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Good time.

My husband Pete has always wanted us to have a threesome, he wants to see me "get it", as he puts it, whilst giving it to me aswell, or watching, but I have always been uneasy about inviting someone else into our bed. About 2 years ago we were out for the night at a club with friends, Pete was chatting to this girl who was flirting with him and I went mad, he suggested we take her home, which would help me calm down and relax, women are not my thing and I went mad at him, I spent the rest of the time with my mates on the dance floor. We were all dancing away and I felt hands on by bum, I thou... Continue»
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D's story Part 2

In the car I wanted so badly to ask Him what was inside me but I held back knowing He would tell me if He wanted to. He made small talk the entire way to the restaurant. I replied to His chatter the best I could wiggling in my seat a bit at that feeling of what was in me. As we pulled into the parking lot and parked the car He reached for me and kissed me hard. my body quivering under His touch, i felt His hand slide down between my legs. Instantly i spread my legs for him. He smiled at my obedience and tapped my pussy and said " later baby girl...you'll see".
Sitting at our table w... Continue»
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Profile Of Sallyme 193 A True Cock Sucking Facia

Profile of Sallyme193
A True Cock Sucking Facial Cum Slut

I guess I’ve always been a cock sucking cum slut deep down inside except I have tried to hide it and keep up my good little girl image. Why, I don’t really know, except it seemed to be the thing to do until Sam entered my life. He seemed to be able to read me like a book from the first moment he met me.

It was a Saturday and my husband had left to play a round of golf with his buddies and I was left ho... Continue»
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Miss Brobeck

If I were asked to name the most unusual experience I have ever had, I would not have to consider my answer for even a moment. It would be the time I spent one spring, many years ago, with the curious Miss Susan Brobeck. The funny thing is, I spend a fair bit of time trying to chase fantasies and explore new territory. And yet the most unusual adventure of all landed serendipitously in my lap, so to speak, without a single bit of guile or effort on my part. That this is so often the case is one of the more delicious paradoxes of life, is it not?

It was my first year out of college. The prev... Continue»
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Exposing and stroking for my sexy neighbour.

When we moved in one of the first things that I noticed was that our neighbour liked to smoke out of one of her roof windows which over looked our sitting room. Sometimes I would be sitting on the sofa watching TV or browsing the internet, well lets be honest, looking at porn!!!!, I would see her swing the window up and light up. Once or twice I had thought she might have caught me stroking my cock as I looked at porn. I do this sometimes when my wife is at work,, well don't most men!!!. Of course at first I would cover up as soon as I saw her at the window. Then thinking about her seeing me m... Continue»
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I watched my girlfriend fuck the masseur

Quick background info for those who haven't read any of my other stories.
I'm bi and submissive by nature. My submissive side was always a secret until I started to experiment with my girlfriend of 3 years, Sue, which led her to becoming the dominant person in our day to day lives and later led her to cuckolding me and I had a few experiences with guys.
Now that the background info is out of the way we can start with the story.

This story happened completely unexpectedly but it was definitely a great turn of events!

The other day Sue texted me to let ... Continue»
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godess sarita 11 (promotion)

these days goddess stays busy with work and all I do is da house hold work chores and very little command which goddess gives.. its a big day for goddess it was her promotion and she was having a party at house at early morning goddess commanded me to strip she tied my hands to the shower and cleaned me with soap and shampoo it was shivering cold and I was kept standing for and hour in water she used hair remover on my whole body and applied baby oil...

den I was let of of chastity after such a long time my hands and leg tied together I was laying on my back on the bathroom floor while godd... Continue»
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Harry's Nylon Obsession

It's early evening in the head-office of Parker, Higson and Monk a small and upcoming marketing company. Harry a well respected Partner in the firm is working late. The office is almost empty with the xmas holidays except for a few stragglers and the lovely Justine Walker a recently appointed Sales Manager. Justine is long legged brunette, she is also whats known as a power dresser, always in tight breast hugging blouses and ass hugging pencil skirts. However this is not what catches Harry’s eye, Justine always wears the best nylons, always with a seem 60’s retro style and the highest of heels... Continue»
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the perfect s;ut

I have you dressed in a tight, black sports bra, leather miniskirt, and knee high boots, nothing else. Your hair is braided down your back. I walk over to you, put my hand up your skirt, and start rubbing your newly shaved pussy. You bite your bottom lip, both embarrassed and excited by me doing it. Your pussy starts to get wet as I slowly run my finger along your pussy lips. As you start to get wet, you gasp a little and start to follow the rhythm of my stroking. I get hard watching you ride my finger and decide to slide it inside of you. You tense at the sudden intrusion and close your eyes,... Continue»
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Sue's friend Anna....continued from my blog.

Sue my 78 year old fuck buddy lived near me in Leicester, i had met her through Jean my 66 year old neighbour. Both Jean and Sue had great bodies and i loved fucking them as often as i could.

I had been busy with my business and had some what neglected both Jean and Sue so made a point of calling round to see Jean one night after work.
I hadn't been in Jeans house for more than ten minutes before we were both naked and fucking like teenagers. She had really come to love anal sex and played with a dildo whilst i watched and wanked myself, when i was about to cum she took my cock in her mou... Continue»
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Granny did remember - continued

At 55 years old I have now had a huge foot fetish for as long as I can remember and this was how it all started with Granny E.

When I was a young boy I would be taken to my grandparents house to visit and in the early 1960's there was no electronic games or such things to play with so I would normally take along a couple of my metal cars to play with. When I was at my grans house for some reason I used to sit under the table and play with my cars and depending who was at the table (and it was normally my grans friends as all of grandads friends with either in the lounge or in the garden sh... Continue»
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Playing in pantyhose( an Xhamster fantasy )

After several months of exchanging messages, pictures and fantasies on Xhamster we have finally arranged to meet. I arrive at the hotel with my bag packed full of various pantyhose, stockings, panties etc. many of which have been worn by my wife. I also have some of my home made videos of my wife and I for us to watch. I knock on the door of the room that was sent to me. The door is opened by( for the sake of this story we will call him Paul). He is wearing a robe but I can see as I look him up and down that he is wearing my favourite shade of tan hose underneath. He invites me in and entering... Continue»
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A Surprise Ass-fucking in Panties Part 2

So, I am walking down the street holding the hand of a beautiful woman who, just five minutes previously, had her hand down the back of my jeans caressing my lace panty-covered arse and finger fucking my asshole. The once hot cum in the front of my panties is now cooling against the front of my crotch as I try my best to walk, still weak at the knees, down the street.

I am still unable to believe the brazen way in which Emmy just had me like that in the darkened corner of a public bar, yet here we are walking back to my house so that she can “take a closer look at the mess I made in my beau... Continue»
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Becoming Me, (Brittney)

When I was nine I ask my dad to explain the Birds and the bees. He sat me down and told a few things about sex, but what he did next set it all in motion (well not all of it lol) he gave me a book on human sexuality. It was a technical book really. It described the human body both male and feel male. I found myself looking at both pictures of man and woman naked and enjoyed them both equally. It was the year before all this when I was trying on my s****rs clothing. It was mainly panties, shoes, and her training bra. It was not till later when I was dressing in full outfits. Over the years ... Continue»
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My Mom and Dad have always been sexually liberal and they are also avid nudists. We lived at a nudist camp for years and I was totally use to seeing them run around naked and I knew for a fact that they were also swingers. I use to lay in bed at night and I could hear them with other couples and single guys and girls at night and when things got quiet, I knew that they were all in the bedroom together and every now and then I could hear my mom or one of the other women that came over moaning or getting their head banged against the beds headboard! I would lay there and jerk myself off, th
... Continue»
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Lust for her abs

It had been over two and a half years. I told myself, I would never have sex unless I was really in love with the woman. My previous relationship ended so badly, I was heartbroken, but the lust never went away. So many great nights we had, her naked body imprinted on my mind. The sex itself was so passionate, but oh, how I loved her body. She was a runner, slender, but nicely toned. I loved the feel of her body against me as we made love, and her hard six pack pressed against my own tight abs. Not gonna lie, I have fetishes for women’s navels and hard abs on women. I know I’m not the o... Continue»
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A Predicament Strapon Dream

You lead me into the playroom on my hands and knees. I crawl naked behind you, a leash attached to the thick collar around my neck. you lead me to the center of the room, where there is a chain hanging down from the ceiling. "Kneel." Is all you command. But I know I am to be on my knees, back straight, ankles crossed, hands clasped behind my neck. You attach the chain to the ring on my collar, remove the leash, and push the button on the control, pulling the chain up so that I must stay up straight.

You smile that little smile you have when you have something devious in mind. Then move t... Continue»
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Mrs. Lucyna 8

The day was beautiful , the more that I did not have to go to school , and in the garden in front of me opalały wonderful two women . Mrs. Barry and Mrs. Lucy lay on her stomach and talking to each other . At one point, Mrs. Barry called me I said Aneta , to bring something cold to drink, and told me to lubricate the oil . I ran to the kitchen to Aneta , to tell her about drinking , and then immediately returned to the garden and eagerly started to work.
I tried to carefully fingers wsmarowywać oil in her body so that it was nice. I felt her body bends and flexes under my hands, but at some p... Continue»
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Female Led Relation - just a butler


My wife, Sarah is a CFO in a mid-size company. She often works long hours and I'm left alone in the evenings, and I watch television, work on our old house, and hang out being somewhat lonely.

In November Sarah's dad died after having been a little sick. We
were shocked and her mom decided to move in with us. I began
hanging out with the mom. She was still quite attractive and
more than average sexy. She was not as slim as Sarah, but she
wasn't fat either. I would call her luscious. She has dirty-
blond hair cut shoulder length and I liked the way it moved
around, it att... Continue»
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Seventy-six days and still counting. I am losing him.

After finally finding a man who loves me more than all

the stars in the clear night sky, it seems as though we

are worlds apart. I sl**p with his sweat filled t-shirt

simply to remember his scent. I look at his pictures

and videos a million times a day. I want him, I need

him, I miss him.... Oh damn I am getting desperate.

Only $49 for a train ticket. I am so going to see him!

Acting normal, I call him and text him all day. He has

no idea that in a matter of hours I will be standing on

his doo... Continue»
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