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Young Master Ch. 02

There I was, still impaled on a shemale's cock, one belonging to what was supposed to be my sissy slave, wearing her bra, her cum on my cheek along with my post-fuck smeared make-up, and my cum running down the full length mirror. "I fell" wasn't the best explanation for what happened, but it was all I could think of with my step-father's hulking frame looming over me. I knew I was fucked...well more fucked than already had been, but I still hoped for some miracle to save me.

"You...fell? I'm not even going to begin to catalog the many reasons that is the most insultingly stupid lie I have ... Continue»
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Cought Babysitter ;)

As a middle aged salesman and father of two, I rarely have time for dating. I usually get by on random hookups, but recently I experienced a drought. After a couple of rough months, I was dying for release. I arranged for the babysitter to watch my daughters and headed to the bars in a last ditch effort to get laid. Unfortunately, I suffered a night of strikeouts and returned in defeat.

As soon as I got in the door, I headed straight for my living room. My plan was to promptly pay the babysitter and then hit the sack. I was so depressed that my eyes were glued to the floor the whole time I ... Continue»
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Wife on display 2

So my wife's friend turned his attention back to my wife telling her how sexy she looked and how it would be great if they can hook up and go out for a few drinks. This guy was totally asking my wife out on a date in front of me. He told her Dave was going to bug out when he tells him that he saw her. Then it hit me. Dave was my wife's ex and this was his roommate Tom. They have been the root of my wife's BIG COCK GANG BANG fantasies. See, long ago my wife and I had separated for a while and we both got involved in new relationships. When we got back together we openly discussed our sexual en... Continue»
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Mike and Amy A Real Cuckolding

As Mike turned off highway 64 on to West Mercury Blvd he realized it had been four weeks ago tonight that everything changed with him and Amy. The Friday night Robert came to their house for what was to be just another cuckolding experience like they had done several times before e over the last 7 months. Only one two weeks that in his frustration over the coming of Robert that he met Dan and Laurel online.
Life living at the Hampton Manor Motel on Pembroke Avenue over the last four weeks had been strange – constant thoughts of Amy who he had not seen now for 25 days, thoughts of her and ... Continue»
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Finally we meet.....

------------ You know who you are.... xxx ----------------

We had spoken for well over a year. Flirting, teasing, enjoying the thrill of our forbidden and sexually charged exchanges.... All of the things that had stopped us from fulfilling our fantasy up until now had been removed... The distance, our partners, none of it stood in the way any more and we were finally able to see what would happen when all this built up sexual tension was allowed to flow free... To take it from fantasy to reality....

We had agreed that I would get a hotel room in the centre of town a... Continue»
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Betting 101

I was at work the week and I made a bet with a female co-worker on the Nebraska v. Virginia Tech game, I wagered that Nebraska would win. She asked me what I wanted to bet, I told her that she could decide. I’ll tell you at lunch what the bet is going to be. We met at lunch and she told me that since we are friends with benefits, that if you win we can fuck in whatever position you want. I immediately said “BET”. Don’t you want to hear what I will win? Whatever, I’m not going to worry about that, because you are not going to. Fine then, if you think that you are so cocky, if V Tech wins... Continue»
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Mike's New Life - Amy & Robert now DAn &a

As Mike turned off highway 64 on to West Mercury Blvd he realized it had been four weeks ago tonight that everything changed with him and Amy. The Friday night Robert came to their house for what was to be just another cuckolding experience like they had done several times before e over the last 7 months. Only one two weeks that in his frustration over the coming of Robert that he met Dan and Laurel online.
Life living at the Hampton Manor Motel on Pembroke Avenue over the last four weeks had been strange – constant thoughts of Amy who he had not seen now for 25 days, thoughts of her and ... Continue»
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Ode to the Old, White SSBBW

You voted for Romney. I'm for Obama. Your k**s moved out years ago. And I don't have any k**s at all (well, none that I know of). You have a house in the suburbs, with a lawn, and a garage, and a backyard, and a mortgage that's been paid off. I'm in the hood. You only have your husband. I have 2 or 3 more just like you.

We probably wouldn't have anything to do with each other at all, except for one thing. I want to fuck you. And you want me to fuck you. I want to grind my big black dick inside your big, wide, white ass. And you want me inside there too. You get the hotel room. I'll come dur... Continue»
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Romance Comic Cover Stories - Chapter XLII

Chapter XLII – Love and War at the Beach (based on Girls’ Romances No. 16 cover, DC, August-September 1952)

Romance Comic Cover Stories - Chapter XLII

What might happen if you know that your best friend likes the same guy as you do? Maybe be angry with her, even to fight and cause harm. I know and understand, it’s not easy for anyone to see a person you trust your deepest thoughts to love the same boy as you do. That’s why me and Nicole found it weird that, for a long time, we shared the same man without any kind of trouble between us.

Nicole Stehn has been... Continue»
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A sight to see

My mind kept working, how do I want to be aestetically pleased today? It felt like a machine that I couldn’t turn off anymore. Feverishly I tried to put my mind on different things and keep doing the things on my list. As a victim of my own mind I said to myself: well I have to start doing some exercise, otherwise these thoughts will slowly take over my mind. I changed into running gear and set my mind to the distance at hand. Meaning emptying my mind and looking just over the horizon. Dark clouds were to be seen in the distance. But I had to keep running to clear my mind.
The landscape pas... Continue»
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Cuckhold in Milwaukee Part 7

I was able to lay there and relax for a while thinking about what has happened. I can't believe Judy was able to pull something like off.

I kept hearing the chime ding, but neither Sammy or Angie came back for a while. About an hour after my show for the bachelorette party, Angie came back and asked, "How are you doing." I looked at her and said "it has been an interesting morning." She said, "good, we'll try to keep it that way, Judy said you have sucked cock before." I said, "yes I have." She walked away smiling and I started to get a hard on.

Pretty soon, Angie heads back and says, "... Continue»
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The Perverted Girl

A man who doesn't reveal his name drives through town, thinking of how horny he is. As he drives his pants are tight, with his cock pushing forward. His zipper is up, not allowing his cock to breath, pushing, hurting, but making him excited.

He parks near by a high school and opens up a bag of chips, accompanied by an energy drink. He eats a chip, and turns to the school, having long distance memories of his high school days. It seems like it was an eternity ago, making him feel old, but he was not even forty yet.

He remembers a day in September, 1998, a Friday. He decided to skip school... Continue»
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At two girls mercy

I was having a few drinks after work with a couple of friends I work with.We had a few drinks, and started to catch up.They asked me what my plans for the weekend were,just some laundry and clean up my place a bit I said.So they asked me if I would like to go to their place for dinner and drinks.I said sure,we finished our drinks and a little bit later we arrived.I took off my jacket and shoes and found a nice spot on the couch, had a few more drinks and our conversation soon turned to sex.They both looked at each other then looked right at me and said have I ever been Dominated by two Mis... Continue»
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Korean Girl gets extra credit

I'm a professor at a California university in the Economics department. It was finals week last
semester and I had just finished grading the tests for my class. I had maybe an hour and a half to turn
the grades in to the Dean's office for input into the school's records the next day.
A knocking at my door caught my attention. "Come in." I said. In walked a meek-looking young Asian
girl, about 5'1", black hair cut neatly at the shoulders. She was slim, maybe 100-105 lbs., wearing a
loose-fitting blouse tucked neatly into her denim-shorts. She was wearing white Keds. The way young
women we... Continue»
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Wildest fantasy dream ever....
Two really hot babes with sexy long black and brown hair and another sexy babewith silky blonde hair and clear blue eyes!
They are all for me,myself,& I to watch as long as I want too and join in every now and then...:)
Babe with black hair is ****FLOWER GIRL****
Babe with brown hair is ***TAMMY***
Babe with blonde hair is****BABY GIRL****

I could not believe my eyes because in my dream ****BABY GIRL**** is a pure lesbian she told thee other's she cannot believe how men are fuck all...so i dressed up like a older woman and my best freind (woman) helped me... Continue»
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A Night of Squirting Fun

I was all ready for my cam show; I had hydrated thoroughly, I had towels out, I was kinda lit, and I was ready to squirt. As I was setting my camera and my music up, my phone vibrated.

"Hope you don't mind one more fan watching."

It was this guy I had hooked up with a few times recently; it had been a few weeks since I had seen him, but I was happy to know he was going to be watching me.

I started the show like I always do, chat a little, tease a little. I had started squirting a bit, when my phone went off again.

"That pussy looks so good mmmmmm"

It was him again. I had been wa... Continue»
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OHGirl & Velvet: Life as Sex Addicts


I was now six months pregnant with triplets and it was getting difficult to fuck multiple men for my cam show. I couldn’t get into positions easily and the weight I was carrying made it difficult to hold myself up to ride my partners. I was still doing a show twice a week, but it was mostly blow jobs and bukakkes. I could still eat cum for my fans and suck off multiple men, whom had been wanting to do me on the net. I was still insatiable sexually, but I took care of my needs by hooking up with some of my regular lovers. I was fucking Marvin again, since his girlfriend and he had br... Continue»
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A mothers discovery part 3

So me, malin and my husbands friend felix were in our bedroom i asked malin if she could take my daughter for the night and i got her ready i kissed my daughter as i was a little unsure what would happen. With my daughter taken care of i went back to our bedroom and saw felix sitting there i asked him to wait downstars i opened my wardrobe and decided id wear the lingerie i wore on my wedding day a black lace see through bra with a lacey black and with a lacey black and white g string, black garter belt and black silk stockings and 6 inch stiletto heels, i did my eyeliner dark and black lipsti... Continue»
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She got a bigger cock for a hot mmf

We enjoyed each other's company. She enjoyed mine for my open-mindness and go with-the-flow personality that allowed us to have different types of erotic pleasure. I enjoyed hers because of her casual approach to all things hot and erotic, but once she got turned on she was a blast sexually and always made my cock blast off too! We both enjoyed bi-fun which lent variations and interesting situations for us to explore. If we found a gal who wanted to join in we all could enjoy each other. If we found another guy we all could enjoy each other too. Doing a bi-couple also was something we looked f... Continue»
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Über mich

Name: steifbaer
Alter: 52
Augenfarbe: grünbraun
Haarfarbe: dunkelbraun
Größe: 2,03 m
Gewicht: ~110 kg
Konfektionsgröße: XL-XXL
Penis Länge: 19 cm
Durchmesser/Umfang: 5 cm
Gekrümmt: Nein
Beschnitten: Nein
Große oder kleine Eichel: dick
Schuhgröße: 45
Familienstand: solo
Wenn du in eine festen Bindung bist, wie lange schon: -
Was gefällt dir an dir: mein rasierter Schwanz, wenn er abspritzt
Was nicht: da gibt es nichts

Bist du rasiert: Klar
Wie rasierst du dich: nass
Wie oft rasierst du dich: täglich

Bist du gepierct: nein
Wenn ja wo: -
Bist du tätowiert: ja
Wenn ja wo... Continue»
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