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Ted and Lou and her Mom’s special cream

FetishGroup SexMature

All rights reserved. Author Chris Christopher We were tired of apartment living so we rented a home in a great neighborhood. My wife quickly made friends with Lou, our next door neighbor. Gail, my wife, was short with 34B breasts while Lou was tall with 38DD melons. My wife was a petite 98lb while Lou was a tall 5’11 (my height) and must have been close to 135lb of long legs, shapely hips and a luscious ass. It was a joy to watch those huge tits struggling to get out of her tops. Lou’s nerdy husband Ted didn’t say much and was three or four inches shorter than Lou. He did have the ability to… Read more

Posted by Chris51a 9 days ago 2 4,155 89%

Nadjas Schlachtung Teil 2 ( Netzfund )


Mein Name ist Nadja. Ja das hatten wir schon. Ich bin 175cm gross, habe weibliche Rundungen, einen klasse Arsch und mit 80c auch ordentliche, feste Brüste. Mich ziert langes rotes Haar und ausser meinen Augenbrauen ist das auch schon alles Haarige an mir. Von daher wurde ich auch mit der Güteklasse A- ausgezeichnet. Das Minus da ich leider ein paar Probleme mit der Leber habe. Nichts gefährliches, aber die Leber ist entsprechend nicht zu gebrauchen. Auch das hatten wir schon. Was wir jetzt aber noch nicht hatten, was auch mir neu war, ich gehöre zu einer von einer Million. Will heissen, ich… Read more

Posted by DerSadist1 9 days ago 637 60%

A surprise from 2 hotties \ A night to remember

AnalFetishLesbian Sex

It was a bit unusual to see 2 normal cute girls drinking and laughing at the hotel bar I frequented. I flew to this East European city often, with my uncle, for business. And I always chose the same hotel. It was close to the Airport, far from the center (which is good when doing business in a very unstable country), was conveniently accessible by car, unlike most of the city which was completely overcrowded with traffic and many Sunday drivers. The service was very good, and except one occasion last autumn, when a call girl ran out of the lift wearing nothing but a men's size 44 (11 in the U… Read more

Posted by GalFa 9 days ago 1,773 67%

Leah Jane: Back On Top


"He's been in there for ages" typed Leah Jane to someone online, then on hearing the kettle boil, added "Ah, here he comes now". Moments later Mani appeared, and placed a coffee in front of her... "Ya alright babe..?" "Yeah I'm good, just talking with a friend"... "You took your time, I was starting to think you must've dozed off in the bath.?" "Hahaha, no luv, it just takes a while to get it right, that's all". "Oh yeah, and what's that then..?" "You know, just a bit of personal grooming"... Mani knew his comment would get her attention and true to form, Leah Jane's eyes… Read more

Posted by johntarquinagain 10 days ago 623

My first time (with others) as a girl. Part 2

FetishFirst TimeGroup Sex

Ann gave me a kiss and a cuddle and wiped my tummy with some tissues. Luckily I hadn’t soiled my pretty lingerie. She slid my panties off then took me to the bathroom to clean up properly. John dressed and went to make a cup of tea. In the bathroom, I stood as Ann cleaned me with some wet wipes. I had one last little drop of semen on the tip of my cock. Ann wiped this off with her finger and brought it to her lips. Her tongue flicked out. “Just to see how you taste” she said. “Was everything ok back there?” I asked nervously, “It seemed to be over very quickly”. “Everything was fine Bryoni” sh… Read more

Posted by cyclosiss 10 days ago 1,454 100%

Faith and Sex, in life and Death.


Avery strange thing happened to me just a short time back, I suddenly felt young again, as if a fresh Spring breeze suddenly blew through my hair and my girlish loins felt on fire, as they did all those years back. I laughed inwardly, in reality I knew all I was feeling was horny, at my age and here am I a widow with not even as much as a man to turn to for a quick service. My husband passed away some three years back, leaving me to run the family business, a funeral parlor where I applied my skill as a make-up artist and made the bodies look beautiful again, even those who met with bad… Read more

Posted by Fridagirl 10 days ago 1 1,173 50%

My amazing Thailand Holiday

AnalFetishGay Male

am a bottom gay male, and also a lover of fem gear,, not c/d just tights, panties and stockings, usually under my suits for work, I try to just wear tights in tan or black as wearing suspender with stockings usually shows through my trousers. I also love to wear to spandex piece suits and lycra ballet tights, my only regret is that my cock and balls spoil the shape of my crotch. I have been thinking about getting a full penectomy but dont fancy just having a small hole to piss out of and nothing else!!! I have fairly big cock, its 8" and cut but as it onoy ever gets sucked or jerke… Read more

Posted by lycraguy 10 days ago 2 2,168 90%

College nerd gets lucky Part 3


She stroked it a couple of times, again it looked like she was admiring the length and girth when she suddenly realized what she was doing and looked into my eyes with her face beet red. I tried, I really tried to keep a straight face, but I couldn’t. A wide, evil grin was on my face and I waited for her to make a move. > > Seeing the evil grin on my face, her face turned even redder she was almost purple. She dug a nail into my sensitive member but not too hard and stroked it a couple more times before she let go. Jenny was watching the whole thing with her back slightly bent and her hair… Read more

Posted by angelus20092 10 days ago 959 100%

Nerdy guy gets lucky part 4


being taped. “Girls, how about a kiss, show me how dirty you both are?” it took them less than half a second of hesitation and they were making out with each other, rubbing breasts, even moving hands down and rubbing each other’s clit. Wow, look at that, I’ve got the bitches by the throats now, they’re mine and they’ll do whatever I tell them and I have proof.How about a quick lick, Jenny would you like to start, Lindsey, you hold the phone. But make sure you finger yourself while filming and film that too.” Is it too much, will they do it. OMG, THEY ARE DOING IT. I sat on the bed and Jenny wa… Read more

Posted by angelus20092 10 days ago 810 100%

Lindsey and staceys homemade sex tape part 1

AnalFetishLesbian Sex

This was a gift for my bf from my gf stacey I was at work one day when I heard a very familiar voice behind me say "hi babes! Working hard are we?" > I turned around to see my new 'friend' Stacey standing there. Although she was dressed in her supermarket uniform she still looked like one of the cutest and most fucking hot girls I knew. > "Alright for a quick chat babes?" She asked winking seductively at me, we walked outside the store to a private secluded corner and began to kiss passionately. I couldn't resist her as I ran my hand up her skirt to touch her warm wetness through her t… Read more

Posted by KinkyDoctorslut22 10 days ago 3 1,675 100%

Lindsey and staceys homemade sex tape part 2

AnalFetishLesbian Sex

, all of a sudden from the top of the screen slowly came Stacey's big hot arse as she squatted down over Lindsey's face. Lindsey pushed her mouth between Stacey's big dangling pussy lips and began to kiss and suck noisily which made Stacey start to fidget and groan, "is that nice honey?" Asked Lindsey as she spread Stacey's beefy pussy lips apart and began to lick and suck slowly on her pussy hole and clit. > Stacey's hand appeared and she began to rub and play with her own anus as Lindsey face now glistening with the creamy juice that was leaking from her messy pussy. "I love playing with m… Read more

Posted by KinkyDoctorslut22 10 days ago 2 891 100%

Norton Towers – the apartment block for sexy gird


Joan and Jim – two into one Joan and Jim lived in number 34 and were by all accounts very quiet and not what the others would call ‘adventurous’. One Friday about 3.00pm I had a call from them asking if I would help turn in their new digital TV which had been delivered the day before. Jim answered the door and directing me to the living room added, “We’ve been trying to tune it in and link up the DVD but the thing doesn’t want to work” Just then Joan entered. She was buxom size 18 and looked around 60 but plain – not ugly – just plain ordinary and seemingly dowdy. “ Robert, we’ve hea… Read more

Posted by seniorsexlover 11 days ago 1 1,217 100%

Norton Towers – the apartment block for sexy gird


Rosemary’s secret Being employed as Norton House general factotum and handyman, my life took on an entirely new meaning and taught me that life really does begin at 60. Everything was discreet and the tenants very nice and pleasant. One thing I did learn was that all the residents changed inside out, so to speak. When going out, one would think they were just ordinary middle class oldies. Inside however, they all dressed and acted as they perceived when they were in their prime and with style and grace. It was fantastic. Rosemary was a good example. I was guess she was around 65, b… Read more

Posted by seniorsexlover 11 days ago 1 972 86%

Taking advantage of my friend


This is not related to my other stories of her, but it is the same girl. So my friend sent me this pic and this story is based on her being in a rack. This is what I would do to her if I saw her like that. She was supposed to meet for a lunch date, but she was running late and not answering her cell phone so I head over to her apartment to see what going on. It's not the first time she's stood me up and I'm pissed. Despite being friends since college she still treats me horribly, but I put up with her since she has a nice ass and is somet… Read more

Posted by seththesexgeek 11 days ago 16 3,185 79%

Norton Towers - the apartment block full of highly


Chapter one Fulfilling all my sex fantasies What does a reasonably active professional man of 60, full head of hair and reasonably libido do when made redundant? In my case it was a case of being realistic and finding any job that pays the bills. So when I saw this ad for a mature concierge porter/handyman, I thought why not?’ After submitting the application I was invited to be interviewed by the ‘property management committee’. As I entered the old upmarket Edwardian mansion block in the suburbs I was met by a smartly dressed lady but there was something different. I could not… Read more

Posted by seniorsexlover 11 days ago 801 100%

Karen My School Teacher 6

FetishGroup SexShemales

The music started. But i frooze. How did i get here. I'm going to show myself to Mick, my teacher. His going to see me fully dressed as a girl. Mick have known me about 5 years now. The music stopped. “Hello Brian! Are you there?. You need to come out when the music starts” I wanted to do this. And on the other hand i won't. “Ok ok. I'm coming. But you can't record this ok?” “No no i wasn't going to. But i really wanna see you. You already talk like a real girl. Sounds so fucking sexy. So come out show yourself. I know you want to” I took a couple of deep breaths. “Ok start the music from the… Read more

Posted by HosieryQueen 11 days ago 2 1,992 100%



CONFESSIONS PT 4 These are confessions and stories people have sent me. Do you have a confession of something you did, or something you'd like to do? Private Message it to me and I'll post it. Don't worry about spelling, grammar, etc. ====== CONFESSION COMPILATION OF SHORT REPLIES I'VE RECIEVED FROM VARIOUS READERS That's hot use to sniff panty when youg stared with his moms. Cotton brief always nice thick pubes loved suckingon them use to get so hard watchin him sniff his moms then we use to use his older and younger sniffin friends wives and daugs .o --- Me and… Read more

Posted by PantieLoverCotton 11 days ago 1 1,377 100%

Was Always a Pet Person


okay so ive been having sex with dogs since I was young. my aunt (I love her, she lives with us now) used to be a callgirl, and has all kinds of stories, but she told me about making love to a****ls my aunt had three dogs and she fucked them regularly. she had a dog named Max. he was a great dane. he was enormous! there was billy, the mastiff, a big silly funny thing. and there was a St. Bernard named Wolf. he was the really a big push over, and he loved everybody when I was young, my aunt would tell me stories. not long after that, she let me watch her with her pups, and soon there… Read more

Posted by yourcumaddictedwhore 11 days ago 11 7,299 92%

Submissive S!sters #9: Sexy Sports

First TimeFetishLesbian Sex

I invent some sexy sports cunny cunts competition for my mighty hot & horny moms with their bigger bellies I invite them to contest: to compete at the beach in fair-play far-pee plays, a theatre of my own dirty design I invent the best possible positions for my two cameras and carefully mark out circles at one-meter distances I invite first lusty Louise as my first bride of them all to take the stage for her first far-piss, after her half a litre I am referee, while Benjamin weathers their waters, to measure exactly the distances of their furthest squirts I am referee, while I… Read more

Posted by petdyke 11 days ago 6 35,164 50%

That night, I was a slut.


Prague!! Finally, I am here. It's been so long since they promised this trip to us at work, as a reward for our great results. Just my luck though, i had to come alone, because my friend and colleague, Ana, the other winner, got sick just yesterday, and she couldn't join me... damn, we've made sooo many plans, and now? Well, there's got to be something to entertain me alone. This is the fun capitol of Europe, right? A girl can pull an all-nighter here without too much of a bother. The clubs are open till morning, and the bars too, so i'm gonna start this by having a drink. Two hours later, i'… Read more

Posted by Yukiona 11 days ago 3 2,274 90%