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Getting a Big One Gay

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I was long overdue for a vacation and since I wasn't seeing anyone I thought I'd take one alone, rather than with a friend or a group. And I didn't want to do what I'd done before, go to a gay resort where everything is so gay! gay! gay! An unattached dude at one of those places deals with too much shit. I just wanted to relax and I wasn't looking for a meat market, so I thought I'd go spend a week at a Caribbean resort I'd heard about. This was one of those pleasure-focused places where straights and gays vacationed together and nobody was uptight. Swimming and sunbathing were clothes-optiona… Read more

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Old Doris plays my girdle fantasy


As promised, Doris contacted me a few weeks later and asked me to meet her outside out local Cineplex at 3.00 pm the following day and instructed me not to wear any pants and to let her do all the talking! I arrived at the allotted time, and saw her standing there looking like a very dowdy OAP. Not the sexy granny I had seen previously. She came over to me and said: ‘ I’m sorry to trouble young man but my friend has let me down would it be okay if I could sit with you as some strangers can take advantage of an old lady in the cinema’. Of course I readily agreed but to keep up the role play… Read more

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Mary's story Part 14


There was the sound of a mobile phone ringing. It was hers. Paul stopped, and Wendy brought her bag to her. Mary tried to answer it, but she was shaking. She should have switched it off, she thought. “Hello, how are you getting on?” It was her husband’s voice. Mary had almost forgotten him. For one awful moment she thought he knew about her tattoo, and only just stopped herself from telling him how much it was hurting her. “I’m fine, I’ve just got Sue and a few of the girls round.” “Is everything OK, you sound strange, a bit breathless? What have you been doing?” “I had to run to the phone,… Read more

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Summer Of Fun

TabooFirst TimeFetish

This is a work in progress, so its due to get some revisions and other editing. This is my first story so I hope you can enjoy. More will likely come in the future. Some time ago back when I was in high school I befriended a girl. She was not intentionally a girlfriend to be and nor did I think about it. What drew me close to her was that she was very nice to me. I always had trouble finding friends and of course once I found one I kept them for a while, because you know good friends are hard to find. At school we would see each other in the mornings and afternoons mostly. My home room was ju… Read more

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GF colleague cums on her nylon soles, (footjob,sto

First TimeFetishMasturbation

This is a true story that happened about 2 years ago. I have a real nylon foot fetish and love nothing more than worshipping my girlfriends soles covered in sheer nylon and then covering them in cum! I am very lucky that my girlfriend gets involved with my fetish as she had never heard of it before she was with me. My GF Sarah has gorgeous size 6 feet usually with red painted toes. She works in an office environment so has to wear trousers or a dress with heels and always wears tights or knee high nylon pop socks. It is always amazing taking her heels off when she gets home from work, the mixt… Read more

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Penn's Landing Lick-Her License


This is a true story from the tale end of the AOL chat-room days involving a trip to the South Jersey end of the New Jersey Turnpike for a chat-room party, the woman I met whose obnoxiousness towards a waitress turned me off ... and the woman who shared in one of my favorite sexual experiences. Linda noticed me upon arrival and very obviously ogled me. She was not bad on the eyes: About 5-6, buxom, thick all over, not exactly beautiful but had an energy about her I found intriguing. A week later, we put on a public show in one of Philadelphia's landmark. Before this night ended, we put on a… Read more

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Alien Abduction


Sofia was out in the woods on a late-night run. She enjoyed running late, she could be alone in the woods, which had a trail that was lit for runners during the night. She was wearing tight yoga-pants and a matching sport bra. She got a lot of looks from men being dressed like that, especially having those double-D breasts. She had long blond hair and big blue eyes. She enjoyed the attention, at same time she wanted to make it seem like she was above seeking attention from men. As she was running she saw a bright light coming from above the trees. She could feel her body being… Read more

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Grêve de train

FetishSex HumorVoyeur

Aujourd'hui, voyager s'annonçait compliqué. Je m'arme de patience et de zen attitude. Mon quai de départ s'affiche et comme d'autres voyageurs je suis le mouvement. Devant moi se trouve une demoiselle en détresse avec une valise immense (et sûrement lourde) avec une poignée cassée. Je lui propose mon aide avec un grand sourire, elle accepté volontiers et je la monte (la valise !!! Pas la demoiselle ;p ). Une fois sur le quai on bavarde un peu, je la mate discrètement : belle petite brunette avec un chignon, un joli sourire et un blouson léger qui cache ses seins, contrairement à son pantalon… Read more

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The Babysitter Part 2: Poker Night (ENF)


- The Babysitter Part 2 It had been a week since Hannah had been babysitting Emelie and Sarah. Hannah’s emotions were driving her crazy. On one hand she had never been more humiliated in her entire life. On the other she had never had an orgasm like that. The way the young girls were treating her awakened a inner mistress in herself. A dark side that she did not know she had. She liked to be humiliated. She liked to be embarrassed. She had been in school and could not stop thinking about being tied up, being led like a dog on a leash. She had to leave class several times a day to masturbate… Read more

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Teen fucking, stockings and shoes


I was at home alone one day when I heard the distinctive sound of "clack clack" that heels make on our drive. I rushed to the window and saw Rebecca coming up our drive. She was dressed in a tight red top which showed off her cleavage really well and a short black shirt which showed off her long legs. As usual she was wearing sheer black pantyhose. I opened the door and she said that she had come to leave some books for my daughter. I explained that my daughter was at her aunt's house today and invited Rebecca in to the house. She stood in the hall and kicked off her high heels, again i notice… Read more

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my love for masturbation


I first learned about masturbation when I was in my early teens from a friend in the neighborhood! I started masturbating somewhat regularly, probably just a few times a week but eventually was masturbating at least once a day when I went to bed but eventually I started masturbating as soon as I got home from School and then sometimes in the shower or before bed! Lived at home for about 3 Years After High School so I was still only masterbating about once or twice a day! Eventually I got my own apartment and was able to start masturbating a lot more usually about 2 to 3 times a day sometime… Read more

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A life full of anal sex, fisting and degradation


PART 1 "Come! I have a surprise for you." My stepfather was staying in my door. It was my 15th birthday and I knew exactly what the "surprise" was. His big, fat, smelly penis. What 15-year-old girl wouldn’t wish for a stinking penis in her mouth for her birthday? It was a Friday morning and my mum was already out for work. I looked at the clock. 6.45 in the morning. I got up and followed him to my parents' bedroom. Knowing what was coming next, I got down on my knees and unzipped his pants. "Yeah, you know where your birthday surprise is, right?" He smiled and I felt the same I always do when… Read more

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He gets sloppy seconds


It was a Saturday morning. It started off just perfectly. After a nice evening out, my husband and I were still sleeping. I was wearing a tee and a pair of panties. As I was slowly waking up, I felt my husband wrap his arm around me and slide up behind me. His hands slowly caressed me, over my tee, as I felt him rub my breasts and my stomach. I also felt his hardness behind me as he started to pump against me, letting me know he wanted me. That was good, as I definitely wanted him too. I pushed back against him, grinding my panty covered pussy against his cock. Finally, we couldn't take it an… Read more

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My wife's cum filled pussy

FetishFirst TimeVoyeur

Convincing my wife to cuckold me was a breeze. At five foot three and one hundred pounds even Andrea always drew attention from men when we were out. She keeps her mousey brown hair bleached blond and it's shoulder length. With her blue eyes she is a doll. Her perky thirty four b cup tits never needs a bra and she never wears one. One evening I asked her if she ever thought about having sex with someone else. She said sure, she added everyone thinks about it. I pushed on and said would you actually do it? She said not if it would hurt our relationship. I said what if I gave you my blessing.… Read more

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Norma - part 8


So it was with Elsey’s permission Norma and Peter made love several times through the evening and early morning that eventful day and night. From that day on all of her thoughts and escapades with a****ls ceased, she had a new man in her life even though he was her father. Her only interest was how long it would take her husband/father to get her pregnant. The next morning Norma was warm and snug in bed, and she had just been loved. She pulled a pillow over her head and listened to the vague sounds in the bathroom next door, where her father was getting ready to work outside. She drifted back… Read more

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Norma - part 6


Norma’s new lover was as good as Toby even though she didn’t know the Danes name. He was better equipped than Toby, he had more stamina and he was a lot rougher than Toby. Once getting into the pen with the dog and being naked from the waist down, if Norma tried to move away from him he would become agitated and would jump up to nip her on the back of the neck. Having had this dog’s cock embedded in her cunt Norma knew that this dog’s cock was longer and thicker than Toby’s was. Therefore he was able to penetrate deeper into her. Norma had never bothered to estimate the size of Toby’s erect c… Read more

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Norma - part 4


As far as she was concerned Stan was going to become nothing more than an image of incompetence, a failure as a husband and she would remember him as a man with a cock so small that satisfaction was impossible. Looking at Toby sitting in the passenger seat she knew that he could calm the raging fire in her stomach that left her yearning for a hot hard cock. Toby, since that first day had always been able to keep her satisfied. Norma had never known another man’s caresses. Stan had taken her virginity. She had never known that sex was a two way affair with a lot of give and take. All she knew w… Read more

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Norma - part 5


By the time Norma had reached her parents farmhouse, the dogs cum had stopped oozing out, she was still sticky between her thighs and was in desperate need of a shower. Making sure that she held her composure, she got out of her car as her mother, Elsie came out of the house to greet her. “Hi, honey,” Else said. “What brings you all the way out here today?” “I’ve left Stan,” Norma replied. “I need a shower, Mother, can we talk later.” “Sure baby.” Elsey replied. Norma and her father, Peter, hadn’t spoken for some time. He had never liked Stan. After a brief question and answer period her f… Read more

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Norma - part one


Norma was born on a farm to very loving parents. Being an only c***d she was always alone; she had no real chores or jobs to do on the farm except for gathering the eggs which were a money making commodity for the farm, she was annoyed when at the age of ten she was sent away to boarding school; she no longer had the freedom that she enjoyed on the farm. At least when she did have the holidays when she would come home. Her parents had given her a puppy when she was about six years old, for company; every time she came home the pup was always happy to see her. It was on one of these holidays a… Read more

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Norma - Part 2


Norma's love for her dog grew stronger and stronger. The love she’d had for her husband died. The dog was more than her pet, he was her lover. She had learned how to control her pelvic and vaginal muscles. She was able to tighten her pussy muscles around the dog's hard cock to keep him inside her pussy longer. All Stan ever did was to roll on top of her, push his small cock unceremoniously into her pussy. After a few quick thrusts he would finish, pull his flaccid cock out and roll over and go to sleep. Stan’s cock was so small that she couldn’t hold him inside her pussy after he had finished.… Read more

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