgiving break

Story AnalBDSMFetish

It a nice an beautiful day and Im at the Airport Picking Kat up ! You came home for Thanksgiving Break and Im Really Excited to see you its been to long ! Im all nerves and Im sweating a little ! I have Big plans for us to spend time together and Places that I have fantasied about me and you going! My heart skips a beat as you walk down the Hall to see me and your Beautiful long hair is bouncing just so perfect!( I miss it in my face and on my chest!) You are so Beautiful! You see me and you run to me and we embrace and you smell so good! The feel of you against me was so sweet that I got… Read more

Posted by rangerdee 5 years ago 445

Panty Corset Pleasure.

Story FetishFirst TimeShemales

So ive caught you. I spun around and there was my wife. I was wearing black lace panties a Black Bra and a Red silk dress. I knew you was doing this, thats why my best knickers are getting stretched. Get changed and I will wait in the car for you. We went shopping and I tried to talk but was shushed and ignored. Wait in the car!! The shop took her longer than normal and I was desperate to explain it was just fun. We arrived home in silence and she went in the bedroom. A while later I was called in. Shower shave and put these on she ordered. I looked at the pile of clothes on the bed. I sho… Read more

Posted by davanamx 5 years ago 4 1,658 88%

my craiglist ad

Story AnalBDSMFetish

I was in my office one day and I was looking on craigslist at ads. So I thot I would put on on there. I get a account and think what do I want to write. I decide to see who wants to be fisted and I put a ad on for it. It go ( is there any women that want to be fisted) .if you look Im assuming you want to be! so dont leave hit me up and Ill fist you! must be white and ddf put yes in the subject line. I wait and I get a nibble but there bots . Then I get you . Im excited to get a real girl this is what you write me back hi....i am a 22 yr old white female i love having my pussy stretch… Read more

Posted by rangerdee 5 years ago 2 1,185 73%

Double Delight Part 2

Story BDSMFetish

Part 2 Before I got the chance to purchase any nipple clamps Anne turned up on my doorstep one morning. She was wearing no make-up and was dressed in jeans and a T Shirt, but still looked absolutely gorgeous. “I’ve ordered your nipple clamps online” I explained “but they haven’t arrived yet. I didn’t expect you coming so soon”. She smiled and shook her handbag “No worry, I can wait. You can still tease me though”. The only item she had brought turned out to be the hand cuffs. “These are my favourites” she explained “I love the feel of the metal… Read more

Posted by harperv 5 years ago 673 100%

I Call Him Daddy

Story FetishTabooVoyeur

I call him Daddy. I have this weird fantasy in my head lately about how Daddy meets me in the parking lot before a certain class. I get there early, get out of my vehicle and get in Daddy's. The people in the parking lot don't know he's my Daddy but they notice I get to school early Tuesday and Thursday nights, get out of my vehicle and get in his. I am always wearing something Daddy would approve of - always skirts or dresses, very proper, except sometimes I wear stockings that are a little different, with designs that maybe a slut would wear. Daddy reprimands me for this when I do it,… Read more

Posted by daddyssecretgirl 5 years ago 32 2,368 94%

Auntie’s Naughty Boys chapter 2

Story FetishLesbian SexMature

Julie found Aunt Dee's dress shop, where she had been put to work to keep her mind off "nasty filth," a bore, until a woman, about fifty years old, with a harsh, angular face, square jaw, and a slight mustache on her upper lip, came in and gave the sixteen-year-old blonde the once-over. The teenage girl, wearing, at her aunt's insistence, a dress, stockings, and high-heeled shoes to look like "a respectable salesgirl instead of a slut," recognized the hungry look in the old biddy's brittle black eyes and bent forward intent on rearranging piles of sweaters on a sales table, so that the… Read more

Posted by eremiti 5 years ago 1,725 58%

A Si ster’s Lust chapter 6

Story FetishHardcore

The rest of the evening became a complete blank when Gail tried to remember. Somehow she’d gotten back to her apartment to pack her suitcases although she couldn’t remember doing so. She’d even remembered to set her alarm and now she was hundreds of miles away from Herb and the drastic mistake she’d made. “Oooooh,” Gail moaned, trying desperately not to think of what had happened. What could she do now? The guilt-ridden young teacher knew that she could never face Herb again . . . not after the lustily wanton way she’d acted last night. He must think she was awful . . . behaving in a wi… Read more

Posted by eremiti 5 years ago 1 1,018 100%


Story Fetish

This story relates to news articles about Bosnian women in the past. The first is Fata Lemes, the cocktail waitress who refused to wear a sexy dress and the photo of the woman on the left under "bosnian woman" for google images. I had tracked Fata to an address in London and wasted no time in chatting her up. I got down on her and filled my mouth with her tits and nipples and we got into bed with one another and oh my god, the sex we had. "Oh oh oh" she shouted as I shagged her so fast. Her tits were sun tannned, the same as on the internet and her nipples looked over exposed even in private… Read more

Posted by TRUE111 5 years ago 1 388 67%