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My first time being dominated and having multiple

FetishFirst TimeHardcore

This is a true story, however it happened a long time ago, so some minor details have been created to bridge the gaps in my memory. Back to school – it was the first day of my 3rd year in University. I spent the day before pampering myself. I had a full body wax, mani / pedi, and bought myself some sexy new outfits to start the school year fresh. It was a crispy September morning. I was wearing tights, little black tank top and a short blazer. On the walk to class, all I could think of was how badly I wanted cock. I was freshly single, feeling sexy, and I couldn’t tell if my nipples were har… Read more

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The Fucking Neighbours

Interracial SexAnalFetish

Walking down the hall I smell pot and hear female moans. Through the door I can see a youthful female bottom straddling some mans legs at first I think it's my trophy slut gold digging wife then I hear her name. "Roll over Tanya I want to fuck you on your back" the young man says. I walk in and he sees me. Terror in his eyes. Rage in mine. I grab my daughter and pull her away and steer her to the couch. I turn to see him running, picking up his clothes strewn on the floor, as he heads for the front door. A smile crosses my face until I turn around and see my 18 year old daughter smoking a… Read more

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Late rent

Interracial SexFetishGay Male

Ive bee late for the 3rd time im scarred as fuck to even go to my appartement , Mike made it clear last time as he tied my arm together overpowering me easy in my own appartement loby ''dont fight it, you owe me money boy, if you gonna be late you better get good at this'' looking up at him attaching my hands to the coat hook on my knees trying to plead my cause ''ill have the money , please please'' and got his black veiny cock out making me stop talking and look at him fearing his big cock , seeing one in real for the first time ever ''omg Mike please im not gay'' enable to really… Read more

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Me as Thanksgiving Dinner - Pt 3

AnalFetishGroup Sex

Thanksgiving 1996 Nathan was in the shower and Danni and I were laying there, nude, in bed. We were making out and I was smelling an testing the mix of her saliva, pussy and Nathan's ass on her face. Minutes earlier, my cock had been inside her husband's asshole, bareback, and after a few minutes, I came inside him. He and I stayed coupled for a few minutes then Danni sucked my cock without even having cleaned it. That was so intense, a woman who was so bold and craven, driven to enjoying the most base of sexual experience. Danni told me to come with her and we'd shower together. I looked at… Read more

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jims wanking gets him in trouble part 4


'jim come here' amanda called from the kitchen 'yes mom' jim answered walking in from the sitting room where he was watching tv 'i think in future if its just me and you at home you should be naked so i can keep a close eye on your cock' 'please mom no please don't make me do that mom' 'shutup i'm sure you will enjoy it now strip off come on' jim takes his clothes off and stands naked in front of his mother with his hands over his cock 'you know better than that take your hands away let me see your cock the only time you may put your hands near it is when i'm watching you wank it off , put you… Read more

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From horny girl to cheap prostitute

FetishSex HumorTaboo

This story is just about the PERSONAL choices of ONE person and is not meant in any way to offend, insult anyone, or promote any the situations pictured here. Ever since my breast started to develop I became a very horny person. I always loved to be admired by everyone, guy and girls my own age, but most the look I would get from older men. It was l always arousing. That feeling lead to other things and eventually thing escalated to where I find myself now. It all started very innocently, teasing men around them mall, at school, on the street, eventually that lead me to a few relationships… Read more

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More dancing with Mom (continued)


(I had a major computer crash writing that last post but I are back again) … "I thought you and Hans were just dinner companions." She was flustered and said "Well, we fuck too!" I just laughed, and finished shaving her pussy till, it transformed into something she hadn't seen in about 35 years. I was so turned on when I saw the real live bald pussy on MY Mom. All the while that I was shaving her, I was watching the slow ooze of Hans' ejaculate, making sure that it didn't run down her ass crack. After I admired my handiwork for a few, Mom asked me "You wanna eat my freshly fucked, and fre… Read more

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Follow the White Rabbit DDlg Erotica

BDSMFetishFirst Time

The Story of how I became Daddy Jackrabbit Fall 2003, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Approx. 1:00AM There's something I love about leaving my house in the middle of the night and walking in the darkness. I want so much more in life, but everything seems so incredibly dull and boring to me. Every day is the same thing, and I just wish that I could walk through a door into another reality and that's why I leave. I know it’s dangerous for a young girl to go out at night by herself; I feel like I'm looking for something I don't really know exists. It's night; I'm alone at home in my bedroom staring up… Read more

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At Southland Casino

Interracial SexMatureFetish

I could see the Southland Casino to the north of the highway as my wife and I looked for the exit ramp that would take us there. As we eventually pulled into the parking lot of the casino, we were both feeling the excitement of the anticipation of the true reason we were there! My wife reached over, and placing her hand on my upper thigh, I heard her say: "I'm SO excited! Wow!" She was referring to a 'date' that we had set up between us and a truly good looking younger black man by the name of Jamal. We were meeting Jamal at the casino in order to purchase his willingness to get my wif… Read more

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Female Friendly Step-Fantasy Erotica


This one is strictly for the ladies from an amazing experience I had when I was 18 years old. It is highly Taboo and covers at least 15 of the most searched porn terms by females across the world. I made this a full-length Novellette to make you put your phone down to take a break more than once to masturbate multiple times because that's exactly what this is for. It was accepted for world-wide paperback publishing until I pulled it because I will be fictionalizing it; not just changing names and locations and making it a small piece of a much larger novel series about my experiences leadin… Read more

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Victor/Victoria (not the movie)

FetishShemalesFirst Time

This occurs a few weeks ago, I was around sunny Miami Beach walking around the beach walk taking the scenery. Im wearing a regular white top black bra and blue jeans, my hair tied back while Im playing with my camera taking pictures. Pretending to be a one million dollar photographer but to be honest I'm just experimenting with new hobbies and learning new things. As I walk around making my way to some of the hotel area I run into this tall white guy with shaving black hair baby blue eyes very slender tone he looks like he workouts. He was standing with a plain black shirt and black sweatpants… Read more

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The Truth About Female Masturbation!


In a society where sex, nudity and desire have grown to be discussed and displayed, masturbation, and specifically, feminine masturbation, stands while a taboo still. Is it just the topic that is taboo, or will it concern the practice itself also? Let’s check out what surveys reveal. YES, women masturbate! The subject of female masturbation may be a taboo in daily media and conversations, nonetheless it is not for researchers! Let’s trave… Read more

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The Skate Park--B l o o d Sweat and Tears


The Skate Park—Bl o o d Sweat and Tears Time went on for the next few years with nothing out of the ordinary happining. Dustin 16 now I was aproaching 21. Still mowing, and more painting now. Still making a porn here and there for Mr. Johnny. I told him I was content for the filming fee—he could keep sales and commissions. Prolly should keep it in the big towns cause the smaller ones might recognize me from football fame. So we kept it to Dallas/Ft Worth, Houston, San Antone, and Austin. There was another real life case where the dude did get “outed” Just like me—star quarter back—him from N… Read more

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The Fuck Sluts 1

Gay MaleFetishAnal

It was while I was on vacation, riding my motorbike through the remote desert areas when I stumbled upon a bikers club on the deserted road. I didn't know it was a sex fight club, just that there was a bar and I fancied a drink. I parked up my hog and went inside to find a deserted dark club room with a stunning girl with long dark hair sitting at the bar. She was dressed in country cowgirl style, plaid shirt and jeans with boots, her long hair hanging down her back and her sleeves rolled up high to display tattooed arms. I moved to sit beside the girl who was nursing an empty beer glass and… Read more

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Oh Daddy!


Oh daddy! Oh! I really need to pee. I've been holding back for a long time now and I've just reached home. Thinking no one's at home, I strip off my jeans and quickly toss it aside to walk briskly to the bathroom, wearing only my black sleeveless spandex tight top and pink lace thong. Standing at my urinal, I peel my panty quickly down to the middle of my thighs and hold my little soft penis, pulling back my foreskin a little, relaxing myself as I feel a slight trickle of golden fluid starting to flow out. 'ahhh......' I moan softly as I start......more fluid flows out, when I hear a voi… Read more

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Old Nightshirt


Monica let herself be afraid. With her hands cuffed behind her and her eyes blindfolded, she had little choice. One second, she's feeding the cat and trying to figure out what she wants for dinner. The next, she's grabbed from behind and plunged into darkness. Two strong hands grabbed her wrists. She felt cold steel. Monica tried to move her arms and heard the metal links clink behind her. She was helpless. Monica was helpless and afraid. The two hands grabbed her by the shoulders and spun her around. She was pushed back against the kitchen counter. An involuntary "Hey!" escaped her lips. One… Read more

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three amores alternate adventure


my thoughts are on CD adventure as i love alternative climatic reality - and i have network of naughty men that love to indulge - and i have varying intimacies with several guys off and on - can be frustrating with trying to arrange dates as most are married and have travel time to my lair of lust so i hostess with my mostess when they are able to sneak away to indulge i do like to indulge with in my circle and so it happens that we share mutual acquaintances as X-Hammies - which brings up the possibilities of group encounters - make me swoon at that dream - so i delight when two of my fellow… Read more

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The next day the girls decided that they needed to set off home at dawn following day, as it would take two days walking, going on it having taken two to get here. Micky laughed, “sod that, I want you to stay, and I will take you home in the rover!” they kissed him, grinned and Mary said, “well whatever shall we do with the extra time?” then they fell about laughing, Then, he asked in his serious voice, if They would ever return, when Sadie dropped what to Micky was a nuclear bomb into the place, she took his arm looked deep into his eyes, and said, “you might be a good shepherd, and you don’t… Read more

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Sharing cum

Gay MaleFetish

You walk up to the door ready for the abuse that awaits you. Your underwear is in the truck and your hard cock is tenting in your pants. You knock on the door. I answer the door wearing my favorite bikini; it is covering my fat hairy faggot tits and my hard nipples and my raging hard on sticking straight up out of my bottoms. “Are you ready to submit?” You reply; “yes master”. “Do you want to be my slut and put my hard that cock in your mouth?” You ask permission as you drop your pants, your rock hard cock springing out, and start to drop to the floor. I tell you no and I stop you. “I know you… Read more

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The Christmas Party

MatureFirst TimeFetish

I dreaded going to my wife's company Christmas party, but there was no getting out of it. Alice had been at her new job less than a year and was soaring to the top of the corporate chain. Her promotions were coming at the rate of almost every other month. I was happy for her, as she brought plaques of praise, letters of appreciation, and even cash bonuses. I was also happy for the extra income she was now getting; in fact, she now made a lot more than I did. All of this success came with a price; our home life had become almost non-existent. Yet I was still happy for her and could tell she wa… Read more

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