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Jana Teil 2B) - Sie sucht im Internet nach Breedin

Jana ist fasziniert vom Thema und während sie sanft ihre Möse streichelt, schmeißt sie die Suchmaschine an.

Es gibt jede Menge Seiten zu dem Thema, von Porno-Filmchen über Geschichten und Foren Posts bis hin zu ein paar Blogs. Auf einem davon bleibt sie hängen. Er heißt “Do you want to breed”. Es stellen sich dort 4 Männer vor, welche von sich sagen, dass sie Frauen dabei helfen schwanger zu werden und sich für ihr besonders fruchtbares Sperma rühmen. Es gibt zudem einige Berichte von Frauen, die sich angeblich darauf eingelassen haben und Fotos von diesen 4 Männern. Offensichtlich alle sehr ... Continue»
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It’s very late at night when you answer a knock at your door. On opening, you see me standing in the little pool of light in the darkness; a young, above average height girl, with shoulder-length dark brown hair and hazel eyes. I’m wearing a pretty dress and in my hands I’m holding a pair of strappy heels and a clutch bag. I’m a bit mud-splattered and bedraggled. “I’m so sorry for disturbing you but I need some help. My car broke down a little way along the road. I saw your light and hoped I might use your phone. I have my mobile, but it’s dead”. Facing me I see a tall, well-built, older man. ... Continue»
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My lingerie fetish

Nearly 40 years ago I began to get turned on by lingerie especially pantyhose. One night I had slipped my hard dick into the legs of my Mom's hose she had placed jn the dirty cloths pile. The silky texture got me hard and excited. I had taken my cock out of my jeans and slipped my throbbing dick in to the legs and started to stroke myself. I only was able to stroke myself a half a dozen times when my cock exploded. At first the sensation startled me, later I stroked myself off into one of her bras and I was addicted to the feeling. Within just a few months I had began to cum 3 to 4 times ... Continue»
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Another session with my Busty Black Amazon Mistres

If you read my previous story you know that I have been seeing a beautiful tall black mistress with incredibly large breasts...She looks like a mixture of Jeanneta Joy, and Candy Coated..she is 5'10, weighs about 180 pounds, with long dark curly hair, striking dark eyes, full lips, 38eee breats, 30 inch waist, 42 inch hips...she is voluptuous and stunning..just writing about her looks makes me horny...the following is a dialogue with some minor descriptions from our last session...i think writing it this way makes more sense...

It's been a month since i saw her..I started thinking about he... Continue»
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Accidental Ejaculation During Massage

After wanting to get myself a massage for quite awhile, I finally decided to go for it last Saturday morning when I had nothing else to do. I drove up to the spa and sat outside in my truck for several minutes before finally talking myself into going inside. When I walked in, an attractive Asian woman, probably in her mid 30's greeted me and asked me what kind of massage I wanted. I looked at the price board behind the register and opted for the 30 min full body massage.

She then led me to a dimly lit room with soft music playing in the background and told me to undress and lay down face f... Continue»
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Aus purer Bosheit- 1. Teil

Verdammt, alles ist so langweilig geworden. Ich brauch unbedingt etwas neues, etwas Ausgefallenes, Verrücktes. Immer diese Eintönigkeit, das macht mich noch krank. Nichts Aufregendes geschieht, immer wieder das Gleiche, das hält kein Mann aus und mit meiner Freundin ist beim Thema Erotik schon lange nicht mehr viel los. Bei meinem Nebenjob hatte ich bei einem Abiball hinter der Theke gestanden und sie dort zum ersten Mal gesehen. Ich war sofort hin und weg. Mit ihren 18 Jahren entsprach sie dem Idol meiner Traumfrau: Mehr als 1,80 groß, schlank, endlos lange Beine und einen umwerfend blonden S... Continue»
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Fun In My Booth

Looking forward to the weekend after a good week of work looking forward to resting all weekend . Had me couple of beers and a couple of shots I fell asleep on the couch. When I awoke it was about 11pm with a very hard dick. So I showered to get ready for bed but I started get hornier must while lathering up and it was feeling really good. So I started thinking about that gloryhole. So here I go again not even thinking twice. Finished showering got dressed in loose sweats hoodie and I am on my way.
As I got there I got nervous as usual then took another drink from a cup I took with me. I g... Continue»
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Start of a Good Weekend

Based on actual events, I have taken several different events and thoughts and put them together for your enjoyment.

I have been single for a while now, I've been far too nervous to hook up with someone online, which is a shame because it is such a wonderful and supportive community.
Alas this means other than some light play with a friend, I must entertain myself and practice alone. What follows is one of these events, that did not exactly go to plan. Thanks to my friend for letting me out :D.

Just a few details to avoid any confusion, I am Pansexual meaning that I am attracted to per
... Continue»
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Complex kink

I dated my wife four years before we married. In all that time I never had a hint that she had a kinky side. I may never have discovered it not for what happened one day. What happened was I had gone over to a friend's house to help him on four wheel drive truck. I had called home to tell my wife where I was and that I'd be home around seven that evening. This was perfectly normal behavior for me as I always wanted her to feel safe and loved. It happened to be late October and in Georgia the days are very mild but after the sun goes down it gets chilly.

Well sometime around five o clock a ... Continue»
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Aunty Jean

It was 1979 and I was fifteen, and spending more and more time at Aunty Jeans as my uncle John took me trout fishing every weekend. We had also had issues at home with the central heating boiler for what seemed like weeks, and I had been getting a bath there as well. .

Aunty Jean was fifty-two and an attractive woman for her age. Her body was a slim with a small waist, and nice round hips and shapely legs. Her bust was small , she wore a 34B bra always unwired, and full cut satin panties with a half slip. Probably a blouse or tight sweater, and a pencil skirt or odd occasions a pleated one... Continue»
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muslim bitches drugs and horny men

This is a true story about what a naughty girlfriend I have no parts have been dramatized as I would like all of you to know what a horny filthy bitch Raesaah is and how it is such a turn on and how I love it .So as you all should know by now that my girlfriend Raesaah is a hot kinky lil bitch and with that thick ass and those gorgeous lips just know how to turn mens heads and get their attention.
This encounter happened one Sunday afternoon while I was at my parents home and she was all alone at her house it was a cloudy over cast day with a chilly breeze you know that weather that makes you ... Continue»
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Meister - T - Hilla Liebesbrief an Fee

Meister – T – http://xhamster.com/users/meister-t Erziehungsplattform Mann – Frau – Sissi – Paare Frau und Mann Aus dem Leben eines Meisters

Hilla Liebesbrief an Fee - zur "Hochzeitsnacht"

Meister - T - Hilla Liebesbrief an FeeHilla und das Art Nouveau vs. Gothic - Leipzig 2017 - Das Hochzeitskleid von Hilla

Hilla schrieb diesen Brief vor unserer Hochzeitsnacht an "Fee". - Tage später flüsterte sie mir dieses "Geständnis" Nachts ins Ohr. Wir vertrauen uns alle, und so sagte ich zu Hilla; "Danke für Dein Gesch... Continue»
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Getting cunted by your expartner.!!!!!!!

Well yes and no... Had a monster row with flat mate,, hardly blame me... I came home for my .lunch, but I usually stay at work, and obviously surprised my so called flatmate and partner Ben, as he was getting fucked over the Living room table by another friend of my Liam. I went ape shit and threw them both out, it was my home and I was blazing. I grabbed all Ben's clothing and threw that outside the front door as well, at least I packed it in cases.

three years we have been together, the last thing Ben shouted through the door was that I gave a lousy fuck anyway and remember Liam was... Continue»
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Ahora soy yo la que desea atar a una mujer (1º pa

Un día pensando lo mucho que me gusta que me aten y amordacen pensé en que por qué no podía ser yo la que aprendiera a atar…además yo soy bisexual y me gusta ver mis vídeos atada y amordazada, así que pensé en lo mucho que me excitaría ver vídeos de otras mujeres en tal situación, mmmmmm, solo de pensarlo ya empezaba a notar un calor interno bastante importante jajajaj
Pero yo quería atar a una chica como me ataron a mí la primera vez, sin su total consentimiento…ver su cara de miedo y su cara de pena cuando esté bien atada y amordazada pidiéndome con la mirada que se lo quite… ppfffff mmmmmmm... Continue»
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Me atan y amordazan por segunda vez

Esta es la continuación de mi primer relato, así que si no lo habéis leído, pues corriendo a verlo! Jajaja

Después de un mes de aquel día no podía parar de pensar en lo mucho que me gustó estar tan atada y amordazada y encima durante tanto tiempo. Cada vez que pensaba en ello se me ponía el chochito muy caliente, así que un día decidí hablar con mi marido. Necesitaba que aprendiera a atarme tan bien como ese ladrón, necesitaba volver a sentirme así de indefensa, de apretada, sin opción a poder moverme, de no poder hablar al tener la boca muy llena y bien tapada con mucha cinta.

Después de da... Continue»
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A fantasy, part 7/end.

You leaned forward, still with my dick deep in your ass. Your tits against my chest....breathing, biting my lips...you found my ear with your mouth...sucked on it....started to move, rocked slowly on me....whispered....
"I like it...I really do....I....hope.....please do not think bad of me...want....fantasy about beeing your slut....would you, darlin....would you let me suck a stranger? See me open my lips.....take him...in...lick...suck....maybe two men?...you watching...keeping me....safe....if I am safe.....I.....I...."
You moved your hand down between us....I could feel you r... Continue»
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Wife's sloppy seconds

I've been reading and watching videos on the cuckold subject for a long time and found it exciting. I finally got up the nerve to bring up the subject to my wife one evening after dinner. We were setting on the deck relaxing with a mixed drink, I was looking at how beautiful my wife looked. She was wearing a short pleated tennis skirt and a tight cotton tank top. The light blue fabric of the skirt really contrasted with the dark tan of her bare legs. As we talked I couldn't keep me mind on our conversation, I kept thinking about how sexy she would look with another man beating her shaved pussy... Continue»
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Meister - T - Hilla Art Nouveau vs Gothic

Meister – T – http://xhamster.com/users/meister-t
Erziehungsplattform Mann – Frau – Sissi – Paare Frau und Mann
Aus dem Leben eines Meisters

Hilla und das Art Nouveau vs. Gothic - Leipzig 2017 - Das Hochzeitskleid

Meister - T - Hilla Art Nouveau vs GothicHilla goes Gothic 2017 - Leipzig - "Brautkleid" - und nun des "Meisters Braut"

Hilla liebt - das Art Nouveau –
das ist schön – sie sagt es so –
wünscht sich Bilde – nur von ihr –
das ich zeige – gerne hier.

Dieses Bilde – führt tief im Sc**... Continue»
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I have always liked wearing tights (Pantyhose) from when I was 12 years old and had to wear red ones for the school play, by the time I was 16 was hooked on them and joined amateur dramatic societies but only went in for the plays where the men wore tights. I was getting addicted to guys in them showing off their bulges and beginning to get really interested in the men as well.......... So far managed to hide my tights fantasies from anyone.. but I was desparate;y wanting to meet a man wearing same for mutual fun. I was wearing them for work under my suits, wearing around the house with a T sh... Continue»
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Humilation and BDSM Mature Young

It was Saturday afternoon and my wife was getting ready for the night out. She 42 5'10" 36 c she was taking a shower and she was getting ready. He outfit for the evening was laid out on the bed. About an hour later she walked downstairs dress like the street whore and slut she is. Her outfit was nylons and 8 strap garter belt no thong and a bustier with the tops of her breasts perched on top. She wore her 6" hooker heals. I walked to her and reach down to feel her fresh shaved pussy and she was already soaked. I then attached he collar and padlock and leash. We were waiting for our new sub t... Continue»
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