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Spank me please

"Why not?" I ask my husband.

Jack peers at me sternly, and my clitoris shrinks. "It's degrading. I have too much respect for you."

What does it have to do with respect? I want action -- mixed with pain. I want to be wanton. "Just once? Just to please me?" I've begged for four years.

"You know I don't like that stuff." He smiles lovingly and kisses my lips. I feign a smile, defeated. Another night, another orgasmless romp.

He resumes pounding away in me. I close my eyes, struggling to picture it -- me with two men, two gods, one driving from behind as the other lunges into my mouth.... Continue»
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Day to Day

Before you read this, please note, this is my first time posting on here. I suck at writing, but had the idea at 3 in the morning... You could say its a fantasy of mine, but not really... Please take it easy on me? And if you want to talk about it, message me? :*

Ryan loved waking up. He honestly couldn’t figure out why he didn’t wake up this way since he first discovered how to jerk off. Really when James learned what cum is and how to produce it, it was like the best invention ever. Besides girls that is, because without girls he doesn’t think he’d ever have this great feeling. Tho... Continue»
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the internet

With the invention of the net. Life as been a lot easier to find anything you may wish. From buying
something on line. To meeting someone of the opposite sex, or the same sex.
All sorts of web sites have sprung up to cover any kind of sex and meeting sites.
When I first signed up it was not long before I found my way into such sites.
My ISP at that time had a list of chat rooms covering all from straight to gay.
Even now I found those chat rooms were the best to get meets. Quite often on the same day of
chatting to someone.
Over many years I had taken up dressing in fem undies and cloth... Continue»
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Kim the CUM-CHUGGER gives a Meta-Physical BLOWJOB

Pt. 1 “Kim’s obsession”
Kim the CUM-CHUGGER gives a Meta-Physical BLOWJOB

Kim had always had an unnatural obsession for devouring and slurping up things like milk and yogurt & sticky, gooey white creams, ever since she was little and growing up. Every time she got the chance she’d chug thick gooey cream, straight out of a 1-gallon pitcher---she loved to just chug with reckless abandon and fill up her mouth with the goo and pour it straight at her face so it’d slosh into her mouth &splash out onto her face and dribble down ... Continue»
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My daughters cuckold

My wife was gone for the weekend, and I was planning to take full advantage of the time alone. She may have suspected from time to time that I may have had come less common sexual interests, but I knew better than to even ask if she might be inclined to encourage or participate in them. As much as I loved her, I also knew she was pretty narrow minded when it came to sex. Even trying new positions required a lot of patience, planning and persistence; she was not one to try anything new until she had time to think about it for a while. As a result, when she went away for any length of time I wou... Continue»
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Slave Daddy

Oh, you've been a very bad Daddy, haven't you?" I smiled to myself as I looked through the recent sites list in the web browser.

I was sitting at my father's desk, in his study, and I hadn't meant to snoop, I was just checking my email, but I'd happened upon the favorites list as I waited for the web page to load. And there it was, "Bound for Glory" neatly bookmarked, and so I'd instantly become more interested in what my dad was doing with his spare time.

It was an odd feeling, seeing pictures of myself naked on my own father's computer.

He hadn't mentioned anything, of course, wh... Continue»
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Meeting up

Role-play time again! Fetishist fantasy only, sixth-form student over the age of consent, nothing else implied. Apart from that, zip down, get a grip and let's go.

It's after-school time and we've been exchanging some really filthy texts all day, mostly anatomically unlikely or downright unhygenic, and we're both in need of some extra-curricular activity before going home. We arrange to meet in the park, it’s got lots of secluded areas but there are always people passing through so there’s an element of danger should we decide to get up to anything naughty … which is why we’re there reall... Continue»
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His Birthday Fantasy

He woke up from his vague dreaming to the sound of soft clinking and rustling at the foot of his bed. He instinctively moved to pull the fluffy pillow from off of his head, but found that he couldn’t pull his hands down from the upper corners of the bed. he tried to sit up, but his ankles were held fast, bound like his wrists so that his legs were pulled spread eagle, almost to the point where it hurt his hips.

His wife’s voice greeted him as she lifted the pillow away from his face. “Morning, sl**py head. Happy birthday!”

The morning light bathed their bedroom in a gentle yellow, not ... Continue»
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Does the punishment fit the crime? stolen from my

I was recently made aware of some issues in our lives and bedroom that needed to be addressed directly. Some of these issues are as follows.

My wife was having orgasms during times controlled or supposedly controlled sex.
Now I'm not so domineering, that I am without some sense of understanding. Occasionally, there are going to be slip ups, where we get carried away in the intensity of the moment. However I thought that I may have identified a pattern. I took some time to consider the possibilities, the last thing I want to do is, jump to some paranoid conclusion and start making unjust ... Continue»
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Daddy takes Care of His Woman

You grab my naked ass with your hands and dig your nails into me. Those pretty pink nails tear my skin, as I

continue crushing my pelvis and hips in-between your passion humid thighs. I moan, "Damn this pussy is so good."

Simultaneously, you clench the muscles of that addictive cougar pussy.

It is obviously that you intend to prove to me you can still fuck better than any woman my age or younger. My Cock

may be monstrous, but you can take me head on, and you know that I like that about you.

You are 10 years my senior but you can still tighten that ripe and well seasoned ... Continue»
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Curved Cock in Westborough

Dildo shopping. I didn’t need another dildo, it was more of a “want” kind of thing. And I was bored. I’d finished my work for the day, had a little dinner and a couple whiskeys, and needed to get out of the house. Now I stood in front of the dildos at Amazing Superstore, trying to make a tough choice. The 8” All American Whopper had an intriguing curve to it, but had kind of a small head. The James Dean Realistic Cock had a nice head and a thick shaft, but was really pricey.

I had one in each hand and was studying them when I felt a hand on the back of my shoulder. “I like the curved one. ... Continue»
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I Sold My Mom For Prostitution

I Sold My Mom For Prostitution
I Sold My Mom For Prostitution
I Sold My Mom For Prostitution
My name is Malik 22 years old and i came from typical south Indian Muslim f****y. My mother’s name is “Yasmin”, her age is 38, she was married at the age of 16 and after I born my dad went to Saudi. My mom is very fair and beautiful lady having chubby figure with size of 38-26-40 and especially her butts are so fleshy. My dad worked in Saudi and one day when he was in work he slipped from steps and got hi... Continue»
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Enjoy the darkness

Upon entering the candle lit room, she notices nothing but cast iron in bed. She continues in further to investigate, when suddenly she feels a firm grip to her wrist, then cold metal band and hears the ratcheting of handcuffs, she gasps. Nothing is said, but she hears deep, warm moist breathes to the back of her neck. Then a deep voice tells her “On your Knees!” She doesn't even turn to look, bows her head and falls slowly to her knees. The room not lit well doesn't allow for her to get a good look as the deep voiced man walks around to face her. He unzips his pant and out flops a flaccid coc... Continue»
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Nephew's panty fetish fuels great sex

This happened quite a few years ago but I thought it was a good story to share today in the light of what happened in our house the weekend just gone.

It all began on a mid-week morning when on coming downstairs after getting dressed for work, my wife, Kath, confronted me holding a pair of bright red lacy panties.
“Is this anything to do with you?” she asked.
I had no idea what she was on about, the knickers were definitely hers so she couldn’t be thinking they belonged to another woman I might be seeing, so what was it?
I shrugged and gave her a quizzical look and simply said sharply, “... Continue»
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Self Bondage for his pleasure

This morning, I wasn’t working, day off and started about doing some housework. It's chaos around here at the moment and having about keeping up with housework the house tends to get dusty and horrible. Not to mention the dog coming in and out of the house with wet or dirty paws. Anyway in the morning I received instructions via sms from hubby to open all the curtains and blinds in the front of the house and strip naked, which I immediately obliged. I love being naked around the home. The next sms that arrived instructed me to ensure my naked back and arse were visible through the lounge room ... Continue»
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When a text becomes a sext

Ah! One of my favourite past times. when you are in a in a state of frustration of epic proportions but not able to accept a huge dick in your pussy for whatever reason, a good ol' sexting session is probably what the doctor should be ordering. And if you are worried about your messages and pictures of your pretty pussy going viral; don't be! Send those messages with pride and commitment: not only do you give yourself a good seeing to, you also have the god given power of making a man blow his load without touching him, and that right there does wonders for the ego.

I started "sexting" abou... Continue»
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The Mail Lady and Me

It was a lazy Saturday afternoon and I had absolutely nothing to do that day. On days like this I typically get up in the morning, take a shower and then relax around the house nude. That day was one of those days.

It was late afternoon and I had my large windows on the front of my house wide open as I lay nude on my recliner alternating between watching TV and playing video games. I was in full view of anyone passing by either on the sidewalk or their car. I cared nothing about that and just enjoyed my day.

All of a sudden out of the corner of my eye I could see the mail truck slowly m... Continue»
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My first GB!

I recently created an account but have a library of stories to tell everyone that I will add in the future but to start I want to share my first GB.

When I turned 19 I was dating a great guy who in almost every way pleased me... all but one and mind you he was the only guy I've ever been with. Well one day after a 2 minute run we sat there in bed talking about different things until the subject of fantasies came into play. Well eventually I told him my deepest darkest fantasy (which will be another story) and he told me his I was in shock. He explained how he knew I was never satisfied with... Continue»
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How to train your dragon sex with toothless. part

Astrid cast her eyes on her axe before looking back to Toothless. He simply lay there waiting and accepting his fate. She could bring her axe down and end his life. End the life of her Hiccups guardian, first and best friend. If Toothless had shown himself the day after her ****, his bl**d would already be seeping across the floor. Today, however, she was conflicted. What she said to Hiccup was true she loved this b**st. Hiccups stuttered suggestion ran through her head and she had to focus to prevent herself from ripping her clothes off and riding Toothless and Hiccup into the ground.

Astr... Continue»
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Sharing My Wife's Feet in a Movie Theater - T

It finally happened! I shared my wife's hot sexy feet with another guy! Okay this is a 100% true story that just happened a few weeks ago. We received an email from a young guy who stated he was 25 that also sent his photos. He was good looking, 6'0" tall, about 195 pounds. Blonde hair with blue eyes. Muscular and in athletic shape. We talked for about two weeks by email exchanging photos and ideas to make sure everything was a good match (which it was). He was really into tickling sexy feet, giving foot massages, and foot worship. He was straight, d**g free, had a career, etc. Best of all he ... Continue»
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