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I am telling this true story because even though I was treated as a filthy cum

sucking, ass fucked sex slave, it changed my life for the better..except NOW I'm ADDICTED to CUM!

I was in high school and had always thought I might be gay but wasn't really

quite sure. I had experimented a few times with a neighborhood boy I was in

grade school with but really all we did was kiss each others cocks and a couple

of times we jerked of together. I had always liked seeing the guys in school naked

in the shower and had wondered what it would be like to get fucked in my ass or
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FIRST INSTRUCTIONS My briefs"s fragrance

I believe a new era has arrived for you and me. This is not about playing with shit. What I got from you is something really special. I cannot remember the last time
I got so many excitement from a woman like you!

You couldn't imagine how happy I was! You couldn't image how much pleasure you gave me!

Please don't be angry but you had no chance. That letter was beautiful.
I will keep it forever, that's for sure, whatever happens between us.
In my current situation I'm happy to live. I was soo tense, so worried and I was so horny!
I had to wait all the time; stupid people everywher... Continue»
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I Swear, We're Not Gay - Part 2

I re-ran the events of that night in my mind for days, trying to figure out just how I felt about jerking off with my older b*****r. I wished my cock was as big and strong looking as his. I really wanted to ask him if he had ever taken part in one of those circle jerks he talked about and I wondered if and when I'd ever see his dick again. As it turns out it was the very next time that we were home alone together.

Ricky called me down to the f****y room and before I got there I knew what was up. I just knew. As I entered the room, Ricky, wearing only a bathrobe held up a video tape. 'Best ... Continue»
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Financial Domination--HS Crush Part 2

[Just a reminder that all in this story are 18+. Thanks to everyone who commented on the first part--and encouraged me to continue this story. Hope you like part 2!]

So it went on like that for days. Ignored by Jaime, flipped off when I gave her my lunch money, watching her wishlist for new things added and trying my best to keep up with the shoes, outfits and other things she would place on there. I did it because...well, it helped me feel connected with her in some small way. Even though we were no longer communicating the way we used to, it felt like I was still a part of her life. ... Continue»
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shemale sex slave


Let me first say i am no writer by any means.

This story starts 5 years ago. I was looking to move up in the mountains off grid with a homestead. I was a single man and wanted a parnter who could share with the daily chores and have for sexual gratification. Finding some one to leave everything the city offered to move to a rural area was a quest in itself. I knew I wanted a completely submissive woman ant my feet.
So I put a ad on craigslist and it went a lil something like this" tall single white dominate male iso single submissive woman to move to a homestead in a very ... Continue»
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Pick-up truck abduction scenario

He led me out the back door where his pickup was parked behind the house, surrounded by tree cover with no other houses in view. It was a big truck, two door but very high off the ground and with a particularly long and high bed.
"Get in" he said. I headed toward the passenger door. He stopped me halfway.
"No, no darling. in the back. Get on in there, now."
I walked back and looked in the open tail gate at the seven foot-long bed, which was literally what it was now, a bed.
A mattress with a clean white sheet lay across the bottom. The truck was kinda jacked up so it sat very high in the... Continue»
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First bi experiences - Part 3

I started visiting Mick pretty regularly after that first time I went 'all the way' with him.
I discovered that the sensation of being fucked was something I enjoyed very much. I bought myself a bigger dildo than the small plug my girlfriend had used on me and when I was home alone I used it regularly.
But what I really liked was having another person there when my ass was being penetrated. The dildo wasn't enough, I wanted the sensation but not from my own hands.
Sitting on the dildo worked OK, so that I could lift myself up and down on it. It was close, but still not the same. But one ... Continue»
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humiliation on a long weekend

All through school I hung out with a group of four other girls, we had all started on the same day, all played on the same team together, and basically were all inseparable. From our first year in school we had a tradition, that during the last school break before the summer term, we all went away together, with one of our families. We were now in our final year, all getting ready to head off to college I the following September, so this would be our last holiday together before our final exams. By coincidence it happened to be the turn of my f****y to organise the holiday. The plan was, that... Continue»
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Sunlight on Oiled Legs by Anonymous

I spied the taut body of a ponygirl chained by each limb, face-down, to a post in our barn. She was sl**ping softly. Slowly I crept up and hummed gently next to her ear. Her eyes flew open and her leg shot out wildly only to be being caught by the chain. Not only was the chrome sparkling, but her oiled legs were gleaming as well. The pert ass sitting atop them was a fine sight so early in the morning, so I spanked it. The chains rattled a bit and her excitement ebbed.

A few high ivory clouds hung lazily in the air. I knew this was going to be a grand day for training. Thinking back, even a ... Continue»
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Strokes Weren't Limited to Just The Paintbrus

I returned to Kathleen's around 9:30 A.M. to find a note saying she would be out until mid-afternoon, and that she had luch fixed for me in the kitchen. "Make yourself at home dear," was the last line. I set to the business of finishing the painting, and soon realized it was nearly 1:00 p.m. when I finished. I put everything away, washed up, and decided to have the luch she made for me. After finishing, I cleaned up the dishes and sat at the kitchen table having a soda. My thoughts turned to earlier in the morning, and the way she looked with her bare breasts and the silky black pettipants and... Continue»
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Pantyhose cocksucking-a fantasy.

I am waiting in my hotel room wearing just a pair of my favourite tan sheer to the waist pantyhose. I am wondering if my fantasy is at last going to come true. I have wondered for a long time what it would be like to suck another mans cock, but not just sucking a cock, specifically sucking while we are both wearing pantyhose. I take a sip of my drink and think back on all the times I have tried to make this happen and failed, either because I have had to cancel or the other person has cancelled or just not turned up. Will tonight be different or will I just end up wanking in my pantyhose alone... Continue»
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I agreed

My husband had to bail me out for a DUI. Then I wrecked the car. I had been busted doing internet chat. There was so many things he had me on that finally he demanded I had to either pack up and get out or do exactly what he said. I didn't want a divorce I was just too much into alcohol. I was crying and begging him to please let me stay and I will do anything I promise. I knew I had been drinking way too much but I would again do anything he anted. He had me to sign an agreement and it was stressed I had to do anything like I mentioned.

He showered then had me to shower then turned on our ... Continue»
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The pretty teen voyeur (another true story)

Going back to my younger days……. I was dating this girl called Leigh, she was 2 years younger than me and quite immature for her 18 years but her real blond hair, fit body with quite large very firm tits and good looks made up for the dumb blond conversation she liked. She would visit me and regularly stay over at my 3rd floor bachelor apartment which I shared with a male friend who just used it as a bolt hole when he and his girl were arguing.

Anyway, the sex with Leigh was as good as she looked. She never refused me sex not even once. Her philosophy was keep a man drained of his cum and h... Continue»
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Petite Korean finds her shoes filled with cum.

While I was going through college I shared an apartment with three other people -- one girl and two guys. For a while now Nancy and I had been noticing someone messing with our shoes, especially sexy pumps and boots. Sometimes they were moved (we thought), or there were sticky spots and white stains both inside and out. On one occasion I took a pair of black leather office pumps to work and stuck my feet in without checking and had to work all day with my stocking-clad foot smeared in a sticky-white mess.

So we decided to keep an eye out for anyone abusing our footwear.

One day after wor... Continue»
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Asian Girl gets lotion for her toes and extra cred

Student gets extra credit she needs I'm a professor at a California university in the Economics department. It was finals week last semester and I had just finished grading the tests for my class. I had maybe an hour and a half to turn the grades in to the Dean's office for input into the school's records the next day.
A knocking at my door caught my attention. "Come in." I said. In walked a meek-looking young Asian girl, about 5'1", black hair cut neatly at the shoulders. She was slim, maybe 100-105 lbs., wearing a loose-fitting blouse tucked neatly into her denim-shorts. She was wearing whi... Continue»
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Amanda was a virgin with girls, but she’d had an ongoing crush on her friend from school, Nora, a quiet but deadly sensual blonde, with lips that Amanda would give anything to taste in the right moment.

The girls had been flirting off and on, and per usual, Nora let girls come to her. She never pushed or pulled, coaxed or cornered. If they wanted her, and she wanted them, it would happen. She had her quiet, yet alluring ways.

Amanda always imagined herself daring to make out the first time in the car with the likes of Nora, in the dark of a parking lot; or maybe a goodnight dirty kiss at... Continue»
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Coyote and the Wolf part3

“Coyote and the Wolf” Part 3

Ku'o was awakened by the loud ruckus the morning birds were making. Rolling over slightly to check on Lupo, he found nothing but sheets.“Swell, here I am aching for a little morning relief, and that wolf decides to take off early.” he thought to himself. Ku'o didn't stay angry long, as he had grown quite fond of the wolf, not to mention the scent of him drove him mad. Looking down at the throbbing erection between his legs, he said “Well little buddy, I guess we will have to wait till that big bad wolf gets home.” Getting u... Continue»
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ex wife fantasy

when i was married to my ex wife some years ago , to keep the sparkle in our sex life she would tell me things that had happened to her during the day when i was at work. these were her fantasies that she knew would turn me on and spruce up our sex life. on this occasion i came home from work after a long day and she was in the garden as usual potting bulbs and flowers. let me describe her to you. fifty years old a nice bum and a massive pair of tits. what you been up to i asked her. The usual she replied.Two guys were repairing the path outside by the road earlier, and as it was a hot day i... Continue»
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Starting fisting

Starting Fist 1
I've always been proud of my body. At 38 I'm 5'8", 156 pounds and have always
been thin. It seemed most of my weight was centered in my breasts. I once tried
to weigh my boobs and figured they were about 14 pounds each. They are the only
out of kilter part of my body. I do love having huge tits but wish they weren't
so long. They hang to a few inches above my crotch and should be broader for
their length. I suppose that as the rest of me is on the slim side I would need
to put on more body weight for them to be symetrical with their ... Continue»
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A 50 shades just for you

I thought I might create a virtual evening for you to enjoy with me by your side. Just imagine very deeply and concentrate. I'm obviously very new at this but I'll give you an attempt at your 50 shades...
Here is our virtual evening together.
First and foremost to set your mind at ease- this evening us ALL about you and for you. Total worship of you being a great woman.
We hop in my car for a quick trip to a remote cabin in southern Oklahoma. I have packed and prepared everything we need for our evening and overnight bliss. You have no concerns, for this evening is all about you. You need ... Continue»
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