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Fetish Porn Stories

Diary of a Cuckold Wife - 1

BDSMFetishFirst Time

When I got home from a long night of partying and dancing with my girlfriends, my cuck-husband was right where I had left him… kneeling by the door, collar tightly secured around his neck, leash dangling lazily in front of him as it softly grazed his small and pathetically caged cock. It was 4am and the poor, worthless slab of meat I call a husband had fallen asl**p naked and kneeling with his feet tucked under him and his head pressed against the door frame, his hands still laying perfectly flat on his thighs. If I were a normal wife, I might have softly woken him up and tucked him into bed… Read more

Posted by victoriablacklace 4 years ago 29 6,518 33%

I could not believe what happened.....


I am married to my wife for many years. She is still as beautiful as what she was when I met her..No I lie..She is more beautiful, sexy, lovely! I was her first love, and also the one that had the joy of taking her virgin. I was her first and....until recently, her only. I always had the fantasy of fucking her beautiful pussy, cumming deep inside her, and then have her squatting over me while I lick all my cum out of her wondrous hot pussy. Unfortunately, after cumming, the desire dissapears. I shared my fantasy with her a couple of times, and the one night after cumming deep inside her, sh… Read more

Posted by WizCum 4 years ago 16 3,637 88%

Caught with s****r in laws panties part 2

FetishFirst TimeTaboo

........ So there I was on my hands and knees knelt in front of my wife's little s****r. She was sat on a chair in front of me, I was staring at her crossed legs I could just make out the top of her stocking poking out from the bottom of her skirt. " do you like what you see you dirty little pantie sniffer" Amy said as she uncrossed her legs and opened them out a little wider My spent cock was starting to harden again but this time I was very uncomfortable as the dirty knickers I was wearing were so tight they restricted its movement "yes Amy" Amy spread her legs allowing my to… Read more

Posted by flynn888 4 years ago 11 5,521 90%

My PA's dream job 2...


The PA I chose last year is still with me, in fact she has asked if she can take on more personal duties. I have not fucked her yet as that was never in her job description but now she want to take it to the next step and start having sex with me. The opportunity to step it up a gear happened when I had to go to a meeting in Europe and Carolyn of course came with me. Her first question was 'What should I pack' so I said 'Just what you are wearing and nothing else' 'So I won't bother with a travel bag either then?' and we left it at that and she made plans for our flight tickets and hotel… Read more

Posted by hairyladieslover 4 years ago 2 1,374 100%

Jennifer Meets Jessica


WANTED: Responsible person to house sit over summer,weekends only while f****y is away on educational trips. Would suit student seeking part-time vacation employment and a place to study in quite solitude. Please reply: Box XX0143 When Jennifer first saw the ad she didn't think much of it, but after thinking it over some she dashed out a brief note introducing herself, with her college tutor's references and forgot all about it. So it was a surprise when she received an invitation from "Mr. Simpson" to visit and discuss the position. Mr. Simpson and his wife were a typical middle-class w… Read more

Posted by fisterguy 4 years ago 7 1,789 87%

The New Place


The wife and I bought our dream home just outside of town. It was a sprawling ranch house that needed tons of work! The view was to die for... Paint was the first thing on the list and we started the project. It was a very Hot summer day in the Gulf. My wifes s****r Sissy popped in to see us and our new place. We were now only about 75 miles apart. Sissy is very thoughtful and offered to help with the paint project right away. I didn't bring any work cloths though. Sissy said. Holly asked me if I had a t shirt Sissy could paint in, and I said sure. Holly went down the hall a… Read more

Posted by lickingherass 4 years ago 1 1,460 81%

sissy comes over

FetishGroup SexMasturbation

My wife and I had a little cabin at the oceann for the week. Her s****r was out of work and had some time off, so Holly told Sissy she should come on out and stay a couple nights with us. Sissy had broken up with her boyfriend some time ago and had not got out much since. We had a great day visiting, drinking, and smoking. I was tired and went to bed first. Our place was just a simple one room studio cabin. The wife and I would share the bed and Sissy would take a bunk. I rose as usual at O dark thirty and tried to silently make some coffee, as not to wake the girls. I was wearing my robe… Read more

Posted by lickingherass 4 years ago 2,163 90%

Vacation Exhibition


We had been saving for a year. I was so psyched to get out of here and do some serious relaxing and hot fucking! The flight wasn't bad (except for TSA) and we made it to out hotel. I was so horney I couldn't wait to give it to my wife. We had had a few cocktails on the flight and were a little tipsy. I opened the patio door and smelled the ocean air. It was beautiful out. We had a great view of the ocean from the 2nd floor and the grounds of our home for the week were immaculate. There was a cute 30 something red headed gardener working down below us. My cock began to swell up as I… Read more

Posted by lickingherass 4 years ago 2 1,706 97%

Fisting Suz


I got to know Suz quite well after she left some comments on one of my fisting stories. We corresponded for a while and much of our correspondence was filthy. Suz was a BBW, 5’ 4’’, with gorgeous brown curly hair that cascaded magically and framed her sweet face beautifully. She fantasised about fisting and insertions, and while she was a fisting virgin, she had had an ex-boyfriend wedge four fingers into her hole that bought her to a massive squirting orgasm. She was 44 although she looked like she was in her 30s and had a huge pair of breasts – 40 DDD in U.S terms. She shared a number of pho… Read more

Posted by Ravisher71 4 years ago 4 2,168 98%

Liz.....Round 2

FetishGroup SexMature

I got a rather unusual call from Liz, the ther****t I had met at Gloria's dinner party. "I've been thinking of you, and wondered how you are and what you're doing," she said. I told her I had been busy, with little time for myself. She laughed, and said, "As your ther****t, I order you to make some time to relax." Figuring it was just small talk, I relied, "And, Doctor, just what would you recommend for that?" She let out a wicked laugh, and said, "Pack a small bag, be in my driveway at six sharp...dress nice but casual." Sensing a deeper plan, I asked, "So, will I be admitted, then?" Her repl… Read more

Posted by Croozer 4 years ago 662 93%

male being fisted by several women

AnalFetishGroup Sex

I turned as three naked women entered the room who had been viewing the show unseen. Apparently it was their turn for some fun and I was to be their participant. If they had any doubts as to my willingness I quickly put them to rest. I was surrounded by the ladies and was immediately engulfed by breasts and bellies, arms and legs and all sorts of female apparatus. I was more than ready, well beyond the stage of foreplay, but my eager graspings were restrained and I was led out of the room to a large bathroom, almost a lockeroom. I was placed under a warm shower and soaped down. I couldn’t blam… Read more

Posted by luv2bfisted2 4 years ago 2 1,214 100%

Suprising the Wife

FetishGroup SexLesbian Sex

My wife and I have been married a while. She has been Bi-sexual for most of her life, she also has even been into taking on me and another guy, but thats another story. We have a very healthy sex life, with each other, threesomes etc., She has a best friend that they are more like s****rs at times and she was always a little reluctant to act on her wish to have her. So one night (my wifes good friend is married, but her hubby knows what she does for fun too) one night my wife went dancing with the girls from work. Now I had been talking to her friend, lets call her E, so I knew my wife… Read more

Posted by phillybilly 4 years ago 5 2,367 90%

Ladyboy in a Whore House

FetishLesbian SexShemales

I was born a “hermaphrodite” and I had B cup tits when I was very young. I was skinny so they looked BIG. This story is from Pms I sent to SuperSatin I was a prostitute when I was very1 3young for a rich perverts' club. So here's a collection of Pms that add up to a story. There was a client who liked me to suck him off again and again. he could cum 5 or 6 times. sometimes more. I know he limped the next day!! He fucked me too, rested then cummed again and again. Another client liked to cum on my face. he'd feel up my naked body then play with himself i'd kneel o… Read more

Posted by Utubeslut 4 years ago 7 1,999 80%

Scary but exciting morning


At 7:40am, My loving wife decided this morning before she left for work that she would tease me a little bit. I was laying in bed and she came in and grabbed my butt and rubbed my cheeks. I thought that was very nice as I sighed in approval. She even gave me a few mild spankings too. Then, I feel her start rubbing my asshole, which actually felt very nice and stood me straight up almost instantly. She stopped for about a minute, which at this time, I thought she was done teasing and getting ready for work. Boy was I wrong. All of a sudden, I feel this overpowering f***e that I cannot des… Read more

Posted by PegasusEros 4 years ago 940 40%

Scary but exciting morning


At 7:40am, My loving wife decided this morning before she left for work that she would tease me a little bit. I was laying in bed and she came in and grabbed my butt and rubbed my cheeks. I thought that was very nice as I sighed in approval. She even gave me a few mild spankings too. Then, I feel her start rubbing my asshole, which actually felt very nice and stood me straight up almost instantly. She stopped for about a minute, which at this time, I thought she was done teasing and getting ready for work. Boy was I wrong. All of a sudden, I feel this overpowering f***e that I cannot des… Read more

Posted by PegasusEros 4 years ago 2 1,355 86%

Hairy women are Beautiful...


A good few miles where I live there is an all female f****y, the Mum Lynzi aged 35, Becki and Elaine both aged 18 and the twins Carly and Carla aged 16 (her husband and their late daddy had banned them all from shaving any body hair off and from EVER wearing underwear), who all live in an old Victorian house. I found out all of this information because I had began talking to the nearest of these women as she was sitting next to my table, and I had noticed that the top she was wearing was sleeveless and very see-through, so much so that I could see her long armpit hair and the hairs on her tit… Read more

Posted by hairyladieslover 4 years ago 2 1,085 97%

My wee girl and her hairy 'pits...


When my little girl was aged about 11 or so she decided she wanted to have her armpits hair free (just like her late bitch of a Mum had) and tried to shave them with an open razor which my ex had given me. She told me I was not to help and that she could manage on her own but unfortunately she cut herself quite badly and I ended up taking her to hospital to have the cut looked at. After checking the cut and repairing the damage, the Doctor told her that she would be ok but he also suggested that she does not shave for quite a while to allow the cut to heal, but fortunately all was well and s… Read more

Posted by hairyladieslover 4 years ago 4 3,174 60%

My bud fucked my wife

FetishGroup SexTaboo

Johnnie and his wife Michelle, have a very exciting marriage. She's a wonderful lover, friend and very beautiful woman. Other men are often attracted to her, and one can see them looking and lusting after her whenever they are out in the evening. Johnnie finds this exciting and encourages her to wear revealing clothing and insists that she go braless as often as possible, especially at home, because nature has blessed her with a pair of the sexiest breasts possible perfectly round and succulent capped by pink colored nipples which invariably peep through transparent dresses. Michelle is 24… Read more

Posted by tcg 4 years ago 4 4,737 30%

Little Tim EPISODE #1

FetishFirst TimeSex Humor

My name is Tim. I'm white, 18 about 6' tall brown hair with light stubble. I'm a freshman at Flowood university  in California. It's my first time out of my home state of Arkansas. So far all I can say is that the people here are beautiful. I, on the other Hand, am not as good looking. Not to say that am ugly I'm just very average. I'm staying in a coed dorm on the north side of the school.I can't help but notice that my dorm is girl heavy. Heh I think this is going to be a great year. Room 218. I walk in to find a shirtless guy unpacking. He turns around and says "Oh hey I'm Jones Bakerson."… Read more

Posted by LittleAus 4 years ago 723 56%

Dirty Weekend


My boyfriend had arranged for us to spend a few days in a luxury apartment in Cardiff city as an early 18th birthday present. This was the first time we could be alone properly and not have to worry about making too much noise... I undressed him and tied his naked body to the bed using the restraints. His rock hard cock bounced as he wriggled playfully and tried to grab me. I slid off the bed and stripped to my underwear. I licked and sucked his toes as he groaned before kissing my way up his body, avoiding his cock and balls completely. I sat on his chest and slowly slipped off my bra,… Read more

Posted by PRINCESSPERFECT 4 years ago 3 931 80%